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Skybreach by Mark R. Healy


Galaxy Bomb

Anthony James - 2019
    The Trivar rats and the life-draining Antaron have taken turns and now, their cruel overlords, the Scions, have joined the fight. As if the odds weren’t bad enough already. The Scions are savage, brutal and arrogant. They have brought with them a weapon beyond comprehension. If the Scions are not stopped, everyone will die. Captain Becky Keller is flying the refitted ES Devastator. It’s the only spaceship with the firepower to match the Scions in a one-on-one. Unfortunately, this enemy doesn’t fight fair. Neither does humanity. Not anymore. Deep in the Devastator’s hold, Lieutenant Joe Nation and his squad wait to try out the newest piece of untested Space Corps tech. If it works, they’ll have a chance to show the Scions exactly what happens when you push too hard. Some people push back. There is one question even victory will not answer. Is this midgame, endgame, or has the fight for survival only just begun? Galaxy Bomb is a high-action science fiction adventure involving massive space battles, overwhelming odds and exciting technologies. It continues the Transcended series and picks up straight after book 3: Far Strike.

Moonscape: First Contact SF Thriller (Mark Noble Adventures Book 1)

Tony Harmsworth - 2019
    But what if something lay dormant in the dust, waiting to be found? In 2028, Mark Noble is conducting a survey of a moon crater. The entity secretly grabs a ride back to Moonbase on Mark’s buggy. Once in the habitat, it begins to infect the crew. They find themselves in a frightening, helter-skelter adventure with only two possible outcomes: losing or saving the Earth. Moonscape is the latest hard science fiction story from Tony Harmsworth, a First Contact specialist who writes in the style of the old masters. If you like fast-paced adventure, fraught with the additional dangers found in space, then Tony’s latest tale has been written especially for you. Buy the page-turning horror/SF world of Moonscape today!

Generation of Vipers

Peter Cawdron - 2022
    Kath and Nolan are looking for answers, trying to find ways to protect Earth from the possibility of an invasive alien species overrunning the planet. The US Presidential Election changes the political landscape. With new, hostile leadership, Kath and Nolan find themselves out of favor. Lies continue to dominate social media. Perhaps the greatest threat doesn't come from the stars. Perhaps there's already a generation of vipers here on Earth.FIRST CONTACT is a series of stand-alone novels that explore humanity's first interaction with extraterrestrial life. It is similar to BLACK MIRROR or THE TWILIGHT ZONE in that the series is based on a common theme rather than common characters. This allows these books to be read in any order. Technically, they're all first as they all deal with how we might initially respond to contact with aliens, exploring the social, political, religious, and scientific aspects of First Contact.Although Generation of Vipers is a sequel it has been written so it can be read as a stand-alone novel.

Jane's Christmas

Timothy Ellis - 2015
    So it comes as a surprise to Jon to be wished a Merry Christmas on what he otherwise thinks is just another day. As his grip on the day starts to unravel, he's confronted with a crew expecting him to know what is going on. After all, it is his ship, and they think he's the captain, so he must know everything. Jon wishes that were so. As his day lurches from one thing to another, it seems that only Santa knows the whole plan. Join Jon, Jane, and the Alpha team for Christmas day in space. This is a short story, set sometime around the end of Hire a Hero, and the beginning of Hero to the Rescue. The Hunter Legacy series: Part One: 1. Hero at Large 2. Hunted Hero Hunting 3. Send in the Hero 4. Make or Break the Hero 5. Hail the Hero End of Part 1 6. Burnside's Killer (An Interlude Novella between Parts 1 & 2) Part Two: 7. Hire a Hero Jane's Christmas (A short story) 8. Hero to the Rescue ***forthcoming***

