On Acting

Laurence Olivier - 1986
    A unique guided tour of the techniques of acting.

Summer Of The Aliens

Louis Nowra - 1992
    He has also written fim scripts and for television.

Sondheim & Co

Craig Zadan - 1974
    Written with the full co-operation of Sondheim himself, it examines each of Sondheim's masterpieces - including West Side Story, Gypsy, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Company, Follies, A Little Night Music, Sweeney Todd, Sunday in the Park with George and Into the Woods - as well as the other Sondheim productions on Broadway, Off-Broadway, in repertory, as revivals, as opera, on film, and on television. this account is based on hundreds of hours of interviews with Sondheim and his associates.

On the Line - The Creation of a Chorus Line

Robert Viagas - 1990
    The show is based on a remarkable series of taped discussions made in the mid 1970s with some of the top "gypsies" (veteran Broadway dancers), many of whom went on to play characters based on themselves in the Tony- and Pulitzer-winning musical. In many ways, On the Line: The Creation of "A Chorus Line" is a continuation of the show itself. In this collective oral history, the 19 original cast members tell how they got involved with the project, how they labored through the months of workshops that shaped it, and what its success has meant for their lives and careers. They paint intimate and frank portraits of co-creators Michael Bennett, Joseph Papp, Ed Kleban - and each other. Originally published in 1990, the book has been updated to continue telling their stories over the past 16 years. Wayne Cilento ("I Can Do That") has become a Tony-winning choreographer of shows like Wicked and Aida; Kelly Bishop ("Can the adults smoke?") has become a TV star; Trish Garland has become a California fitness guru, and so forth.

The Mystic in the Theatre: Eleonora Duse

Eva Le Gallienne - 1965
    She disposes of the hard-dying myth that the great Italian actress played simply on the inspiration of the moment. Miss Le Gallienne's thesis is that Duse's artistic triumphs resulted from her victories over herself, triumphs of character achieved through intellectual and spiritual struggle. In support of her title Miss Le Gallienne adduces evidence of Duse's long and earnest study of the writings of mystics and philosophers. This book is thoughtful, sensible, candid and literate. Miss Le Gallienne's own memories provide a fascinating glimpse into both herself and the tired, fading great actress whom she adored.

The Drowsy Chaperone: A Musical Within a Comedy

Greg Morrison - 2007
    Includes: Accident Waiting to Happen * Bride's Lament * Cold Feets * I Am Aldolpho * I Remember Love * Show Off * Toledo Surprise * and more.


Stephen Sondheim - 1994
    The newest Broadway musical by Pulitzer Prize-winning collaborators Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine, winner of the Tony Award for Best Musical, 1994.

Fire on All Sides

James Rhodes - 2018
    Getting out of bed, packing the kids off to school, showing up for work, preparing dinner... These can be astonishing achievements when it sometimes takes a superhuman effort simply to stand upright.How do you keep going? How do you do what you do, day in, day out, conforming to people's idea of you and functioning in the way society expects you to, when all you want to do is disappear and hide?In Fire On All Sides, Rhodes attempts to find how to make the unbearable bearable in the most exposing circumstances imaginable. As he embarks on a grueling five-month concert tour, performing in front of thousands of people, the torturous voices in his mind his constant companions, he has no choice but to face these wild, mad ramblings head on. Luckily, there is the music. There is always the music. Bach, Chopin, Beethoven--they are his holy grail, his mechanism for survival. This is an important, urgent book. It's about going through your day feeling like you can't find a way out of the crazy, it's about not setting the happiness bar too high, it's about accepting the messy imperfection that is life.Rhodes explodes the myths surrounding depression, anxiety and stress--the plagues of our society--into a million pieces, then sticks them back together again with his characteristic thought-provoking, laser sharp, and humorous style.

Everything Was Possible: The Birth of the Musical Follies

Ted Chapin - 2003
    Needing college credit to graduate on time, he kept a journal of everything he saw and heard and thus was able to document in unprecedented detail how a musical is actually created. Now, more than thirty years later, he has fashioned an extraordinary chronicle. Follies was created by Stephen Sondheim, Hal Prince, Michael Bennett, and James Goldman - giants in the evolution of the Broadway musical and geniuses at the top of their game. Everything Was Possible takes the reader on a roller-coaster ride, from the uncertainties of casting to drama-filled rehearsals, from the care and feeding of one-time movie and television stars to the pressures of a Boston tryout to the exhilaration of opening night on Broadway. Foreword by long-time NY critic Frank Rich.

