In Love With the King of Miami

Treasure Malian - 2017
    However, Cartier ‘Carti’ Townsend have no plans on slowing down. His climb to the top, where he reigns as the King of Miami, hasn’t been easy. After the loss of his pops Cartier Sr, Carti made a vow that losing his father to the streets wouldn’t be in vain. True to his inner New Yorker, Carti runs the streets of Miami in a fresh pair of wheat timberlands and with an iron fist, destroying any and everything that gets in his way. Along for the ride is his Cousin, Bryson, and homeboy Mack. These relationships, which are the most important to him will be tested. You know what they say, more money more problems. Nothing could have prepared Cartier for the test he would face when the love of his young life, re-enters his life. Cadence Robinson, is Carti’s dream girl, the one he didn’t realize he missed until their path’s crossed again. With everything in her life going according to plan, Cadence has no interest in reliving the past with Carti. At least that’s what her brain says, but, the strings of her heart is playing a different tune. Dior got more than she asked for when she took on the role of being Cadence’ best friend. With her career reaching new heights all Dior is focused on is securing the bag. Getting involved with Bryson was never apart of the plan, but when she fell, she fell hard. What can the streets offer a girl who had her life all planned out? Mack has his hands full with Demi. Their relationship is rocky. But even while dealing with the downside of being together neither of them wants to let go. At least not until they feel they have exhausted every option to make it work. However, before they can choose to get it together or forget it forever, will tragedy strike and decide for them? In their own way, they each find that the streets ain’t for everybody. Even the King faces Checkmate.

Sacrificial Bride

Wendy Soliman - 2019
    She doubts her decision the minute she sets eyes on Sir Cyril – a fat, cruel and drunken dolt who has no intention of making good on his promises to her father, but every intention of anticipating his wedding vows. Cordelia finds an unlikely ally in Sir Cyril’s cousin, Lord Angus Dryden. They join forces to discover the truth behind Sir Cyril’s latest suspicious investment scheme, and struggle to ignore the growing attraction that springs up between them. Shocked by revelations that threaten Cordelia’s life, can Angus find an honourable way to rescue her from a dangerous mésalliance before Sir Cyril attempts to cover his tracks by violent and deadly means… This title was previously published in a Regency Romantics Anthology

President Daddy’s Excessive Love: Volume 2

Bei Xiaoai - 2019
    Eventually she was forced to escaped to another country far away. Five years later, she came back with a pair of beautiful dragon and phoenix babies. However, at the day she came back, she messed up a proud and handsome CEO. What's even more shock is that her son looks exactly like that CEO! These cute babies' pictures went popular on the internet.So at someday , the CEO stepped into her way.....☆About the Author☆Bei xiaoai is an urban youth novelist who does well in describing love. She has written 10 novels. Among them, is the most popular one. The beautiful love described in this novel is fascinating.

Hideaway Hall

Jennifer Hayden - 2017
    She has been running from her past ever since. For two decades, she has pushed the bad memories from her mind and struggled to make a life for herself hundreds of miles away from the town of Rocky Point, Washington. When her grandmother dies, Maisy is forced to go home—back to a house where the nightmares all started. Back to a house where evil still lurks and unrest still lingers. Soon Maisy is tossed back in time. Nothing is what it seems. Someone or something is trying to communicate with her. With the help of local firefighter, Cade Rowe, Maisy chooses not to run from the truth this time. As secrets long buried begin to surface, a wave of terror washes over the entire town. Evil spreads. Hideaway Hall is wide awake and it's only a matter of time before everyone who touches it realizes the power of those trapped inside.

1000 Facts about Historic Figures Vol. 3

James Egan - 2018
    During his lifetime, Buffalo Bill was the most famous person in the world. Eratosthenes created geography. Martin Luther King was jailed 29 times. George Washington is the only person to serve in war while being the US president. Gandhi refused to educate his children and disowned two of them. Alexander the Great claimed to have seen a UFO. Michael Jackson wanted to play Peter Pan in the film, Hook. Bob Marley suffered from seizures. Archimedes was the first person to calculate pi. Isaac Newton believed in Atlantis. Anaximander figured out that the Earth is round. Joseph Stalin was covered in scars due to suffering smallpox. Aristotle believed eels were made of mud. Leonardo Da Vinci was the first person who could explain why the Moon was crescent-shaped. Pythagoras was so good at mathematics, people thought he was a sorcerer. Napoleon was terrified of open doors. King Arthur’s real name was Ambrosius Aurelianus. Saddam Hussein was obsessed with Doritos. Socrates thought the concept of books was stupid. Steve Jobs didn’t let his kids use iPads. Mark Zuckerberg went through a time where he would eat animals that he killed.

