Summer Love Shifter Style

Harmony RainesBecca Fanning - 2016
    Take a walk on the wild side with hunky alpha heroes who will stop at nothing to win over their fated mates. All stories start off a series from USA Today and National Bestselling authors. Bad Boy Fire Bear - Bella Love-Wins Nevada firefighter bear shifter, Jax Carson never believed settling down was in the cards for him. That was right up until his bear caught sight of the new waitress, Joleen Emery, and roared with a lust to claim her. FURever: BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance - Kate Kent Are you ready to have your toes curled? One curvy, sexy woman plus two hunky Alpha wolf shifters = scorching, hot menage romance! Shifted Undercover - C.E. Black Secret agendas, and hidden plans, begin to unravel after chaos erupts on a plane. Nikki isn’t willing to lose the love she’s found in Adam over a flight plan gone wrong, and Adam is determined to risk it all for the love of his woman; revealing the beast that resides within. The Werewolf’s Bride - Michele Bardsley To honor her town’s 150-year-old pact with the werewolves, Arabelle Winton dutifully marries Shadow Pack alpha Greyson Burke. Their marriage of convenience might well turn into true love. But only if the pack's most dangerous enemy doesn’t destroy them first. Chief Bear - Scarlett Grove On Fate Mountain, Levi Blackthorn is alpha of the search-and-rescue crew the Rescue Bears. Juliet Hernandez is a sassy, sweet woman who’s been unlucky in love. Can Juliet let go of her past and trust the wild heart of her shifter mate? Redeem the Wolf - Harmony Raines Kurt has made mistakes, big mistakes, and he paid the price, but one woman saved him, coaxing him back from the brink. Then she left, before he could thank her, all he has to hold onto, is the memory of her face, a face he paints over and over again. Now she needs his help, can Kurt save her, and somehow redeem his wolf? Shiftr: Swipe Left for Love (Melissa) - Ariana Hawkes When Melissa Ericson has a panic attack as her best friend is giving birth, sexy shifter Doctor Harley is on hand to calm her down. But there's something about him that keeps tugging at her mind, and suddenly she's drawn back into a place she never wanted to think about again. The past is so confusing and painful, but will the smoking-hot werewolf prove to be her destroyer or her savior? Brindle - V. Vaughn Becoming a werewolf the night of senior prom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When Katie realizes what’s she done she runs. But mating season has arrived, and Brindle is the only one that can satisfy the needs of her fever, and her heart. Dietrich (Bear Dating Agency I) - Becca Fanning A family of single Bear Shifter men, a secluded state park and a matronly grandmother who is sick of not having any grandchildren. Come along for the lip-biting, hair-pulling, sweaty-riding Bear Dating Agency series!


J.L. BeckJosephine Jade - 2017
    It’s time to satisfy your cravings… You know you shouldn't, but the temptation of forbidden fruit is too sweet to pass up. Whether you prefer the taboo of student-teacher, the allure of a wickedly handsome stepbrother, or a dangerous mafia prince, this anthology will ignite your fantasies. Indulge your hidden desires this summer with FORBIDDEN, a scandalous anthology collection comprised of 16 new and exclusive short stories from today’s bestselling and award-winning contemporary romance authors. One click today to discover what it’s like to live a life full of passion and secrets.

All I Need: An Abbott Springs Romance

Caisey Quinn - 2014
    Everly Abbott has always been the outcast of Abbott Springs. With her pink hair, rock band, and bad reputation, she left her wholesome hometown behind as soon as she graduated high school. But now she'll have to return to the one place she swore she'd never play to perform at Winterfest. She wants to acceptance. Approval. Closure. But her best friend and bandmate, Justin Cohen, is about to show her that what she thinks she wants isn't necessarily what she needs. *This is a New Adult romance and contains mature adult language and sexual situations. 17+ **Originally appeared in All I Ever Wanted: An Abbott Springs Anthology. This version contains a bonus epilogue.

