The Gangbuster - To Catch a Gangster, You Have to Live Like One

Peter Bleksley - 2017
    There it was, inches away from me on a hotel table. Not in conventional currency, but in the world’s deadliest commodity. Heroin.’As part of Scotland Yard’s undercover team, it was Peter Bleksley’s job to infiltrate some of the capital’s most dangerous gangs and bring them down. For ten years, he went deeper into the criminal underworld than any cop had before him.Meeting with dealers, gangland leaders and members of the IRA and the Mafia, he lived the life of the Great Pretender, constantly changing his identity to ensure his cover was never blown.Whilst undeniably thrilling work at times, it came at a heavy price. The more successful he was at bringing criminals to justice, the longer the list of those who wanted revenge became. Even now, Peter looks over his shoulder in case someone should wish to act on an old threat.In The Gangbuster, Bleksley draws us into the world of drugs, violence and covert operations he inhabited for so long in the pursuit of justice.Now a renowned policing and crime expert seen on the BBC and as the Chief on Channel 4’s Hunted, Peter Bleksley reputation still precedes him the world over.

Blessings in Disguise

Jessica Stirling - 2007
    And the McKennas, fresh from Ireland, have no intention of being victims. When Nolan McKenna and his sisters arrived unannounced on Cissie Cassidy's doorstep claiming to be her late husband's long-lost relatives, the lonely widow is all too willing to be taken in and trusting enough to help them find them a foothold in the city. While Nolan wields a shovel for twelve back-breaking hours a day, the beautiful, trusting Clare takes up with the wrong man instead of the collection agent who yearns to make her his bride. Sharp-witted and pretty, Evie is made of more ambitious stuff and uses her job behind the bar of the Harp of Erin to attract the attentions of Russell Blackstock, builder and land-speculator, who owns half the tenements on Clydeside - and plans to own still more. The worlds of the wealthy Blackstocks and the penniless McKennas are set on a collision course that will mean huge changes for them, and for the city they live in.

Be Mine

Emily Harvale - 2015
    Finn, it seems, loves Lauren.A warm-hearted and witty novella about friendship, family and falling in love.When Alice Day meets a handsome stranger in a hotel bar, she falls in love at first sight and throws caution to the wind.One week later, Alice sees him again … but he’s using a different name and insisting he’s never met her before. To make matters worse, he’s dating Lauren, the step-sister of Alice’s best friend.Finn Barclay says he is an only child so there must be some mistake. Could he have a double? Or is there another explanation? And will Alice get her heart’s desire?

Parts & Labor: The Adventures of Max Dugan

Mark Gimenez - 2011
    His mother, Kate, a labor-and-delivery nurse, struggles to maintain the family, which also includes Scarlett, 14, and Maddy, 4. The therapist says they are not coping well. In fact, the Dugan family is a mess—until a strange boy named Norbert moves in next door and changes their lives in more ways than they could ever imagine.About the authorsMark Gimenez is the author of six novels: THE COLOR OF LAW, THE ABDUCTION, THE PERK, THE COMMON LAWYER, ACCUSED, and THE GOVERNOR'S WIFE. Cole Gimenez is a seventh-grader. They live in Texas.

She Fell

Wendy Weiss - 2020
    But then while taking a selfie on the edge of a cliff, Jessica suddenly vanished. Emily was later handcuffed and jailed without bail. Encouraged by her parents, lawyers and her psychiatrist to plead insanity, she complies and is found guilty. Unable to convince anyone that she's innocent and having nothing better to do, Emily journals her story. While in solitary confinement her mind begins to unravel and forgotten details form a new, unexplainable reality. Emily begins to doubt everything she thought she knew. Was everyone right? Did she push her beloved twin sister to her death, or was it a selfie gone horribly wrong?

Summary: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo|Key Concepts in 15 Min or Less

La Moneda Publishing - 2017
    This summary is concise and can be read in 15 minutes or less. Amplify your knowledge, gain new perspectives and become a better, smarter you!

One Hundred Answers from Spirit: Britain's greatest medium's answers the great questions of life and death

Gordon Smith - 2013
    The information that Gordon is able to share is world-renowned for its astonishing accuracy and detail - information that he could not possibly have discovered by any other means. This information reunites people with their loved ones and gives them comfort and solace.But sometimes we all want to know the answers to questions that go beyond the narrowly personal, questions that are equally relevant to all human beings:What happens to us after death?Is there a Heaven and a Hell?Why do bad things happen more to some people than to others?To what extent are our lives predestined?Do we reincarnate?Are spirit guides a type of angel?In order to answer these questions and penetrate the deeper mysteries of the human condition, Gordon Smith has here gone into a very deep trance to consult his own spirit guide. The answers he has brought back will amaze, illuminate and inspire.

