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To Win a Highland Scot by Tamara Gill


The Chief

Cecelia Mecca - 2020
    Can St. Valentine’s Day magic bring them together? Rory Kennaugh is perfectly happy to remain his brother’s second indefinitely. Or so he tells himself. Their father served as both clan chief and earl, after all, and despite Terric’s long residence in England, there’s no reason to believe his brother will relinquish the title. But his perception of himself and his future in the clan is transformed by a surprising revelation on Saint Valentine’s Feast Day. Cristane has ascended to one of the highest position possible for a servant: lady’s maid. Only her lady Cait, now the countess of Licheford, has not yet sent for her, and her foolish heart has attached itself to Cait’s brother. She knows perfectly well Rory can never return her love, which is why she keeps her feelings to herself—until the Valentine’s feast, when the traditional games reveal her mortifying secret to the object of her affection.The revelation about Cristane’s feelings changes Rory, unlocking his heart, and a new challenge to the clan gives him the chance to prove his mettle. But can a chief, or even a second, dare to love a lady’s maid? WARNING: Rory and Cristane's love story will melt your heart. If you have a weakness for friends to lovers romance, proceed with caution.

Loving Her Highland Thief

Maeve Greyson - 2021
    If you love passionate tales that make you laugh, cry, and stay up entirely too late turning those pages, then this Scottish historical time travel romance is the one for you. Alpha male Highlanders, fiercely independent females, and love that ignores the boundaries of time. Escape to the Highlands no matter the century!Stay? Lose all she’s ever known. Go? Lose the love of a lifetime.As a struggling, 21st century farmer, Kenzie MacMartin knows if she doesn’t recover that registered ram that cost her a bundle, her dog won’t be the only one howling in the Highlands. And to make matters worse, when she chases that fool sheep through a cave, she discovers a troupe of trespassing re-enactors mucking up her land with some kind of clan skirmish complete with realistic weapons, monstrous warhorses, and a restless herd of Highland cows. The only upside is their strikingly handsome leader—until he kidnaps her.Mathias Stronach questions his sanity in laying claim to the strangely dressed woman and her vicious wee dog. Perhaps he should have let the MacPhersons take her prisoner. Then, she would’ve distracted them instead of him. Such daring and fire in this feisty lass. He’d bet his best dagger; her passions burn just as fiercely. And that fine round backside of hers nestled between his thighs as they ride. Makes a man think twice about choices he’s made. Like promising to marry a woman he’s never loved so he can be the next chieftain of Clan Stronach.When Kenzie realizes she’s barged into the thirteenth century, her priority is getting back to that cave and hoping if she retraces her steps, she’ll find her way back home. But vengeful clans, a medieval sociopath, and the mesmerizing warrior who draws her in like a bee to sweet clover thwarts that priority at every turn. Her head knows better. Her heart refuses to listen. She misses her family, is worried about her farm, and would kill for coffee and a toothbrush. But those aren’t the worst things about traveling back several centuries. The worst thing is loving a man who, once she returns to her time, will have been dead for over eight hundred years. Time to Love a HighlanderBook 1 - Loving Her Highland ThiefBook 2 - Taming Her Highland LegendBook 3 - Winning Her Highland WarriorBook 4 - Capturing Her Highland KeeperBook 5 - Saving Her Highland TraitorBook 6 - Loving Her Lonely HighlanderBook 7 - Delighting Her Highland Devil

For Love of a Laird

Mia Pride - 2019
    She may never know true love, but her people will finally know peace. However, when tragedy strikes more than once, and Elizabeth is pawned from laird to laird, unexpected desires for one man threaten to compromise her dutiful existence, forcing her to defy the rules. As the spare to the heir, Robert Irvine understands his obligation to the clan during these volatile times. But, marrying his brother’s beautiful widow is more than he bargained for, and nothing he is prepared for. When all he never wanted becomes all he ever needed, Robert suddenly stands to lose it all. When war is a constant threat, and a marriage to Elizabeth is the key to peace, Robert will do all he can to secure both, until he discovers she has done something that may destroy them both. Irvines of Drum Book 1 - For Love of a Laird Book 2 - Like a Laird to a Flame Book 3 - Maid for the Knight

Rogues Like It Hot

Tamara GillShereen Vedam - 2019
    Enjoy a variety of heat levels from these rogues and the heroines that get them hot under the collar. Grab your copy for a bargain price or for FREE in Kindle Unlimited!Rogues Like It Hot includes:Act of Pardon by Sandra SookooA Marquess for Convenience by Biance BlythePrince of Rogues by Angelique ArmaeA Reversal of Fortune by Rose PearsonThe Scottish Governess by Arietta RichmondHer Gentleman Pirate by Tamara GillThe Duke's House Party Match by Kelly Anne BruceTo Capture Love by Shereen VedamSinful Deeds by Samantha Holt

The Laird's Return: A Highland Festive Romance Novella

Jayne Castel - 2020
    A loyal wife. A new start. A Yuletide Second chance love in Medieval Scotland.Robert De Keith has spent the last eight years rotting in an English dungeon. But when he returns home to Dunnottar Castle, he soon realizes he doesn’t fit into his old life anymore.His wife, Elizabeth, has ruled the castle in his absence. However, the woman who greets him now seems a stranger. Time and events have altered them both. Even his young son wants nothing to do with him.As Yule approaches, Robert and Elizabeth struggle to salvage their marriage and overcome the bitterness and distrust that separates them. But is it too late?The Laird's Return is a stand-alone Highland Festive Novella about the power of enduring love set in the same world as "The Immortal Highland Centurions."

