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Samurai, Inc. by David Klass


ER Stories from the Inside

Brian Fleig - 2019
    • Real stories tell the sad, gory, uplifting and the funny, • Stories from across the country by an actual travel nurse

Secrets of the Wild

Dustin M. Hoffman - 2019
    Hoffman, however, things are not quite as ordinary as they seem. Quickly, these scenarios are flung down a surreal rabbit hole filled with bizarre taxidermy museums, and an outrageous relationship involving a silverback gorilla. Yet, amid all of its convention-smashing glee, Secrets of the Wild reveals a generous and moving portrait of a family, a family doing their best to keep it together—to play-act at normalcy, even sanity—in an American landscape slipping into madness.

Gang Lords of London

T.J. Jackson - 2015
    Now he is dead and his sons are about to blow that lid off - with explosive consequences.

Captain's Dinner Cruise Murder (A Rachel Prince Mystery Book 10)

Dawn Brookes

Arapaho Lance (Crow Killer #1)

Alfred Dennis - 2017
    Great feats of the warlike Arapaho arise as Jedidiah Bracket faces obstacles and becomes the great Arapaho Warrior and Lance Bearer, Crow Killer. Eighteen hundred and forty nine, western Nebraska Territory, the crossing of the North Platte was rough. Jedidiah Bracket fell headfirst into the raging waters of the river and survived only to find himself surrounded by hostile Arapaho warriors. One warrior wanted to kill him, but after discovering the mark of the Arapaho Lance on his back, he was taken back to their village. Jed was treated with respect and taught the passage of manhood into the Arapaho Lance Bearers by the one warrior that hated him most, Walking Horse. Taught the language and nursed back to health by Walking Horse's woman, the beautiful Little Antelope, Jed had many trials to overcome.

Devils Den: The Reckoning

Terry Lovelace - 2020

The Descendants Box Set

Jade Alters - 2019
    You know, the kind of guy that won’t take no for an answer.Fortunately, I’ve just met four mysterious brothers at an art gallery that might be the magical answer to my problems. They’re all strong, gorgeous, rich and gifted in their own ways and in love with me. I couldn’t possibly choose and luckily they don’t want me to.Trouble is, my stalker’s not very ordinary himself. My four magical lovers might not be enough to protect me and I can’t stand the thought of losing even one of them, knowing it would be my fault. Desired by Four Falling in love isn’t supposed to be literal.Except if you’re a witch who’s cast a soulmate spell… Turns out love magic isn’t the kind you dabble with…First there’s Dixon with his sweet midwestern twang. Then there’s action-hero-hot Mateo, who literally swooped in and saved my life… plus his three insanely handsome brothers. The universe definitely heard my call and it’s raining men alright.Turns out controlling the magnetic attraction is where it gets tricky, especially if you happened to call upon a magical being, intent on killing you and stealing your power. Whoops.Fortunately I’ve got four hot shifter protectors because I’m gonna need ‘em. Fate of Three A ruthless collector of dark magical artifacts. Three jaguar shifters intent on taking him down, and they’re asking me to be some kind of undercover spy…Saying yes seems like the most dangerous decision I could possibly make.But that’s nothing compared to falling in love with all three of them.They’ve promised me their protection and I’ve rolled the dice. I’m trusting all three with my love and my life. The Descendants is a page-turning paranormal reverse harem collection with explicit scenes and is meant for readers 18+. Publisher’s note: Shared by Four and Desired by Four are reverse harem romances which involves brothers, which may be off-putting to some readers. If this is the case, please check out Jade’s other reverse harem stories or her bear shifter fated mates series, Special Bear Protectors. Review Highlights for The Descendants: I enjoyed each and every story! So hot and titillating, each one. I loved that these shifters found their fated mates and how they found them. I would highly recommend these books to 18+. ★★★★★Every once in awhile you come upon a story that pulls at you and you enjoy the heck out of it. This, in my case is such a story. I cannot recommend this too highly. It is a hoot. ★★★★★I've read each of these incredible stories as individual books, but I would have LOVED to get them all in ONE SET!!!! Overall, a DON'T MISS set of books for total enjoyment!!!!! ★★★★★

Big Girls Need Love

Rukyyah - 2012
    This raunchy love story is about Toya, Tershia, and Lauren. They are big beautiful women who are a force to be reckoned with because they stop at nothing when it comes to finding and keeping love. But, Lauren’s love is a little different from the rest. She rather have money than love and sex with wealthy men spells love to her. Toya is hopeless when it comes to love. She is no stranger to heartbreak and her husband is the cause of most of it. So, Toya wonders if her Mr. Right is out there or will she have to settle for a man that’s not worthy of her love. Tershia is married with kids. She is deeply in love with her husband. They have a big house, cars, and own a salon, so she feels that she is the envy of Toya and Lauren. Find out why Big Girls Need Love and how these ladies handle this twisted sensation they call love.