Rescued by the Alpha

Anna Santos - 2018
     Getting kidnapped was the last thing Fiona expected on the day of her arranged marriage. Yet, the unthinkable happens, and she finds herself trapped in a cabin with an arrogant but gorgeous male who claims he’s doing this for her own good. Alpha Joshua needs to do what’s best for his pack. That means he has to steal the young woman inheriting the Greenwoods Forest and prevent her from marrying his worst enemy. If Gareth lays his hands on those lands, he will do whatever is necessary to destroy it and evict the pack of wolves that have used it as their haven for hundreds of years. Fiona finds herself in the middle of an ancient feud between vampires and werewolves. Finding out that the products of nightmares roam the earth isn’t her biggest problem. Her fake fiancé, Gareth, wants Fiona back, and he’ll do anything, including killing anyone who stands in his way. Joshua thought it would be simple to keep Fiona safe until she turned twenty-one and sold the land to him. But desire courses through his veins every time he looks at her. He wants to do more than protect her, he wants to claim her as his. When her fiancé uses all his means to get her back, the alpha must step up to defend his mate and prevent the evil vampire from taking her… again.

Second Time Around

Robyn Neeley - 2015
    Come along for the ride as they learn just how powerful and sexy destiny can be: Holiday Wedding: Drew Cannon's attempt at a high-profile holiday doll for his family's company was a bust. To save the company's bottom line, he must team up with the company's marketing director, Lauren Kincaid - the woman who dumped him a year ago. Will working together mend and reunite their broken hearts? Secrets of the Heart: After a bad break up, Isabelle poured her heart into becoming a respected cardiologist. But now her flame, Nick Carter, has reappeared as Prince Nicholas Corsairs, heir to the throne of Wellfleet Isle, and he needs her to care for his ailing father. As If You Never Left Me: Rey and Joely Birch had what they thought was a perfect marriage . . . until it fell apart. Joely picked up the pieces and built a successful retail business. Now Rey is back, determined to win her heart again. But will his carefully laid plans disintegrate when she finds out what really brought him to Colorado? Marrying the Wrong Man: Morgan Parrish's dad planned her marriage to a man destined to be president of the United States, but she fell in love with the town drunk's son, got pregnant, and fled. Now she's back and waitressing at the bistro Charlie Cramer manages. If they give in to the attraction and screw things up again, their daughter will deal with the fallout, or they just might get that American dream after all. Coming Home: No woman ever really forgets her first love. Callie Sorenson's was tall, tanned, and - as her older brother's best friend - completely off limits. But now fate has brought her back home, where Callie quickly realizes that old feelings die hard. Can Danny McCutcheon win over the woman she's become? Love's Replay: Sandra Miller didn't think twice about the opportunity to move to a new city for her career. But the success she needs now comes at a high price: she'll have to partner with David Henderson, the man who said he loved her then crushed her heart. He's making it clear he wants her back, but is the potential personal pain worth the professional gain? Rescuing Dawn: Nurse Dawn Granger has loved and lost and it's a road she's not prepared to travel again - that is until paramedic Andrew Holmes reappears and makes her question feelings she thought long dead. The Bull Rider's Brother: Lizzie Hudson is enjoying rodeo weekend and the start of summer when James Sullivan, the cowboy who got away, walks his Justin Ropers back into her life. Can he learn to redefine family before she gives up on him and marries another? Wynter's Journey: Tragedy tore Wynter and Sam apart before he could tell her how he felt about her. Now fate has dropped her off on his doorstep, widowed, desperately broke, and very pregnant. His sense of honor dictates that he take her in, but soon old feelings resurface. Now the one person he'd wanted to leave behind is the one person he can't let go. Her Soldier's Touch: When U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Colten Taylor returns briefly to Phoenix to bury his brother, he's shocked to see Rachel Madison waiting for him at the airport. He regrets the morning he walked away from her; coming from an abusive home taught Colt to put limits on all his relationships. But now that she has his son in tow, will he keep running? Sensuality Level: Sensual


Monica La Porta - 2017
    The sudden death of his adoptive father and alpha of the pack forces Ax to go back on his word. Suddenly plagued by a gnawing hunger that consumes him from within, Ax must confront his inner demons and his half-brother, Kendall; a brother Ax resents because by pack laws Kendall will inherit the alpha seat vacated by their father. Little does Ax know that his life is going to get way worse before it gets any better. But the moment he has a glimpse of Aimee, Kendall’s fiancée, Ax’s life is forever changed by the revelation that the she-wolf is his fated soulmate. Passions run high as the three of them must come to terms with their fates. Will love triumph over a family feud that has lasted for decades?

