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Nightmares by Bobbie Fite


A VERY MODEL MURDER: An Inspector Rudolph Riley Mystery

Jack G. Hills - 2017
    But to add further angst to the growing list of gruesome killings is his boss’ decision to re-open the cold case involving the disappearance of a school boy in what has become an annual test of endurance… The Ten Tors Race. Unsure why a twenty year old case has suddenly come to the top of his in tray, his suspicions are aroused further when the murder victims all appear to have been school friends of the missing boy. Adamant that coincidences don’t exist in police work Riley sets about trying to find the link between Sam Haldane’s disappearance and the recent killings, other than the obvious connection of friendship. Added to his troubles, is the presence in the area of a fugitive, who has his own ideas about revenge and justice and an unscrupulous developer, who wants to buy the land surrounding his farm and turn it into a theme park, with scant regard for the history or the people who were thrown off their land prior to D Day. With the disappearance of the schoolboy and the final showdown all set around the infamous Fox Tor Mire, which was allegedly the inspiration for Arthur Conan Doyle’s Grimpen Mire in the Hound of the Baskervilles, the murderer is finally revealed but not without one final twist of the plot. But in all the blackness and soul searching there is one ray of brightness for Riley, and its one that will bring him a little closer to his brother and shows a different side to the curmudgeonly detective.

Hearts Grove Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 1 - 12

Danielle Collins - 2020

The Rumor

Lori Lacefield - 2018
    A long-held secret. A couple coming undone.Beth McCallum and Nick Storvik are attending their twentieth high school reunion when they learn of a disturbing revelation. The bones of Missy Ferguson, a high school classmate who disappeared their Junior year, have been discovered in a Michigan wildlife reserve and an autopsy reveals she was murdered. Suspects are scarce, but when an old rumor resurfaces that Missy was pregnant before she disappeared and Nick was the father, Nick quickly becomes the prime suspect. Beth swears the allegations about her then-boyfriend and Missy were never true, promising she and Nick were together the entire autumn of that year, but the truth is, Beth can’t remember what occurred those last two weeks of October during their Junior year at all. As secrets and lies are exposed, Beth and Nick find their marriage tested as each begins to suspect the other has much to hide - including the possibility that one of them is capable of murder.

Promises, Promises

Keiron Cosgrave - 2018
     A dark and chilling story of a family torn apart by abuse, greed and betrayal. Boarding school pupils, Kate and Rose, plot revenge and ambush their abuser and brutally mutilate him. Now an adult, Kate’s family is tearing itself apart. Her wealthy father, James, reveals a disturbing secret that has cursed his marriage to their mother, Mary, for decades. After a string of sordid affairs, James and Mary agree to divorce. James has changed his will, bequeathing all of his wealth to Kate’s elder sister, Samantha. When James is found dead at the family’s Spanish villa, doubt hangs over the circumstances of his death. Is it simply an open and shut case for the Police, or something far more sinister? Then, as other family members disappear or are found murdered, DI Alan Wardell, faces a race against time to solve the crimes and catch the mysterious serial killer before the whole family is wiped out. A dark psychological thriller that will keep you guessing till the end...

The Other President (President Series Book 1)

E.N.J. Carter - 2011
    Presumed dead, the President is now running for his life; hunted like an animal by professional killers.

The Old Tile House (A Cornish Mystery)

Daphne Neville - 2017
     ************************************ Anna Greenwood had never been to Cornwall yet she’d had a strong desire to visit the county for as long as she could remember. As her twenty-third birthday drew nearer she decided to satisfy that yearning by booking a fortnight’s holiday. After searching the internet, she finally chose to stay at The Old Tile House in Penzance, for no other reason than she was fascinated by an old picture of the building and in particular its three tall chimneys. Her holiday began well. The weather was kind, she made friends and enjoyed the sights, but then new guests arrived at The Old Tile House and things changed in a most peculiar way.

Free to Burn (Katie Freeman Mysteries Book 8)

Julie Mellon - 2019
    The similarities between this scene and one from a month prior are too great to be ignored. And many questions linger. Aside from the horrific manner of death, what do these newlywed couples have in common? Were these crimes of opportunity, or were these couples targeted? As Katie and Michael dig to find answers to all their questions, they uncover ties to a long-since forgotten disappearance and a death strikingly comparable to their present-day murders. In the end, uncovering answers and capturing a killer might cost Katie more than she’s ready to sacrifice.