Annabel's April

Caroline Ashton - 2020
    She would never consider herself a Toast, unlike Miss Chloris Minchinhampton. Nor would she expect handsome Faldo Sayle, the catch of the Season, and generally believed to be in love with the sparkling Chloris, to treat her with more than common civility.

Hand of Fire

Thomas Rath - 2001
    Saved by Jack, a HuMan, thought by Thanes people to be simple myths, Thane is hurled into a foreign world that he must make his own if he hopes to survive. When his only friends, Dor and Tam, try to find and help him, they are caught and tortured by a massive gathering of trolls that could bring about the annihilation of all races. Now, in a desperate search to find and save his friends, Thane must come to grips with his powers and himself before all is lost to the gathering storm of evil. An epic tale of good versus evil, Hand of Fire is a written tapestry of emotion that will draw in readers of all genres and not let them go until the last word is devoured.

The Calamitous Bob

Alex Gilbert - 2021
    A divine spat leaves French medic Viv stranded in the middle of an arcane disaster zone crawling with undead horrors. Thankfully, there are strange allies to be found, not least the mysterious interface that helps humans survive in this merciless world.Viv will have to progress fast to survive this calamity and find civilisation. She will also need a bit of luck. Unless, of course, she becomes the calamity herself. After all, luck is such a fickle thing.

Novels by Francine Rivers: The Last Sin Eater, Mark of the Lion Series, the Atonement Child, the Prince, the Scarlet Thread

Books LLC - 2010
    Purchase includes a free trial membership in the publisher's book club where you can select from more than a million books without charge. Chapters: The Last Sin Eater, Mark of the Lion Series, the Atonement Child, the Prince, the Scarlet Thread. Source: Wikipedia. Free updates online. Not illustrated. Excerpt: The Last Sin Eater is a 1998 Christian book by the American author Francine Rivers. It deals with the themes of sin, guilt and forgiveness, and tells about the atonement of Jesus Christ. The Last Sin Eater is about a ten-year old girl named Cadi Forbes, who lives in a settlement community of Welsh Americans. At the beginning of the novel, Cadi's grandmother Gorawen has just died. At her funeral, the village's Sin Eater, Sim, comes and Cadi does the "forbidden" and makes physical eye contact with him. The next day, Cadi goes into the narrows and is thinking about how to receive her forgiveness from her mother. She comes to the conclusion that she can either have her sins taken away by the sin eater or to commit suicide. At that time, a little girl named Lilybet appears. Cadi is the only one who can see or hear Lilybet. Cadi seeks out the Sin Eater by talking first to Elda Kendric who is the oldest person in the village and the wisest. During all of this, a man of God comes to share the word of God, but camps outside the village. Brogan Kai, the self proclaimed village leader tells all of the villagers not to go near the man because of his potential of spreading faith. Brogan's son Fagan and Cadi go anyway. They are intrigued by the word of God, but they cannot come out of the bushes for fear of lightning striking them. Cadi finds the Sin Eater and convinces him to take away her sins if she goes to see the man of God. The Sin Eater performs the ceremony, but nothing happens and no sins are removed. It is revealed that a while back Cadi's little sister Elen drowned, having followed Cadi to...More: http: //

Roblox Books: Diary of a Roblox Noob: Fortnite (New Roblox Noob Diaries)

Robloxia Kid - 2018
    Does the Roblox Noob have the mental fortitude to survive in the harsh world of Fortnite? It definitely does not seem so! Read to find out! 
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The Silent Marriage: How Passive Aggression Steals Your Happiness; The Complete Guide to Passive Aggression Book 5