Burn Me

Shantel TessierJanine Infante Bosco - 2018
    Burn Me is an anthology to raise money for Hope For Heroes Foundation, which helps military, fire, police, and EMS personnel who've experienced life-altering disabilities while in the line of duty. Follow the antics and adventures of these incredible firefighters in what promises to be one of the hottest compilations yet! This delectable anthology begs the question: Can anyone resist a hero in uniform?

Beauty and the Bigfoot Hunter

Wynter Daniels - 2018
    The Amazon beauty adores the privacy of her remote home. Until she discovers a hidden camera on her property. Bigfoot researcher Dean Hawkins is in real danger of losing his grant money if he doesn’t find evidence of his subject soon, so he’s furious after someone vandalizes his video equipment. When a dark-haired siren admits she’s the culprit, he expects an apology. Instead, she unloads both barrels on him. Ember refuses to help Dean pursue the elusive Sasquatch since she was also relentlessly harassed. Even so, the nerdy professor is the most interesting guy she’s met in forever, and she lets down her guard long enough to start falling for him. But could Dean be so ambitious that he’d sacrifice love for the sake of his career?

Magic's Crown

Sela Carsen - 2018
    Javier Acosta Campos is a wounded warrior and wolf shifter who trains therapy dogs for other veterans with PTSD and traumatic brain injuries. He’s just moved to Nocturne Falls to start a training program at a very quirky animal shelter, and he’s fallen stupid in love with the local veterinarian. Medina Theron keeps telling herself she shouldn’t be thinking about men. Since her fiancé moved on to blonder pastures, she’s stayed busy as one of the only veterinarians in town who specializes in the treatment of magical creatures. But now that the new trainer at the animal rescue seems to always be around at just the right moment, he’s on her mind a lot. When the remnants of the family she didn’t know she had drag her into a web of trouble, Medina and her new familiar need help. Thankfully, there’s a three-legged shifter on duty, and Javi means to keep her safe. Even from himself.

Howls and Midnight

Jovee Winters - 2018
    Opened up their catering business in the quiet town of Blue Moon Bay. Business is amazing. Clients are raving. And life is good… except for the little fact, that business sucks the big one and they literally have no clients to speak of. But they know that if they can just get customers in the door, their wishes will finally come true. Which is why when Generva is told of a new shifter in town who needs a caterer for his party stat, she goes without question. Connor Black is handsome, smart, and intriguing. He’s just Generva’s type. There are just two problems. One, he’s kind of been set up in an arranged shifter marriage on account of his wolf’s never pair bonding. And two, he’s not nice. At all. In fact, first time they met fireworks flew. She can’t stand him. And would never speak to him again, except for the little fact that without him her business might very well go broke before she’s ever even had a chance to prove herself. But in Blue Moon Bay magic happens all the time, and sometimes the person you least expect to like is the one you find you can never live without…


Christa Kelley - 2015
    She has other things on her mind, like the fact that her family's farm is about to go under if the concert they're hosting doesn't sell out. But when the sweet-talking lead singer of Tennessee Honey comes sauntering into town, Harley's plans go up in a puff of smokin' hot country superstar. Bear shifter Boone Reynolds doesn’t do small towns. Not anymore. So the fact that his band has to play five backwoods towns before they can go back to their real tour has him about ready to blow. First stop? Redding, Georgia. Population: Who gives a damn. Definitely not Boone. That is until he meets spitfire Harley in a rundown bar. And as far as he and his bear are concerned, she already belongs to him. She just doesn’t know it yet. Boone makes Harley tingle in all the right ways, even if she isn’t willing to admit it. But she’s not gonna be another notch in his belt. No way, no how. Now Boone only has a few days to convince Harley he isn’t just after a quick roll in the hay. He wants her forever, and he’s willing to fight off a crazy ex, and even give up his fame and fortune to be with her. Bear Country: Boone is Book 1 in the Bear Country series. It can be enjoyed as a sexy standalone, or read as part of a series. A Note For Readers: This book contains a sexy as sin werebear who's gotten a little too big for his britches and the fiery BBW who helps him get back to his roots. It also contains explicit love scenes (of the panty-melting variety) and naughty language. Adults only paranormal romance!

