Ethan Egorov - 2019
    She walked into my life when I was supposed to stay out of trouble. All I had to do was join the club and mind my own business. Now her gorgeous curves are all I can think about. The plan was to have one taste of her, and then let her go. But I’ve been left wanting so much more. The problem, though?She’s the MC President’s daughter. The one woman who is completely off-limits. This is the kind of trouble that my brother warned me about. He won’t bail me out this time. The stakes are too high. But the risk is worth the reward. Besides, it’s my heart on the line. They say I’m a rule breaker… And I’m about to show them just how far I could go to take what’s mine.


Vanessa James - 2021
    Nothing will make us lose focus.But then I meet Danielle. I don’t usually hang around women for too long… but she’s different. Little do I know I’m about to learn something about her that’ll shock me to the core.DanielleI hate my job at the bar, but it’s the best I can get. I knew I was walking into trouble when I met the Satan’s Outcasts. Now their rival Griller gives me a mission I can’t refuse. The only problem is, it goes against everything my heart desires.With two blood-thirsty biker clubs going head-to-head, how can a relationship survive all-out war? As tensions begin to flare between the Satan’s Outcasts and their arch-rivals the Ghosts, Tintin and Danielle are given a tough choice to make. Can they hope to form a relationship with their futures on the line? And what will happen when he discovers her treacherous secret?Packed with an exhilarating blend of drama and steamy romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat, the first book in the Satan’s Outcasts series is an MC romance like no other.Scroll up and grab your copy now – the Outcasts are waiting…

Stripped: A Motorcycle Club Romance (Fallen Saviors MC)

Naomi West - 2019
     How did I end up here… Having to choose between jail or my boss’s bed? I can serve a prison sentence or I can serve a biker’s needs. Either way, it’s going to be VERY HARD TIME. All because I saw something I was never meant to see: The cold-blooded murder of an innocent man. Now, my boss is determined to keep me quiet. By keeping my mouth full and my hands bound. I have to do exactly what he tells me, or I’ll end up dead in a back alley, too. But the cops are doing everything they can to turn me against my outlaw employer. Do I listen to Ace? Or to the police pounding on my door? What the feds don’t know is this: I’m falling for the man who’s claimed me. And, after endless nights in his bed… I’m also carrying his baby. From bestselling author Naomi West comes STRIPPED, a dark and twisted forbidden boss love story. Discover what an innocent girl is forced to do when she is taken by her boss to protect his criminal empire. With enough sweetness and steaminess to leave you reeling, this filthy, full-length bad boy, heist romance delivers the goods you've been craving - no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a picture-perfect HEA ending. (Note: readers 18+ only).


B.E. Kelly - 2020
    He was so different from the little boy who haunted my dreams with his sad eyes and pleas for help. No—the man he had turned out to be was confident and cocky; willing to stand up for what was right. Saving him is my only way to save myself and I’ll do whatever it takes, including using my gifts as a seer. I come from a long line of women who can see the past and the future but this time, I’m afraid that the darkness will consume my visions and my only lifeline is Reaper.

Stormy's Thunder (Satan's Devils MC Utah #2)

Manda Mellett - 2021
    I’d achieved my dream, lost it, then found my place with the Satan’s Devils MC. Of course, being me, I blew that as well. Worse, I walked out on my brothers.Is this who I want to be? Of course it’s not, who sets out to be a failure?When I get an opportunity to become a new man, I grab it with both hands, but before I can make the most of the chance, history catches up with me. I become snared in a web from which I can’t escape and at its centre is a spider intent on killing me. It’s too late for redemption, unless I beat the odds and stay alive. But damn it, it’s hard. How can one body take so much punishment and not die? It wouldn’t be possible unless a man is driven to protect the woman he loves.Because if I don’t survive, neither will she.

Cade: Black Angels MC

Savannah Rylan - 2019
    But I never could get her out of my head. I needed to stop thinking about her, so I can do what I do best. Our motorcycle club offers protection to those that need it. For a price, of course. When we get our next job, I am ready to push Harper out of my mind. But when I realize that she is one of the people we are supposed to protect, everything changes. Especially when I realize that she is carrying my child.

