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Surfboards and Suspects by Stacey Alabaster


Scandal in Tawas (Agnes Barton Senior Sleuths #13)

Madison Johns - 2017

Brewing: Tree's Hollow Witches Books One to Three

Sara Bourgeois - 2017
     Brewing Love When Lenora “Lenny” Brewer finds herself fed up with her life in the city, she flees to her Aunt’s bed and breakfast in the small town of Tree’s Hollow. A local handyman turns up dead, and Lenny gets herself mixed up in a murder mystery. Add in a hunky forest ranger, her dream job as an investigative journalist for the local paper, and a cat with so much sass it’s practically criminal, and you’ve got a recipe for a magically good time. Oh and one more thing, Lenny didn’t even know she was a witch until she arrived at her new home in Tree’s Hollow. Will she learn to harness the craft brewing inside of her, or will trouble boil over and destroy everything she comes to love? Brewing Trouble Aunt Kara wants to rename the Tree’s Hollow Bed and Breakfast, so she holds a contest to find the perfect new name. The prize for winning the contest? Death. That wasn’t Kara’s intention, but there’s another murder none the less. At least this time the body wasn’t found in the inn. Why would someone kill the winner? Brewing Boys Nathan's fate is in Lenny's hands. Will he survive the vicious attack that left him broken in a hospital bed? Esme, Lenny, and Jezebel race against time to get justice for Nathan and restore the balance between dark and light in Tree's Hollow. Brewing is suitable for readers of all ages who enjoy lighthearted paranormal cozies. Get the fourth book in the Tree's Hollow Witches Series, Brewing Fun, here:

Back Room Bookstore Cozy Mystery Boxed Set: Books 4 - 6

Susan Harper - 2019
     A paranormal cozy mystery from #1 Best Selling Author Susan Harper Monica Montoya is the owner of the Back Room Bookstore, an ordinary bookstore with a back door to the supernatural realm. She’s settled into her live in the mortal realm but finds herself continuously pulled into the supernatural realm. And murder mysteries. Can Monica keep her secret, solve the string of murders that keep popping up, and protect her friends, both mortal and supernatural? The Back Room Bookstore Cozy Mystery Boxed Set contains books four through six in the Back Room Bookstore Cozy Mystery series. If you like fun paranormal mysteries, you will love Monica and her friends, both human and supernatural. Stories Included: A Gruesome Goal An Eye for Murder Holidays and Homicide Get the Back Room Bookstore Cozy Mystery Boxed Set and start solving your next paranormal mystery today – or three! Always FREE on Kindle Unlimited

Hiding in the Bayou

Riley Blake - 2015
    Convinced Carter didn’t commit the crime, Fortune turns to Ida Belle for help. In the meantime, Gertie tries a dangerous stunt and lands in the hospital. While there, she takes time to piece together a murder clearly executed by amateurs but the motive isn’t what it seems.

Murder on the Sinful Express

Shari Hearn - 2018
    But fiction becomes reality when one of the book club members is poisoned. Will Fortune, Gertie and Ida Belle catch the perp before she strikes again? Or will one of them become her next victim?Murder on the Sinful Express (Sinful Stories Book 7) is set after the events of Hook, Line and Blinker, book ten of Jana DeLeon's Miss Fortune series.A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR: Murder on the Sinful Express was first published on January 19, 2018 as part of the Miss Fortune Kindle Worlds program (which ended in July of 2018). It is now part of the Miss Fortune World published by J&R Fan Fiction. I wish to thank Ms. DeLeon for graciously allowing other writers to explore their own writing in a most Sinful way.Sinful Stories is a series of stories written by Shari Hearn within the Miss Fortune World featuring Fortune, Gertie and Ida Belle. They may be read in any order; however, they do follow the timeline of Jana DeLeon's Miss Fortune series with regard to Fortune's relationship with Carter. With the earlier books in the series, Carter doesn't know Fortune's true identity. As Jana DeLeon's series changes with regard to Fortune's continued threat from Ahmad, future stories within Sinful Stories will reflect those changes.Currently, the stories within Sinful Stories include:Nearly DepartedMutiny on the BayouOverdueNearly BelovedRematchLeaving SinfulMurder on the Sinful Express

