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Sherwood Forest by Lisa Croll Di Dio


The Returned Dragon (Cycle of Dragons Book 6)

Dan Michaelson - 2022

Freedom's Island

Sabra Waldfogel - 2015
     The town’s mayor, Jim Truehart, bought the land from his former master Hiram Little and transformed the Delta swamp into the best cotton land in the county. Now Little wants the land back, and he hires a man for the job that everyone in Willow Bend knows too well—former Klansman Benjamin Loveless, who carried out a massacre in the neighboring county ten years before. Byrd thought he was done with being a soldier. But his friendship with Truehart—and his love for Truehart’s eighteen-year-old daughter Bernie—pull him into Willow Bend’s fight. As danger comes ever closer, Byrd decides to join with Willow Bend for battle. Will it be a fight for freedom...or a massacre?

Sea Monster's Revenge (Shapechanger Tales)

Laer Carroll - 2012
    Regaining her memories and life on land she sets out for revenge.

Dawn of Ra

M. Sasinowski - 2020
    When the fragile peace between them is shattered, a young boy, exiled to a distant land, rises to become worshipped as the falcon-headed god. This is his prophecy. This is his story.This is how it all began.

Binding Magic: Dragons of Arethia Book Two

Nikki Bollman - 2015
    In between attending make-up magic classes, dragon training lessons, and simply learning her way around the big city of Areth, Tesa can't help but try to uncover the secret behind the symbol-engraved stones Berick used to enslave her. With all her new dragon rider friends away from the city searching for the stolen egg and kidnapped guard, Tesa must find new friends and allies as she searches for the answer to the spellstones. What she finds may put her--and the dragons--in more danger than ever before.

Ye Olde Antique Shoppe: Complete Series

Margaret Brazear - 2019
    But when she and her friend, Peter, find a valuable coin and try to take it out of the shop, they find themselves in the fifteenth century. But that is only the beginning. The Edward V Coin The discovery of the coin from the short lived reign of Edward V, prompts Peter to want to find out what really happened to the princes in the Tower. The Anne Boleyn Necklace When Peter finds the famous B necklace worn by Anne Boleyn in many portraits, he is eager to use it to go back and see her in the flesh. But Rachel has sworn she'll never time travel again, until she finds a journal which reveals a cousin, stranded in the fifteenth century. She feels she must rescue her, but she doesn't stop to wonder if the cousin wants to be rescued. The Ripper Rings Jack the Ripper took souvenirs in the form of organs from his victims. But from one victim he took three rings and when they turn up in the antique shop, both Peter and Rachel are keen to find out how they got there.

The Silver Widows

C.J. Petit - 2019
    But even as she began that long ride down from the mining camp, a silver coin was being tossed into the air a few miles away that would change everything.

Steel and Fire Books 1-3 Box Set

Jordan Rivet - 2018
    This set includes the first three books in the series, over 1,200 pages of swordplay, romance, and magic. Dara Ruminor is a competitive duelist about to take the kingdom of Vertigon by storm. In a world where swords are used for sport and athletes live like kings as long as the crowds love them, all she needs is a wealthy patron to help her achieve dueling glory. Instead, she gets Prince Siv, the heir to the throne. She’s supposed to train with him, but it isn’t as easy as it seems. Handsome, charming, and utterly infuriating, he refuses to take the sport—or her—seriously. But Prince Siv might not be learning the sword just for fun. As threats emerge from the shadows, with the careless prince as their target, Dara will have to raise her sword to protect him—but even her skill might not be enough to keep them both alive. Throne of Glass meets A Knight's Tale in this swashbuckling fantasy adventure from the author of The Spy in the Silver Palace. The ebook box set includes Duel of Fire, King of Mist, Dance of Steel, and an excerpt from City of Wind.

Emmy's Journey (Two Feather's Legacy Book 2)

Lila M Beckham - 2015
    Determined to do exactly what she sets her mind to, she explores the mountains and valleys around her home with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a keen eye that misses nothing. When her mother dies, Emmaline, Emmy for short, is thrust into the mystical, spiritual world of her mother’s native peoples, the Tsalagi, better known as the Cherokee. Given the power of observation and shape shifting by her immortal g-great-grandfather Two Feathers, who is the keeper of the Sacred Fire’s Ashes, Emmy is told that she must carry on her mother’s duties and is charged with the task of becoming the family “Ka no he ha Ka no Ge sdi,” the Storyteller. She is supposed to remember and pass down her family’s history and tell about their ancestors. As Emmy grows older and matures, her explorations become more advanced. She discovers a hidden path that takes her beyond an ancient willow tree to a layer of the world that at first seems much like her own, but she soon discovers that it is quite different… When she stays longer than allowed a mortal, she discovers that her grandfather can travel between space and time and communicate with all peoples between the layers of her world. Emmy’s Journey is a voyage through time and into the mysterious spiritual and mystical realms of the Cherokees and a world that most never knows exists.