Basic Ecology: Fundamentals of Ecology

Eugene P. Odum - 1983


Orlando A. Sanchez - 2019
     Gideon Shepherd, an asset for the shadow organization HALO, is haunted by the ghosts of his past. When his once friend, Victor Gregory—leader of the terrorist group, Black Wolf resurfaces and threatens New York City, Gideon knows what must be done. Now, with countless lives at stake, Gideon and his team must prevent a catastrophic attack with a next generation weapon. A weapon he helped perfect. A weapon Victor is preparing to use. Facing betrayal, a ruthless enemy, and organizations looking to wipe the slate clean, Gideon and his team will risk it all—to save a city from destruction.

How to Borrow Books from a Public Library for Free Using your Kindle E-reader and Kindle Fire: Step-by-Step Guide with Screenshots on How to Borrow Kindle ... and Audio Books from Amazon Through Ove

Alexa Danvers - 2018
     You’re about to discover how to borrow, read and return books from your Local library for Free. You don't need to buy every book that you want to read. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... What You Need to Get Started How to Find and Check Out Ebooks At Your Local Library via the Website How to Find and Check Out Ebooks At Your Local Library Using the Overdrive App How to Return a Library Book How to Delete Borrowed Books That Expired Already and Still Showing On Your Device or Reading Applications Much, much more! Download your copy today!

West Is San Francisco

Lauren Sapala - 2019
    But what she can’t run from is her present reality as an alcoholic on the downward spiral, and the strong future possibility that she might die in the gutter. So, she quits drinking and resolves to live a new life, determined to be a better person and resist the siren song of addiction, staying a few steps ahead of her demons all the while. But then Leah takes a job at a P.I. Firm and her resolve is thoroughly tested. Instead of alcohol, she becomes addicted to work and the nonstop demands of the agency. In a desperate attempt to break the cycle, she answers a mysterious online ad calling for writers and ends up working as an assistant to serial entrepreneur Scarlet Monroe, a woman who seems almost too good to be true, and like everything Leah has always wanted to be. But when Leah is hired as Scarlet’s personal assistant and gets in deeper with Scarlet and her cult-like company, the demons from her past come alive again, and this time they refuse to go away. The sequel to Between the Shadow and Lo and the second installment in the West Coast Trilogy, West Is San Francisco is a surreal ride through the strange secrets—and intangible magic—of San Francisco.

Fallin' For A Black Billionaire (Black Billionaires Book 1)

Bianca Xaviera - 2022

"I'm just an ordinary girl." The Sharon Kinne Story

James C. Hays - 1997
    husband, her boyfriend's wife and a man in Mexico. All this before her twenty-fifth birthday.Sentenced to thirteen years in Mexican prison, she escaped and is still at large with an active murder warrant biting at her ass.This story has been featured on Unsolved Mysteries and Discovery I.D.'s Deadly Women series. (Episode-"Born Bad").

No Cross No Crown Trust God Through the Battle

Charlena E. Jackson - 2019
    But that’s not what happens. He allows us to be troubled. He allows us to be tried, go through storms and face tribulations. He allows us to suffer because He is with us and knows we will come through alright.“Charlena has an awesome way of helping us understand that if we want a “crown” we must carry our “crosses.” No Cross, No Crown. The things that earn us our crowns are the crosses we bear, even in the heat of the day. What strengthens us to carry our crosses is the knowledge that one day we will exchange them for our crowns."Charlena’s writings help to refocus readers on the spiritual gifts that come from bearing your burdens with the promise of the gifts that come as a result of carrying heavy loads. Charlena has the ability to translate her real-life experiences for others and provide a methodology that takes one from a cross to a crown.”Kenneth Alexander, Pastor, Antioch Baptist Church North, Atlanta, GA