The Galactic Sentinel: Ultimate Edition - 1500+ Pages - 4 Books - And More

Killian Carter - 2020

The First Exoplanet

T.J. Sedgwick - 2014
    Believable characters and situations' (Amazon US) 'Both a spy story, a sci-fi masterpiece as well as a thriller full of suspense and intrigue, the story rockets on ever forward with twists and turns.' (Amazon UK) 'This read like the golden age stuff I treasured as a youth, Arthur C. Clarke and co. have a worthy heir in Sedgwick. As much a spy adventure as a space caper, this story has plot and intrigue, and gripped me like nothing else in ages. I tore through it in very short time, and plan to re-read before long.' (Amazon UK) NOTE: This is the first of a two book series Description: Six years after its launch in 2050, Dr Aidan Lemaie makes a stunning discovery with the Helios space telescope array. The Helios array has, for the first time, made the surface features of exoplanets visible to human eyes. Green forests, mountain ranges and blue oceans all seem to be visible on Avendano-185f, ‘only’ fifteen light-years away. The find is hailed as the saviour of a languishing Earth, locked in the same old cycle of war, poverty and overpopulation that it always has been. But the potential second-Earth would take at least 150 years to reach using the best conventional propulsion methods. Then another 15 years for any message of what is found to reach Earth. Only recently has the Western Global Alliance unveiled the experimental technology that might bridge the fifteen light-year distance across interstellar space. The Faster-Than-Light drive is a revolutionary technology with origins steeped in mystery - it seems at least half a century ahead of its time. Although experimental and imperfect, the technology is of unparalleled strategic value and Russian spymaster, Sergei Bekov, will stop at nothing to acquire it. His beautiful, deep cover agent, Dasha Morozova, has infiltrated the lives of the people heading the project. Will her attempts to mercilessly betray them succeed and further her repressive regime’s cause? Meanwhile Yau Min, an eccentric former-SETI scientist, struggles for recognition. He wonders why the transmissions, that he thinks came from the Avendano system, went on for many years then mysteriously fell silent. What caused the signals and what made them stop? Should humanity set off for the promise of a new world, to provide a fresh start for the people of a crowded, ravished Earth? Is it a pristine second-Earth or a post-apocalyptic nightmare? Is there an intelligent civilization or will humankind become the apex species unopposed? The new space race is on and the rewards in land and resources could be huge - but so could be the risks. Astrobiologist, Professor Ken Hawkins, senses a trap that could doom humankind - but the human desire to explore is irresistible. How will the actions of Captain Chris Buick and his Special Space Service squad change the course of history forever? With their motto Fortitude in Stellis - ‘Bravery Among the Stars’ have they got what it takes to protect all they have ever known and loved on Earth? Immerse yourself in a future world of discovery, espionage and struggle in this stimulating epic tale. As the intelligent, interwoven plot unfolds to reveal the shocking truth about humanity’s future, you will find yourself hooked until its thrilling conclusion. Who will like this novel? - Readers who enjoy the fusion of hard sci-fi with political, military and espionage elements.

The Privateer

William Zellmann - 2012
    The slaves stole an ore carrier and escaped, and after failing at trade, desperation and hatred drove them to piracy. John was a hugely successful pirate, until forced to confront the horrors committed by his men. He grabs a ship and a bag of gems, and runs away, determined to regain his self-respect. Pursued by his former colleagues, he flees across man-settled space. Along the way, he learns that his ship is much more than a simple yacht, deals with a stowaway girl, almost accidentally buys an orbital scrap yard, finds himself responsible for a beautiful young woman, fights off a pirate attack, falls in love, makes a friend, and learns that his refuge has been invaded by another planet. John, now Cale, and his friends plan to use derelicts from his scrap yard to free his sanctuary planet. But can a bunch of resurrected hulks really defeat a planetary fleet? And just what IS a Privateer, anyway?

Fugitive Marines: Books 1-4

David Ryker - 2019
    Four action-packed books in one box set! The last world war is over. But humanity's fight for survival is only just beginning… In the dying days of the Trade Wars, Earth lay in ruins. Her cities burned, her fields smoldered and her people starved. Yet whilst the politicians squabbled, one squad of Jarheads did their duty. Heroes to a man (and woman), Quinn's Marines followed orders, even the deep black, secret peace mission kind. And it got them locked away. For good. For the Marines, peace meant a life sentence breaking rocks on Uranus' most distant moon. But when a meteor strike unleashes an alien intelligence bent on taking over the human race, only the Jarheads can save it. The only problem is their prison is two and a half billion kilometers from Earth on a good day. Oh, and their fellow inmates want them dead... Hey, nobody ever said saving the world would be easy. Fugitive Marines 1-4 contains: Breakout Wanted Lockdown Uprising


T. Jackson King - 2016
    That puts Ensign Jacob Renselaer on the spot. Can he find out why the aliens killed his ship’s officers? Can he take command of the Battlestar? Does he want to be the leader of ten heavily armed starships that never expected to encounter aliens? Deep in the Kepler 22 star system, mutual misunderstanding between two peoples who cannot speak to each other leads to multiple space battles. Somehow Jacob becomes the leader he never wanted to be. His close friend Daisy the pilot helps him, as do other friends on the Battlestar. On the alien side, Hunter One is determined to kill the invaders who threaten his new colony world. His people the Swarm have never been defeated. Now, he faces Soft Skins who do not flee at the loss of their leaders. In a distant star system, people human and alien die, scheme, and fight for survival. None of them have ever faced combat before. But now, both sides learn what it is like to have someone seek your death and the death of your friends!

The Contingency Four Book Boxed Set

G.J. Ogden - 2020
    More than 1,100 pages of epic space opera action and adventure with unique heroes and twists that you won’t see coming. Over 1.5 Million Page Reads and counting! From book one: No-one comes in peace. Every being in the galaxy wants something, and is willing to take it by force. The Hedalt were no different. They came from the distant reaches of the galaxy to wage war. Their fleet wanted to take Earth for its prize, but we were ready. We were stronger. For years, we fought them, ship-to-ship, until we scattered their forces and drove them back. Pursuing the Hedalt fleet to their home world, we delivered the decisive blow. We nuked their planet and wiped them out for good. Or so we thought. For decades, Earth Fleet sent out Deep Space Recon missions to scour the galaxy and clean up the remnants of the Hedalt Empire. Eventually, we found only ghosts – empty outposts and long-dead colonies. But, close to the edge of known space, I – Captain Taylor Ray – and my crew are about to make a discovery that will change everything. The war isn’t over. The war has yet to begin. The series includes: The Contingency The Way Station Gambit Rise of Nimrod Fleet Earth’s Last War

