Whispering Pines Mysteries Box Set: Books 4-6

Shawn McGuire - 2019
     Hidden Secrets: A Whispering Pines Mystery, Book Four Aside from a minor glitch or two, everything has gone to plan with the grand opening of Pine Time Bed-and-Breakfast. Then one of Jayne’s guests turns up dead on the side of the road. Now, with some of the locals pointing out that the rash of murders plaguing the village started when Jayne arrived, Jayne has to clear her own name while tracking down the real killer. Rival Secrets: A Whispering Pines Mystery, Book Five As the weather turns crisp, Jayne and the other villagers prepare for the last big tourist draw of the season: the autumn equinox festival and its ever-popular cooking competition. Events turn from friendly to fatal, however, when one of the contestants is found dead in the woods. As all eyes turn to one of the villagers as the killer, Jayne digs deep to clear the name of one of their own. Veiled Secrets: A Whispering Pines Mystery, Book Six The village is calm and quiet for the Samhain feast, until a boy goes missing during trick-or-treating. The parents say he does this sometimes, but with a storm bearing down on the village, Jayne isn’t content to dismiss this as a case of a curious kid off exploring the woods. What readers are saying: “I've read them all and just want to go back.” “I wish Whispering Pines was a real place” “If you enjoy honest, rather raw characters seeking direction, and the consequences of past mistakes, you'll enjoy this series as much as I have.” “My mind is still in Whispering Pines. I can clearly see the thatched roof houses, their wood and stucco exteriors. It reminds me of Shakespeare's house in London." “I really enjoy how the characters continue to evolve in this series and the new eccentrics fit right in!” “I totally fell in love with both the village and the story.” “I would gladly plan my next trip to Whispering Pines.” The Whispering Pines Mystery Series Family Secrets: A Whispering Pines Mystery Kept Secrets: A Whispering Pines Mystery, Book Two Original Secrets: A Whispering Pines Mystery, Book Three Hidden Secrets: A Whispering Pines Mystery, Book Four Rival Secrets: A Whispering Pines Mystery, Book Five Veiled Secrets: A Whispering Pines Mystery, Book Six Silent Secrets: A Whispering Pines Mystery, Book Seven Merciful Secrets: A Whispering Pines Mystery, Book Eight

Guards of Emerald Queen

J.S. Striker - 2018
    In her case, there's Nick Matthews, who's the town flirt and thinks she's the next notch on his bedpost. Then there's Ian Matthews, who's supposed to be the easygoing brother. Except there's nothing easygoing about his charm, or the way he looks at her, or the way he kisses her.And there's nothing easygoing about his secret...NickRose Newark thinks she landed the chance of a lifetime when she gets her first interior decorating solo project, and she can't wait to get started. All her excitement goes down the drain, however, when she meets her new client: Nick Matthews, aka the town's playboy.Aka the most potently charming man she's ever met.She's unfazed by that charm, of course--until she starts getting to know the man beneath the glamorous lifestyle. On paper, Nick has it easy and has it all. But the closer she gets to him, the more Rose finds out about his secrets: and they're secrets that make him all the more attractive--and all the more dangerous... Ara Tom Anderson has worked at Coolio's all his life, so selling the place and packing up feels like the best break he can get. Having no responsibilities for the first time ever seems like a solid plan--one that's broken when he finds himself responsible for the safety of Ara Matthews' one night.Things soon start unravelling when he keeps getting her out of trouble and starts realizing that maybe there's more to her than meets the eye. Ara has deep, dark secrets--and they're secrets that he soon finds himself entangled in, much as he finds himself entangled in her hot, brazen kisses...SamuelBeing the healer of four very powerful, very supernatural siblings might seem like the coolest job in the world--but for Natalie Hill, it's just a job, and one that's ending soon. Now she's down to the last person she's supposed to protect: Samuel Matthews, who never really needed help from her, considering he's already a cop and the town's greatest protector.But danger comes in many forms, and Samuel's beast nature is testament to that: a volatile creature that's a contrast to Samuel's usual calm self, one that fascinates her all the more. Natalie knows it's a mistake to get too close to him. But when tension forms and sexual attraction takes shape, it's too late to back out--and all she can do is try to fight for their lives...Adult Content.

