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Black Mesa by Ralph Cotton


Hammer of God

Philip McCormac - 2015
     On this occasion, the men in question are vicious thugs and killers. They don't give in easy. And mostly he brings them in slung over a saddle. But after tracking and killing a group of merciless bandits, he realises the bloodshed is too much for him. He resigns his badge and rides south to Mexico where he hangs up his guns. The peaceful life Joe is seeking is wrecked when the notorious bandit Gomez Farias guns down his friends. The Hammer of God is roused. The blood that flowed in his former life as lawman was but a trickle compared to the flood unleashed when Joe rides out on the vengeance trail… Hammer of God is a thrilling and classic adventure story set in the Wild West. Praise for Philip McCormac 'You can taste the dust and blood of the Old West on every page.' - Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Trade Off. Philip McCormac lives in the East Midlands, England, is married with two grown-up children and five grandchildren. He is the author of fourteen Western novels including Son of a Gun and Vengeance Unbound. He is also the author of detective thriller Tone Death.

Mac's Cabin

C.J. Petit - 2018
    Then, as soon as his cabin was built, he was presented with two fellow refugees that would turn his peaceful sanctuary into a killing ground.

The Killer from the Pecos (Louis L'Amour)

Louis L'Amour - 1998
    This classic story, complete with a full cast, stirring music and authentic sound effects, sweeps listeners back to the rough and ready days of America's frontier, where a man had to live by his wits...and his gun. Death is no stranger to Almagre, a rough boomtown in which the local cemetery, Boot Hill, is almost as crowded as the saloons. Almagre had sprung up in just under two years with a silver strike, and in that short time, it had buried three town marshals.Into this wild and bloody town rides Texas Ranger Chick Bowdrie, trailing a Pecos bank robber who left two men dead. All Bowdrie has to go on is an unconvincing eyewitness description, a name scrawled on a tattered post card...and his own skills as a master tracker. But it's his skill with a gun Bowdrie will need when he looks for answers in Almagre. For the town is gripped in a stranglehold by a ruthless cattle baron named Bonelli. To bring his quarry back, Bowdrie will pin on the marshal's star to face down Bonelli and his gunmen--in a town where a badge is a death warrant.

West Of The War

L.J. Martin - 2016
    Captured and paroled, only if he'll head west of the war, he rides the river into the wilds of the new territory of Montana where savages and grizzlies await. He discovers new friends and old enemies...and a woman formerly forbidden to him. Action adventure at it's best from the author of Nemesis, Mr. Pettigrew, the Montana Series, and many more acclaimed westerns and historicals.

Flintlock Trail

John Legg - 1997
    He runs away at 16, fights in the War of 1812, and ultimately signs on with the Missouri Fur Company. Maxwell encounters more than his share of adventures, including numerous skirmishes with Indians as well as betrayals by the men he considered to be his friends. "Flintlock Trail" is an action-packed western that is also the story of one man's search for his identity.

Blood on the Mountain: A Western Frontier Adventure (The Moses Calhoun Mountain Westerns Book 1)

Robert Peecher - 2019
    Make sure you've got plenty of powder and shot, because there will be Blood on the Mountain.Click the buy button to join Moses Calhoun. And don't forget to bring your coat.

Hawk Eyes

David Althouse - 2016
    Chained to a tree, the man seems destined to hang for murder. In response to the boy's curiosity, Hawk Eyes shares his story of bad luck and misadventure. As if a master storyteller sitting comfortably by a campfire, Hawk Eyes relates near-death escapes, living with the Cherokee, gunfights, the death of friends and loved ones, and a quest for revenge. Ben can see vast landscapes painted from the words of the doomed man and feel the wild history of the West come alive. Will he have to watch Hawk Eyes die at the end of a rope?


John Benteen - 1969
    Fargo lives with a gun in his fist. Guns and killing are all he knows. And Fargo likes what he knows. Want to start a revolution? Want to stop one? Send for Fargo. Want to blow a bridge, stage a prison break, rob a bank? Fargo's your man. The Army taught Fargo how to kill with pistol, rifle, machine gun. He became an expert with knives, shotguns and women on his own time. Fargo hates the quiet life. He knows he's going to get it sooner or later. He hopes it won't be too much later because he wouldn't know how to be old and comfortable. So while it lasts, Fargo plans to grab the world by the throat and take what he wants. If the world doesn't like that, it can try to stop him ... if it can.