The Lyon's Laird

Hildie McQueen - 2020
    unusually. Welcome to the world of THE LYON'S DEN: The Black Widow of Whitehall Connected World, where the underground of Regency London thrives... and loves.After being caught in the most embarrassing of situations that leaves her with a permanent limp, Evangeline Prescott's reputation is beyond repair, and so her mother takes it upon herself to approach the Widow of Whitehall in an attempt to find her a suitable husband.In London for a short season, Scottish Laird Camren MacLean accepts an intriguing invitation to a prestigious gambling den where he loses a high stakes card game. The price of his loss is for him to marry a stranger within a week. A beautiful socialite, a handsome Laird, and a game of chance. Can anyone win?

The Highlander's Norse Bride

Cathy MacRae - 2018
    Fleeing the smoldering ruins of her village, Hanna crosses the Strait of Mull and chooses the Laird of Clan MacLean as the object of her revenge.Alex MacLean has buried a wife and three children. Ignoring the clamors for him to wed again and produce an heir, he finds himself drawn to a Norse refugee who defies him and tests the limits of his patience-and his power as Laird.Torn between revenge and honor, Hanna fears setting aside her vow of vengeance means she has lost her reason for living. Alex is determined to save her, even if it means defying the king.Do you like a bit of history with your romance? In the 13th century, the king of Scotland had little control in the Western Highlands and in the isles to the north and west. A rich culture of Gaelic and Norn existed here, and power lay in the hands of the chiefs. Much of Western Scotland and the Isles gave their allegiance to the king of Norway.In 1249, King Alexander II prepared to invade the Hebrides and Western Scotland. After 5 years of failed negotiations with Norway to purchase these areas, King Alexander broke his association with King Haakon and set out to take the Isles and Western territories by force.In the years to come, two kings would perish during this battle for sovereignty-along with many people given the choice to change their alliance to the Scottish king . . .Or die.

And Be My Love

Rebecca Ruger - 2021
    But the nigheanan sgàil, the daughters of shadow, do not engage in murder and, instead, put the fierce warrior into a deep sleep, hidden inside the earth in 14th century Scotland.Kayla Forbes is thrilled to leave the States, putting her recent break-up far behind her to study abroad at the university near Fort William in the Highlands. She had hoped to immerse herself in the history of Scotland but not quite so literally, falling through the earth, landing on a huge Scots warrior from another time and place. She might be mesmerized by the raw beauty of the man, but she knows she has to get away from him, has to find her way back to her life in the 21st century.Michael remembers everything from the night he was put to sleep, including the witches foretelling that the one to wake him would be the one to break him. He intends to keep Kayla close to discover who betrayed him, but he’s not about to be put under her spell, no matter how effortlessly she wakens his sleeping desire.They journey to Michael’s home, Brechmont Castle, where lies unfold and yet truth is elusive, and discover along the way that the only person worthy of trust just might be each other.

Highlander's Spirited Bride

Lydia Kendall - 2021
    Until the unthinkable happens: her brother, the current Laird, arranges a marriage for her, in order to help the clan. And it devastates her.A widower and a father, Connan MacLaren needs to find a wife for the sake of his son and for this purpose only. But the woman that is presented as his future wife is the most beautiful creature he has ever seen. Not to mention the wildest.When the death of a maid sparks an ongoing investigation, Connan has to protect April from both herself and the one who wants to harm her. Yet, Connan has to choose: stay with April or follow his King’s orders. But did the King actually order an attack on April’s clan? And how is everything tied to the death of a simple maid?

Ladies of the Stone: A Scottish Romance Anthology

Eliza Knight - 2018
    A woman with a pure heart and the ferocity of a warrior is called to the fairy pools on the Isle of Skye upon the death of the previous protector. However, nature has a way of balancing itself, and so with each call to a Protector comes the call of an evil force, set on using the stone for their own purpose. These are the stories of the Protectors of the Heart of Scotland, the stone they seek to keep safe and the love that strengthens and emboldens them. The Highlander’s Quest by Eliza Knight Her mission was to protect the young boy king. He’s uncovered a plot to destroy Scotland. Together, they must fight a powerful enemy who hides behind a traitorous veil of secrecy… Cassandra by Madeline Martin Together their power is brilliant. But when destiny rivals the safety of family and the whole of Scotland hangs in the balance, can their love survive the required sacrifice? The Protector’s Promise by Cecelia Mecca Two bitter enemies. One sacred vow. Will the passion that flares between them consume everything they love? The Highland Guard and His Lady by Lori Ann Bailey To protect Scotland, she must eliminate her greatest enemy. But when the challenge begins, will he forgive her for destroying his family?

