Garden of Spiders Volume 2

Quil Carter - 2016
    But at what cost? Elish is a veritable slave with no will of his own, and although his siblings and his sengil wish for the old Elish to return, the man in question is adamant that he’s happier this way. Even though Silas treats him like a dog, mental slavery is better than depression and eventual suicide, right?However, it seems that Elish may soon not have a choice. Forces outside of the family are hard at work, and someone from Elish’s distant past is determined to turn him into the man he once was.No matter the consequences.

Lost Girl

Adam Nevill - 2015
    Easy prey, too, for the violent gangs and people-smugglers who thrive in the crumbling world where 'King Death' reigns supreme.The father's world went to hell two years ago. His four-year-old daughter was snatched from his garden when he should have been watching. The moments before her disappearance play in a perpetual loop in his mind. But the police aren't interested; amidst floods, hurricanes and global chaos, who cares about one more missing child? Now it's all down to him to find her, him alone . . .


Melvin Burgess - 1999
    London is in ruins. A bombed-out shell. A picked-over carcass where the only rule of law is might makes right. What remains of the city is being fought over by two ruthless gangs of warlords. In an effort to create peace, however, a truce between the two families is suggested by Val, patriarch of the Volson clan. His collateral? The hand of his fourteen-year-old daughter, Signy, in marriage to his blood rival, Conor. A rebellious, headstrong teenager who has dreamed all her life of joining her father's forces as a soldier in the war against Conor, Signy is stunned by the announcement. To agree to such a plan is unthinkable! Conor is her mortal enemy. To live as his wife is no better than to live as a slave...for the rest of her life.But what of the alternative? Does she dare defy her father? And what of the consequences of her rebellion? Her decision will set in motion a series of events--events both horrifying and tragic--that will change her life forever.Melvin Burgess has fashioned a powerfully dystopian vision of a young woman's coming of age against the backdrop of war that is shocking, harrowing, and compelling.

Dead Country

Bonnie Dee - 2011
    There’s room for both in Dead Country. This story is set in the same terrifying world as Bonnie Dee’s bestselling After the End, but follows the adventures of new characters.Brian Pasman is stuck in his hometown of Durbinville, Kansas—again. On the cusp of graduating from Caltech when a family illness brings him home, his life is changed forever by the zombie apocalypse. Several months into the invasion, order is slowly being restored, but this small town is not a priority and the citizens are left to fend for themselves behind a ramshackle barricade.Into the routine horror of zombie-killing which has become Brian’s life rides a force of change on a Harley. Ashleigh Jennings has been on her own most of her life. She's been a maid, a waitress and an exotic dancer but dreams of a singing career. Her lively personality shakes Brian awake, making him appreciate life more than he had even before the nightmare struck. The motorcycle group’s arrogant leader clashes with the equally domineering head of the town council, but the two groups must join forces when a new wave of the undead sweeps across the prairie. Can Brian come up with a battle plan to save the town or is his education in probabilities only good in theory?

Left Alive #1

Jeremy Laszlo - 2014
     Book 1 of 3 The world is dead. Plants gone. Animals gone. The air is thick with dust and ash. Water has turned to murky cesspools of death and decay. Life and Earth as we know it are gone—at least all the good parts. It’s been almost a year since the first signs that we killed our planet began to arise. Order and humanity are gone now, replaced by vigilante justice and survival at all costs. Nine months have passed since the quarantines were put in place. Six months since we realized it was too late, and just after that the governments of the world fell. That was nearly seven billion people ago, and now Charles has decided it is time to pack up and leave in search of the one thing still worth living for—his daughters. With rumors of roving bands of cannibals, and even zombies, he knows making the journey is a long shot, but he has to try. He promised their dying mother that he would keep them safe and has every intention of doing just that, come hell or hungry zombies. In a soulless world filled with nothing but pain and death, will his determination be enough to see him through to the end?

