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Not Wild Enough by Preston Walker


The Alpha's Autumn-Kissed Omega

Lorelei M. Hart - 2018
    An alpha craves an omega who can give him a family. And I’m just fine with my life. My work as a freelance photographer makes it possible for me to give the kids I take in lots of time, something they need and deserve. Most of them haven’t had an easy life. And current foster child needs my love and care more than any of the others so far. I thought I had it all figured out, but meeting Patrick has thrown me for a loop. Patrick deserves more than a lesser omega, a broken shell of who I should be. But I can’t help myself. His searing looks plus that signature pumpkin spice scent demand I pay attention. Pursue him. See if there is a chance he could be mine. Autumn brings with it cooler days, but with Patrick in my life, the nights only grow hotter. MM Non-Shifter Mpreg Romance.

The Prince's Blind Date

Jena Wade - 2020
    Due to an antiquated law, he must be married by his thirtieth birthday, but the prince wants to marry for love, not convenience. And he doesn't want to be rushed either, but with a ticking clock, he needs to find an omega and fast. So, he does what any alpha in his position would, goes undercover.An omega open to love...Omega Wendell wants what his fathers had, a love that lasted until his omega dad's passing. He doesn't need anything big and flashy, nothing over the top, just a nice alpha to settle down and have babies with.But just when Wendell believes he's found what he's looking for, after one blind date no less, he leaps at the opportunity--and the man. He's found his peaceful ever after, so why is he suddenly being hounded by reporters? And why are people telling him his sweet, quiet alpha is actually a prince?The Prince’s Blind Date is book one in a five book series featuring the Royals of Swena. Four Alpha brothers and one Omega on their quest to find love in a royal world. This is a short, 16K novella featuring mpreg, heat, and a royal happily ever after.

Daddy Dragon Guardians

Meg Ripley - 2018
    But will they manage to find their mates in this strange new place called Earth?Read Meg Ripley's Bestselling Daddy Dragon Guardians Series In One Fantastical Compilation, Brimming With Sizzling Passion, Suspense And Sassy Supernatural Mates!This spellbinding anthology includes the following four 30,000+ word stories:Holden's MateXander's MateBeau's MateJulian's MateThis paranormal romance collection features steamy shifter scenes and is intended for readers 18+.

The Cloverleah Pack Boxed Set

Lisa Oliver - 2016
    If you already have the original titles, please don't purchase this set as there is no new material included. 3 full books, over 700 pages, 270,000 words - great dealThis compilation makes up the first three books of the Cloverleah Pack series.The Reluctant WolfKane Matthews, Alpha of his small wolf pack in Cloverleah has been raised to believe that mates are not possible for gay men and has lived his life accordingly. Kicked out of his home pack years before because of his sexual orientation Kane has built a solid and comfortable life for himself in the small town of Cloverleah. Imagine his surprise when an unscheduled visit to the small town's diner unleashes a flood of emotions in the man he didn't think possible - not least of all, lust. But finding out it is possible for wolf shifters to have gay mates is just one of the things that Kane has to overcome if he is to have the forever future he has been hoping for. Shawn Bailey never expected to find his mate. He is just too different - an "Other" who has the power to instill fear in any other shifter. After spending ten years on the run from his Alpha father he spends most days just trying to stay alive. When a chance encounter brings him face to face with his mate Shawn has to decide if the man in front of him is worth staying for. But with hunters, Alpha challenges, Kane's parents and a smitten Alpha from another pack all interfering in Kane and Shawn's budding romance, not to mention some surprising answers about Shawn's own unique talents can these two true mates find the happily ever after they are looking for?The Runaway CatBook Two Cloverleah Pack SeriesGriff Matthews knew he looked like trouble but for a wolf shifter mechanic he was fairly laid back most of the time. Pleased that his Alpha was finally settled with his new mate, Griff longs to meet the man of his dreams. Little did he know he would find it that same evening, when he was too drunk to realize that his good looking hook-up was actually his mate. Problem is when he woke up sober his bed was empty.Derrick “Diablo” Franklin was just looking for a hook up with a like minded shifter. The sexy cat shifter was deep undercover for the FBI and although his case was coming to an end, he had hopes for his career that didn’t involve finding a mate. However after meeting Griff Diablo realized his plans might have to change.But nothing is easy for the two men as they battle the FBI, a crime lord from Baton Rouge and a host of contenders looking to take Diablo away from Griff. And just who is Angel Bandures?When No Doesn't Cut ItBook 3 - Cloverleah Pack seriesScott Peterson, beta wolf in the Cloverleah Pack, had a good life. He loved his cars, riding his Harley, and going out with pack members and friends. But when an attack on his pack by a bear shifter, brings his mate into his world, from Texas of all places, Scott realizes he could lose everything he ever held dear.Damien, Alpha wolf of the San Antonio Pack, didn’t want to go to Cloverleah and definitely didn’t want to be chasing a rogue bear shifter that was threatening the Alpha of the Cloverleah Pack. But he was in for a pleasant surprise when he finds his mate. Now, if he could just find the time to enjoy him.Between murderous bears, deceptive wolves, two packs and a BDSM club, the road to HEA is anything but smooth for Scott and Damien. And then there’s a fire, and an Alpha Challenge, and let’s not forget Diablo and Griff’s wedding. About the only thing Scott and Damien haven’t got is time to be together, and it is that lack of time that could pull them apart.