Summary of The Girl on the Train | Summary & Analysis

aBookaDay - 2015
    If you have not yet bought the original copy, make sure to purchase it before buying this unofficial summary from aBookaDay. SPECIAL OFFER $2.99 (Regularly priced: $3.99) It is just a daily train ride, a little imagination running wild as she enjoys the scenery from her window seat. It is something we all do, right? Rachel Watson makes up innocent stories about the people she sees. For Rachel it is comforting, something steadfast in her crumbling world. She rides the train every morning like she always has, but without the purpose she once had. Her failed marriage and her descent into alcoholism make her an outcast. She rides into town to a job she no longer has, only to come back at the end of the day to a roommate she is lying to. She has no purpose and nothing seems to be changing until she witnesses something important. Rachel’s favorite imaginary couple that she peers at every day from the train seem to be having trouble. She calls them “Jason” and “Jess”. Rachel can’t quite figure out where she fits in. She was wandering around in a drunken stupor the night “jess” disappears. Rachel starts trying to regain her memories from that night. She tries to piece together the memories of that hazy night. Rachel’s new found hobby is a welcome distraction from her life and problems. She has been dealing not only with an ex-husband, but his new wife as well. Once his mistress, Anna is now having Tom’s baby. Rachel feels inadequate as a result of her infertility and her alcohol problems, blaming herself for the demise of her marriage. Rachel starts out trying to offer a little information into what might have happened to “Jess”, but she becomes obsessed with the case and the people in it. Rachel tries to fill a void with strangers and a case that, supposedly, has nothing to do with her. As Rachel learns to trust herself and her instincts she comes face to face with something she never expected. Read more.... Download your copy today! for a limited time discount of only $2.99! Available on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Father, Son and Return to the Pennine Way

Mark Richards - 2018
    Now comes the sequel… ‘Father, Son and Return to the Pennine Way’ picks up where Mark and Alex left off two years ago and sees them complete the last 100 miles of the Pennine Way. It’s a walk that tests them to their limits (well, one of them…) as they come close to exhaustion, even closer to being eaten alive and – armed only with a pair of shorts and a cup of tea – face-to-face with an assassin. …And, of course, they meet the inevitable cast of ‘characters.’ Barefoot Jimmy, Mr & Mrs Mad Eye, Lonesome Pete and ‘Theresa May.’ But there’s a serious side to the walk as well. It’s two years since they were last on the Pennine Way. They’re both two years older: how has their father/son relationship changed? Who’s really in charge this time? ‘Father, Son and the Pennine Way’ has been a consistent bestseller with over 130 5* reviews on Amazon. “My partner sent me to read in the spare room. All he could hear was me laughing! Would recommend this book to everyone, walkers or not.” ‘Return to the Pennine Way’ will make you laugh, smile and shed the occasional tear. You’ll be on the journey with Mark and Alex – and you won’t want it to end.

The Great Divide

Stephen Pern - 1987
    Five months and two weeks later he arrived at the Canadian border. He averaged 16 miles and half a pack of cigarettes a day... The funniest travel book I've read since Eric Newby... Tangoes of pure and brash elegance... Mr. Pern is more than a superb walker. He is a gifted writer...his book is travel writing at its best... All alone and on foot, Stephen Pern has discovered America...Reading The Great Divide is like being the companion Stephen Pern didn't take with him....Poetry and Motion... Pern is a joy to read...Amazon ReviewsIn the tradition of Least Heat Moon's 'Blue Highways' and Bryson's 'In A Sunburned Country' ... Pern takes each encounter and uses it to reflect a bit of the American psyche......spilling imagery as brilliant as the mountains he traverses. I felt his pain, I felt his joy. This is a must read.This book is hilarious at times, actually MOST of the time! I found myself laughing out loud (something very few books have been able to do to me!)......compelling reading for anyone considering backpacking even part of the trail - and anyone trying to understand rural America...DescriptionEnglishman walks from Mexico to Canada along The Great Divide. Lots of pix and maps.