Project 16

Martyn J. Pass - 2017
    It's not a title he enjoys because it means that whenever the looters and the treasure hunters come across the Atlantic to the ruins of his country, it's his job to hunt them down. That is, if the packs of wild dogs don't kill them first. Or the collapsing buildings. Or the disease. Miller soon finds himself helping a former US Ranger, Claudia Riley, hunt for her missing nephew who's disappeared somewhere in England. The US want him found too - him and his Russian girlfriend who they suspect are planning to stage a terrorist attack from one of the many underground bunkers that now lie empty. All is not what it seems however as they soon find themselves under attack from a US jet that leaves Riley critically injured. Bringing all his training and survival skills to bear, Miller has to keep the US Ranger alive despite the sudden onset of a harsh winter and the roaming packs of starving dogs. He finds, however, that his love for her might also be the death of him. Can they hope to complete their mission or will the powers behind the real terror attack get to them first? And can Miller dare to hope that in the overgrown wastelands of England he might find happiness at last?

Windigo Soul

Robert Brumm - 2012
    As a citizen of the United Federation of Nations that means a mandatory death sentence simply because he turned sixty years old. Referred to as "retirement," it's one of the desperate steps the government has taken to curb overpopulation. Retirement is a widely accepted fact of life on a dying planet ruled by a tyrannical government. Hank's execution goes ahead as planned but state sponsored euthanasia isn't what it seems. The Reed family learns what really happens to retirees when secrets the UFN keep from the public start to unravel.This book is intended to be read by adults and may be unsuitable for children under 17. Contains indecent language and descriptions of graphic violence.

After The Virus

Meghan Ciana Doidge - 2011
    After the virus decimates 99.9% of the world’s population, and all traces of humanity along with it, Rhiannon and Will are forced to move beyond their past fame, fortune, and personal demons to rescue a mute girl from the clutches of two warring cults.-------------WARNING: this post-apocalyptic love story contains mature situations, violence, and language.

The Post

Kevin A. Munoz - 2019
    Those who survived share the world with what are known as hollow-heads: creatures who are no longer fully human. A man and a pregnant teenager arrive at the gate and are welcomed into the town. They begin to settle in when suddenly both are murdered by an unknown assailant. In the course of investigation, Chief Edison discovers that the girl was fleeing a life of sexual slavery, and that some members of the Atlanta community were complicit in the human trafficking network that had ensnared her. In retaliation for Edison’s discoveries, agents of the network abduct the stepdaughter of the town’s mayor. Sam Edison and three companions track the kidnappers to Athens, Georgia, where they discover that the entire city is engaged in human trafficking. By the time Edison has recovered the kidnapped girl, the other three rescuers have been killed, leaving Edison alone to bring the mayor’s stepdaughter home. Further complicating their return is Sam’s realization that a prominent member of the community is in truth the ringleader of the slave-trading network. Against such great odds, will Sam ever make it to Little Five alive?

Follow Me into the Dark

Felicia C. Sullivan - 2017
    Kate is a young baker whose mother is dying of cancer. Gillian is an oversexed, hyper-intellectual who looks like Kate and is sleeping with Kate’s stepfather. Jonah is Gillian’s odd but devoted stepbrother, who increasingly matches the description of the “Doll Collector,” a menacing serial killer. With Kate flailing in her mourning and beating back unwelcome memories, snippets of her family legacy are revealed just as the Doll Collector’s body count grows.A complex, dark expression of the deprived heart and the desperate lengths children will go to in order to create family.

In a Fallen World

Glynn James - 2014
    This isn't a Young Adult Dystopian tale. It's not romance. It's not cuddly. No one knows how the world died. They only know that it happened centuries ago. Among the remnants of mankind - the people that live and die scavenging in the ruins - it is thought that the strangers who live behind the barrier, inside their protected city, may still hold that secret. But no one taken by the hunters from the city ever comes back. For Jack Avery, living among the ruins of the outer zone and scavenging to survive is not the worst of nightmares. Something haunts him far more than any hunter patrol. In one short moment, two years before, something happened that changed him. This story is about his journey through the apocalypse, but also through his own regrets and doubts. Are there second chances? Can Jack find the answer to his torment among the shattered ruins of the past?