Crash: Ruthless Bastards (RBMC #9)

Chelsea Handcock - 2019
    John doesn't believe in relationships. He has seen the devastating cost of having one and wants no part of it. Crash doesn’t do strings, but for a friend, someone he thought was special, he was willing to bend his rules slightly, but she left. Determined to live his life the way he wants, Crash is surprised when everything comes back full circle… well, sort of. Different chick and messed up circumstances, but he finds he is the one who wants strings, and she is the one who wants nothing to do with them. Braya Collins lives a very sedate life. She gets up every day, goes to work at the preschool she runs, then goes home… rinse and repeat, day after day. At one point, she thought that life was her rebellion from her over-controlling mother and what she coined her social responsibilities. Now, she realizes she was hiding, just in a different way. When her step-sister comes up missing, and a letter is delivered to Braya, asking her to take it to Ryker St. John, she does it immediately not realizing how much that one request will change her life. Reluctantly, Crash and Braya join forces and set off on a journey that knocks them both for a loop. Past hurts and betrayals come to the surface. Danger lurks around every corner. Every second counts. They can’t give up, or someone they care about will be lost. The only question left is, when all the dust settles, what will be left? Will these two opposites make it, or is the attraction just a product of their situation? Content Warning: Explicit love scenes and naughty language. Intended for mature audiences. This book is part of a series and can be read as a standalone although to get full enjoyment, it is suggested you read in series order, starting with Whiskey: RBMC Book 1.

North (Hell's Legacy MC Book 1)

J.S. Andersson - 2020
    Having no other choice, she moves away, to live with her dad. After mourning the loss of her mum, Willow reinvents herself. North has grown up in Willow’s father’s MC club. When threats are made against Willow’s life North is given the job of tailing her for protection. On Willow’s seventeenth birthday, they come face to face. Captivated with each other, their worlds collide and become one. But with family, friends and life, trying to pull them apart, can they make it out the other side?

Craving Tara (Devil's Sons MC Book 2)

Lila Fox - 2021
    She moves to the clubhouse, but she’s unsure if it’s the right place for her. While her mom is being taken care of by professionals, Tara needs to find out where she fits in.Traeger takes one look at Tara and knows she’s his. He just has to get over the guilt of his last girlfriend’s death to move on with Tara. Can he make peace with his past before he loses his chance at love again?

Chains (Night Rebels MC #8)

Chiah Wilder - 2020
     Chains is a Night Rebel, one of the largest MCs in Southern Colorado. Powerful Harleys, stiff drinks, and club girls are his idea of the good life. He swore off relationships years ago when he caught his old lady and his buddy sharing some fun time between his sheets. Now bitterness is his companion. The only women in his life are the club girls who know the score: fun without commitment. He likes it that way—he’s better off alone. Then he meets her and everything changes. Sexy curves that spark his libido, and the most soulful eyes that penetrate the emptiness inside him. Autumn Stanford has worked hard to build her veterinary practice, and at thirty-one years old, she finally has it all: career, money, a fiancé. She should be busting with joy, but she’s not—something’s missing. When the rugged biker brings his dog to her clinic, she is taken in by his good looks and muscular build. An undeniable desire sizzles between them. But there is one small problem: Autumn is engaged to Chains’s brother. All of a sudden, Chains’s world turns upside down, Autumn is caught in the crossfire of grudges. The Night Rebels MC series are standalone romance novels. This is Chains’ story. This book describes the life and actions of a gritty outlaw motorcycle club. HEA. No cliffhangers.

Our Cross To Bear: Crossroad Soldiers MC

Liberty Parker - 2019
    Together they built an unshakable brotherhood, one that’s stood the test of time. That is, until Lorenzo crossed paths with them, then we were in a war that took several of our beloved brothers and one of the old ladies from us. 
The MC and family were forever changed. War, one word, it’s almost all I’ve known and can remember since I was a young boy. It’s one that is forever ingrained into my memory. I live and breathe the MC. A pact between the kids was made, it was meant to keep us safe from outsiders trying to make their way in. 
I was ready to spend a loveless relationship, bound by honor and respect, an eternity of understanding and compassion, with her. With Amberly, but somehow, she snuck under my defenses and my world spun on its axis. The MC was no longer the only thing that mattered in my world, that became her. I always knew she’d be the one, but I never told anyone that secretly, I’d worshipped the ground she walked on since I was ten years old. 
But nothing could prepare me for the turbulence that was her. I thought I knew her better than anyone, I’ve never been so wrong in my life.