Introduction to Kettlebells: A Minimalist's Guide to Blasting Fat and Boosting Muscle

Pat Flynn - 2019
    You simply move more deeply into them. For anyone - the kettlebell novice to the 15-year veteran - this short (read: just 30 page) ebook provides the perfect foundation or refresher of the fundamental kettlebell techniques, including the kettlebell swing, goblet squat, snatch, Turkish get up, clean, and military press. Each movement has detailed instructions plus step-by-step photos to help the reader understand the movements as well as safely and effectively execute them. After we discuss the hows of each of the basic movements, we move into applying what we've learned with a simple, straightforward kettlebell program for strength, muscle, mobility, conditioning, and (for those who want it) weight loss. This 7-day program can be run through just once as a refresher or for up to six weeks as a standalone program. This book includes: *The following kettlebell exercises: Kettlebell swing, goblet squat, snatch, Turkish get up, clean, and military press. *Each kettlebell exercise features a detailed description of the movement, step-by-step photos and key points. *A straightforward and simple 7-day program (repeatable for up to 6 weeks) to help the novice acclimate to kettlebell training or for the kettlebell veteran hone their technique and skills.

Impress The World With Your Body in SEVEN DAYS!

David Madow - 2012
    Do you ever stop to wonder why some people look so good and others simply look terrible? It took Dr. Madow more than thirty years to figure it out, but he can now teach you the answer in seven days! "IMPRESS THE WORLD WITH YOUR BODY IN SEVEN DAYS" is serious stuff that anyone can read and put into practice immediately. There is no question that the readers of "IMPRESS THE WORLD WITH YOUR BODY IN SEVEN DAYS" will be thrilled with the changes that they will see with themselves in a very short time. And unlike other books that make promises (but either don't work or don't last), the "SEVEN DAYS" lifestyle will stick with you forever!

Baby You're Worthy: Marcus & Nikki

Shantaé - 2017
    But what do you do when the object of your affection refuses to love and want you the same way you want them? Not because they don’t feel the same but because in their eyes you don’t quite measure up? Even after you’ve done everything in your power to prove your worth to this person, they continue to purposely withhold the love that you so desperately crave. Walking away may seem like the most logical and healthy route to take but when it comes to that authentic, consuming, deep down in your soul type of love, doing so is easier said than done. Considered an unlikely pair, Marcus, the reformed dope boy and Nikki, the pampered princess, have undeniable chemistry. Problems arise when only one of them is willing to be honest and acknowledge the obvious attraction. Because she doesn’t feel that he fits into her world or the plan she has mapped out for her life, Nikki curves Marcus without hesitation from their first encounter. Unable to see past her fears, she doesn’t realize that rejecting him just may cost her the man she was meant to spend her life with. With the street life in his rearview, Marcus is now a proud uncle and the owner of a thriving business. He’s hoping to add the title of being the man in Nikki‘s life to the growing list of blessings in this new chapter but she’s not on board with that plan. Although he’s fed up with trying to convince her that he is enough, does Marcus have it in him to throw in the towel for good? Ride shotgun with Marcus, Nikki, and a few other couples, as they navigate through this crazy, drama filled game of life and love.

Running Life: Mindset, fitness & nutrition for positive wellbeing

Kelly Holmes - 2018
    Divided into three sections, Mindset, Fitness and Nutrition, this book will teach you how to make positive changes to your life and empower yourself, with each chapter featuring numerous tips from Dame Kelly. Change your mindset to reach emotional wellbeing with easy-to-follow mindfulness exercises, keep your body strong with running, strength and flexibility exercises, and learn which foods best nourish your body with 5 ways to improve the way you eat. Drawing on her own experience, Dame Kelly guides you through how to harness your mind and reap the benefits of good food and exercise.

The Super Carb Diet: Shed Pounds, Build Strength, Eat Real Food

Bob Harper - 2017
    Harper focuses on nutrient-dense foods that are big in flavor and allow certain kinds of carbohydrates at targeted times during the day.In The Super Carb Diet you'll find: - How to eat carbs earlier in the day for sustained energy- A list of super-carb foods- Limited snacks but larger and more varied meals- A way of eating that's sustainable- Super-charged weight lossThe Super Carb Diet will keep millions of dieters from giving up after Week One. The program leads you through precise plate proportions, balancing good protein, low fat, high fiber, and nutrient density. Not only will you lose significant weight and whittle your waistline, you'll walk away from the table feeling happy and full.