Among the Dead and Dying

A.R. Wise - 2014
     Thousands of years after a zombie apocalypse wiped out the majority of humans, the world is a very different and harsh place. It's safest to live behind the fortified walls of the Kingdom of Golden Rock, or it least it had been. Rumors of an army of dead led by a man calling himself The Scholar have proven true, and even the most secure cities are no match for his undead soldiers. The Scholar's goal is to crush the world of the living, but he also wants to capture a simple baker named Saffi, though no one seems to know why. Saffi's father vows to protect his daughter, and flees The Scholar's path, only to fall prey to other evils of the world outside the walls. In just one day's time, Ward and Saffi's lives will be forever altered, and the secret about why The Scholar wants her will be revealed.

The Scattered and the Dead Book 1

Tim McBain - 2016
    The only thing.Power grid? Dead.A mysterious virus? Rampant.Enemies? Everywhere.How did this happen? And how do we survive?So begins the post-apocalypse. Part disaster, part terrifying mystery.Order topples quickly once the power goes down. No police. No government.Society itself has failed. Fractured. Disintegrated.The dead pile in the streets. Corpses strewn like dolls.The world as we know it ends with a whimper, a gurgle, a quick dimming of the lights.And now? All the animals come out at night. Welcome to the fuckin' jungle.Chaos rages across the land. Riots. Raiders. Fire. Murder.When the darkness falls, it comes in more way than one.Among the ashes, we meet the scattered, the leftovers:A family struggles to find long term shelter during the first wave of the collapse.Two orphan girls -- a 16 year old and an 8 year old -- gather supplies to help survive their first winter without power.A drunk and drug addict plots to avenge the death of his parents at the hands of raiders.A televangelist races to escape a rumored nuclear strike.Slowly, their paths will cross, their stories will merge, and a new world will be born out of the ruins. Not all of them will make it.

First Fate

Kendall Talbot - 2021
    Powerless and desperate, the eleven hundred passengers and crew must face their new reality: No one is coming to save them.The First Mate. When the EMP destroys the captain’s pacemaker, killing him in a heartbeat, Gunner McCrae is thrust into the top position. But no amount of training could prepare him for the savagery of desperate humans and an unforgiving ocean.The Anchorwoman. Gabrielle Kinsella is known for bringing shocking stories to the world. She should be reporting on the headline of the century. Instead she’s fighting for her children’s lives.The Acrobat. Held captive by a predator as a child, Madeline Jewel found freedom as the ship’s acrobatic dancer. But being trapped in an elevator brings her worst fears back to life.The Gambler. Zon Woodrow, notorious gator hunter, won his ticket to the cruise in a poker match. But that isn’t the only pot he’s looking to score. With the ship’s security system obliterated, Zon turns his attention to the casino’s vault. And this time, the house won’t win.As resources dwindle aboard Rose of the Sea, the body count continues to rise. Will ordinary people survive an extraordinary disaster? Or will human nature drown them in darkness?Find out in this gripping disaster/survival thriller.FIRST FATE is the first book in the Waves of Fate trilogy and is perfect for fans of Matthew Reilly, Tim Tigner, Jack Hunt, A. G. Riddle and Steven Konkoly. And don't worry, there are no zombies.


David Kazzie - 2015
     On a warm summer night at Yankee Stadium, a terrifying plot to bring humanity to the brink of extinction is set into motion. And as the deadly Medusa virus sweeps the globe unchecked, three survivors - an obstetrician dealing with the death of an expectant mother, a football star past his prime, and a soldier harboring a terrible secret about her own future - struggle to save what they hold most dear in a world crumbling around them. Part II - Void (Available Now) Part III - Evergreen (Available Now) Part IV - Citadel (Available Now)