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Bear, Set, Match by Charlotte Summers


Waking The Deep

P. Jameson - 2018
    Having a shimmering tail instead of legs wasn’t on his bucket list either. But at least he gets to walk as a man for three days out of every moon cycle. For ages, he’s searched for her, the one who can free him from the water, but came up emptyhanded. Now, he’s resigned to living as a merman and making his three days on land count… in carnal ways. Until he finds a female in his lake that needs rescuing. Doe doesn’t know her real name. Or where she came from or who she was before the overbearing man fished her from the lake where she was drowning. She only remembers the fear that sent her into the lake in the first place. Fear she can’t explain, yet it’s the only thing that feels real. It and the strange, exciting connection to the man who saved her. But he has secrets she might not be ready to accept. And maybe she does too. Together Mansen and Doe will have to untangle the mystery surrounding them and Sapphire Lake if they ever want to live free. But are they ready for what they’re about to face. Thrills, spills, and… tails?

Kyan's Housewarming Party: A Happily Ever After Epilogue

Starla Night - 2018


Elle Thorne - 2015
    We start our journey in the Eternal City—Rome. Vax’s half-brother Rafe has it bad for Callie. He thinks that’s the kind of woman he needs. If hot sex skeeves you out, you may want to pass on this book. If freaky, downright dirty sexy talk bothers you, yeah, for sure you gotta pass on this one. We believe in sex--hot, dirty, delicious sex. Yup, make it sweaty, too. It's not just sex, it's about the romance. But good romance has sex, and we keep the doors open! Oh, and the lights on! ;)

Racing Hearts

Kiersten Fay - 2013
    An excerpt of Demon Possession resides at the end. Blurb:With a tempting invitation to join a crew preparing for the infamous race, Phase Nine, Priya has left her job and traveled across space, only to find herself face to face with the man who broke her heart. Now she must decide if her tattered heart can withstand the long journey, or if she should bow out and return home a coward.

Summerland Stories: The Complete Collection (Summerland Series)

Kathryn Moon - 2019
     Includes: Welcome to Summerland Secrets of Summerland Leaving Summerland and a bonus Winterport Short! 90,000+ words of steamy summer paranormal romance! Welcome to Summerland Lucy Carson isn't really looking forward to her honeymoon in Summerland. Can she still call it a honeymoon if her fiance, Greg, left her at the altar? Probably not. The situation doesn't get better when she discovers that the bed and breakfast won't let her keep her reservation now that she's single. But the residents of Summerland, the strangely idyllic and drowsy oceanside town, are happy to have her come to visit. And in a town where all the residents are young and stunningly beautiful, there's plenty to enjoy. Like Felix Graves, the darkly handsome owner of Sacred Grounds. Or Jack Wilder, the broad shouldered town recluse who lives in a cabin in the woods. Or even grumpy Dylan Waters, the lighthouse keeper who rents Lucy a little cottage. Not to mention Liam Smith, the rugged local handyman, and Raylon Beam, the mechanic with a smile that could blind a girl. Things might start looking up for Lucy with neighbors like these, and maybe Summerland can give her a reason to stick around. Now if she could just put her finger on what makes the town so mysterious... Secrets of Summerland Summerland seems like the perfect place for Lucy Carson after her fiancé left her at the altar. She has a seaside cottage to herself, and now a job as a baker at the local coffee shop. She also has the attention of several unbelievably good looking local men who seem happy to share her time. If only it didn't feel...too good to be true. When strangers start rolling into Summerland for the upcoming midsummer festival the secret that every resident kept at the tip of their tongue seems ready to be revealed. But when the festival turns strangely dark, Lucy's not sure she's ready to know after all. The truth is something too big and impossible to be believed. Is it time to pack up and return to Providence where her ex, Greg, is waiting for her to come to her senses? Or are the benefits of Summerland, and the men she's met, worth the risk of staying? Leaving Summerland Settling in Summerland was easy. Staying will be harder. With every week in her new home Lucy realizes the divide between herself and her divine neighbors is wider than she realized. Nightmares plague her sleep, whispering locals leave her paranoid, and the secrets keep piling up when Jack and Liam leave town unexpectedly. Is the cost of staying in a world where she doesn't belong, worth the rewards of the men she's met along the way? Lucy must fight for her place in Summerland, and possibly even Summerland itself in the action packed conclusion to the Summerland stories.