Nora Femenia - 2012
    This behavior is particularly hard on women subject to the silent treatment, cold shoulder, or other ways of emotional withholding from their partner. It causes women to develop a progressive feeling of isolation, of being left emotionally dry and bereft precisely in the most intimate of relationship. Whatever the degree of emotional detachment they experience, the impact in their self-esteem is very profound and long lasting.In this new, revised edition this book actually describes the frustration of your emotional needs caused by the silent marriage, followed by mental confusion, imprecise guilt feelings, the impression of walking on eggshells to avoid being rejected, together with extreme loneliness and constant sadness to no end. This is an important book because builds on cold shoulder as the main toxic behavior, going to describe the whole passive aggressive marriage and its impact on your self-esteem and well being. Even when you don’t consider his withholding of connection a kind of abuse in marriage, the fact that spouses are emotionally dependent on each other for love and support makes you chronically starved for his love and attention. You can even wonder if this is his way to control your happiness in life? In this case, resentment creeps in and destroys any remaining trust.Once you can identify these emotional states, you can go on learning strategies and alternatives to counter his passive aggression communication style, without resorting to violence, begging or other tricks. It will also gives you a map that could actually help your partner to see through his behavior and understand what is he doing to sabotage the marriage.Overall this expanded and revised 2015 edition is full of practical tips and strategies to protect yourself and motivate you to be happier with or without him. It will help you to move your relationship from the current stand still to a place where you can enjoy a better experience with more love and respect.

The Curse

Lee Su Ann - 2007

Impact: Titan: Hard Science Fiction

Brandon Q. Morris - 2020
    Shortly before, a spaceship full of researchers and astronauts had found a new home on Saturn's moon, Titan, and survived by having their descendants genetically adapted to the hostile environment.The Titanians, as they call themselves, are proud of their cooperative and peaceful society, while unbeknownst to them, humanity is slowly recovering back on Earth. When a 20-mile-wide chunk of rock escapes the asteroid belt and appears to be on a collision course with Earth, the Titanians fear it must look as if they launched the deadly bombardment. Can they prevent the impact and thus avoid an otherwise inevitable war with the Earthlings?

Adept (Essence Gate War #1)

Michael J. Arnquist - 2013
    Not even that aversion, however, will prevent him from finding friends now lost in a land ravaged by strange powers. After all, it was his orders that sent them there.Together with his Sil'ath sword-brother, he retraces the steps of their friends to Keldrin's Landing, the barest toehold of civilization in a land fiercely resentful of the intrusion. They find the city besieged from without and within, swollen with refugees fleeing a countryside plagued by magical forces run amok.Saving a half-breed healer earns the enmity of a powerful man, but sets them on the trail of their missing friends. An enigmatic stranger bearing a name out of dark legend aids them for reasons of his own. A lone huntress dogs their steps, seeking vengeance against a monster from her past.Deeper into the heart of the darkness they go as they begin to uncover the true scope of the threat facing their world. Something is drawing the magic of the land away to the east by force, and blackest evil gathers in the spreading wasteland to the south, as ancient foes prepare to renew a titanic conflict.And no matter which prevails, the world will be destroyed.To save his friends and his world, Amric must unite a small band of misfits and lead them against the destruction of all. In so doing, he will be forced to confront the truth of his own origins, a past he has forgotten but which has never forgotten him.

Ain't No Love Like a Thug's Love

K.C. Mills - 2016
    At twenty-six years of age, she is the CEO of one of the largest marketing firms in the country. Sophie is an overachiever in every area, except her love life. Finding the right guy seems to be an impossible task when you’re wealthy, beautiful, and brilliant. A bizarre mix-up at a restaurant forces Sophie to cross paths with the dangerously sexy Trooper Carter. Although Sophie is convinced that he is definitely not her type, she can’t seem to get him off her mind. Trooper Carter lives life on his terms and answers to no one. Despite his humble beginnings as the abandoned child of drug-addicted parents, Trooper has made a success of himself, and now life is great. His good looks make him very popular with the ladies, and he is only too happy to give them what they want… on his terms. He is willing to share his body, but his heart is off limits. When Sophie and Carter meet, their dislike for each other is as strong as their attraction. As soon as they decide to let their guard down and give each other a chance, all hell seems to break loose. Faced with opposition from Sophie’s family, crazy exes, and even the help, the young lovers must decide if a chance at love is really worth all the trouble.