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Following Love by Celeste O. Norfleet


Hudsons Crossing

AlTonya Washington - 2009
    Riley's fierce New York career and Asher's lucrative Phoenix sports agency are the perfect balance to their sexy, satisfying marriage. Which is what makes Asher's sudden ultimatum to Riley--leave New York or leave him--so shocking. And Riley has an even bigger surprise in store, forcing her to decide where her heart and future really lie....Brokering million-dollar deals is easy for Asher; living apart from his wife isn't. But can Asher walk away from everything he's worked for? Or will ambition and drive--the things they love most about each other--tear Riley and Asher apart?Perhaps changing priorities will make this couple fly even higher....

A Hire Love

Candice Dow - 2007
    After three years of widowhood, she's ready to date again, but dating services are enough to put any woman off men forever. Her friend Mya jokingly suggests that Fatima will only find the perfect guy if she writes a script and hires an actor to play the role, and Fatima decides to do just that. Good-looking, intelligent, and talented, Rashad Watkin's acting career is going nowhere. The money Fatima offers is good--but her companionship is even better. What he feels for Fatima is the real thing, but now he has to prove he's not just acting...

Once In A Lifetime

Gwynne Forster - 2002
    Though she knows it won't be easy turning their bachelor-pad mansion into a home, she is determined to handle any obstacles, while maintaining a separate life for herself and her daughter. But Alexis isn't at all ready for the red-hot chemistry crackling between her and Telford—or the fact that she's suddenly caught in a maze of unexpected secrets and deep mistrust. But if she and Telford find their way through it—together—can they both embrace the love they so deeply desire?

Can't Say No

Bette Ford - 2007
    He's also a notorious, no-good player—the wrong kind of man for a woman with big responsibilities. But at a mutual friend's lavish wedding, passion and curiosity get the best of maid of honor Vanessa, and Ralph reveals himself to be the best man in more ways than one.Ralph has had more than his share of women, but none has captivated him like Vanessa. To convince her that his player days are behind him, he'll have to show her what kind of man he truly is. He'll have to fight every inch of the way to break through her defenses and claim the blazing ecstasy they both want . . . and show her why she can't—and shouldn't—say no.

In Laws and Play Cousins

Robyn Gant - 2010
    Her childhood friend Tracie is a computer expert whose personal vendetta backfires. Eva is a jurist but uses men to hide her pain and mask her childhood tragedy, and her cousin Tina wears a sweet exterior but takes risks that threaten to jeopardize her professional career. Kevin and Aaron are sexy twins who go to great lengths to get the women they want; and Angelo, gorgeous and ambitious, lets nothing stand in his way to accomplish his career goals, even at the expense of friends.Pilar is a beautiful but naive orphan who overnight is catapulted to fame; and Denene, a woman scorned, is determined to wreak havoc in the lives of those she feels has wronged her in some way. From the heart of Los Angeles to the South of France, In Laws and Play Cousins tells a story about love and heartbreak, success and envy and the price it ultimately commands.

Wanting You: Part One

A.C. Arthur - 2007
    He’s a man that’s never had to take no for an answer, who gets what he wants, when he wants it, no questions asked. Until he meets Celise Markam. In the midst of searching for the person responsible for sabotaging his hotel, in walks the first woman to tame Jason’s burning need.Celise Markam may be a spoiled and pampered heiress on the surface, but beneath that media created facade lies a passion desperate to break free. Her surge to independence comes when she breaks her engagement and moves to Monterey, California to venture into the restaurant business. She has a plan for her future, one she’s not willing to let anyone—fiancé or relative—change. Her life is her own and she’s ready to do whatever is necessary to make her dreams come true. Then she spends the night with Jason Carrington and everything Celise thought she knew about love disintegrates in the flames of their desire. Inexplicably drawn to each other, Celise and Jason ignite a fire bound to burn until someone gets hurt.

À la Carte: The Complete ‘Coffee Date’ Novellas

Nia Forrester - 2018
    On the anniversary of the most tragic event of his life, Randall “The Rocket” Reese must face down paparazzi outside his house, a big sister who won’t stay out of his personal life, and a coffee date with an “old classmate” from high school whom he barely remembers. His plan is to wallow in solitude, but Fate has plans of its own. 'Just Lunch' Randall “The Rocket” Reese is beginning to reclaim his life both professionally and personally, with a new outlook, and a new woman, Dani Erlinger, by his side. Rand and Dani are in a comfortable groove that suits them both, but an unexpected invitation ‘just for lunch’ and a calamitous weekend excursion have them questioning whether they’ve become much too comfortable, much too soon. 'Table for Two' After taking a high-profile position, Rand Reese’s visibility is once again on the rise; but returning to the public eye also means revisiting some of the uglier parts of his past. That past has Dani questioning whether anyone can make a relationship work under the glare of fame and notoriety. Even two people committed to making it work. 'À la Carte' A ‘Coffee Date’ BONUS Drop-In An unexpected visitor up-ends the rhythm of the new life Rand and Dani are building together, reminding them of the consequences of Rand’s difficult past, and raising even tougher questions about their future.


