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Walker by Irish Winters


The Small Town Boy's Second Chance (Richmond Rebels Sweet Romance Book 3)

Jessie Gussman - 2020
    He’s no longer street racing. The past is the past, including the “girl” who rode beside him when he was Richmond’s unofficial champion street racer back in high school.Holland Powell has always been a good girl. She ran with the right crowd in school, got her college degree, a fabulous job, the right husband and had two children with that husband, before he walked out, taking her job, her kids and her self-esteem. When she’s involved in a car accident and needs a place to recover, she has no choice but to move back in with her mother and face the boy who represented her only walk on the wrong side of anything, and who she could never forget.The past lies between them, thick and heavy and impossible to overcome; except their attraction is there too, sparking and charging the air in the house they share.Is it possible they could develop a friendship to bridge the gap between trust and passion?Books in The Small Town Boys series:1. The Small Town Boy's Redemption2. The Small Town Boy's Secret Romance3. The Small Town Boy's Second Chance

Nickel: A Romantic Suspense Novel (Blackwood Elements Book 9)

Elise Noble - 2020
    What if the perfect man has been under her nose the whole time?Nickel is a standalone romantic suspense novel in the Blackwood Elements series - no cliffhanger!

Small-Town Affair (A Secret Baby Romance)

Lauren Wood - 2021
    I’m the one that called it off.The first woman I’ve loved in years, and now she hates me.Time didn’t make it better, only worse.Missing her became my occupation.I don’t blame her for wanting to cut me out of her life.I earned it.We had something great going.I got scared and callously broke her heart.Her gorgeous body and seductive eyesMake me jealous as everyone looks her way.I know I can’t have her, and it kills me.Mila is the woman every man wants by his side and in his bed.Sexy, kind and she is going to be a great motherTo my child that she carries, as I tossed her aside.I am no longer the idiot that called it all off.I deserve a second chance with her.I’ll make it right with her.Then she will forgive me and truly be mine.Note: Adults Only!

Dalton (Heaven Hill Shorts Book 9)

Laramie Briscoe - 2020

A Soldier's Temptation: An Eagle Security & Protection Agency Novel (Beyond Valor Book 7)

Lynne St. James - 2019
    Recently cleared hot and assigned to Charlie Team, he’s finally getting his life back on track. It’s not the best time to be attracted to his feisty neighbor, Ariana, who is in a world of trouble. But the hero in him can’t resist trying to save this beautiful damsel in distress even if she swears she doesn’t need it. After Ariana Nelson’s ex-boyfriend is arrested for stealing information for the Chinese Ministry of State, her life is turned upside down. Even in protective custody, threats against her escalate as the trial date for her ex approaches. Isolated and afraid, her sexy neighbor might be her only savior.  When the FBI drops the ball, John vows to keep Ariana safe despite her recklessness. As the danger grows, their attraction burns red hot. Will they take a chance on love before time runs out?

Dallas and the Cowboy (Triple C Cowboys Book 5)

Linda Goodnight - 2018
    Show off his authority. Typical cop. But the memory of strong arms and a warm chest came back to her. Comforting, secure. He’d taken care of her. Linda Goodnight is a RITA award-winning, New York Times and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling author of more than 3 million books sold. About DALLAS AND THE COWBOY: She can’t find her footing… Dallas Langley is still coping with tragedy when she receives a mysterious phone call that leads her to Calypso County, looking for answers about the father she never knew. When the local sheriff rides to her rescue, she can’t help the intense attraction that flares between them. He’s not looking for love… The last thing Sheriff Lawson Hawk needs is another complication in his life. The life of a lawman is already difficult. When his thirteen-year-old niece shows up on his doorstep and needs a place to stay, he can’t say no. And when the beautiful stranger in town catches his attention, she makes him reconsider his stance on being a bachelor forever. With the sheriff by her side, Dallas can face the truth of her past. But is she strong enough to overcome the tragedy that still haunts her?

Protecting Lucianna

Tiffani Lynn - 2019
    After a horrific incident nearly took her life, she lives on the edge of being afraid of everything and not feeling anything at all. Pulling away from the people she loves most, she takes a trip. But when Lucianna finds herself stranded on a St. Augustine beach, she's anything but alone. Devlin’s quiet blue eyes hold her captive and his capable hands make her feel... safe. 

 Navy SEAL Devlin "Devil" Byrne went into the service after his little sister drowned. Just seventeen years old, a piece of him died that day too. Consumed by guilt, he keeps to himself, saving those he can and making amends the only way he knows how. When he meets beautiful and curvy Lucianna on the beach, he can’t help but be drawn to her brokenness, which mirrors his own. He learns that protecting someone is sometimes more about their heart than their body.  
With a new year on the horizon, and Christmas approaching, both are struggling to overcome the past before it takes them under. Devlin's about to discover that protecting Lucianna could be the key to saving himself.


