Linda Goodman's Star Signs

Linda Goodman - 1987
    Here, in her most personal book yet, Linda Goodman, America's premier astrologer, has written an enlightening and remarkably accurate cuide to help you discover all the powers you possess. How can you achieve financial freedom and financial security? Which holistic healing methods really work? What hidden meanings can be found in numbers, words, and deja vu? How can music, color and crystals be used to improve your body and your mind?With her usual compassion, wit, and perception, Linda Goodman broadens the horizons of astrology to help you on your way to health and happiness. Recall the forgotten harmony of the Universe with... Linda Goodman's Star Signs

The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes

Theodora Lau - 1979
    You'll discover how the five elements, four seasons, and the ascendant sign based on the hour of your birth can all affect your personality. Look to the future and see how you are likely to fare in the upcoming years. Read about the 144 marriage combinations to better understand the relationships between the twelve lunar signs. Featuring all-new lunar forecasts, this revised edition will delight seasoned astrologers and interested novices alike, just as the classic work as done for decades.

Projection of the Astral Body

Sylvan Muldoon - 1929
    First published in 1929, it has come to be recognized, through its many printings, as the definitive work in its field.Dr. Hereward Carrington, one of the world's foremost psychic researchers, brought his vast knowledge and experience of scientific investigation to bear in editing the remarkable account of Sylvan Muldoon's out-of-the-body experiences.Mr. Muldoon began projecting involuntarily at the age of twelve. He was fascinated by his experiences and began to experiment with the phenomenon. This book is a result of those experiments. The astral cord, traveling speeds and ranges, types of flying dreams - the fundamental laws and sensations of the astral world and its inhabitants - are all recorded in abundant detail. Mr. Muldoon also provides the clearest instructions to students in the techniques of projecting the astral body as well as various "do's" and "don'ts" of the astral world.The Projection of the Astral Body, so complete in its description of the phenomenon of astral projection and the astral world, is an exciting guide for both amateurs and serious researchers.

La Santa Muerte: Unearthing the Magic & Mysticism of Death

Tomás Prower - 2015
    As the patron saint of lost causes, the LGBT community, addicts, and anyone who has been marginalized by society, La Santa Muerte has a clandestine following of millions of devotees in the US alone—and she's only becoming more popular. Join author Tomás Prower as he shows step-by-step instruction for spells, magick, and prayers for practical results and long-term goals, including money, love, sex, healing, legal issues, protection, and more. La Santa Muerte also includes detailed information on: History, myths, and symbols Language, etiquette, and names Tools, altars, and offerings

Astral Travel for Beginners: Transcend Time and Space with Out-Of-Body Experiences

Richard Webster - 2002
    You'll soon learn to leave your body and explore the astral realm with confidence and safety.Achieving your first astral travel experience is always the most difficult--and no single method will work for everyone. That's why the techniques in this book are carefully graded to step by step through an actual out-of-body experience. And with fifteen time-tested methods to choose from you're sure to be astral traveling in no time.Once you learn to leave your body, the freedom you'll discover will transform your life. Explore new worlds... learn to travel with a partner... go back and forth through time... even find a lover... but, most importantly, lose your fear of death as you discover that you are a spiritual being independent of your physical body.

Astrology 101: From Sun Signs to Moon Signs, Your Guide to Astrology

Kathleen Sears - 2015
    Astrology 101 cuts out the boring details and lengthy explanations and instead gives you a hands-on lesson that keeps you engaged as you learn how the movements of the stars and planets affect human behavior.From the four elements and twelve houses to astrological personality types and sign compatibility, this compact primer is packed with hundreds of fascinating star sign facts, informative charts and illustrations, and stories of famous astrologers and their predictions for the future.So whether you're looking to find how a Mercury retrograde affects you, or just want to learn more about a specific sun sign, Astrology 101 has all the answers--even the ones you didn't know you were looking for.

Karmic Astrology, Vol. 1: The Moon's Nodes and Reincarnation

Martin Schulman - 1975
    by Martin Schulman and Alden Cole

Palmistry: How to Chart the Lines of Your Life

Roz Levine - 1993
    Simply look up the theme you are interested in - love and relationships, career, talents, health, money or children - to find one or two hand lines to investigate. Then follow the color-coded drawings to locate the line on your palm and to learn what it means. For example, changes in your career are revealed by breaks in the Line of Fate (coded purple), and the course of a love affair can be forecast by the Line of Affection (coded green). Soon you'll even be interpreting the hands of your friends and family with confidence!