Irreverent: A Dark Paranormal Romance (The Marked Book 7)

Bianca Scardoni - 2021

Academy of Ancients: Box Set Books 1-5

Avery Cross - 2019
    Wicked summoners. Fierce witches. Occasional familiars. Military experiments. Secret councils. Forbidden alliances. The Academy of Ancients will suck you in. Briar Shroud has gone from foster child to full scholarship at the Academy of Ancients. Cool, right? Not quite. Her upperclassman mentor Zachary sucks. He's hot, but he sucks at being a mentor. And a friend. And a person. Her roommate's a paranormal, and the whole school is underground and a secret. Know what else is bad? Briar learns she's a witch. And a rare type of witch, to boot. It went from bad to worse—a picture of a sister she's never heard of appears at the school. A sister she knows nothing about. And the rules seem hellbent on keeping Briar from learning the truth. And sometimes, it seems other forces would rather not see her alive. Warning: This series will hook you! Violence can be found in this series of action-packed fantasy, with necromancers, summoners, and badass witches.

The Reluctant Witch: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery

Amelia Hopegood - 2020

Bear Creek Protectors Complete Series

Harmony Raines - 2022

Second Chance Fake Mate Protector Daddies (Alpha Dragon Club)

Abigail Raines - 2019
    I always get what I want. But there’s something I can’t change on my own. My bad boy image. I need to look more responsible in front of the media. That where Nicole comes in. She’s a dragon shifter just like I am. But she’s also my employee. Perhaps asking her to be my fake girlfriend was a bad idea. Not a second goes by when I don’t obsess over her. Turns out, I have to shed my bad boy image for real. Not just for the media but also for her. She’s pregnant and I have to be her mate. Is it too late to convince her to be my partner forever? Book 2 - Dark Dragon Daddy I had just escaped the hell of prison when I met her. I don’t regret having to go behind bars. It happened the night I was protecting other dragon shifters., Dana is a shifter herself. She’s got a dark past just like I do. We’re suited for each other. She might be my soulmate. But I can never give her the thing she wants most. Love. I lost my humanity in prison. Will Dana be the woman to bring it back? Book 3 - Alpha Dragon's Second Chance Wanting my best friend is wrong. But Sierra is the only woman I’ve ever loved. It might be too late to claim her now. She’s back in town and a new dragon is showing interest in her. Edward is everything I’m not. He doesn’t have the same bad boy image that I do. I need to make Sierra trust me. I have to make her see the sheer need I have for her. It’s the only way I’ll win her over. And I’ll do whatever it takes to push Edward out of the way. Book 4 - Hit-Man Protector Daddy I’m in love with a woman who I’ve been hired to kill in cold blood. How did I even get here? It all started when I was left on the streets as an orphaned dragon shifter. Darryl took me in, and I’ve been doing his dirty work ever since. This is the last job he’s asked me to take care of. I didn’t think much of it until I met my target. Laura is beautiful. She’s mother to a lovely little girl. Killing her would also kill my soul. It would break my heart. Can I go through with it? Or will I risk losing Daryl — the only family I’ve ever known? Warning: For mature audiences only because of window foggingly hot sex scenes!

Protection, Inc.: Defenders Collection One

Zoe Chant - 2021
    But when they're up against deadly magic, the couples just might need a little help from their mischievous pets. Flying kittens to the rescue!Author Zoe Chant returns us to the thrilling and heartwarming world of Protection, Inc. with a new team of misfit shifters!This sizzling hot collection includes:Book #1: Defender Cave BearTwo damaged people. One deadly enemy. And a pair of hell-raising flying kittens.Book #2: Defender RaptorPigeons stole her heirloom necklace, a bright blue bugbear is bumbling around his living room, and that's not even getting into the shifter circus he inherited. They do say the course of true love never runs smooth...Book #3: Defender HellhoundShe has one year to live, unless he can figure out how to save her. But only she can save him from himself.And a special bonus short story, a prelude to the bestselling series:Book #0.5: Hamster DanceNo problem is too big or too small for the Defenders. But they had no idea just how small their first case would be . . .Love romance with action, passion, comedy, and heart? Get ready to fall in love with the Defenders - and enjoy this addictive collection today! Enjoy these four hilarious, sizzling hot, standalone, shifter romance books. These stories are all romance, with no cheating, absolutely no cliff-hangers, and guaranteed, heartwarming HEA's!