Tiger Pawed

Kate Kent - 2016
    She’s too busy for that thanks to a more than hectic work schedule with a crazy Hollywood tyrant for a boss.But there’s something about her new personal trainer, Mick, that Karen just can’t get out of her head. She can sense his intense, animal heat, and feels like she has an unusual, strong connection with him right away. But does he feel the same? And what happens when Karen's movie star crush asks her out on a date? Watch how Karen and Mick’s story unfolds. The heat level is off the charts as all the hot sex, passionate romance, and drama ensues! Tiger Pawed is a BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance. This is a standalone novella and the first story in the Shifter Heat series. These paranormal romances can be read in any order. Gonna make you sweat - this novella includes steamy scenes, spicy language, and sizzling hot content. If you like the sound of that, then this book is for you!

Jupiter's Shadow

T.L. Reeve - 2017
    As the Alpha’s daughter and only child, she is destined to continue his bloodline, while allowing her mate to lead the pack—an archaic rule of the collective Smoky Mountain Wolves packs.On her thirty-second birthday, five men will be presented to her for choosing. It’s not about love in her pack. It’s about power. When each man reveals who they are, and what they’re capable, Jupiter finds herself in over her head.Will she be able to narrow down her choices, to the perfect “match,” or will Jupiter find she can’t let any of them go? Change is coming to the Sequatchie pack, and Jupiter must blaze the trail…

The Cinderella Hoedown

Sable Sylvan - 2017
    There's also no way you'd find the no-nonsense BBW in the company of three different alpha male cowboys in the span of under a week, but when werebears after their fated mates get mixed with women who are two parts sass, one part curves, you'll find anything can happen. The only question is, will this Texas fairytale end with this Cinderella finding her Prince Charming…and her lost shoes? Kelly's a recent college grad keeping herself busy by helping her friend Savina organize the first ever Fallowedirt Hoedown, a celebration of the town's recent economic growth. Part of that growth has come in the form of the McCarthy Dude Ranch, home to a veritable bounty of hot shifter men. Kelly's far too busy to date one man, much less three hot-blooded cowboy werebears who all want to claim her as their fated mate. She definitely doesn't have time for their drama. While these cowboys might be experts at driving cattle, it seems all these shifters can do with Kelly is drive her away. Jeff, Tom, and Will may seem similar, but the three grizzly bear cowboys couldn't be more different. All-American Jeff can't stand local bad boy Will, and neither can stand the out of towner, Tom the doctor. These three grizzlies can barely get along on the ranch, working side by side. How are they supposed to manage to menage? The clock's ticking, and while these three fight, the hoedown swiftly approaches, and Kelly's curves are sashaying right back out of town. Which one of these cowboys will win Kelly's heart? Love fairy tales and fated mates? Can't get enough of speedy reads and speed dates? Into sassy BBWs learning to love and the hot-blooded wild shifter heroes begging to be tamed? Not afraid of a good-old-fashioned happy ending (no cliffhangers allowed) for a three-on-one menage a trois-plus-one? And most importantly, do you think that grandmas and pies can save the frikkin' world? Then check out "The Cinderella Hoedown", and look for the rest of the books in the "Fated Mate Speed Date" series on Amazon, available via the Kindle Unlimited program! This series has elements of romantic comedy, Western romance, and of course, shifter-focused paranormal romances between curvy BBWs and a menagerie of different alpha male shifters. Look out for "The Rapunzel Rodeo", "The Sleeping Beauty Pageant", "Beauty And The Bobcats", "Little Red Riding Bulls", and "Three Werewolves Gruff", coming out soon.