Once Upon a Midnight

Dakota CassidyJulia Mills - 2016
    Jam-packed with alpha males, paranormal hotties, vampires, werewolves, shifters, Greek Gods & More. This limited edition set is sure to be THE box set of the year, so don't miss out! All proceeds benefit the Epilepsy FoundationForbidden Alpha (Fangs Of Anarchy) by Dakota Cassidy Dark Wolf Rising (Heart of the Shifter) by Stephanie RoweA Shade of Midnight (Midnight Shifters Book 4) by Renee GeorgeFur Ever Yours by Melanie James Aaibhe—Shee Queen (Legend) by Claudy ConnBroken Pieces by Toni AleoFated by Fire by Kelly CozzoneBound by Joy *(Cauld Ane #8) by Tracey Jane JacksonImmortal Envy by A.D. JusticeThe Fate of Her Dragon by Julia MillsCreated Darkly (Kris Chase by Gena D. LutzMoonlight Serenade by Diane Rinella Catamount Ridge by Aubree LaneDeceit and Lies (The Black Rose Chronicles) by A.K. MichaelsSpark by PM BriedeBear-i-licious Cowboy by Jami BrumfieldLucky Blow by Amanda WashingtonSpirited Seduction by Wynter DanielsFallen by Nicole GarciaDarkest Communion by Michele E. Gwynn

Guards of Emerald Queen

J.S. Striker - 2018
    In her case, there's Nick Matthews, who's the town flirt and thinks she's the next notch on his bedpost. Then there's Ian Matthews, who's supposed to be the easygoing brother. Except there's nothing easygoing about his charm, or the way he looks at her, or the way he kisses her.And there's nothing easygoing about his secret...NickRose Newark thinks she landed the chance of a lifetime when she gets her first interior decorating solo project, and she can't wait to get started. All her excitement goes down the drain, however, when she meets her new client: Nick Matthews, aka the town's playboy.Aka the most potently charming man she's ever met.She's unfazed by that charm, of course--until she starts getting to know the man beneath the glamorous lifestyle. On paper, Nick has it easy and has it all. But the closer she gets to him, the more Rose finds out about his secrets: and they're secrets that make him all the more attractive--and all the more dangerous... Ara Tom Anderson has worked at Coolio's all his life, so selling the place and packing up feels like the best break he can get. Having no responsibilities for the first time ever seems like a solid plan--one that's broken when he finds himself responsible for the safety of Ara Matthews' one night.Things soon start unravelling when he keeps getting her out of trouble and starts realizing that maybe there's more to her than meets the eye. Ara has deep, dark secrets--and they're secrets that he soon finds himself entangled in, much as he finds himself entangled in her hot, brazen kisses...SamuelBeing the healer of four very powerful, very supernatural siblings might seem like the coolest job in the world--but for Natalie Hill, it's just a job, and one that's ending soon. Now she's down to the last person she's supposed to protect: Samuel Matthews, who never really needed help from her, considering he's already a cop and the town's greatest protector.But danger comes in many forms, and Samuel's beast nature is testament to that: a volatile creature that's a contrast to Samuel's usual calm self, one that fascinates her all the more. Natalie knows it's a mistake to get too close to him. But when tension forms and sexual attraction takes shape, it's too late to back out--and all she can do is try to fight for their lives...Adult Content.

