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Pain by Melody Adams


Alien Prince's Bond

Sophia Sebell - 2020
    Now I belong to a brutal alien race who only see me as a fertile womb.I’m claimed by the Prince of the Khuvex, a devastatingly handsome colossus with blue skin and rippling muscles. I should be terrified. I should be planning my escape.But without Prince Tacien’s claim, I’d be snapped up in an instant—claimed, bred, used, and thrown away.What’s worse is I’m not even sure I want to run. Prince Tacien is fiercely protective. I’m unsure what my future holds with him, but I know he’d kill before he let anyone lay a hand on me. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’m starting to think he’d do anything for me.But before he can secure his claim over me as his mate for life, his vicious brother intervenes. He challenges Tacien for his title and all of his holdings. Including me.If both of the terrifying aliens kill each other, I might have a chance at freedom. So why do I find myself desperately wishing Tacien will win the right to claim me? To breed me…

Santa's Little Helper

Lisa Chalmers - 2020
    But Emma is completely different from every other woman he's met. Suddenly he's the one seemingly doing the chasing.Can he turn this flirtationship into something real?

Alien Billionaire's Fated Mate

Miranda Martin - 2020
    Starlight Matchmaking, what a joke. I'm sure this is a scam. I'm more interested in figuring out their game than I am in a possible date. But the instant I see Wadjet, déjà vu hits me. Somehow it's like I've known this sexy, golden skinned billionaire forever, but we've never met. He says we have. That he's been searching for me for an impossibly long time. And now that he's found me, he's not going to lose me again. I don't believe in fate. I don't even believe in aliens. But before this date is over, he's determined to change my mind.

Wolf Hunted (Rejected Moons Book 1)

J.L. Wilder - 2022

Alien Warrior's Treasure

Sue Mercury - 2021
    Instead, he heals her wounds and promises not to hurt her, and his gentle but protective demeanor wins her over. But when he eventually turns cold and pushes her away, she’s left confused and heartbroken. Determined to make a life for herself on planet New Vaxx, she visits Vaxxlian Matchmakers—only to receive shocking news about the identity of her soul mate.Gavvin is an outcast among his people, and he has no plans to take a bride. But his self-control is tested when he comes across Molly, a human woman in distress. She’s the sweetest, most beautiful female he’s ever met, and her enticing scent calls up long-buried primal needs. Pushing her away is the hardest thing he’s ever done, but it’s for the best. How could any female find happiness mated to an outcast like him? But when Molly’s life is threatened, he’ll risk everything to save the sweet human who’s stolen his heart.


Athena Storm - 2020
    Men want to be me.And women want to be with me...But I have no time for mating with human women.Netflix and chill?More like skip the Netflix and Kill...My life was conquest and battle.Until I meet her.Taylor Tennyson.Tanned. Gorgeous. Brilliant. Mine.I'd swallow suns for her. Wade through a million enemies just to claim her.She smiles, coos, runs her fingers across my chest.And suddenly I'm not so mighty.My enemies think they can take her from me.But they are wrong. I have claimed Taylor as my own.And there's no one and nothing that will wrest her from my side.

Alien Duke's Mate

Zara Zenia - 2020
    I contact Starlight Matchmaking Agency in desperate attempt to find love with someone who can whisk me away.But my perfect guy isn’t the handsome foreigner I’d imagined.Braxus is a tall blue alien with flowing white hair and a kingdom on another planet. Despite getting off to a rocky start, he sweeps me off to his planet for a tour, and every minute we spend together makes me fall for him.But I don’t know if I can leave Earth so easily, and my ex isn’t about to let me go without a fight.Alien Duke's is a full-length sci-fi romance novel with a happy ending.

Claimed By The Savage Alien Orxlon (Supernova Escapes)

Eden Ember - 2020
    I swore I'd never forge a relationship with an alien. I’m not like those flighty starlets in Hollywood who only go for the physical. I can't possibly have actual feelings for this barbaric alien.All I want is to go home, but he wants to claim me as his mate and I don't know if I can say no to his desirous gaze, his rousing touch, and his muscled body.What you get in this standalone book:A Sexy AlienAn HEANo CliffhangersNo Cheating

His To Take

Selina Coffey - 2019
    So is Rex. She’ll be forever grateful for her father’s bunker. They would never have made it otherwise. There might only be one man her age left in this world… And she’s lucky that it was Rex. Her high school crush, the man she’s loved for such a long time. She couldn’t help but giggle at the thought that they might have to repopulate the human race. The thing is, Rex isn’t completely human anymore. Her sweet Rex has an animal side now - a wolf side. He can be dangerous, vicious, violent. Ann wants to love him, unconditionally. Besides, who else could love her back? Then he came to her, in her dreams… the man with the orange eyes. Author’s Note: This book contains mature language and adult scenes that will make you blush! Intended for adults only.

The Sheikh's Pregnant Teacher (Khalid Sheikhs Series Book 3)

Leslie North - 2021

Rescued (The Blackpaw Prophecy #5)

Leona Crowley - 2021
    Can wolf shifter Brooks save her, even if it means war?On the run from her controlling boyfriend, Lindsay Thomas finds refuge at her friend Ashley’s house in Wolfton. There, she learns the truth about shifters and fated mates. And the shocking truth that her boyfriend is really a fox shifter with shady dealings. How can she ever get away from him?Jack Brooks, a wolf shifter and a member of the Blackpaw Pack, has a ready smile, a great sense of humor, and a killer six-pack. He’s ready to fall in love and claim a mate. But when his fated mate turns out to be Lindsay, he must first help her break free from her past.With a species war looming and the foxes refusing to give up their human pawn, can the fated pair be together? Or will a battle with the foxes destroy everything?Content warning: Story contains mature themes and language and is intended for mature readers (18+).

Grizzly Lover

C.D. Gorri - 2020
    Can her Grizzly lover put the past behind them?”Oliver Pax is one of the most prolific composers of all time. He is the award-winning writer of such Broadway hits as The Beast of Brooklyn Heights and its upcoming conclusion Where Beauty Lives. A loner known for his grumpy and secretive nature, the reclusive Grizzly Bear Shifter is in for the shock of his life when a blast from his past washes up on his doorstep after a terrible accident.Teresa Witherspoon has been on the run for the past two years. She’s traveled across the country and back again fearing the day her father and his henchmen find her and her son. Caring for Thomas has kept her going this far, but when an accident leaves her hospitalized she has no choice but to call the one person she swore to stay away from.Will the Grizzly Bear Shifter she’d once loved help her in her time of need?

Wicked Hot Silver Fox

Tess Summers - 2022
    Parker Preston’s intentions when he gave Alexandra Collins his phone number at the animal rescue gala were more personal than professional. But he’d never expected the sassy beauty with the blue streak in her hair to send him a picture of her perfect, perky boobs as enticement to adopt the dogs she was desperately trying to find a home for.But, dang if they weren’t the ideal incentive for him to offer his home to more than just the dogs. In exchange for adopting the older, bonded pair, she’d need to move in with him for a month and get the dogs acclimated. Oh, and she wouldn’t be sleeping in the guest room during her stay.The deal is only for a month though. And she insisted they weren’t going to fall in love, something he readily agreed with. They had the rules in place, what could possibly go wrong in four short weeks?

Firefighter Dragon's Next Door Mate: A Dragon Shifter Romance (Firefighter Dragons of the Secret Islands)

Alicia Banks - 2021

The Lonely Cowboy

Elizabeth Grey - 2021