Can't Bear to Run

Lynn Red - 2015
    She’s not allowed to be any of those things while she is firmly under her husband’s thumb. Her only reprieve comes from distant memories of a man she saw only once six years ago. In that instant, Raine knew there was something special about him. The memory of that twinkle in his eyes, of his careless smile, gives her a shot of hope at her darkest moments. She knows the only way to survive is getting away from her husband, no matter what. And in the back of her mind, she can’t shake the feeling that somewhere, somehow, she’s going to see that mysterious stranger again. Daxon Mark is the frustrated, irritated, sexy-as-hell alpha bear of the Kendal clan. Trapped between shuffling truces with other bear clans, and the meddling of an overbearing shifter council, he can’t shake the feeling that the woman he saw six years before is what he needs to stay sane. He's teetering on the edge and when a bear as big as Dax goes nuts? THAT ain’t something anybody wants. With Raine on the lam and Dax trying to escape the confines of small town politics, the two of them finally meet again – in the most romantic of places – in the toilet line at a concert. With a glance, he steals her heart, and with a word she sets a fire in his soul. But with trouble brewing back in Kendal Creek and Raine constantly looking over her shoulder, will these two fated mates find their peace? Or will fear, loss, and murder rip the pair apart before love is allowed to bloom?

The Chase

A.M. Reed - 2013
    Returning to her pack after four years away at college, as an unmated female, she must participate in an old pack ritual: the Chase.Unmated wolves from her pack pursue her and the one who catches her gets the ultimate prize: her as a mate.However, Tess knows how males treat their mates and wants no part of it, determined to evade capture during the chase… but can she outrun and outsmart such strong males? Or will she be forced into mating with a male as bad, or perhaps worse, than her abusive father?~*~“The Chase” is a standalone werewolf romance short story (just under 10,000 words). It is part of a series, but no other books need to be read in order to understand the events in “The Chase.” Other books in the “Wolves Among Us” series include “Broken,” a novelette, and more are coming soon.

The Cougar's Mate

Holley Trent - 2016
    It contains minor spoilers of Book 1.Read the Desert Guards series in order:The Cougar's MateThe Cougar's PawnThe Cougar's TradeThe Cougar's BargainThe Cougar's Wish

The Shifter's Shadow

Selena Scott - 2018
    But are they really prepared for the wild ride ahead? Thea Redgrave doesn’t believe in things she can’t see or touch or taste. She’s a sexy, hardworking, take-no-prisoners kind of woman. The only thing that could have ever made her leave her homestead in Montana was a promise she made to her dying grandfather to follow a treasure map he’s had since childhood. She just didn’t realize that she was following it straight into the most passionate attraction she’s ever felt in her life. Jack Warren is an alpha male with no roots and he likes it that way. After two decades of bouncing around the globe in search of treasure, he doesn’t expect this particular map to yield anything different. He doesn’t expect Thea Redgrave to come striding into his life, and damn if he’s prepared for it. Or for the paranormal transformation that’s in store for him when he attempts to save her life.. A tale of love, lust, magic, and adventure! Against all odds, can love really flourish or will their inquisitiveness drive them apart? This is the first book in "The Shifter's of the Seventh Moon" Series, but can also be read as a standalone. No cliffhangers. This full-length paranormal romance 60k word story contains strong sexual themes/language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18. FREE on Kindle unlimited

Miss Leozandra's (Psy-Changeling, #3.4)

Nalini Singh
    The timeline will not merge perfectly with the book – instead, I’d advise you to read this as a completely separate scene.Another reason this scene didn’t end up in the book was that I didn’t feel it gave the reader any new information – but it was just so darn fun to write I couldn’t stop myself. I hope you enjoy!

Wolf Medicine

Ruty Aisling - 2011
    Isolated in a cabin deep in the New Hampshire woods, she finds romance with a young Abenaki man with deep green eyes and learns that wolves can also become men.

Honey for the Billionbear

Zoe Chant - 2015
    After her ex-boyfriend turned out to be a con man, she fled to the country to take care of her aunt's bee farm. Sweet honey and sweet solitude -- the perfect cure for a broken heart. All she needs to do is tend to the bees, and deliver two jars of honey every week to reclusive billionaire Ryan Steele. Ryan may be a billionaire, but he's never been lucky in love. He too retreated to the country in the hope of healing his wounded heart. Then Ryan finds Isabella injured and shivering in the woods after a storm. He only means to keep her warm, but instead they light each other's fires! But when her dangerous ex-boyfriend returns, can Ryan protect his mate from her past?Honey for the Billionbear is a standalone bear shifter romance. No cliffhangers!