: Women are to be servants and old ladies to the men. What a crock of shit. I’ve grown up in this lifestyle just as much as any one of the boys did. I lost loved ones like they did. My father is a member, he’s one of the founders. He helped build this club from the ground up and I’m his only child. I should be allowed to take his seat just as the boys take their fathers! 
I’m ready to take a stand, start a movement in the club, if I must. Change isn’t always a bad thing, but something that’s necessary. Us girls can keep up with the men, we are just as badass as they are. But old-fashioned values of ‘protect the girls’, are still ever present in their minds. I understand things happened in the club to cement this mentality, but I will have Kobe’s ear, and I will force him to listen to reason. 
I was in no way prepared for my man to be as alpha as he is. 
He took me off guard, made me need things that I didn’t realize I’d wanted. It’s a ride I wasn’t expecting, but one I’m willing to get onboard with. 
We were supposed to be convenient; we weren’t supposed to get our emotions involved. But he evoked every one that laid dormant inside of me. Ones that I’d coveted, and hidden, from the outside world. 

Will the war that started at their fathers’ hands be the one that destroys them? Things are changing, the MC is growing…but does it keep them together and make them stronger or does it divide them in the end?
Kobe and Amberly are the ones who set the precedent…but will the others fall in line and back them up, or will it start a riot within?
This is Book One in the Crossroad Soldiers MC and it’s a wild one. Hold on tight and buckle up. Things will be rocky and full of chaos.
 This book contains content that should not be read by those under 18 years of age or younger.

WED TO THE DOM: Heaven’s Veil MC

Zoey Parker - 2017
     I didn’t ask to be stalked, harassed, threatened. Too bad the demons on my trail don’t care what I want. I hire Dante to protect me from the bad men… But it turns out he might be the worst one of them all. Katia I’m desperate for anyone to protect me. They’re closing in – whoever they are. Coming closer and closer every night, leaving signs, making threats. It’s a nightmare – except I can’t wake up. There has to be someone who can save me from the stalkers who want my body. I thought Dante would be that someone. He certainly looks the part: Tall, tatted, with that “don’t even look at me sideways” scowl on his face. Not to mention the muscles bulging beneath his leather jacket. But something in his eyes tell me Dante is just as hungry as the others. And now that he’s in my home… He won’t rest until I’m his. Dante She wanted my protection. I agreed – at first. But now that I’ve gotten a look at her, I can’t settle for keeping my distance. I need to taste her myself. We can do it the easy way or the hard way. But no matter what Katia chooses, she’s going to be mine by the end of the night. My sub. My woman. My wife. WED TO THE DOM is a bad boy MC romance. It is filled with hot sex and exciting action, and comes with FREE bonus novels for your enjoyment! (Note: These stories feature consenting adults in sexual situations.)

High Roller (The Devil's Luck MC Book 2)

Ali Parker - 2021
    The stakes are high, and everyone is looking my way to make things right alongside our leader.How this beauty worked her way into the heart of the club is beyond me, but one thing is for sure—I’m rolling high bets that she’s mine.No matter the ante.

Accidental Marriage

Avery Edwards - 2020
    Off Limits doesn't fit my brand or my plan.He's the burly country singer type.All flannel, all the time.I'm an elite New York socialite.Opposite is an understatement.Being with him could ruin everything.But the heart wants, what the...#LAME.So when I find out I'm pregnant?Well, let's hope I can keep that secret...Opposites attract in this full-length enemies to lovers romance. Don't miss this spectacular happily ever after! This book is part of the Ranch Boys series but stands alone. Books do not have to be read in order.


Rae B. Lake - 2020
    Or at least I was. I thought the biker scene was where I wanted to be. That the forged brotherhood of guns, bikes and club bunnies was where I would find my way. That was before. Now, I was a prisoner. Betrayed by those I once called brother, left to die by those I once killed for, forgotten. Now I am on the brink of insanity, I feel the grip I had on the life that was stripped from me slipping away. I have nothing left to fight for, nothing but Angel. I made a promise to her that I would get her home, I intend to keep that promise. JazminePeace. I just want peace. My whole life has been crisis after crisis, mayhem followed by more mayhem. When I walked out of my family's life, I knew I was alone with no one to fall back on. Slowly, I built up a life. I bought a small shop near the pier where I could teach my art classes and live peacefully. That was until the tide brought in a new problem. Ink is a dangerous man, a caged animal suddenly set free with nothing on his mind besides revenge and death. He trusts no one and is reckless with his own life but I can see the pain. I still see the fear. So when they come looking for him, I do the only thing I can do. I protect him.