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The Surrendering by Shyla Colt


Born of Metal

A.L. Knorr - 2019
    Can Ibby embrace her destiny as Inconquo guardian before an ages-old demon is unleashed on London? Ibby’s parents gave up everything for a chance at a better life. So, after a terrible accident leaves her alone in London, Ibby works her internship at the British Museum and goes to her classes to make them proud.But when Ibby finds a strange artifact and encounters a mysterious professor in the bowels of the museum, she learns that her lineage means bigger responsibilities than good grades. Training in the secrecy of a ghostly underground tube station defunct since 1933, her waking powers means Ibby must face the wrath of a titan with a vendetta against her kind...and she has to do it alone. If you love strong female characters and millennia old secrets, you’ll love the origin story of Ibukun Bashir, metal elemental. Welcome to the world of the Inconquo.

Mick Sinatra: Not In My House (The Mick Sinatra series Book 11)

Mallory Monroe - 2019
    It will take every ounce of power Mick has to beat back the tide, and even that may not be enough. And although his marriage to African-American actress Rosalyn Graham-Sinatra is strong, Roz is going through her own difficulties and is in need of the kind of attention he can’t give. But for the love of her man and her family, Roz put aside her own wants and needs and work to beat back that tide right alongside her husband. But how long can a woman neglect herself in service to a greater good, and can her marriage survive the onslaught? In the latest fiery installment of the Mick Sinatra Interracial Romantic Suspense series, Mick and Roz love hard and fight hard, and stretch their once-unbreakable bond nearly to its breaking point.

Cindra (Kelvinian Warriors)

Siera London - 2018
    Soulmates at first touch. Cindra is running hot, a trait that renders a Nepherian female untouchable and ineligible for a mate pairing. Celso, revered ice warrior and protector of the Kelvinian people, needs to take a mate before he can ascend to the throne. Problem female within the realm can withstand his chilling touch.When Cindra is captured by an ice brute with a soothing touch and scorching kisses, she’s tempted. After a lifetime of longing for physical contact, how will two enemies who’ve found solace in each other’s arms protect their love without igniting a war between their worlds?

The Fae King's Rejected Bride

Aurora Storm - 2021
    I won’t be some baby farm for a self-important alien—no matter how handsome he is.But I may not have to worry about being chosen as his mate, because I think he hates me—just as much as I hate him.The Fae King’s Rejected Bride is the first book in The brand new Royal Bride Raids: Season of the 16 Kings Series from author Aurora Storm.This is a High fantasy SciFi Mates Shifter Romance for readers 18+.

Star Assassin

D.R. Rosier - 2018
    She’s rather unique, and doesn’t have a choice. She’s different, enhanced, and modified. Highly intelligent, faster reflexes, enhanced proprioception, and enhanced spatial awareness, all together make her deadly, and a force to be reckoned with. She’s also virtually a slave, and running would just end in her death. She was working on a way to escape, it wasn’t as simple as just avoiding her handlers. Except, everything changes when she’s taken. Abducted by aliens, and enslaved. Those poor bastards have no idea what they’re in for…   Content Warning:  This is an Erotic Sci-Fi Space Opera, with a polyamory theme, and contains some scenes of an explicitly sexual nature, both MF and FF.

His Match

Niya James - 2020
    His big blue eyes were everything to me back then. The night we spent together blew my mind but it was just that, a night. I had plans, dreams, goals and even the most gorgeous guy I’d ever seen wasn’t going to stop that. Now I’m looking at him from across the desk and wondering what could’ve been. That young kid is now a man and he’s looking damn good.HimShe is just as beautiful as I remembered her.I know she wants to keep things professional but I can’t look at her everyday and not want to kiss every inch of her sexy body.I want her and she knows it.We have a job to do and if she keeps taking all these chances, she’s going to get us both killed.She left me behind back then but I’m not going to let her go again.His match is a 30k word suspense stand-alone novella romance. Too hot for eyes under 18!

Where She Lays

Dahlia Rose - 2020
    With his mother on his case about getting married, Patrick and his brothers are hesitant to bring any girl home. Then there was Jewel, a waitress with a streak of pure white hair and a smile that could outshine the sun. Instantly smitten, their relationship begins hard and fast. Jewel doesn’t care about his money or what the hell he drives. She doesn’t want fancy clothes and is more attached to her favorite mug and her truck than people. It leads to steamy nights in her home on wheels aka her silver airstream nicknamed ‘baby’. That was until it was stolen, and Jewel has nowhere to go.Come home with me, the solution quickly came to his lips, but then the Royale talisman comes into play and so does his crazy rich chaotic family. No one has ever been able to sleep in that bed with the coin under the mattress and Patrick comes up with his own plan to thwart his mother. Jewel was too important, and no coin was going to dictate who can have his heart. But that damn talisman was more like a curse than anything else. It could cost Patrick the woman of his dreams who encouraged him to reach past the stars for himself first and no one else. Except Patrick wants to give her the stars and moon combined.