Daisy McDare Cozy Mystery Eight Book Set

K.M. Morgan - 2017
     Daisy McDare is busy nursing a broken heart, trying to build up her interior decorator business, and baking cookies when murder strikes Cozy Creek. At first she leaves the investigation to Chris Crumple, the local bumbling police detective. But when Crumple arrests the wrong suspect, Daisy takes the investigation into her own hands. Cracking the case won't be easy. She'll need help from her pastry-baking best friend Samantha, her wise-cracking Granny Annie, and her trusty West Highland Terrier Shamus.

Coffee Shop Capers: Comics and Coffee Case Files Books 1-4

Christine Zane Thomas - 2020

Caliber Detective Agency -Missing

Donald Wells - 2014
    From DONALD WELLS, The author of The Taken! SeriesCALIBER DETECTIVE AGENCY - MISSINGWhen Jake Caliber discovered that a murder had taken place in his daughter-in-law's home he enlisted the aid of the police force in finding his missing loved one.However the Calibers are their own force, and with the help of their friends, they're determined to get to the heart of Gail's mysterious disappearance and bring their loved one home.To this end, insurance investigator, Rayne Carver, has pledged her assistance, but the question arises, is Rayne a friend, or a foe?

Apple Orchard Cozy Mystery Series: Box Set Two

Chelsea Thomas - 2020
     Murder is a problem in the small town of Pine Grove, NY. Miss May is the solution. She's got a purse full of pies. A brain full of questions. And an insane attention to detail she learned during her days as a New York City prosecutor. If you've read books 1-3 in this series, you know these stories are suspenseful, edge-of-your seat mysteries. You also know they can be SILLY and FUN and that they're clean as a whistle still in the box from the store. Readers LOVE Teeny's crazy antics. Remember that time she thought everyone in town had been replaced by look-a-like Russian spies? And EVERYONE loves the food in these books... Crispy hashbrown lasagna. Baked oatmeal that'll make your mouth water. And the most luscious, gooiest apple pie in America. (Of course!) So what are you waiting for? Grab this box set today and kick of days of fun, exciting sleuthing. (Bet you can't solve these mysteries before Miss May.) If you love cute cozy mysteries with smart, determined sleuths, you'll NEED this box set.

Strange Beginnings: The Freeman Files Series: Book 13

Ted Tayler - 2021

Walk in the Park

Jay Gill - 2019
    Followed quickly, by a second terrifying, vicious attack on a young woman who’s a family friend of Hardy and his daughters.Shaken and heartbroken, Hardy assists the team leading the investigation into a killer dubbed, the Regent's Park Ripper.Knowing that in all likelihood the killer will soon strike again, the investigating team must put aside their differences, and work day and night to prevent more loss of life.In a nail-biting, fast-paced investigation, Hardy will challenge his own, very personal need for revenge, when he finds himself face-to-face with the suspect in a deadly confrontation.What choices will the heartbroken detective make, when he finds himself alone with the man who so savagely ended the life of a family friend?Buy Walk in the Park today to discover whether Hardy takes justice into his own hands.

Lafitte's Treasure

Joe Corso - 2014
    So why does Lafitte refuse their generous offer? In the approaching War of 1812 General Andrew Jackson hasn’t any weapons, ammunition or money to fight the British with and no one to turn to for help but the notorious pirate Jean Lafitte. Jackson hates pirates, but he agrees to meet with Lafitte, and he forms an unlikely alliance with the dashing pirate. What changed Jackson’s mind about attending the meeting? Before the war begins, Lafitte buries an unusual treasure, one that is sought in the 21st century by two men and a beautiful woman. Julianna Montaigne a direct descendent of Pierre Lafitte has found his diary in her grandfathers old sea man’s trunk. The diary has a clue to the treasure. Eddie Calto a New York City firefighter has a second clue left to him by his great great grandfather, The two join forces in an attempt to find Lafitte's Treasure. But there are dangerous men who want the treasure for themselves and for 200 years they have waited patiently for anyone seeking Lafitte’s Treasure. Borrow this book for free with your prime subscription or subscribe to kindle lending library!

Pelican Cove Cozy Mystery Series Box Set 2: Books 5-8 in Pelican Cove Cozy Mysteries

Leena Clover - 2020