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Lady in Red by Lisa Shea


The Protector

Becca St. John - 2013
    He vows to protect her as he leads them through a maze of deception. They call her a witch, so she must hide the best that she is, a healer, or risk burning at the stake. But there are many ways to mend wounds, especially those deeper and more dangerous than of the flesh.

Celtic Spirit (Celtic Storm Series)

Ria Cantrell - 2014
    All he knew was the pain and suffering he had caused…and the pain he now felt from the fateful fall from the tree limb that now lay splintered beneath him. As certain death was about to befall him, he was granted a chance of redemption. Somehow, he was deemed worthy of a second chance but it would come with a price. The price would plunge him into a world between the living and the dead, where isolation was his only companion. Isolation and time….Those were things he would have an abundance of to ponder the misdeeds he had wrought throughout his life. Old hatreds of the past prevented Derek from opening the path of redemption. Love would be the only thing to save his soul from the endless years spent not quite a man; not quite a ghost. His punishment was severe and an ancient curse prevented him from satisfying his human needs in every sense. He knew want; he knew loneliness. Only in the Tower, protected by the Guardians of the past, could he claim his humanity. The tower held the key to unlock Derek Campbell from the prison of his soul and of his heart. Kiera Callum was running from a failed relationship and a career with a sadistic and abusive boss. The Highlands of Scotland seemed like just the balm to soothe her battered spirit. She never dreamed that taking the menial job as a tour guide would afford her to actually live in the main quarters of Castle Campbell. She also could not imagine that the Keep came complete with a 700 year old spirit. It seemed Kiera ran from many things in her life when the going got tougher. One of those things was her ability to sense the spirits of those who had gone before. She had denied that gift her entire life because it marked her as a freak. Only now there was nowhere to run. Kiera had to finally face everything she had run from in order to help the trapped soul of a medieval man whose presence was the most vital thing she had ever encountered. She would have to learn to trust in the things that could not be explained. Things are not always as they appear… Could love end his torment? Would Kiera be able to open her heart enough to release him from the prison of isolation? Would her love be strong enough to let him go? Celtic Spirit spans six and half centuries where the past and present collide. Love can bridge time and space. Love is eternal.

Highlander's Betrayed Princess

Alisa Adams - 2020
     Eilidh has tears in her eyes while riding away from the only home she ever knew. Young Eilidh had to make the hardest choice of her life, trying to avoid marring a Laird twice her age, known for his cruelty.Now, travelling disguised, she meets lain, a leatherworker who is moving to a larger village in search of a better life for him and his sisters. Eilidh keeps Iain at a distance in the begging, but even a more experienced woman would have a hard time resisting an imposing man like Iain. And Eilidh is anything but experienced.While trying to escape a ferocious hunt ordered by her father, young Eilidh is slowly falling in love and is about to get one of the harshest lessons there are;Utter betrayal can only come from the one you let closest to your heart.

The Highlander’s Trust

Emilia Ferguson - 2018
    She’ll marry whoever her father chooses, likely to add to her father’s holdings and secure her family’s future, regardless of who her heart desires. However, she’s met the man of her dreams…and he’s her father’s sworn enemy. An Intrepid Soldier Lieutenant Richard Osborne always does his duty and knows that when he rescues the beautiful Highland lass, he should have turned in her and her family. He can’t do it, and not just because he’s not sure that he can doom her to the fate she’ll receive. His superiors will not agree with his decision though, and the duty-bound Richard must make a hard choice: his career or his honor. A Forbidden Romance The handsome soldier and beautiful lass fall in love…but their love may be no match for the cold and cruel father known as the Earl of Duncliffe. He is determined to preserve their family honor now that Arabella’s reputation is ruined, even if it means marrying her off to the first option on the table. Now Richard must choose between what his head and heart believe of the situation…because a wrong choice will ruin both of their futures. Should Arabella do her duty and protect her younger siblings by marrying the detestable and unfeeling man her father has chosen? Or follow her heart—even if the handsome soldier only wants her hand in order to protect her? Can Richard trust Arabella’s declaration of love when he learns that it may be her choice to marry someone else, or is she lying in order to protect someone? "The Highlander's Trust" is a standalone historical Scottish romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cliffhangers, pure content and an awesome happily ever after, guaranteed to ignite your imagination in one sitting. Get This Book FREE With Kindle Unlimited! Enjoy!

Defiant Passion

Anna Markland - 2012
    His sorties into the border counties of England from his stronghold in the Welsh mountains leave a trail of fear and destruction in their wake. He hates Saxon and Norman equally and burns with Celtic fervour for a Wales free of their domination. The mention of his name strikes fear into the hearts of those living on the English side of the Welsh border. To them he is a feral force. To his own people he is a folk hero of mythical proportions. Though few have ever met him, all know of his deeds.Rhonwen Dda is a shy healer, a diminutive woman of peace renowned for her mystical aura. Though she is drawn to Rhodri, she can see no future for them. Rhodri believes she is his destiny. Will he convince her to share his lonely life as the champion of an oppressed people?

