Savage Cultivator: A Xianxia Cultivation Series (Broken Path Book 1)

Burt Wrenlaw - 2020
    But while his mother can walk the Path of Verdure (to make plants grow faster) and his grandfather the Path of Ash (to move the earth around), Hei Louw is just unable to cultivate Qi in his core and has to make do with his limited abilities. And so the three of them are tending the fields one afternoon, bickering as usual, when they see a black fog descend upon them from the sky. They try to protect themselves from this thing, but the dark miasma kills everything it comes in contact with. As it turns out, every living organism—be it animal, plant or man—that was able to cycle the ambient Qi is slain on the spot. Now alone on his mountain, in a strange world that keeps on mutating, Hei Louw the Qi-cripple has to fend for himself and use his knowledge of plants to survive. Taking it one day at a time, he manages to build a small hut and slowly recreate some semblance of normalcy. However, one night, as he’s eating by the fire, he’s attacked by some monstrosity that seems to have been affected in disturbing ways by what he has come to call the ‘Blight’. Right away he knows that he will be no match for the corrupted beast which is larger, stronger and much more fearsome than the dog it used to be. His life hanging by a thread, Hei Louw decides to go for broke: he opens up his core to the Blight and lets the foul poison fill him up. That suffices to grant him enough power to best the beast. And thanks to his condition as a Qi-cripple, he manages to eject the Blight from his core before it has a chance to reduce him to a pile of rotting meat. That night, Hei Louw makes a promise to himself; he will turn that former weakness of his into absolute power. And so he embarks on a journey to test and master this new ability. He will use the Blight just like former cultivators used Qi, and learn to walk a new, Broken Path. But if the corrupted dog was only one of many dangerous beasts lurking within the mountains, and Hei Louw sets on a mission to hunt them down, he must beware. The mutated creatures are not the sole threat to his existence. Not only can the Blight kill him if he’s not cautious, the vile substance has a tendency to infest the mind and turn people crazy. That will reveal to be all the more problematic when Hei Louw finally stumbles upon other survivors…

The Road To The King: The Tale of Joseph Asher

Steven Styles - 2012
    From its high rocky peaks to the North to the swamps and cliffs of the South--and all great forests, small villages and bustling towns in between--the citizens of The Kingdom live and work in safety. Beneath the calm surface, however, dwells a vile and secret society... a simmering corruption just waiting to emerge to swallow the entire nation. Stumbled upon by a mere peasant solider--a lieutenant on routine patrol of a rural highway--the hidden evil destroys the entire unit of Kingdom soldiers, leaving its leader wounded, galloping madly for home. As Lieutenant John Asher lies dying on his own table, he recruits his young son, Joseph, to swiftly bear a warning message to the King. Alone and grieving his father, the boy navigates the highways to the Capitol City, by the Great Bay. He finds a way into the Palace citadel and finally finds audience with the mysterious monarch and his elite guard, the Shamar. Impressed by young Joseph's bravery, the king grants him an unusual reward: an aristocrat's education alongside his training, as a blacksmith. Despite ridicule and strife, Joseph grows into a skilled swordsman, practicing his trade of smithing until called upon by the king to service, to stand in the way of the poison now creeping into his land...

King’s Last Hope: The Complete Durlindrath Trilogy

Robert Ryan - 2017
     Brand is the youngest bodyguard to ever protect the king, but he may never grow any older. A horde of mankind’s ancient enemies lays siege to Cardoroth city. During the day, the clang of blades, the mad shrieks of the foe and the hiss of swift-flighted arrows cuts the air. At night, the sorcerous chanting begins. Brand ignores it all. His one duty is to guard the king. But the realm teeters on the brink of destruction and the king knows that his bodyguard, touched by fate in ways that neither of them understand, is the only man with the skills to save it. He asks Brand to undertake a last-chance quest to save all that they love. Brand accepts the mission. Soon, enemies track him across strange lands, beasts of foul magic stalk him and an emissary of evil hunts him. Amid it all, he meets a beautiful but deadly girl who aids him – for reasons of her own. She knows secrets that she will not tell, but she does reveal that more is at play than just the fate of kings and realms. Ancient forces, drenched in long-forgotten blood, seek to plunge the world into the dark. The odds pile against him, but not for nothing was he the king’s last hope. This boxed set contains the entire Durlindrath trilogy.

