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Ashes Of The Firebird by Amy Kuivalainen


Immortal Academy: Year One

S.L. Morgan - 2019
    An elite private school that every witch, shifter, fairy or vampire college student hopes to attend. It's a dreamy experience, until immortals start going missing or turning up dead. Who wouldn't want to attend this prestigious supernatural college?Wolf shifter Jenna Silvers has never known who her parents are, but now that Immortal Academy has selected her, she knows she comes from an immortal shifter bloodline.When Jenna arrives at Immortal Academy, the enchantment of the school is nothing short of majestic, but as she tries to navigate her way around the place, it becomes evident that something isn’t quite right.Her first instinct is to tell her friends what she’s experiencing, but it quickly becomes obvious their personalities have changed since arriving at the academy, leaving her all alone on her mission to find out what’s going on.It’s not until Jenna encounters the impossible—an immortal who has been murdered—that she is desperate for answers, and the only person who seems to have an idea about what is lurking around this school is the impossibly handsome Master shifter, Dominic Rossi. She must now put aside her differences with the alpha wolf, and convince him to help her save the students.Will she be able to persuade the strongest shifter at the school to join her in exposing this evil school for what it is?Or will Jenna become the Immortal Academy’s next victim?School starts soon…Don’t be late! Immortal Academy: Year One is a 95,000 word/320 page book and the first in the Immortal Academy Series.

Descendant: The Revelations of Oriceran

A.L. Knorr - 2018
    Get her PhD in forensic linguistics, make her State Senator father proud. Find the perfect Virginia man to marry and pop out a few more Kacy's. If only Jordan could let the past rest. When your mother disappears without a trace it carves a gash that bleeds a long time. Jordan has never given up hope that her mother is alive. So when Jordan's old nanny shows up with a mysterious locket containing a portrait of Jordan's mother, Jordan believes her hope was not in vain.When the locket opens a portal to an alternate universe and a stranger hurtles through to earth, it's not her first clue that something very strange is at play. Teaming up with Sol, a disgruntled courier who's lost his wings, Jordan embarks on a haphazard quest. Facing off with interfering barmaids, terrifying harpies, and disorganized elves with a penchant for inventing magic they can't reverse is only the beginning. Can Jordan find her mother and learn the truth about her disappearance? And what happens if the truth is far from what she expected?

Breath of Fire

Liliana Hart - 2013
    "A "Rena Drake" NovelSince the Banishment, Rena has become the Drakan Enforcer, cleaning up the messes her dragon brethren make in order to keep their presence in the human world hidden.When a group of rogue Drakan begins killing dragons who refuse to join the army of the Destroyer the dragon they believe will become their true king Rena has no choice but to take action.Special Agent Noah Ford appears, seemingly out of nowhere, to offer his assistance and protection. Protection, from a human? Hell, no. But something about him draws her hypnotically, erotically close. Some secret he refuses to reveal.Every clue Rena uncovers indicates Julian, leader of one of the five clans, is the Destroyer. But when she confronts Julian, the blue mating fire a phenomenon that hasn t been seen since the Banishment engulfs them both.Burning with need for two very different men, Rena must choose to kill the one destined to be her mate. Or see her people s dreams of home turned to a pile of ashes.Warning: This novel contains high-speed car chases, crackling thighs, magic duels, naughty words, and sex on ceilings, tables, high in a tower, in the shower and you get the drift.

The Crimes of Alice

Erin Bedford - 2018
    This one started with a girl named Alice.Lewis was everything my mother wanted for me. Respectable. Wealthy. Not too handsome. Utterly perfect in every way. Then why did I run on our wedding day?Returning to Wonderland wasn’t my intention, but now I’m finding out those things I thought were a dream are real. And they are so much more dangerous and delicious than I remembered.Lost in Wonderland with the queen out for my head the last thing I’m worried about is getting back to my liar fiancé and the inhabitants are doing their best to tempt me to stay.Alice's story is a whychoose reverse harem story where the main female lead does not have to choose between the men.

Evading The Dark

E.M. Rinaldi - 2016
    It doesn’t matter who you ask; jock, cheerleader, computer nerd, or band geek, they will all say the same thing: It’s a nightmare. But Casey is still wondering how she got the short end of the stick. Just a Sophomore at the prestigious Luthos Academy for Magical Beings, Casey already knows more about heartache and fear than any almost-sixteen-year-old should. Orphaned and left to be raised by the Academy, she spends her days training to become a Guardian, but that dream is looking dimmer with every day that passes.Unlike the wand-waving heroines in all her favorite books, Witches in her world don’t cast spells, they are born wielding the power of nature: water, fire, earth, or air; powers Casey never developed. She’ll be lucky if they even allow her to take her final exams.She is top of her training class, but that doesn’t keep her from being looked down upon by every other being at her school. All Casey wants is to be given a chance, instead she finds the only life she’s ever known targeted by an unfathomable evil. Thrust into the center of an age-old prophecy, a war is coming with Casey at the reins.Will relying on her hard earned training be enough for her to make it out alive?