The Cop and His Omega

Beau Brown - 2017
    His first assignment is at his old high school and reality isn’t quite living up to fantasy. But he’s passionate about his career and even though the alpha/omega society he lives in expects him to settle down and have a bunch of babies, he isn’t interested. Trevor Campbell pulls Brock over one afternoon and immediately recognizes Brock as the kindhearted boy who’d shown him around on his first day of school years ago. He’d always had a tiny crush on Brock, but they didn’t run in the same crowd, so they never really got close. But he’s always remembered how warm Brock was to him. When the two run into each other yet again at a club, their mutual attraction sparks. Neither man is interested in anything serious, but they both enjoy each other’s company. They decide a friends with benefits type of relationship is just about perfect. Everything is hot, and fun and drama free. Until Brock gets pregnant. The Cop and His Omega is a 42, 000 word Mpreg Romance with lots of hot scenes and a HEA guaranteed.

Omega in the House!

Ava Beringer - 2020
    He’s fresh off a disastrous breakup that devastated him. When he moves into Heartstone Mansion he finds meaning in his zany roommates, chasing his dreams, and the mansion’s powerful, handsome alpha owner. Scott’s caring, attentiveness, and chronic lack of a shirt ignites him like never before. Scott Lake isn't looking for love. He just wants to restore his family heirloom and fill it with tenants. He has a hard and fast rule; no one dates each other at Heartstone Mansion. He’s been down that road before and it ended it heartbreak. The problem is, Parker is so captivating he makes Scott fall through his own roof. How will Scott and Parker resist when they’re drawn to each other like magnets? How will they handle the attraction building between them? What happens when Scott breaks his own cardinal rule? This is the prequel to The Omega Mansion series. This book is about 53,000 words and has a HEA. 18+ readers only, please! This book contains occasional strong language, MPREG, and hot, spicy grownup-times. The omegas are heating up and the alphas are very knotty boys. Get a FREE short story when you join the newsletter family! An M/M Mpreg Romance.

The Orphan and the Omega

Harper B. Cole - 2017
    Knives is an orphan. He grew up rough, never feeling like he fit in. He fell in with a bad crowd and everything went downhill from there. When a strange man starts asking him questions he doesn't understand, but promises him answers, he follows him to this strange group that might be a cult. Suddenly, he's rooming with a sexy guy named Tanner, who has been assigned to guide him. Until Tanner, he liked his sex like he liked his jobs: quick and dirty. But Tanner calls something more from him, even if he's full of crazy talk about wolves and true mates. Tanner didn't expect Knives, and he's not what he dreamed of... he's more. Tanner has a good life as an omega of the Maple Ridge Pack, but he's dreamed of the day when he would find an alpha to suit him and being making a life and a family together. Knives isn't anything like what he expected, but Tanner knows immediately that he's found his true mate. Tanner's connections run deep in Maple Ridge, but he already knows that no matter where Knives goes, he will follow. Before Knives can unlock who he truly is, he has to accept that all the crazy things he's being told are true and submit to the Maple Ridge Alpha, or he'll forever be the lonely outsider. The Orphan and the Omega is a 29,000 word novella about trust, true love, and finding a family for the first time.