Adrianne Byrd - 1997
    Her brother-in-law had been murdered, and her sister Laura had been arrested for the crime. In desperation, Sonya turns to the one man who can clear her sister's name.THE VERDICT IS IN THE HEART OF PASSION.Handsome Dwayne Hamilton was the state's most seasoned criminal defense attorney. Despite an undeniable attraction, Sonya is determined to keep things professional...until she and Dwayne begin searching for the truth behind the tragedy, and uncover a tangled web of revenge and deception. Now, with each dangerous turn in the case, Sonya will find herself on trial--defenseless against Dwayne's seductive kisses, his tender words, and the powerful inner voice that dares her to fall in love....

The Perfect Seduction

Carmen Green - 2009
    But when a fire forces her to move in with her best friend, she doesn't expect to be living under the same roof as sinfully seductive Robinson Hood! And soon the sexy undercover investigator makes her his personal mission.Rob finds Loren as fragile and irresistible as the airy confections she whips up--and he isn't about to let her go back into retreat mode. The widowed P.I. wants her to know only his sensual touch. But first Rob has to earn her trust. Which means taking it slow and hot until he has the wary beauty right where he wants her--in his arms, in his bed... and in his heart.

Betting on Love

Cheris Hodges - 2009
    But several nights of hookups in Vegas with easygoing businessman James Goings leads Jade to realize he's becoming the one bet she can't resist. Original.


Elaine Overton - 2013
    ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Including, making a deathbed promise to the old man that not only is he finally in love - the one thing Stanley Bouchard has most desired for his workaholic grandchild - but that he asked this love of his life to marry him and she said yes! Ed’s only intention being to give his grandfather peace in his final moments. But as fate would have it the announcement not only gives Stanley peace, it gives him strength and determination to hang on to life long enough to meet his new granddaughter-in-law and witness the ceremony for himself. This is fine by Ed, who counts every moment with his grandfather as a precious gift. He just has one small problem . . . where the hell is he going to find a bride on such short notice?

Strictly Confidential Attraction & Taking Care of Business

Brenda Jackson - 2010
    Instead of asking her to be his lover, he was asking her to be temporary nanny to his baby niece. Not an ounce of desire in sight. Or was there? Living together, spending time in intimate surroundings, created a sensual tension too powerful to ignore. How long before this strictly business relationship turned into a strictly passionate predicament?Taking Care of BusinessFrom the moment she met Tag Elliott, Renee Williams thought of nothing but how his lips would feel on hers. That and darkened bedrooms and whispered promises. But as a member of Manhattan's wealthiest family, Tag was way out of the social worker's league. Besides, no matter how much she craved him, there was another small matter: she was black and Tag was white. Renee had agreed to one night to live their fantasies, but in the light of day Tag decided once was not enough. He could ignore the scandal they would stir; why couldn't she? After all, Tag wanted her. And he always got what he wanted….

Complacent: A Building 402 Novella

Alexandra Warren - 2021
    But when things don’t go exactly as planned, and accidents turn into arguments, she can’t help but wonder if the three-year itch has snuck its way into their marriage.While thoughts of becoming too complacent may be looming for Shayne, Danny Reynolds knows his anniversary gift to his wife is bound to shake things up. But when he also finds himself on the receiving end of a huge surprise, it doesn’t take long for the couple to realize it may be time to say goodbye… to Building 402.

The Pendleton Rule

Iris Bolling - 2013
    They shared months of hot passion that neither will ever forget. An emotional difference of opinion created a rift the couple could not overcome.Proud and stubborn, literary agent Kiki moved to New York to work with her father’s publishing company and to put distance between her and the man who controls her heart. Successful entertainment agent,Ty, accepted Kiki’s decision to walk away and moved on with his life--until danger surfaced, threatening her life and the lives of others connected to him. Bound together by uncontrollable forces, Ty and Kiki search for their enemy while trying to resist the passion that burns within--without dying or breaking…The Pendleton Rule.Show more Show less

Can't Get Next To You

Niobia Bryant - 2005