HEROES Urban Fantasy and Super Powers Bundle #2

Autumn KalquistV.M. Black - 2014
    What they all have in common is originality, and some of the most compelling voices in publishing today.Books may be read in any order. The professionally-formatted file includes all book covers and a clickable table of contents. Please note: some stories contain mature subject matter.INCLUDED IN THIS 11-BOOK BUNDLE:Super - Ernie Lindsey(305 pages - Superhero Suspense / Mystery)Leo Craft assassinates wayward superheroes. Somebody has to. As the world mourns the death of Patriotman, Leo learns that the president has been targeted for assassination, and one of his colleagues may be the villain.Justice Calling (The Twenty-Sided Sorceress) Annie Bellet(100 pages - Urban Fantasy)In a small town in Idaho, gamer and sorceress Jade Crow fights an evil warlock threatening her shapeshifter friends.Defect: Part One (A Fractured Era: Legacy Code Prequel) Autumn Kalquist(100 pages - Dystopian / Apocalyptic Science Fiction)Selene Hayes may have superimmunity, but she’s defective. Now the Corporate Coalition hunts her, and when rumors of a mysterious quarantine reach her sanctuary, she must decide whether to keep hiding… or fight to survive.Blood Moon (The Gambit #1.5) Nicolas Wilson(64 pages - Urban Fantasy)His community still reeling from a thwarted takeover, a magical law enforcement officer teams up with his vampire counterpart to track a murderer practicing forbidden magic.Shifted, Episode 1 (Shifted) Madeline Freeman(38 pages - Urban Fantasy - Serial)When the lives of Leigh Evans and Peter Monroe intersect, everything will change. Thrust into a world she never knew existed, Leigh will learn who she really is, and what she’s capable of.Caged Wolf (The Tarot Witches) S.M. Reine(160 pages - Urban Fantasy / Paranormal Romance)The biker gangs passing through Lobo Norte don’t scare Ofelia anymore. But Trouble is different. A biker with a wolf tattoo and tortured eyes, he sees beyond Ofelia’s tough disguise.Mothers (Invisibles) Michelle Read(138 pages - Urban Fantasy / Adventure)Returning home should have made life easier for Erin Young. Lately, though, even her best friend was hiding something from her. The women in her neighborhood seem to have strange powers.Melancholia (Duality Book 1) Elle Casey(340 pages - New Adult / Teen Urban Paranormal Romance)Malcolm has an unusual power that causes him to leave misery in his wake. Sadness and negativity are his constant companions. But then Rae shows up in his life, and everything changes.Panther's Quest (The Alpha's Captive / Taken by the Panther Novella) V.M. Black(100 pages - Paranormal Romance)An ex-SEAL panther shifter, Chay Bane has spent the last six years building a secret refuge for shifters in trouble. But when one of his bests friends needs help, everything he's ever worked for is on the line.Torrent (Rust & Relics) Lindsay Buroker(336 pages - Urban Fantasy Adventure)Delia is an artifact hunter who's just discovered the world is full of man-slaying monsters, magical swords, and elves on motorcycles. Now there's a new monster in Sedona, Arizona.Bloom (The Bloom Series, Book 1) A.P. Kensey(292 pages - Teen / YA Urban Fantasy Adventure)The story of Haven Kincaid and Colton Ross—two teenagers with special powers fighting to survive in a dangerous world.

Hereditary Magic

Emma L. Adams - 2018
     Ilsa Lynn has made it her life's goal to avoid the curse that binds her family to serve the Summer Court of Faerie. With her magically talented twin sister given the role of Gatekeeper, Ilsa is content to hide under the radar among the regular humans. At least until a mysterious spellbook falls into her possession, granting Ilsa with a sudden and inconvenient affinity with the dead, and dangerous magic that paints a neon target on her head. With her family's questionable past quite literally refusing to stay buried, the last thing Ilsa needs is an untrustworthy self-proclaimed faerie bodyguard, even if he does come with a deadly skillset of his own. Dealing with zombies and fae assassins would be difficult enough on its own, but now someone's out to frame her for murder, too. While dodging enemies at every corner, Ilsa must get a handle on her new powers before the armies of Faerie invade Earth. She might just be in over her head...

Fire and Fantasy

C.K. DawnKris Austen Radcliffe - 2017
    Epic Adventure. Enchanting Characters.FIRE & FANTASY will have your imagination soaring as you charge headfirst into this enchanting collection of 20+ brand new and existing fantasy reads packed with daring quests, bewitching legends, and dark magic!Embark on sweeping adventures alongside fiery dragons, mystical mermaids, enchanted faeries, warring witches, demons, elves, and sword-wielding heroes as they face forces of evil and fight for the fate of their worlds!With over a million words of original Urban Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, and Sword and Sorcery Fantasy from more than twenty bestselling and award winning authors, prepare to lose yourself in the high-stakes fates of lovers, heroes, and villains.UNLEASH THE MAGIC IN FIRE & FANTASY and enter the worlds of the most creative fantasy authors when you PreOrder Today!Including exclusive material from the following authors:Award-Winning author CK Dawn USA Today bestselling author Alicia Rades Michelle Lynn and Michelle Bryan Award-Winning authors Yelena Casale & Tina Moss Kindle Scout Winner Cassandra Sky WestKris Austen RadcliffeAward- Winning author Jessica Cage Sharon Rose MayesAward-Winning author Wendy KnightD.N. Leo Izzy Shows Kassandra Lynn Steve Turnbull Award-Winning author Charlene A. Wilson Eileen Enwright Hodgetts Award-Winning author Meg Xuemei X Jason Paul Rice Joss Dey JC KangSamuel StokesFrost Kay

