Red Red Red

Valeri Gorbachev - 2007
    And that’s hard for turtles to do. But he’s off to see something red and he can’t be late. But is it red like Rabbit’s roses? Or Goat’s socks? Or Fox’s roof? All the neighbors want to know, so off they go in a long parade to follow Turtle. But when he finally stops, there’s nothing red in sight. Until all at once they see red, red, red. Yet another trip into the inviting world of Valeri Gorbachev awaits young readers in this charming story. As the anticipation builds, so does the fun. And readers will be tickled—red—by the warm, rosy ending.

No More Cuddles

Jane Chapman - 2015
    But this furry chap is never on his own for long. “Come here, Snuggle-wuggles!” call the animals, diving in for a cuddle! There are simply too many hugs to handle. How can Barry get them to stop?From the best-selling author and illustrator, Jane Chapman (Bear Snores On, Is it Christmas Yet?) comes a very funny picture book about a lovable monster who has just had enough of HUGS!

Bug and Bear

Ann Bonwill - 2011
    Bear wants to nap and Bug wants to play, Bear learns to appreciate his friend and in the end they nap together. Ages 4-8

Alphaprints: Colors

Jo Ryan - 2015
    Each animal is created by adding fun photographs of everyday things for children to spot to big, bold fingerprints, which have raised embossing for little hands to touch, feel, and explore. With easy-to-turn, graduated pages that feature eye-catching, multi-colored foil edges.

Caterpillar Spring, Butterfly Summer

Susan Hood - 2003
    In addition to the fun-to-read, rhyming story, Caterpillar Spring, Butterfly Summer features a colourful, fabric-covered spring that stretches and winds through the colourful scenes, mimicking the motion of a crawling caterpillar. On the final spread, there's a pop-up surprise and happy ending that's guaranteed to bring a smile to every reader's face.

Bears in Beds

Shirley Parenteau - 2012
    Then he’s ready to climb into his own bed and turn out the light. Five warm beds, holding five sleepy bears, until a sound goes whoosh in the middle of the night, and all the bears wake up in a fright. Will they ever get back into bed? Luckily, Big Brown Bear knows just what to do! A fun, rhyming read-aloud that parents will love and tired little cubs will be happy to snuggle up with.

Ladybug Girl Says Good Night

David Soman - 2014
       Bedtime can be fun, especially for Ladybug Girl and Bingo. From bath-time bubble beards, to pajamas with wings, to special good-nights for all of her stuffed animals, Ladybug Girl puts her own unique and cozy twist on the nightly ritual.    Perfect for fans of Llama Llama, Nighty Night by Anna Dewdney!

Baby Bear's Chairs

Jane Yolen - 2005
    Mama and Papa Bear get to stay up late in their great big chairs. Big brother gets to play fun games in his middle-sized chair. And Baby Bear only seems to cause trouble in his own tiny chair. But at the end of the day, he finds the one perfect chair that's comfier and cozier than all the rest. Bestselling author Jane Yolen and popular illustrator Melissa Sweet have come together to create a lyrical bedtime tale about a baby bear trying to find his place in a family. With a playful rhyming text and adorable, fun illustrations, here is a book for parents and their own baby bears to treasure.

Counting Ovejas

Sarah Weeks - 2006
    / One white sheep. ¡Adiós, oveja blanca! / Good-bye, white sheep! What do you do when you can't sleep? Count sheep in Spanish and English, of course! But what happens when those rascally sheep get a little too close for comfort? Well, if you're anything like the sleepy little hero in this clever tale, you might just tire yourself out trying to get rid of them! From the talented duo of Sarah Weeks and Caldecott Medalist David Diaz, Counting Ovejas is the perfect way to say good night (and learn colors and numbers) in English and in Spanish.

The Dark, Dark Night

M. Christina Butler - 2008
    Squeak-squeak! went the lanterns. And the dark was all around. After a long winter sleep, Frog can't wait to get back to his pond. But just before jumping into the water, something startles him-then sends him running back to the woods. A HUGE Pond Monster with enormous claws! Will Frog ever get a chance to swim in his pond again? And will he and his friends figure out who the Pond Monster really is? With a vibrant text and atmospheric artwork, this book illustrates perfectly how some things are not as scary as they seem.

Puppies and Piggies

Cynthia Rylant - 2008
    There are ponies and puppies, piggies and duckies. And whether it's munching or snoozing, hiding or playing, they're all busy doing the things they love best.


Norbert Landa - 2009
    They live in their Bear-Rabbit house. They even cook together in their Bear-Rabbit kitchen. One summer day, Rabbit spots something shiny and twinkling in the sun in their Bear-Rabbit yard. What is it? Bear and Rabbit can’t agree. Is this the end of their friendship? Tim Warnes’ illustrations bring this funny and touching store to life as two friends learn what really matters to them.

From 1 to 10

Mies van Hout - 2019
    A bright and vivacious counting book for the very young featuring the paintings of renowned Dutch artist and author Mies van Hout

Hello, Tilly

Polly Dunbar - 2008
    Peek in on Tiptoe, Hector, Doodle, Pru, and Tumpty as they play the trumpet, bang the drum, eat a feast, and dance the Wiggle Wiggle Woo. Whump! Bump! Whoops!

Ben Loves Bear

David McPhail - 2013
    After breakfast, they play hide-and-seek and do tricks to make each other laugh. At night, Ben tells Bear a bedtime story and Bear snuggles with Ben until he falls asleep. The youngest readers will relate to the loving bond between a little boy and his favorite stuffed animal and how this sweet friendship makes each day special, from morning till night. Praise for Ben Loves Bear STARRED REVIEWS "Theirs is a soft, comforting world of cereal and honey breakfasts, hide and seek, and quiet bedtime reading. McPhail’s quiet, pastelhued paintings ensure that readers will be glad to revisit Ben and Bear." —Publishers Weekly, starred review "Already a gifted artist, McPhail proves here that he intrinsically understands what the youngest readers want and need." —Kirkus Reviews, starred review "McPhail’s classic watercolor style creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere that will resonate with youngsters." —School Library Journal