Blood on the Plains

John D. Fie Jr. - 2015
    Matt Hutchins, the lone survivor of a wagon train massacre Found and raised by the Sioux, Matt not only learns the ways of the Sioux, but his survival skills are keenly honed with his tracking abilities used by both the Army and later by the sheriff of a town named Buffalo Flats Matt lives alone on the open plains with his trusted friend and horse ‘Ole Friend, a gift given to him by the Chief Buffalo Robes, the one who taught him how to survive

Valley of Fire

Johnny D. Boggs - 2014
    But it's not Christian charity that's driving Sister Genevieve--she wants Micah to take her to a place called the Valley of Fire, deep in the most lawless and perilous part of New Mexico Territory. It was here where an order of nuns met their Maker, and it's Sister Genevieve's mission to see that they are given a proper funeral. Or so she claims. Micah's not in the habit of helping nuns, but it turns out the only true vow Genevieve ever took was to get rich--and there's a fortune in gold buried along with the sisters. With kill-crazy bandits and blood-hunting bounty hunters after them, it'll take a miracle to reach the Valley of Fire, let alone get the gold. But sometimes, the Almighty does work in mysterious ways. . ."Johnny Boggs has produced another instant page-turner...don't put down the book until you finish it." --Tony Hillerman on Killstraight "Johnny D. Boggs tells a crisply powerful story that rings true more than two centuries after the bloody business was done." --The Charleston (S.C.) Post and Courier on The Despoilers Raves For The Westerns Of Johnny D. Boggs "Another dramatic story by a finalist for the Spur award of Western Writers of America." --Amarillo Globe-News (on Once They Wore the Gray)"An entertaining western in the classic mold. The characters possess enough human frailty to be believable, the author includes interesting stuff on the weaponry of the times, and there is enough gunplay to satisfy genre purists." --Booklist on Ten and Me"Boggs has once more written a humdinger of a book with wonderful characters, even the villains. The Despoilers tears at one's heart, which is what really good fiction should do." --Roundup on The Despoilers"Boggs' unique approach to the Lincoln County War's legal skirmishing is both eye-opening and memorable." --True West on Law of the Land"... a finely crafted historical novel with fully developed characters playing out their lives against the backdrop of early Texas settlement." --American Cowboy on Spark on the Prairie"Boggs delivers a colorful, clever and arresting tale." --Santa Fe New Mexican on Camp Ford

Hell in the Nations: The Further Adventures of Hayden Tilden (Hayden Tilden Westerns Book 2)

J. Lee Butts - 2016
    Until Hayden Tilden caught up with him.Smilin’ Jack Paine is one face from the past that Hayden would rather forget, but the man’s sinister grin is permanently etched in his memory, along with the chilling thoughts of Paine’s unspeakable crimes. There seems to be no other way to put that demon to rest than to tell the whole story—from the day Hayden first heard the man’s name to the day he finally wiped the grin off Paine’s face for good.Praise for Lawdog: The Life and Times of Haydon Tilden“Lawdog should assume its rightful place beside other Western classics.” —Peter Brandvold, author of Once Hell Freezes Over“Lawdog has it all. I couldn’t put it down.” —Jack Ballas, author of West of the RiverAbout the Author:J. Lee Butts is the author of 22 published books and numerous magazine articles and short works. His book Brotherhood of Blood was runner-up for the Western Writers of America Spur Award in 2005. He’s worn many hats over the years (teacher, administrator, pool manager, IBM supervisor, and western author), and he and his late wife lived everywhere from Los Angeles to Dallas. Currently he’s hanging those hats back in White Hall, Arkansas.

Black Crossing

C.K. Crigger - 2007
     Isaac Gilpatrick witnesses the killing of old Marshall Blodgett, and when his mother Ione is threatened with death - or worse - he is intimidated into remaining silent. But the guilt he carries wears at Isaac's nerves, until he can bear it no longer and vows to put the information into the new marshal's hands. Unfortunately, Marshal TJ Osgood arrives in town too late. He finds Isaac silenced for good after a crooked judge ordered him hanged. Now, with an under-aged deputy and a hound dog as his only allies, Osgood must sort out the truth, protect the bereaved Ione Gilpatrick, and bring a rough bunch of backwoods timber thieves to justice. That is, if Ione doesn't beat him to it....


Frank Roderus - 2014
    Too young to die, too tough to care Morgan heads west chasing rumors of the Pikes Peak gold rush and grows up much too early along the way.

Barbed Wire

Elmer Kelton - 1980
    And neither side takes prisoners!

Stagecoach to Purgatory

Peter Brandvold - 2018
    Raucous, rowdy, ruthless revenge. Next question? DEVIL BY THE TAIL How do you catch a fork-tongued demon who's busted out of prison to wreak all sorts of unholy hell on a small Texas town? If you're Lou Prophet, you team up with red-hot Louisa Bonaventura, aka "The Vengeance Queen," and cut a swath of merciless Prophet mayhem in return. Due process be damned . . .