MacGregor's Daughter: A Scottish Historical Romance (The Highland Moon Series Book 5)

Gwyn Brodie - 2018
    Knowing their chief, Lyall Campbell will stop at nothing to find her, she escapes on a massive warhorse, and travels across the snow-blanketed countryside, searching for safety and shelter. She finds both in the arms of Alexander MacPherson, the Laird of Blackstone, and the Highlander who rescues her. Ceana soon finds herself in love with the handsome laird, but will she trust him enough to tell him the secret she's keeping? After the battle, Lyall Campbell is satisfied that he has ended the lives of even more MacGregors, once again proving his loyalty to the king. Then the Campbell chief becomes both outraged and baffled when he learns the MacGregor laird's daughter has taken his devil of a warhorse. He swears to hunt her down and reclaim his horse, then to use the bonnie lass anyway he sees fit—before ending her life. When he learns she—and his prize stallion—are at Blackstone Castle, nothing will keep him from seeking revenge—no matter how many MacPhersons he has to kill. Alex is captivated by the dark-haired lass he rescues in a snowstorm and can think of little else. Ceana tells him almost nothing about herself, but it's obvious, she's running form something—or someone. And in order to protect her, he needs to know what to protect her from. He falls deeper and deeper in love with her and wants her for his wife. But first, he intends to find out what it is she's hiding from him. Will the truth bring them closer together, or forever keep them apart?

Becoming a Highlander

Ann Marie Scott - 2020
    When the beloved Laird Malcolm Mackintosh died, no one expected him to leave his fortune and title to a man that does not have a drop of Scottish blood in his veins. Adam Cameron, the nephew of Laird Mackintosh’s late English wife, is an educated and intelligent man but not even he can believe that his Uncle chose him as an heir.Adam travels to the Highlands to see his new property but feels like a sheep among wolves. The only exception is Emilia, a stunningly beautiful lass that appears to be the only one able to speak common English and communicate with him. Never the less, Adam has no interest in becoming a Laird in a place he is unwanted, and is tricked by an enemy Laird called McElwee to sell the land and give up his title. Emilia can not let her people fall into McElwee’s hands, so she decides to seduce the Englishman and make him fall in love with her and the Highlands. Emilia has get Adam on her side quickly as McElwee is secretly arming his men and will not hesitate to destroy anyone that stands in his way! "Becoming a Highlander" is a standalone story by best selling author Ann Marie Scott, packed with emotion, action and romance, set on the beautiful backdrop of the Scottish Highlands.

Saddle The Wind

Jess Foley - 2004
    For little Blanche the future appears bleak. Then one fateful day Blanche's mother is requested at the 'big house' to nurse Marianne, the motherless daughter of John Savill whose wife has died in childbirth. The two girls, so different in their hopes, are brought up together caring for each other as sisters. Blanche is torn between her love for her real mother and her desire for a life of wealth and ease. Her friendship with Marianne remains the one constant in her life. But then she meets Marianne's intended husband, with tragic consequences for them all. In this original and vivid saga, Jess Foley weaves a tale of passion and pain against a background of unsentimentalized rural England.


N.J. Layouni - 2014
    Until then, Martha must attempt to fit into medieval society, avoid the Evil Earl and his minions, and learn how to trust her heart again.

The Love that Unites Us

Carol Colyer - 2019
    Ever since that day, she has dreamt of going back and settling on a ranch. The chance to do so arises when she's headed to Richbrook to start a new life with her fiance. Tragedy strikes again though when he dies and leaves her a deteriorating ranch to operate. But she's not the only one who's going after it! A cruel land developer will play dirty to try and force Elizabeth off her land. When she asks Johnnie to her help, will she unexpectedly find herself falling for him? Will she finally get her happy ending she dreamt of?Johnnie Pratt has spent years traveling and working on ranches. His life has been anything but a piece of cake but he's not one to give up easily. When he receives Elizabeth's letter, he doesn't hesitate for a second to drop everything to go find her. He only expected to help her start her ranch, but when he realizes the danger that she's facing, he'll do anything to keep her safe - even offer to marry her. Can he convince her that everything he does for Elizabeth comes from his powerful feelings towards her?Tragedy is what separated them in the first place but it's also what will bring them back together again. As love blossoms between the two, they'll face the dark memories of their past and their fears in letting their guard down around each other. Will their love help them fight the enemy together so as to claim their well-deserved happiness?"The Love that Unites Us" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Through a Dark Mist

Marsha Canham - 1991
    An outlaw known as the Black Wolf of Lincoln dares to stand before the slender, golden loveliness of Lady Servanne de Briscourt—and in one swift, trembling moment, the future of a kingdom is changed.Betrothed to Prince John's champion, the Dragon Lord of Bloodmoor Keep, Servanne becomes the unwilling pawn in a treacherous game...and the defiant love of a dangerous rogue whose secrets can rock a throne. Together they will be swept into the rich pageantry of royal power, throwing wide the huge gates of Bloodmoor to unleash the fury of a thousand armored knights. All the ancient hatreds spawned by a family's sins are revealed, threatening the lives—and the reckless love—of the Black Wolf and the only woman who can tame his bold, wild heart.