No Fairytale

Ben Galley - 2019
    In their place, an iron-fisted empire has arisen, one that has finally brought order to the war-torn lands. An empire that has outlawed magick for anyone but itself.At last, it seems that peace has come to Emaneska. Or, that is what the emperor would have Emaneska believe. On the fringes of the Arkan Empire, a different story is being written. Those who show magick talent must join the empire, live as an outlaw, or hang for their crimes.The Last War is still being fought, homestead by homestead, and a young peasant girl is about to be thrust into the violent world that exists beneath the lies of empire.Welcome back to Emaneska.

The Children of the Gods Series #44-46: Dark Secrets Trilogy

I.T. Lucas - 2021

The Spires of Dasny: Dragon Riders School

Cheryl Rush Cowperthwait - 2020
    I scrambled up the Spires of Dasny, even though I knew it once was a haven for dragons and the old Dragon Riders School. The ground thundered. I trembled in the small niche tucked into the mountain. Had the knights returned? I caught my breath as an enormous green eye peered in. A dragon!I awoke in a deep, dark cavern. Staring at me through one opened eye lay a huge black dragon. I had been taught the stories of the dragons, of the days long ago when they ruled the sky and searched for their riders, but this wasn’t at all what I had been taught. Why was I there? Suddenly, pressure built up in my head. My eyes sprung wide in fear and... I heard him.What happens when three dragon riders come together as told in the prophecy? The Blind, the Healer and the Magician…There are secrets to be uncovered, but only if Seyra is brave enough. Discover the intriguing lives of the brash young Seyra and Dreyth, the one who rescues her--or is it she who rescues him?*I loved this story. It had shades of Anne McCaffery to it - and I loved her books.**This was amazing. I loved this line because it says so much. “One dragon eye slowly opened. It is possible. Sleep now. Sleep heals all things. We will talk later.” This has the beginnings of something grand. So good.**I thought of Anne McCaffrey while reading, so you must be doing something right. I liked the way you gave us all the information we needed without it feeling like an information dump. The section on the dragon riders felt natural.*

Journey Through the Underdark

Alston Sleet - 2020
    He wanted only to run the family inn and enjoy his small corner of the world. His dreams weren't of adventure or power. His dreams were modest and humble.His dreams were not to be. As the bastard son of Lord EarthScorn, he had a Knack, which meant he would have to be trained as a wizard for the council. He would have to defend the kingdom from the evils of the outer world.Magic came with benefits; power, long life, money. But Eric didn't want any of that. His time in the magical academy only reinforced his views of magic and the kingdom. He didn't want to fight for old men who had lived far longer then they should. He didn't want to be relegated to a far-flung outpost where he would fight for the benefit of those same old men.The alternative was potentially worse, fleeing from the wars, fleeing from his home, and escaping through the most dangerous place in the kingdom.The Underdark.

Revelations of Doom

Jedidiah Behe - 2012
    It was not at all loud, but the sound a blade would make being slowly pulled from its scabbard. Many years spent in the woods listening to the ambient rhythms of nature had trained his ears to pick up such out of place sounds. His body reacted reflexively, without thought as though he had done so thousands of times before. He jumped back off the steps just in time to see the glint of a sword slice past were his head was and thunk into the railing. He touched the pummel of his sword, feeling the energy surge through him and was about to pull it free when something within urged him to stop. Before he could decipher the reason for this impulse, the dark form leapt down at him. He ducked back, just far enough to let a second blade wisp by his face. The first was still lodged in the railing. This dodge put him in close to his attacker, making it possible for him to easily strike a deadly blow, but again something inside gave him pause. And then, in the soft glow of a nearby lantern, he caught a glimpse of his attacker, and she was absolutely beautiful.”Choices, we all make them, every day moment by moment. What most people do not realize is how a simple choice could very well alter their own life and those of everyone around them greatly. What would you do if you were blessed with the curse of being able to see evil and how they manipulate those around you? Would you choose to run in fear, ignore what you have just seen, or fight against something that no one else can see, and therefore limits their belief? Lucian was chosen to be such a man, much to his dismay. On a path of vengeance he strikes out to find a murderer, unknowing that the world around him is at the brink of war. He pushes on through pain, treachery, despair and even death, only to receive a Revelation that shows him what could very well become the future of his world, and it terrifies him. He is given the ability to see the creatures of shadow, set to destroy the world of the living and manipulate mankind into an evil existence. He is now faced with choices that would change the world forever. The pathways to his destiny are set, but he must choose to follow the correct path, for free will must always be heeded.