The Other Side Of Nowhere

Danniella Westbrook - 2006
    For a while she was the nation's most famous drug addict. This is her story of recovery from the despair of addiction, told with total emotional honesty and courage.

George Michael: The Biography

Rob Jovanovic - 2007
    Despite being one of the most open and vocal pop superstars on the planet, George Michael is also fiercely protective of his privacy. From the formation of Wham! In 1981 he immediately found fame and fortune beyond his wildest dreams. This all-access biography uncovers the secret life of the pop star, following his skyrocket to fame and fortune through his solo career and up to the present day. His music formed the soundtrack to the 1980s and he achieved all of this despite growing up in a dysfunctional family where his father openly proclaimed that George had no talent. Wham! split in 1986 but Michael went on to greater things as a solo artist. Along the way Michael has been embroiled in several controversies—among them a court case with Sony; an arrest in a Los Angeles public toilet; minor run-ins over class-C drugs; and traffic offenses in London—but in a refreshing contrast from other superstars, he has been happy to address his issues head-on in and out of the media.Rob Jovanovic's biography tackles all the factors and issues that formed George Michael as superstar as he stands today, and his place as a cultural icon. It also, for the first time, analyses Michael's musical output and groundbreaking videos, and discusses for the first time his recent acclaimed worldwide triumphant 2006 tour, the first in 15 years as Michael returned from the music wilderness.

Mainly on Directing: Gypsy, West Side Story, and Other Musicals

Arthur Laurents - 2009
    It is a book profoundly enriched by the author’s two loves, love for the theater and love for his partner of fifty-two years, Tom Hatcher, who shared and inspired every aspect of his life and his work.Laurents writes about the musicals he directed, I Can Get It for You Wholesale, its producer David Merrick (the “Abominable Showmanâ€), and its (very young) stars Barbra Streisand and Elliott Gould . . . He writes about Stephen Sondheim’s Anyone Can Whistle, which starred Angela Lansbury and Lee Remick, marking the debut for each in musical theater. He summons up the challenges and surprises that came with the making of La Cage aux Folles, the first big Broadway musical that was gay and glad to be.He writes in rich detail about his most recent production of Gypsy, how it began as an act of love, a love that spread through the entire company and resulted in a Gypsy unlike any other. And about his new bilingual production of West Side Story.And he talks, as well, about the works of other directors—Fiddler on the Roof; Kiss Me, Kate; Spring Awakening; Street Scene; The Phantom of the Opera; LoveMusik; Sweeney Todd.Moving, exhilarating, provocative—a portrait of an artist working with other artists; a unique close-up look at today’s American musical theater by a man who’s been at its red-hot center for more than five decades.

But He Doesn't Know The Territory

Meredith Willson - 1959
    Hundreds of thousands more have enjoyed the National Company as it played Los Angeles, Dallas, San Francisco, Denver, Omaha, Des Moines, Cincinnati, Kansas City and Chicago.Meredith Wilson wrote the music the lyrics and the libretto of 'The Music Man' -all delightful. Now he has written a book about writing the show - equally delightful. He claims he had Trouble (with a capital T)and he documents his case with behind-the-scenes anecdotes and theatrical characters unknown in his native Iowa.

They Made a Monkee Out of Me

Davy Jones - 1987
    Within two months, the show had moved into the Top 20 and the Monkees' first single and album had both soared to #1 on the charts. Pop culture, pop music and Davy Jones would never be the same. This lively, entertaining autobiography chronicles Davy's life and career - with funny, nostalgic and revealing memories of the glamorous people and high-rolling deals that lie behind the scenes of show business. The story includes the Monkees' hit reunion and revival in the mid-1980s and an original song written especially for this audio edition.

Lend Me a Tenor

Ken Ludwig - 1986
    So the impresario's diminutive assistant blacks up and goes on as Otello. The tenor awakens, dons his costume, and thence follows a hilarious comedy involving two Otellos, a volatile Italian wife, an outrageous bellhop and a cynical impresario.