Heartless Mafia Prince Book 2: Rocco & Ryah: A Dark Mafia Romance (Heartless Mafia Bosses)

Posey Parks - 2021
    The war threatens the future of the next line of mafia bosses. The streets of Philly will bleed until we end our enemy.Ruling this city with Ryah by my side is still the plan.Luciano will do anything to keep his daughter safe. Even kill me in the process.Trying to keep us apart won’t work in his favor. His actions will only push Ryah deeper into my arms.After the chaos subsided, my woman picked up a pet project and brought it into our circle. I don’t play well with others when it comes to Ryah. Just ask my friend Bosco. Ryah’s mine. End of f*cking discussion.

Bratva Blood Brothers : Andrusha Part 2 (Bratva Blood Brothers (The Turgenev Family): BWWM Mafia Romance)

Cali N. Tae - 2021

Dangerous Deceptions (The Dark Series Trilogy Spin-off)

Cate McKoy - 2018
    The best way he knew how to do that was to work. The more dangerous, the better. He's headed for the trouble in Taten, Georgia. Rynn Rolland is all alone, living in the big city and drowning. She accepts an inheritance from a distant relative to see if you she can make a go of it in a new place all her own. She is overwhelmed with all there is to, but, she metaphorically pushes up her sleeves and prepares to make a home of her new farm in Taten, Georgia... that is, if her neighbors will let her live long enough to accomplish her goal.

Alien Mechanic's Junker Bride

Stella Dawn - 2018
    I've got refugee supplies to drop off, self-centered captains to trade with, and a jealous ex to outrun. Then, my ship breaks down. To top it all off, the massive, muscular, sexy-as-sin alien I've hired to fix it thinks I'm his mate. I don't care if he's hotter than the fire his draconic ancestors breathed. I don't care how good he is in bed. Or in the cockpit. Or up against the wall. I don't even care that he claims we're fated. I don't need a mate, only a mechanic. Or at least that's what I think until all hell breaks loose. I hate to admit it, but the darkness I'm facing is too much for me to go up against alone. To protect my freedom, I'm going to have to give myself to the dangerous alien stranger who wants to keep me for himself.

Dorian (The Watchful Eye Series Book 1)

Phoenix Rizen - 2021

Zerconian Warrior Series

Sadie Carter - 2016
    She never dreamed that relief would come in the form of a seven-foot tall, sexy alien. One who claimed she belonged to him. Delusional. Except, there was something pulling her to him… a deep, hot attraction she couldn’t deny. Dexanon Xa’a always thought his mate would be a sweet, obedient female. Instead, he was given a maddening, outspoken, outrageous female who didn’t comprehend the honor that had been bestowed on her. Dex might have a rockin’ body, but his ideas about women needed a total overhaul. And she was just the woman to do it. Alien Lover Being newly mated to an arrogant, bossy alien can certainly be trying at times. Luckily for Zoey, Dex also happens to the sexiest thing on two legs she’s ever met. He’s loyal, protective and boy, the things that alien can do with his hands, his mouth, his tongue… well, you get the idea. They should have been on their way to Zerconia in blissful happiness, to celebrate their mating. But somehow, things never seem to go to plan. Some of Dex’s warriors have gone missing. While he attempts to track them down, Zoey is busy just trying to keep herself out of trouble. Easier than it sounds. And really, she isn’t trying that hard. Alien Mate With all the drama and trouble behind her, Zoey is looking forward to arriving on Zerconia and settling down into a normal life as Dex’s mate. Normal? What was she thinking? There is nothing normal about being mated to a sinfully sexy, often times arrogant and overprotective Zerconian warrior. But then normal is overrated, right? Trouble follows Zoey to Zerconia, threatening her very life. But that pales in comparison to her biggest challenge yet… Her mother-in-law.

To the Victor Goes the Spoils

Nia K. Foxx - 2009
    She was tired of Pride life and the pampered, self-indulgent attitude of its male members. To think that she was expected to find a mate among the shallow pool of men, most of which had at least one possessive female already! She hadn’t spent four years in Special Forces and completed two tours in Iraq to come home and cater to the wants of any man. No, Amanda had some serious thinking to do about her future, and the wilds of Alaska seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.But, boy, are the shifters restless in bear country! Not only has she fallen into the middle of a mystery surrounding an ancient artifact, but now she has not one, but two Alpha shifters determined to make her their mate. She can play them off against each other, but what happens when one wins? Amanda doesn't want a man, or a shifter, especially not a dominant one… But oh, how she secretly longs to be a submissive, the spoils of their Alpha war.

Seduced by the Vampire Billionaire, Part 1 (Seduced by the Vampire Billionaire #1)

Imani Black - 2015