The Grotty Spoon: The Grottiest Story Ever Told

James Warwood - 2013
    He’ll do anything to win a Golden Placemat Award. So when Mr Sprout goes looking for a Yumma Yum Bird, the Trainee Chef attempts to make a deadly curry, and Pierre the waiter is left to entertain the Awards Inspector, a recipe for disaster begins to bubble that will undoubtedly end with a gloriously gross BANG!!! (But on the bright side the E-coli Family will have a delightful holiday).This grotty eBook, self-illustrated with over thirty pencil drawings, is hands down the grottiest story ever told! If you enjoyed Roald Dahl’s The Twits or David Walliams’ Mr Stink, you’ll love The Grotty Spoon.

The King's Spy

Guy Antibes - 2021

Finessed By A Detroit Boss

Londyn Lenz - 2018
    However, the tight bond between the two lead them to the same destination. As top drug distributors in Detroit, with expanding on the horizon, both young bosses are on the rise for more. Kritikal's childhood was everything but what it should have been. With crack addicted parents he basically raised himself, despite his auntie, Sire’s mom, eventually stepping in. Neglect and the lack of love from his parents turned his heart cold which was bad for relationships but perfect for the streets. Sire was raised in a single parent household, after losing his father to cancer. His cocky demeanor and looks has made him popular with the ladies but also gets him in trouble. And Saxx, the mother of his daughter Queen is the root of that trouble. Justice and Bronze are cousins who have been like sisters since Bronze mother took Justice in at the age of three. Justice has no idea who her father is and has a crack addicted mother. Luckily, her chances of a normal childhood were saved by her aunt. Justice lives a normal life for the most part but things get interesting when she decides to leave her cheating boyfriend Gio, and crosses paths with Kritikal. Bronze's wild and free spirited ways leads her into a messy love triangle with Sire and his baby mama Saxx. With crazy exes who won’t let go, set ups, lies and family drama will Justice and Bronze regret being Finessed by these Detroit bosses?

Warrior Academy: The Hiroic Trio - Episode 2

G.L. Rathweg - 2018
    Now in a world forever changed, a place where magic is real, and monsters have come to life. A place where magic and science blend with pop culture… Welcome to Warrior Academy. Welcome back to Warrior Academy. Rejoin Hiro and friends as they continue their journey. Meet new friends and enemies. More food, fighting, and music. If you like video games, music, anime, and just pop culture in general… you will love Warrior Academy. Its Harry Potter meets Naruto with a little Dragon Ball Z and Dungeons and Dragons thrown in for fun, oh and don’t forget a smattering of High School Musical… This is the second episode in a 13 episode series. (P.S. There is an attached Youtube and/or Spotify playlist meant to be listened to with the episode. Think of it as a Soundtrack.) #LitRPG #GameLIT

The Aegis of Merlin Omnibus Vol 2

James E. Wisher - 2018
     But the danger is only beginning. What seems like a simple bodyguard job will see Conryu dragged halfway across the world and into a war between monsters. If that isn’t bad enough, the La Fey Society is mixed up with the mad emperor. After surviving the war it’s time for some fun and games. At least until a group of terrorists show up intent on killing all the contestants. Despite Conryu’s best efforts, The Le Fay Society is on the verge of freeing their leader. If they succeed, all Hell is going to break loose. The Aegis of Merlin Omnibus Vol. 2 contains four complete novels: Escape the Dragon Czar, Wrath of the Dragon Czar, The Four Nations Tournament & Death Incarnate.

The Pokemon Diary of a Mew [An Unofficial Pokemon Book] (Pokemon diaries Book 1)

Ash Redmon - 2017
    Find out what cute little Mew does every day in The Pokemon Diary of a Mew! GET THIS BOOK FOR FREE WITH KINDLE UNLIMITED! This is an unofficial fan fiction book and in no way associated with the Pokémon Company. All references to Pokémon, its characters and other trademarked properties are used in accordance to the Fair Use Doctrine. Pokémon is a trademark of Nintendo. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tags: pokemon diary, pokemon book, pokemon fanfiction, pokemon go, pokemon books for free, pokemon guide, pokemon story, mew, pokémon.

The Golden Persuader

Michael Reisig - 2015
    The device had the power to make anyone that it was aimed at do the bidding of the holder. What sounded like a unique opportunity for Dax actually becomes more trouble than he bargains for as people around him keep coming after him and the device.