The Eckhart Tolle Audio Collection

Eckhart Tolle - 2002
    Now this gifted teacher's most popular audio sessions are available in one convenient resource, with The Eckhart Tolle Audio Collection. This special slip-cased edition includes three audio bestsellers with Eckhart Tolle:The Realization of Being—How meditation opens the entry point to stillness, our greatest spiritual teacher, allowing us to merge with this moment in time• Living the Liberated Life and Dealing with the Pain-Body—Points a way out of the conditioned mind that keeps us trapped and unhappy, to a deeper level of consciousness beyond thought• Even the Sun Will Die—Historic interview recorded on September 11, 2001, which shows that even in the face of disaster, a miracle happens when we say "yes" to living in this moment and no other.

Sylvia Browne's Lessons for Life

Sylvia Browne - 2004
    Provides an eight-step process that will help you realize your essence, become more psychic, develop spiritual wealth, deal with the death of loved ones and cope with divorce, and maintain a state of wellness.

You are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience

Bob Frissell - 2000
    Bob Frissell reminds readers that they create their own reality through their consciousness and that improving this reality and living a fuller life is simply a matter of broadening one's perspectives. In this book, he shows people how to reconnect with their multidimensional selves and remake their lives.

Mastering Astral Projection: 90-Day Guide to Out-Of-Body Experience

Robert Bruce - 2004
    Mastering Astral Projection offers everyone the opportunity to explore nonphysical dimensions and learn more about their spirituality.This practical guide to achieving conscious out-of-body experiences is based upon Robert Bruce's extensive knowledge of astral projection, Brian Mercer's methods for personal success, and valuable feedback from volunteers who have tested this program. Presented in an easy-to-follow workbook format, the thirteen-week program introduces astral projection methods and provides daily exercises that progressively prepares and trains readers for this incredible, life-changing experience.2005 Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) 2nd Runner Up of Interactive Sideline category

Initiation in the Aeon of the Child: The Inward Journey

J. Daniel Gunther - 2009
    The doctrine codified in The Book of the Law and the numerous other Holy Books known as Thelema revealed Aleister Crowley as the Prophet of the new Aeon.In this ground-breaking book, author J. Daniel Gunther provides a penetrating and cohesive analysis of the spiritual doctrine underlying and informing the Aeon of the Child, and the sublime formulas of Initiation encountered by those who would probe its mysteries. Drawing on more than 30 years of experiences as a student and teacher within the Order of the A.·.A.·., the author examines the doctrinal thread of Thelema in its historical, religious, and practical context. This book is written in clear, precise language that will aid those students who seek to navigate the difficult terrain of the spiritual quest. More advanced students will find tantalizing clues to serve as guideposts and eventual confirmation of direct experience. With numerous diagrams and detailed references encompassing ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic texts, the Apocrypha, the Old and New Testaments, alchemy, hermetic Qabalah, and tarot, as well as the writings of Carl Jung and Aleister Crowley.

A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records: Master Your Life and Raise Your Vibration

Melissa Feick - 2018
     Be in the frequency of Oneness and Love Drastically change your life and the lives of others Do readings and healings in the limitless energy of the highest vibration of the Akashic Records Experience a step by step guide to the what, where and how of working in the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field Practical meditations and exercises to help you read and heal in the Akashic Records for yourself and others How to rewrite your Akashic Records and transform your lower vibrational patterns that keep you feeling stuck Transcend your Karmic patterns that keep you experiencing the same issues over and over again Live your life more on purpose and more consciously Discover your gifts and truth of your soul purpose A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records gives you the tools to live a happier life!A Radical Approach to the Akashic Records helps you create a meaningful life of manifestation and creation. Transform all your negative patterns quickly and easily by healing in the Quantum Field of the Akashic Records.Don't wait!Read this book and unlock the benefits of the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field today!

Tarot - The Open Reading

Yoav Ben-Dov - 2013
    First, it is an introduction to Tarot cards and their reading, bringing together historical, philosophical, psychological and magical considerations. Second, it is a practical guide to the “open reading” method, based on looking at the card illustrations rather than learning fixed interpretations by heart. Third, it is a handbook for reading the Tarot de Marseille, which is the classical version of the traditional Tarot. It can also provide you with a deeper understanding of other Tarot decks, which are new adaptations of the same original symbols.Whether you are a novice or an experienced Tarot reader, and whatever deck or reading method you are now using, this book is for you.for more details and additional materials to read and download, see the book's accompanying website