Ghosts of Culloden Moor: Volume 2

L.L. Muir - 2017
    Nearly 300 years later, a young lass hopes to re-write history... Soncerae is a Muir Witch whose destiny is to save these Highland warriors who refuse to leave Culloden's hallowed, forever-bloody ground. She can win back their lives, but only for a time. And in that time, she hopes to prove that a heart's true desire can mean so much more than revenge. This anthology contains the stories of Fraser, Rabby, and Macbeth. "These rough, braw men of mine... 'Tis more than just pride and injustice that keeps them tethered to the moor. But pride is what I'll use to get them to go on. Ye see, I've known for a long while I'll know no peace until they've found theirs." ~Soncerae Muir

If I Hadn't Met You

Shalini Ranjan - 2021
    No one can hear me because…” there was a brief, hectic silence, “I am dead… have been dead for the past eighteen years.”Dead! No. No way! It was one thing to suspect it. It was completely another thing to hear it from her.Beautiful and witty, Tisha Mathur finds her life turn upside down on her eighteenth birthday when she interrupts a havan intended to bring peace to the soul of Ambika. Now, awakened from a slumber of eighteen years, Ambika is back in the real world. And if Tisha wants her normal life back, she only needs to do two things- 1. Help Ambika find her wedding chain that she claims to have never taken apart.2. Go on a date with Rudra Singh Shekhawat - who Ambika thinks looks like Dev Anand.What starts as a simple hunt of a lost chain quickly catapults into a somersault as Tisha realizes that someone doesn’t want her asking questions about Ambika… and a horrifying discovery that Ambika might not have committed suicide as is the general belief.

The Other Side of Dawn

Veronica Bale - 2020
    For Casey Becker, whose life has been left in pieces after a personal tragedy, she hopes that escaping to those majestic hills will take her away from the burden of her memories. But the magic of the Highlands is mysterious, and the hills hold many secrets - the most intriguing of which is Rory Hawthorn.In the village of Drumnadrochit, where Casey is staying with her aunt and uncle, no one knows much about the drifter named Rory. He turned up a few years ago, and has been an occasional presence ever since. Casey is fascinated by Rory. Who is he, and where did he come from?The more she learns about the mysterious Rory Hawthorn, the more Casey believes that his secrets are inextricably tied to the magic of the Highlands. If she uncovers what they are, she may uncover the answer to a long-buried secret about herself. Will she have the courage to face it when she does?

Everlasting Magic: A Thorne Witches Holiday Novella (The Thorne Witches)

T.M. Cromer - 2022
    He also happens to be the man she’s loved forever, so the stakes couldn’t be higher to clear his name.Simon Blane is royally screwed. Framed as an international kingpin to hide the activities of the actual criminal ring, he faces life imprisonment. Worse still, he’s fallen for the brilliant, determined Evelyn Thorne, a powerful witch with a not-so-law-abiding family, and he’s unwittingly dragged her into the center of a maelstrom. Now they both have a massive target on their backs. Simon and Evelyn will have to throw away the FBI rule book and tap into the Thorne Witches’ power if they have any chance of survival—because the real culprit is determined to keep the truth hidden by any means possible. And as Simon and Evelyn hunt for the evidence to save them, maybe, just maybe, they can find a little Valentine’s Day magic of their own.