The Isle of Mull Series Collection

Lily Baldwin - 2015
    Who will protect her from herself?Shoney's lightning speed with a bow captures Ronan by surprise, and their chance meeting ends with him lying unconscious at the bottom of a ravine.When he awakens, he cannot rid his mind of her startling beauty, her valor, or the secret fear he glimpsed in her steel eyes. He vows to find her, but as the mysteries of her identity unfold, his courage and heart are tested as never before.Highland Thunder, Book 2A STORM IS COMING...Although she faces tragic loss, Brenna will never succumb to grief or fear, nor will she surrender to the one man she despises--the very man who now has the power to control her destiny. Like the storms that rage unchecked over the moors, her fury is about to be unleashed.A HIDDEN LOVE...He does not look at her or speak to her, and most importantly, he does not touch her. These are the rules Duncan set for himself long ago to ensure his affection for his best friend's wife remained undetected. But under the weight of a land besieged by war, the walls he erected to shield his heart crumble.If he can earn her trust, the one woman he has always loved may at last be his. But first he must save what he cherishes most from a nightmare of dark secrets.To Love a Warrior, Book 3Destinies unfold. Secrets are revealed. The Isle of Mull will be forever changed.Half Highlander, half Viking, Garik MacKinnon was not born on the Scottish Isle of Mull, but fostered there in his youth. Now, he leaves behind his home, once more bound for Mull, to join the MacKinnon warriors as they answer Robert the Bruce's call to arms. He is ready for battle, eager to fight for Scotland's freedom. What he is not prepared for is his encounter with Nellore, a shield maiden from Mull, whose allure defies all reason.Nellore has the strength and skill of a warrior but the heart of a woman. When the men are called away to war Nellore must aid those left behind to safeguard their village against attacks from the MacLeans--a feuding clan to the south. She understands her duty to her clan. She is ready to take up arms against the enemy if need be. What she is not ready for is the ache that fills her heart when war pulls Garik from her side.Desire ignites and battles are waged as both Nellore and Garik learn what it means to love a warrior.

Pillar of Fire

Karah Quinney - 2012
    They race deep into the primeval forest leaving behind everything they have ever known. Together they forge an unbreakable bond that will guide them on their quest to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Their only hope lies within the heart of an outcast warrior and the only woman that he will ever love. It will take bravery, tenacity and great strength to face untold dangers. They will choose to fight for the freedom of their people or simply cease to exist.

My Lady's Treasure

Catherine Kean - 2007
    At all costs, she must win back the little girl she loves as her own. When the stranger demands a ransom she can never pay, Faye offers him instead her one last hope—a gold cup.Brant Meslarches is stunned to see the chalice. Worth a fortune, it's proof a lost cache of wealth from the legendary Celtic King Arthur does exist, as Brant's murdered brother believed. Brant can't return the little girl to the lady whose desperate beauty captivates him. Yet, now that he's seen Lady Faye, he can't let her escape his grasp; she is the key to his only means of redemption.The last thing Faye wants is an alliance with a scarred knight tormented by secrets. But, she has no other way to rescue the child. Risking all, she joins Brant's quest. And finds some things are more valuable than gold.

Capturing Sir Dunnicliffe

Rebecca King - 2013
    The feelings Miss Harriett Ponsonby stirs in him are less than welcome, but when he is left battling for his life, he has no option but to seek the help of the one woman who stirs his soul. The very last thing he wants or needs is to feel any attraction toward the delightfully intriguing Miss Harriett Ponsonby, especially when it appears that her father is involved with the spy smugglers Hugo has been sent to arrest. Torn between his desire for Harriett, and his duties as a member of the Star Elite, decisions don't come more difficult for Hugo when someone tries to take her life, and he finds himself becoming her bodyguard! Can he really send his future father-in-law to jail if he is guilty of spy smuggling? Will his obligation to carry out his orders cost him the hand of the only woman who has ever come close to touching this battle-hardened warrior's heart? Can they identify not only one, but two murderers in time to prevent another death? Book one of the brand new Star Elite series introduces one of England's elite fighting units as they battle to protect England's borders from French spies, murderers, smugglers and thieves while they battle with the demons on the past, and the women who will change their lives forever. Book 2 - Smuggler's Glory released 20th November 2013. Book 3 - His Lady Spy released January 2014.