Jenna Rose - 2020
    I used to be one of them, until they crossed the line.Now they’re after her, and I can’t let that happen.Silly girl. She may be gorgeous, but she knows nothing about the world.Once they get ahold of her, they’ll never let her go.Those men are monsters, but it takes a monster to stop a monster.And that's me.

Not So Fake (The Billionaire's Secret #7)

R.S. Elliot - 2021

CADE: a mountain man, curvy woman short and sweet instalove romance (Mountain Man Animal Rescue Book 9)

Kate Tilney - 2021

Worth the Risk (COBRA Securities Book 21)

Velvet Vaughn - 2021

The Hot Target (Men of Delta #2)

M.M. Rose - 2020
    Teenage fantasy. Heartbreaker. Flashed into my life then vanished like a meteor. Now he's back. Hotter than burning coal. One look from his ravenous eyes reduces me to a puddle. But I can't have him. No freaking way. Not again, if I value my sanity. Problem is, I'm stuck with Mr Sex On Legs. I'm in more trouble than I can handle, and he's putting a roof over my head. Only for two weeks. Oh, and I have to do as he says. Who does he think he is? It doesn't matter that my heart goes faster than a bullet train when he's around. It doesn't matter that I can't breath when he undresses me with his eyes. In two weeks it'll all be over. Right? CALEB They say you don't get a second chance at life. Not with a delicious tormentor like Lucy Dixon anyway. Turns out they're wrong. Hair like the sun that turned my heart to scorched earth. My personal kryptonite. Now she's back in my life. In my house. Like the years in between never existed. But she's in trouble. I've sworn to protect her, and till my last breath, I will. I won't gaze into her eyes and feel my blood heating up. I won't reach for her like a drowned man catching a rope. This time, its different. Right? From author MM Rose, comes the second book of a hot new romantic suspense series. If you like Susan Stoker, Nicole Snow, Brittney Sahin, Caitlyn O Leary, Suzanne Brockmann, then dive into this glorious storm of hot military men and the women they would die to protect. SCROLL UP AND PRESS BUY NOW!

Paradise Ties

Maddie Wade - 2019
    Lucy, Jace, Dane, and Lauren are headed to St Kitts with their families and friends. The plan is to kick back and relax for a few days before their long awaited double wedding. The weather is hot, and the nights are sultry. The ladies have fun downing cocktails with fancy names as they relax by the pool, and the men discover a new appreciation for the women they love. But things don’t always go to plan…. Everything is planned to within an inch of its life. Not even God himself would dare ruin this wedding for them. But nobody had factored in a surprise visit from a Saudi Princess to the island, or the lengths a group of people would go to capture her. Now there’s more than just a double wedding on the line…. With a room full of hostages—including some of their own—the race is on to find a way to save them before the clock runs out. The men and women of Fortis must team up with their friends from Eidolon and Zenobi to rescue the people they love before their trip of a lifetime is remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Protecting Princess

Jen Talty - 2021
    Never in a million years did he expect to see her standing on his front doorstep on a stormy night, totally drenched, and in a wedding dress, covered in blood.

Naomi “Princess” Grant, daughter of Edward Grant, one of the biggest real-estate moguls in the world has never had to worry about anything a day in her life, hence, the name Princess. However, her life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Five years ago, her forced to break up with the only man she would ever love and pushed her into a relationship that met the needs of the family business. And now, on the eve of her wedding, her father, and her betrothed are murdered, and she’s the one holding the smoking gun.

Defending Sarina

Danielle Pays - 2021
    Donny “Maverick” Reis must find it before it gets into the wrong hands. As former Navy SEALs, Maverick and his team from Morgan Thompson Security have the skills to complete this mission. But Maverick isn’t prepared for Sarina McIntyre.Sarina is the Vice President of Weapon Systems at the country’s top defense manufacturing company. She’s worked hard to earn her position, and her career is her life. But when she’s named the number one suspect, that all begins to fall apart. In an effort to clear her name, she puts her life at risk.Sarina goes missing after sending Maverick photos of the missing weapon from an undisclosed location. She may be his suspect, but he’s certain she’s being framed and is now in grave danger. Yes, he is drawn to her like no other woman, but despite what his teammates might think, that is not clouding his judgment. With each passing day, the odds of finding Sarina or the weapon diminish. Maverick knows his time is running out, but he won’t stop until he brings Sarina home safe.