Devour Series Boxset

Shelly Crane - 2015
    Eli comes to town and shakes up Clara's perfect little life. He feeds off emotions, but hers are so much more than what he's ever felt before. And then all hell breaks loose when his kind, and his insane brother, find out. A rebellion brews, bonds form with witches and elves, ready to fight for their mates. DevourClara has it all. A wrestling star boyfriend, popular friends, all the right school activities...pretty much a perfect life...up until her parents died. Now she lives with the Pastor and his family and though they take good care of her, she feels alone. Then her boyfriend, Tate, starts to show signs of trouble when a new guy, Eli, comes to town. Clara is fascinated with him, but hides it until something happens. Eli confesses that she gives him something he's never had before...something he needs. He feeds off emotions, but hers are so much more than what he's ever felt before. Everything is about to change for this normal, pretty, popular girl in a supernatural way.ConsumeEli and Clara's story continues as she tries to finish high school. Eli is as over protective as ever and Tate and his group of friends are no help. They wait for the Horde, always looking over their shoulder. But the ever annoying but strangely prophetic bird begins to become more of a chatter box and Eli learns something that could change some things. Not just for him and Clara, but Devourers everywhere. Then an unexpectedness guest comes forcing Eli to flee with Clara, leaving her temporary family behind. She is thrown into his world of underground 'traitors' and learns much of his past. They meet many new people and creatures along the way to freedom. But when tragedy strikes the two, will Clara see the monster in Eli? Can she handle his strange world and awful past? Will one of them lose their life forever...AlteredEnoch is tested. His brother is human, the thing he hates. He watches as the brother he knew is stripped away by his love for Clara. He's never hated someone as much as he hated her...but the bond forced him to not only want to protect her, but feel things he never had before. When a girl needs his help, that split second decision changes his whole world in one instant. A Devourer's Fate...

Evergreen Grove Shifters: Paranormal Romance Collection

Lucy Penn - 2018
    However, one dream never came true, and she hopes it stays that way. A nightmare has haunted Penelope for as long as she can remember. What happens when the nightmare comes true? Rain and Drizzle After a one-night stand, Grayson can’t stop thinking about Cora. He knows she is his mate. The only problem is he has no idea how to find her. The Rescue Owen has always been a lone wolf and refuses to depend on anybody for help. All of that changes one night when he meets Sophia, a woman much younger than him. He must learn to trust her if he wants to live. New Beginning Nina harbors a dark secret about her past. When she finds herself in Evergreen Grove, she knows she must leave immediately or risk being hurt again. When she meets Keppler, he tries to earn her trust, but her trust is not easily given. Romance books also included: Alpha’s Girl, Wrong Mate, The Lost Shifter, Earth Dragon, Water Dragon, Killian’s Seduction, and Vampire’s Revenge WARNING: These novellas are fast, sizzling hot, and ready to be devoured! If you like super sexy, quick, and dirty paranormal romance novellas, you will love Evergreen Grove Shifters: Paranormal Romance Collection! Each story features a bad boy shifter hero. No cliffhangers and no cheating. Intended for 18+ readers due to adult content.

Special Ops Dragons: A Paranormal Romance Collection

Maia Starr - 2020
    Chiseled abs, fake marriages, and hot single dads will keep you awake at night… and have you burning for more!Book 1: Dragon Assassin Protector Saving Annie should’ve been the end of it. Falling in love with her wasn’t part of the plan. I’m an assassin for a Special Ops group. I’ve been using Annie to get the enemy off the throne. The end of this mission will change things. And then, I’ll have an impossible choice to make. Book 2: Dragon Assassin Single Daddy She has to see my real face. She has to see the dragon I have to become to save her. Jana is the love of my life. I could kill her abusive husband for laying a finger on her. She deserves a life with me, and my son. But can I protect her before giving her the world? Book 3: Dragon Assassin Fake Bride He vowed to save my life. But instead, he put me in more danger than I could’ve imagined. John is the Alpha of F.I.R.E. A fact that I didn’t know when I agreed to be his fake wife. He also never told me that I was forbidden to bear children. Well, it’s too late now. I’m already pregnant, and John will lose his family. Unless… Book 4: Dragon Assassin’s Nanny I’m the most powerful dragon assassin in the world. Every woman is fair game. Every woman but her. My daughter’s nanny. The ultimate distraction from my job. Lianne has become my obsession. And I need to keep her close. She has a little secret, and a wolf is after her life. There’s no one in the world I can’t defeat. The enemy will pay if he comes anywhere near her. I’ll make him regret ever being born. Note: Adults Only!