The Mountain King

Emma Alisyn - 2017
    If Kailigh wasn't busy chasing them out of the local taverns, she was busy teaching them to hunt, shoot and kill - to fight against flesh traffickers from the Cities, prowling town for girls to send to rich patrons. And now, with the youngest shot and fighting for her life, Kailigh has no choice but to petition for the help of the Dragon Lord Maddugh, King of Coal and Mountain.Only he's no fool - he knows right away Kai isn't quite human. And three girls of courting age? He's not about to let them slip through his fingers when his men are wanting for mates with even a drop of magical blood. So she'll have to strike a bargain. He'll save her daughter's life, and help her hunt the man responsible, but he has a price. A price he demands Kailigh pay in flesh...

The Witching Hour: 11 Enchanting Novels Featuring Witches, Wizards, Vampires, Shifters, Ghosts, Fae, and More!

Christine PopeKristy Tate - 2018
    This boxed set weaves a spell that will enchant you from the very first page!The Witching Hour boxed set includes these eleven full-length, first-in-series paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels:HIDDEN GIFTS - Christine PopeBEWITCHING BEDLAM - Yasmine GalenornSACRIFICE ME, SEASON ONE - Sarra CannonMAGIC IN THE BLOOD - Kat ParrishELEMENTAL ARCANE - Phaedra WeldonSWEET DESIRE - Stacy ClaflinCRESCENT CALLING - Nicole R. TaylorBLOODSICK - Melissa F. OlsonWITCH WAYS - Kristy TateCHAOS CONSPIRACY - Holly EvansCAGED WOLF - SM Reine

The Siren's Alpha

Jaymin Eve - 2017
    This is a novella Jaymin Eve contributed to the Hotel Paranormal Anthology published in 2017.

Sign of the Throne

Melissa Eskue Ousley - 2013
    Working as a babysitter for a family of mythology lovers in wealthy Newcastle Beach, California, she struggles to define herself among the elite class while trying to make sense of her strange visions. Upon meeting David, the doppelgänger of the mysterious young man in her dreams, Abby’s life is changed forever.Encountering the queen of Cai Terenmare, a magical kingdom in a parallel world, Abby learns of an evil lord hell-bent on usurping the throne, the murder of Cai Terenmare’s king, the Solas Beir, and the kidnapping of the Solas Beir’s infant son.As the kingdom struggles to endure, the queen shows Abby the full extent of her destiny. She must convince her mysterious crush, David, that he is the lost heir. While braving attacks from the dark lord’s sadistic minions, David must realize his true identity and return to Cai Terenmare to claim his throne before time runs out, lest the evil that was temporarily locked away be unleashed, threatening to destroy both the kingdom and all of humanity.

Waking Magic

Martha Carr - 2017
    An Elf? Like from Lord of the Rings or something?Yeah, Leira has a hard time accepting that.But it doesn’t matter what she believes.Magic is real, and it’s coming back with a literal bang.The prince’s death was only the beginning. Tracking down his killer is about more than just justice.It’s saving the world.If you’re looking for a heroine who prefers fighting to flirting, this book is for you.​

Soulless at Sunset

Deanna Chase - 2018
     Trouble is brewing in New Orleans. Shifters are moving in and vampires are being picked off in record numbers. And vampire hunter Phoebe Kilsen is right in the middle of the war. When Phoebe’s best friend goes missing along with the consort of the most powerful vampire in New Orleans, Phoebe betrays her heart and her shifter partner by teaming up with the one vampire she’s never trusted. They say all is fair in love and war, but Phoebe is putting it all on the line and she’s not at all sure she’ll make it out alive.

Shadow Magic

Jayne Hawke - 2019
     I’m the best at what I do. If a shifter goes feral, or a fae kills the wrong innocent, then I’ll be the one to hunt them down. It’s a dangerous gig, but I do what's necessary to keep the roof over our heads. Unfortunately, I’m at the bottom of the bounty hunter pay scale thanks to the need to keep my heritage hidden. If anyone ever found out what I am, and what I can do, the entire fae territories would be coming for my head. That means we live from pay cheque to pay cheque. So when the most dangerous fae in the country chooses me to help him with a case, I have no choice but to say yes. Ethan Hale is a cu sith, one of the finest assassins in the fae territories. If he finds out what I am, he’ll have me begging for death. And yet, I accepted the job to work with him so I can figure out who’s stealing god magic and selling it. People are dying, and it’s down to us to put at end to it. Now, I have to work alongside the sinfully-sexy fae while trying to keep my secrets under wraps. The closer we get to unravelling this mystery, the closer I am to losing everything. One wrong step and it’ll all be over.