Outlander of Rome: A tale of ancient Rome

Ken Farmer - 2014
     Mare Internum. Mesogeios. The Mediterraneus. That sea has been known by many names since the creation of the world. To the people living around its shores, it was the entire world. Myron had no use for the myriad of gods that the people of his village worshiped - and cursed. And it was obvious to himself that those immortals, in turn, had no interest in a young man whose future would be bound by the reed pools and swamps of the Nilos delta. His disinterest was such that he seldom even bothered to bash the ears of whichever deity was supposedly responsibility for the daily misfortunes of an orphan. Then came the evening when the marauders struck... Had he been given even a glimpse of his future from that moment on, he would have dismissed it as the ravings of a drunken myth weaver. In fact, the story might have been similar to the tales that were told on occasion, around the evening fires, by an itinerant bard who entertained the village in return for a bone to gnaw and a jar of bitter beer to quaff. But, sanctioned by the gods or no, his future would take him to the far reaches of the known world. And his rise from the lowest drudge to the command of men was certainly not derived from bending his knee to some vaporous deity, but by innate skill and the ability to take the measure of a man. Indeed, his story was the kind of tale that a bard loved and would cause his listeners sit in total silence to hear. After all, why would a man in reality, who had fought his way to power and riches, would give them up for a mere woman and an uncertain future? Of course, only the gods knew of his unique gift...

The Tale of Melkorka: A Novella

Octavia Randolph - 2013
     A beautiful slave girl. A missing royal daughter. A carefully wrought revenge.Iceland in the 10th century. There is nothing unusual in a wealthy farmer returning home with a slave girl, even if she is a mute. But she conceals a secret that will echo across the oceans.Based on an episode from the great Icelandic Sagas, The Tale of Melkorka will grip you with an unfolding mystery of loss, triumph, and the rough justice of revenge. Melkorka's world awaits you...

Powder Monkey (Fox Book 1)

Adam Hardy - 2016
    If anyone did manage to escape his imagined attack long enough to attempt to swim ashore, Fox would push him under. His attitude was understandable, for he was still angered and aching from a whipping. He was only eleven years old and a powder monkey, one of the lowest forms of life afloat. Such was the beginning of Fox's career in the Royal Navy.In a short time, however, he would rise through the ranks. He would survive the brutality of bigger men and demanding officers. He would acquit himself bravely amidst the crashing chaos of cannonfire and hand-to-hand combat. He would battle the French, the Spanish, the Americans ... any enemy who dared to risk his wake.He would become the toughest bastard who ever walked the rolling deck of a fighting ship!Adam Hardy was a pen name used by Kenneth Bulmer (1921-2005). A prolific writer, Bulmer wrote over 160 novels and innumerable short stories, both under his real name and various pen names. He is best known for science fiction, including his long-running Dray Prescot series of planetary romances, but he wrote in many genres.

Tomb of Atlantis

Christopher David Petersen - 2012
    This was to address reader's concerns. There are 6 books in the Atlantis series: Hidden Courage; Tomb of Atlantis; Curse of Atlantis; Tomb of Zeus; Weapon of Atlantis; and Atlantis: The Sacred Orb. Please see recommended order of reading below. Hidden Courage: is the back story of the main character in the Atlantis series (Interesting, but not essential) Tomb of Atlantis: is book 1 Curse of Atlantis: is book 2 Tomb of Zeus: is book 3 Weapons of Atlantis: is book 4 Atlantis: The Sacred Orb: is book 5 Tomb of Atlantis: Young Jack Roberts is an adventurer. While flying up through the Caribbean many years ago, he spotted what he believed was a golden artifact resting on the ocean’s floor. Without the resources to investigate further, he snapped some photos and flew home. Years later, he makes a startling discovery. While watching an interview on TV, he sees an exact duplicate of the symbol he photographed now displayed on a set of ancient tablets reported to be 7,000 years old. With his curiosity piqued, he knows he must return. Jack’s new adventure leads him back to the Caribbean Sea in search of the golden artifact. While diving, he finds other ancient relics that point to the first real evidence of Atlantis. Excited and energized, he returns to the dive zone once more. Tragedy strikes and Jack is now forced to fight for his life. Violent storms and vicious predators force him beyond even his own endurance as he clings to an improvised raft, driven not just to survive, but to solve the 7,000-year-old mystery of Atlantis. 82,000 words For those interested in updates on book releases, please sign up for my news letter:

Mail Order Bride And Her Children's Hope (A Western Historical Romance Book)

Florence Linnington - 2019
     Emily decides to leave everything behind and start over in the west as a mail order bride. Her new husband, Levi, has children too, which makes Emily think that he will understand her and that things will go smoothly. But she couldn’t have been more wrong. Levi has been doing everything alone for several years since his wife died. He never wanted to marry again but he knows his children need a mother and he has been struggling with the burden of being a single parent. When Emily and Levi finally met, they realize they cannot see eye to eye on anything when it comes to the children, and it almost seems that everything and everyone is working to keep them apart. The newly merged family has become a disaster in waiting… especially in the harsher conditions of the west. How will Emily and Levi learn to work together and save both of their families? Or will they give up and leave their families more broken than they were in the beginning?

Son of Anger: A fast-paced Viking Saga filled with action and adventure

Donovan Cook - 2020
    This tale of vengeance is nothing short of exciting." Reedsy ReviewUlf is like a storm, slowly building up its power, he grows more dangerous with each passing moment. And like all storms, he will eventually break. When he does, he will destroy everything in his path.Ulf is one of a long line of famous Norse warriors. His ancestor Tyr was no ordinary man, but the Norse God of War. Ulf, however, knows nothing about being a warrior.Everything changes when a stranger arrives on Ulf’s small farm in Vikenfjord. The only family he’s ever known are slaughtered and the one reminder of his father is stolen -- Ulf’s father’s sword, Ormstunga. Ulf’s destiny is decided.Are the gods punishing him? All Ulf knows is that he has to avenge his family. He sets off on an adventure that will take him across oceans, into the eye of danger, on a quest to reclaim his family’s honour.The gods are roused. One warrior can answer to them. The Son of Anger.