Daddy's Girl

Victoria Sue - 2021
    But due to a ridiculous inheritance stipulation he had one month to get an omega pregnant, or he would lose the house, the estate, and the vineyard his family had owned for generations.Tolly hated Alphas. They were bossy, egotistical, self-absorbed wind-bags that thought the world belonged to them. But because of an accident his dad had lost his job and their home, making the money Kyron was offering to give him a baby look pretty damn tempting.Forced together by circumstances both men are determined to see their arrangement through. Except the longer they stay together, neither of them is sure they want it to end.This is the full edited edition of the story that was serialized in Victoria Sue's newsletter.

Too Hot to Handle

J.D. Light - 2020
    He still loves his brother, but he's sick of feeling like second best, and afraid to find someone significant because he can't stand the idea of them falling for Kade and leaving him behind... which makes the fact that he's in love with the alpha father of his brother's beautiful son Ricky, ridiculous and a bit of a nightmare. His life and Dawes's have become so intertwined between work and Ricky, Dawes's crazy omega father gets his feelings hurt if Kent doesn't call him Da. But all of that just makes his feelings stronger, and he knows bette thanr to believe that Dawes would want him the way he wishes the alpha would.Dawes can't regret the stupid fling he had with Kade a few years ago because it gave him his son, but there is a part of him that wishes he would have met Kent first, especially after hearing the reason Kent no longer dates. When Kent's roommate won't stop brining strange people into his house, and even a locked bedroom door doesn't stop one from sneaking into his room while he's sleeping, Dawes begs Kent to come stay with him for a while. Interactions have always been easy between them, and living together is no exception, but once Dawes gets a taste of what life could be like with Kent, he craves more. The hardest part will be convincing the omega of his dreams that he's not second choice, he's the only choice.Too Hot to Handle is book one in the Salacious Summer Singe novella series, which is a continuation of the Sprung Like Spring series. These books can be read as stand-alones but getting to know the overlapping characters will make it worth reading in order. There will be fluff, humor, a bit of farce and probably some pining, so sit back, relax and take a break from the horrors of reality!

Omega On the Line

Casey Cameron - 2016
    This is Dean. What can I do for you tonight?" When alpha lawyer Jason decides to call the Omega Line one lonely night, he's immediately enchanted by the voice on the other end. Dean is charming and easy to talk to, and his sinfully sexy voice gives life to Jason's fantasies. Before long, he's making it a habit and--yeah, maybe falling for the guy a little. Or a lot. It seems like the feeling is mutual, but why is Dean holding back? Can Jason convince Dean to let go of his fears and let an alpha into his life? This is a hot and steamy non-shifter alpha/omega gay romance with no cliffhangers, a HEA, knotting, and lots of dirty talk.

Weight of Everything

Anna Wineheart - 2020
    In front of the most handsome man ever.Dumped by his longtime boyfriend because of his weight, Ulric O'Neil moves to the quiet town of Meadowfall, hoping to start afresh. He's tired of being chubby, and he's tired of being lonely. He's tired of being attracted to the wrong sort of person, too. Which alpha only likes other alphas?The bigger question: Which man would fall for a chubby, nerdy guy who loves his sweet snacks more than he loves to exercise?Definitely not Gage Frost, a personal trainer at Ulric's gym—he's got the most beautiful face and a stomach-dropping smile, and Ulric knows he'll fall for Gage sooner rather than later. Especially when Gage hugs him and kisses him and tells Ulric they can be best friends. But that's where the line is.Ulric promises Gage that he won't fall in love. Thing is, with how often Gage tells him he's cute, he isn't so sure he can keep his word.Weight of Everything is a 74,000-word standalone non-shifter MPreg romance with an eventual double-alpha-preg, lots of hurt/comfort, as well as the sweetest alpha who convinces his not-boyfriend that your looks aren't the only thing that matters.

Mark's Crush

Diana DeRicci - 2012
    A man he's only seen, and crushed on, in images, a model by the name of Jimmy Saldana. When Mark is an unfortunate witness to the meltdown of Jimmy's love life through the personality mags, his heart goes out to the other man.And then they meet...