Special Ops Shifters: The Complete Series Collection

Meg Ripley - 2020
     Read the entire Special Ops Shifters series in one sizzling, action-packed collection! Book 1: Daddy Soldier Bear As soon as I encountered Nikki, my bear went wild with need. But my mate died in childbirth years ago, and as a military trained doctor, I still beat myself up for not being able to save her. I never thought I’d love again. But the way my bear yearns for her now has me thinking otherwise. No matter what my bear wants, I won’t give up until I get to the bottom of the mystery behind Nikki’s three devious mates. I can’t let my heart get involved. Or can I? Book 2: Fake Mate For The Soldier Lion God, I’ve been craving a mate for far too long. But between my tactical missions with the Special Ops Shifter Force and working my ass off, I've had no choice but to ignore the roar of my inner lion. Until the day a sassy, iron-willed lioness showed up at the Force’s secret headquarters unannounced. Desire surged through my veins the moment our feline eyes met, lighting every cell in my body ablaze. We weren’t recruiting, but our Alpha reluctantly agreed to deploy her on a test mission—where she and I will be posing as mates. The only problem? I know she’s my one true match. And dating within the Force is strictly forbidden. Will honor and duty keep my inner big cat from finally claiming what’s his? Book 3: Captured By The Soldier Wolf I was sent on a covert mission to infiltrate a pack in the Rockies, but once I met the Alpha’s raging hot sister, I knew this mission was going to be a hell of a lot harder than I thought. She’d returned to her home pack with her little boy after a messy divorce, hoping to piece together a new life. But one night deep in the forest, she overheard my phone call with the Force, leaving me no choice but to take her hostage. I’ve gotta keep my cover and protect the integrity of the mission. But when tensions rise between that hot little wolf and I in the middle of the woods, will we be able to ignore the demands of our inner beasts? Book 4: Christmas With The Soldier Dragon I’m the only shifter of my kind, never knowing the sense of family that comes with being part of a clan. The rest of my comrades are celebrating the holidays with their mates, and that only magnifies the issue. So when I was presented with a mission to investigate a mysterious case of shifter disappearances around Lake Tahoe, I jumped at the chance to get away from it all. But when I arrived, I came face to face with another dragon in the lake. Everything I’d known to be true was suddenly turned on its head, awakening the fire that had long been dormant in my heart. Finding her was the greatest Christmas gift I could’ve ever imagined. But with threats around every corner, will my dreams of finally having a mate be torn apart? Steamy shifter scenes inside! Readers 18+.

Magic Fated Mates: Box Set

Mandy M. Roth - 2015
    Roth (Reg $2.99)The Mighty Hunter by Michelle M. Pillow (Reg $3.99)Devils Among Us by Mandy M. Roth (Reg $2.99)Call of the Sea by Michelle M. Pillow (Reg $2.99)That is nearly a $12 savings off cover price! PLUS get the Bonus Story:  Red Light Specialists by Mandy M. Roth & Michelle M. PillowSacred Places by Mandy M. RothCoyle O'Caha, a seven-hundred-year-old immortal, druid sorcerer, is a famed warrior among his kind and a legendary ladies' man--but that doesn't mean he hasn't spent his life looking for his soulmate. That one woman who will make him feel whole. When Deri walks into his seaside pub, clearly running from something or someone, it's all he can do to not sweep her off her feet and claim her right then and there. It's as if the goddess is mocking him. Not only is his mate immune to his charms and his magik, she's human.Deri Sullivan's new boss has a Scottish lilt that makes her knees weak. The problem is he's a certified ladies' man. And she's sworn off those types--for good. If only she could stop dreaming about him in ways that would make any girl blush. See, she has a secret, and even if she wanted to let Coyle into her bed, she couldn't actually let him into her life. Witches and humans simply don't mix.The Mighty Hunter by Michelle M. PillowCaderyn the Hunter, the sexiest-and perhaps craziest-man Bridget has ever laid eyes on may have rescued her from death, but who's going to rescue her from him? With a deliciously hot body and all the right moves, the man is a walking seduction that's too hard to resist. There's only one problem. Caderyn claims they're in the Abyss, living on a cursed island along the deep ocean floor. And, if that wasn't bad enough, he says he's a merman.Devils Among Us by Mandy M. RothKeane has lived for centuries--taking what he wants, doing as he pleases. When a beautiful young woman catches his attention, he finds himself drawn to her like a moth to a flame. He knows better than to expect more than pleasures of the flesh from her, yet he can't seem to stop himself. Seducing her will prove to be a dangerous challenge. Keeping her will prove nearly impossible.
Hannah's new secret admirer is more than she bargained for. As a slayer sworn to police the demons who dare to roam the earth, she has enough to worry about. She doesn't need some mysterious guy trying to seduce her--especially one who puts her at odds with what she was born to do. She's no match for Keane's seductive powers, and when his brother, Janco, announces he too is drawn to her, she knows she's in way over her head. But she can't stop herself. She wants them both and they want her.Note: This title was previously released under another title and under the pen name Darby London.
Call of the Sea by Michelle M. PillowCursed by the power of the Cancerian crab, Ceana is doomed to spend her eternity in the ocean as a mermaid. Her only relief is on a full moon, when she becomes human and must find shore. Centuries have passed and she's all but given up on the one who could save her. Brief passion is all she has and she's willing to take what she can get--especially if it's with an intriguing lycan, Ian O'Connell, who's untamed nature just might be her salvation.Red Light Specialists by Mandy M. Roth & Michelle M. PillowThree sexy secret agents. Three even sexier missions...