The Dead Worlds

T.R. Harris - 2019
    meets Star Wars!Blamed for a theft he didn't commit ...Pursued by some of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy ... Adam Cain is BACK ... and ready for some royal alien ass-kicking!International bestselling science fiction author T.R. Harris introduces the first book in his new space opera series set in the universe of The Human Chronicles Saga , a thrilling tale of Human Superiority in the galaxy. The Adam Cain Chronicles  Book #1: The Dead WorldsYou've heard of him. He's Adam Cain,  The Alien with an Attitude.  Now he's back... in a series of new adventures as a badass Human showing the galaxy who's the boss. Accompanied by his buddies Riyad Tarazi and Sherri Valentine, Adam is struggling to make ends meet on a distant tropical world running Capt. Cain's Bar & Grill . The problem:They picked the worst place in the galaxy to run a legitimate business ... smack dab in the middle of lawless Dead Zone . Comprised of a hundred dead worlds left in the wake of one of Adam's old enemies--Kracion-- The Zone is a gold-rush-like region of salvagers, pirates and scoundrels,all looking for their piece of the action. And in the center of all this activity is the oasis planet of Liave-3, the home of Capt. Cain's .  In The Dead Worlds: After a supply of prototype superweapons goes missing from one of the dead worlds, suspicion falls on Adam and his friends as the thieves.Our heroes find themselves being hunted, kidnapped and otherwise abused...until they say enough is enough. That's when the aliens learn the galaxy's most important lesson: You don't mess with the Humans !  The Adam Cain Chronicles takes Adam and his friends back their basic raw talents, as supermen among the aliens of the galaxy. Set in the familiar universe of The Human Chronicles Saga , this new series rediscovers the wonder and excitement of the earlier books, when it was just Human vs. Alien. It also retains all the humor, witty banter and gritty realism of the first series. Each novel in The Adam Cain Chronicles is written to be a stand-alone work, able to be read by old and new fans alike. So if you've never experienced an Adam Cain adventures before, this is a great place to start. And for existing fans, you'll find all of the elements you loved in The Human Chronicles Saga ...and more! The ride is about to start! Order your copy of The Dead Worlds today.  Don't miss a minute of The Adam Cain Chronicles . And be sure to check out all the novels by T.R. Harris....The Adam Cain ChroniclesThe Dead Worlds The Human Chronicles SagaThe Fringe Worlds Alien Assassin The War of Pawns

First Strike

Scott Moon - 2020
    It's a choice.The United Galactic Government is mired in a decade-long war for control of a key planet. Weakened by overextension and political intrigue, they could lose everything.When a child of privilege gives up everything to enlist and fight for what is right, he learns what it means to become part of a team. He encounters refugees, aliens he never expected to empathize with, and the loss of comrades. In the end he must develop the courage to stand up, not only to aliens and governments, but his own family.

The Complete Void Wraith Trilogy

Chris Fox - 2017
    Without warning. Without a trace. Fleet command chalks the attacks up to pirates, but Captain Dryker of the UFC Johnston isn’t buying it. Defying command, he leads his misfit crew into hostile territory in search of answers. They encounter the mythical Void Wraith, an unstoppable legend whispered by the first race. After 26,000 years the Void Wraith have returned to begin the next Eradication. Their technology is superior, their motives unclear. Humanity cannot stop them. Not without help. Captain Dryker’s only hope is to forge an alliance with mankind’s greatest enemy, the savage Tigris. One maverick captain, an unlikely crew, and an aging vessel are all that stand between humanity and the Eradication. “It’s like Battlestar Galactica and Mass Effect had a baby, and that baby was raised by Starcraft. I read this book in one sitting, and immediately looked for the next.”- The author’s totally biased friend. Contains the Complete Trilogy: Destroyer Void Wraith Eradication Receive a complimentary copy of the prequel story Exiled by signing up to the mailing list:

Valor's Child

Kal Spriggs - 2017
    Jiden wants more for herself and she is ready to step into a bright future, one which may lead her far from the frontier world of her birth. She has no dreams of following in the footsteps of her military family's heritage, no desire to live a life of hardship.She's just got one obstacle in the path to her dreams: five months of military school. She'll be away from her friends, subjected to long hours and a crushing work load. She'll learn to shoot, to fight... and how to kill.Jiden will need every skill she's learned, because her family's enemies have put her in their sights. She's going to have to rise to the challenges in order to survive. She soon learns that her dreams might not be as good as she imagined. With her life on the line, Jiden will need to fall back on the skills she learned and prove that she's a child of valor.


John Walker - 2021
    A mindless alien race has swept across the colonies, consuming structures and people along the way. As humanity stands on the brink of destruction, we have one hope to preserve what’s left of our culture and very lives. The Passage.One of the greatest scientific achievements of humanity, a gateway that will hyper-accelerate our faster than light drives so we can cover an unimaginable distance. A new home waits beyond, one far from our aggressors. But can we escape the desolation of our old empire before it’s too late?