Rise of a Legend

Amy Jarecki - 2015
    Unearthing the seal of William Wallace, Eva gains notoriety. But her dreams of Bowie knives—the weapon that murdered her husband—morph into great swords and dirks.Drawn to a ruined monastery, Eva drifts into the worst nightmare of all. Awaking to the sharp point of a madman’s sword, she’s hurled into the midst of a bloody thirteenth century battle. Just when certain death is eminent, brutal arms surround the lass, dragging her deeper into unknown terror.When Eva realizes she’s been hauled to the hideout of rebel William Wallace, a revelation dawns—she’s landed the story of a lifetime—if she can stay alive and find a way home to tell her tale.What she doesn’t count on is her mounting chemistry with the greatest legend Scotland has ever known…or the absolute love swelling in her heart.

Scoundrel's Vengeance

Sky Purington - 2020
    Dedicated to restoring his clan pride, Keenan strikes a bargain with his brothers, they will each marry, but not for love, only for the generous dowries their future wives will bring.Fionna has suffered the consequences of endless wars and plague, leaving her the unlikely laird of Clan Taylor. When her past love summons her to his keep under the threat of killing her clansmen he captured trying to steal horses, she has no choice but to meet him.There she discovers a man much changed, heartless and bitter. Especially when he demands that Fionna help him get engaged to her best friend!Unable to deny him, Fionna plays along, waiting for the right moment to strike, save her clansmen, and celebrate teaching Keenan the hardest lesson of his life. But not everything is what it seems, and Keenan and Fionna discover that distance and time cannot change what their hearts truly want—each other.

Delectable Wicked Rakes: A Historical Romance Collection

Dawn Brower - 2019
     Dawn Brower Jane Charles Aileen Fish Tamara Gill Amanda Mariel Christina McKnight

Highland Oath

Donna Fletcher - 2020
     Royden MacKinnon oldest of the three MacKinnon siblings has loved Oria, the daughter of a neighboring chieftain as long as he can remember. He wants no other woman, needs no other woman, has been with no other woman. Both will be virgins when they wed and he looks forward to them discovering all the loving things marriage can bring. Arran is the middle child gifted with a charmed tongue and fine features that steal many a woman’s heart. He’s not ready for a wife or family, no need for him to be since it is Royden who will one day rule the clan. He entertains himself with willing women and defends any woman when need be… even Purity of the Clan Macara, a little mouse of a thing who can’t stand up for herself. But then her brother Bayne is a man most men won’t challenge. Raven is the youngest of the three MacKinnon siblings, raised by all men—her mother dying in childbirth—and is accustomed to doing as she pleases and speaking as she pleases. Traits her father realizes will be difficult when the time comes to find her a husband. Life is good at the Clan MacKinnon, food plentiful, clan members faithful, the future bright until… the attack. They had heard rumors, thought to be prepared, but it came without warning. In the end Royden and Arran are taken away to serve the King, Parlan, their da, is believed dead, and Raven… no one knows what’s happened to her. It isn’t until five years later that Royden and Arran return home far different men than they once were. Both intend to find their sister and find the person responsible for what happened to their family… and take their revenge.

That's Why the Lady is a Tramp

Merry Farmer - 2022
    But the four of them are determined to strike back at their father by marrying the most unsuitable brides they can find...Second son Samuel Rathborne-Paxton cares for three things above all else—his brothers, financial speculation, and his mistress, the fiery Irish courtesan, Alice Woodmont. When he and his brothers hatch the plan to marry, he seeks Alice’s help. Their search for the right bride looks like it will come up short, until Sam hatches the idea of marrying Alice herself. She has been investing right along with him, after all, and Sam is convinced she’s been successful at it. Wealthy? Check. Socially unacceptable? Check. His best friend? Check. Alice has it all. Little does Sam know... Ever since leaving Ireland two years before, Alice has been determined to make a place for herself and her son, Ryan, in London, whatever it takes. What it has taken is visiting the beds of some of the most distinguished rakes in London. But Sam’s is her favorite bed, and for some time, his has been the only bed she indulges in. And when he asks her to marry him and spend the rest of her life in that bed, she jumps at the chance. The Rathborne-Paxton family is one of the most respected and upright families in England, after all, and by marrying Sam, her reputation will be restored. Which is handy, since her financial speculations have all failed, leaving her scrambling to pay the rent. But, of course, nothing goes as planned... When Sam discovers Alice isn’t wealthy, and Alice discovers Sam and his brothers are determined to destroy the Rathborne-Paxton family name, there doesn’t seem to be any point in them continuing down the aisle. Except for that annoying little problem called love...That’s Why the Lady is a Tramp is a fun, sizzling-hot, unconventional love story that involves friends-to-lovers, rags-to-riches (and riches-to-rags), dressing like a man, an enormous hat, plenty of trips to the theater, and a happily ever after that will leave you in stitches.Please Be Advised: Heat Level – Super Steaming Hot!