Playing Doctor

Aiden Bates - 2016
    He got a scholarship to art school in New York City. He’s traveled. He’s seen the world. He’s built a spectacular art career for himself, and he even married a beta instead of being claimed by an alpha. When his husband left him, turning him and their infant son out into the street, he had no choice but to return to his hometown of Saranac, New York. He still has his career. His social life is a shambles for two and a half years until an accident brings him face to face with the handsome new E.R. specialist in town. Unfortunately, Jonah’s ex-husband has just arrived in town, looking to re-connect with his son. What’s an omega to do? Dr. Dave Sommer left the hustle and bustle of L.A. for the small Adirondack town of Saranac, New York. He’s still in the emergency room, but the work is different. The hours are different, and the omegas are different. One omega in particular has his attention: Jonah Smith, famous artist and divorcé. Can Dave overcome his reluctance to raise a son that isn’t his? Or will he choose the younger, more “proper” omega who seems a little too proper to be real? This is a non-shifter male pregnancy gay romance book. This book contains sexually explicit content not suited for those under the age of 18. The book is approximately 50,000 words, has a happy ending and does not end in a cliffhanger.

Who's the Daddy? Complete Series

Harmony Raines - 2017
    With a baby. Which attracts the attention of the local sheriff, Isabelle. And what self-respecting sheriff wouldn’t be suspicious? So maybe he has every right to be a single father. And yes he is entitled to his privacy. Except when that one bear with a baby, just happens to be her mate. That gives her the right to find out exactly what’s going on … doesn’t it? Cade has sole guardianship of Maisie. When the beautiful little girl’s mom, Jenni, turns up scared and then leaves in the middle of the night, he has no choice but to become her father. Not that he simply accepted Jenni running off, but despite his best efforts he couldn’t trace her. He only knows she’s alive because she sent him a message telling him to back off because he is putting them all in danger. So he goes back to his small home town, knowing it is the best place to keep Maisie safe from whoever might be looking for her. Isabelle Malone was recruited specifically to be the sheriff in Tawny Valley because she is a shifter. She takes her job very seriously, especially when Cade comes into town, with a baby, and her suspicions are raised as to the child’s welfare. What she isn’t expecting is for him to be her mate. Once secrets are shared, can they work together to keep Maisie safe? And make sure she has the kind of happy childhood she deserves. Her Bear and a Baby Bear shifter, Beau, has become a recluse. After the death of his sister, he struggles to face the world. A once highly respected PI, he now lives alone, hardly ever venturing out in his human form. Instead, his bear is his refuge, and he knows it would be only too easy to melt away into the mountains and never return. But the ghosts of the past hold him to his childhood home. Bear shifter, Elise, has a problem. A promise she made on her sister’s deathbed means she must try to find the father of, Connor, her sister’s child. Beau is the man she tasks with the job, telling him she was abandoned by her mate, who left her pregnant and alone. The only problem... When she comes face to face with Beau, she realizes he is her true mate. Should she maintain the lie? Or should she come clean and tell him the truth. That secretly she doesn’t want to just find the man who betrayed her sister ... she’d like to put a knife in his heart instead! When secrets are revealed, Beau and Elise find they have more in common than they ever could have imagined. And eventually they will find out who is the daddy, to baby Connor. Second Chance Bear and a Baby Does a bear deserve a second chance? Liam’s mate was murdered by a drug dealer. Now that same drug has given him a second chance. But will he ever find happiness? Can he live with the loss of one true mate, and learn to love another? These are the questions Liam must find the answers to, if he is ever to become a second chance bear. Carla first sees Liam sitting in the corner looking miserable, while all around him, his colleagues are celebrating finally destroying the drug dealers who have been selling Niq It. Drawn to him, she is surprised when he has a sudden change in personality and goes from seeing straight through her, to seeing nothing but her. However, she soon discovers there is much more to her party pooper, than she ever imagined. Can she give this bear a second chance at love? Baby Protector Bear Joel has been a protector of people his whole life. Now the stakes have been raised. When his mate offers to protect baby Sam, he has no choice but to volunteer to stand by her side.

Alpha Temptation: Sanmere Shifters Romance Collection

Lola Gabriel - 2020