Mystic Notch Boxed Set: Books 1-3

Leighann Dobbs - 2017
    Join Willa Chance bookstore owner and the cats of Mystic Notch in three magical twisty mysteries. Book 1 Ghostly Paws Middle age can be murder ... At least that’s how it seems to former crime journalist, Wilhelmina Chance, whose near-fatal accident has given her a strange side effect ... she sees ghosts. After a messy divorce sends her fleeing back to her hometown of Mystic Notch, nestled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, Willa finds herself haunted by the tenacious ghost of the town librarian who insists Willa solve her murder. Luckily, she has lots of help, including a quirky cast of small-town characters, the cat she’s inherited from her grandmother, and her best friend, Pepper, who claims her herbal teas can work magic. But just when Willa thinks she’s discovered who the killer is, she finds out that things are not what they seem in Mystic Notch, and the case takes a strange turn that has Willa adding even some of her long-time friends to her suspect list. Can Willa find the real killer in time to keep the magical balance in Mystic Notch on the side of good, or will evil prevail? Book 2 - A Spirited Tail Middle-aged bookstore owner Willa Chance is looking forward to the opportunity of appraising a valuable private library that hasn't seen the light of day for fifty years ... until she finds a dead body in the backyard and the ghost of the home's previous owner anxiously waiting for her inside. Hampered by the persistent ghost who insists on keeping secrets from her, Willa navigates a sea of confusing clues as she struggles to uncover the connection between the recent murder and two murders fifty years ago. Is the answer contained in the secret she found in the library? Or the unusual bequest left by the long-dead owner of the house? Or maybe it has something to do with the mysterious journal that everyone seems to be after. Once again, Willa's cat Pandora has to help her figure out the clues, while she and the other cats of Mystic Notch try to keep vital mystical knowledge from getting into the wrong hands. Can Willa discover the identity of the killer in time or will she end up being the fourth victim? Book 3 - A Mew To A Kill When the ghost of a murder victim appears in Last Chance Books, middle-aged bookstore owner, Willa Chance, must find the ghost's killer or risk being haunted with its unwanted advice forever. Too bad the ghost suffers from amnesia and only has a few scant clues as to the identity of the killer. That's okay, though, because Willa has a pretty good idea who did it ... until her investigation turns up additional suspects with curious motives. Meanwhile her cat, Pandora, is on the hunt for a mystical kitten that the cats of Mystic Notch must bring into the fold before the kitten is enticed to the side of evil by a powerful foe. When Willa's own life is threatened, she enters into a race against time to figure out the identity of the killer before she becomes the next victim.

A Filling Account (Raised and Glazed Cozy Mysteries Book 2)

Emma Ainsley - 2021

A COTSWOLDS MURDER MYSTERY BOX SET BOOKS 1–4 four gripping cozy mysteries full of twists

Stella Cameron - 2021

The Complete Nightingale Mysteries

Roy Chester - 2020

Act it Out (A Hailey Webb Mystery, Volume 2)

Deany Ray - 2021

Long Paw Of The Law Four Book Cozy Mystery Set

Laurie Anne Marie - 2017
    Long Paw Of The Law Welcome to Comfortville, a quaint little town nestled inland from the Pacific coast. Ashley Crane is busy nursing a broken heart, working tirelessly as a cook, and hanging out with her family and best friends when her boss at the restaurant is murdered. At first the investigation is left to Nathaniel Thompson, the local handsome police detective. But when Thompson arrests the wrong suspect, Ashley takes the investigation into her own hands. Solving the case won't be easy. She'll need help from her parents April and Burt, her best friends Sean and Lara, and her cute and clever cat Charlie. It's up to Ashley Crane to find the real murderer in Comfortville before they strike again. Long Paw Of The Law 2 The second book in The Long Paw of the Law series finds Ashley Crane putting her life back together after solving the crime at her old restaurant. But on the night of her first catering job, the owner of the company is murdered. When the local police detective arrests someone whom Ashley believes is the wrong suspect, she decides to find the real killer herself. Cracking the case is a puzzle, but with her clever cat Charlie, she turns up some clues that lead her down a dizzying path to uncover the truth. Will she find the real murderer before it’s too late and restore a sense of calm to Comfortville? Long Paw Of The Law 3 The small town of Comfortville has returned to a peaceful haven after being rocked by two separate murders. Ashley Crane is occupied with her catering career, and her boyfriend, Sean, is busy running his popular bakery, Babycakes. One day while cleaning out her parents' attic, Ashley discovers newspaper articles about a twenty-five-year-old cold case involving the murder of a local businessman's wife. Soon she learns from the local detective, Nate Thompson, that a new investigator is in town to help discover what happened in the past. Dark secrets begin to surface, and when Ashley's uncle is nearly murdered, she becomes determined to find out who the real killer was years ago. With her cat Charlie's help, and a new friend who warns her about impending danger, Comfortville's dark underbelly is exposed again. Is time finally running out for Ashley and her safety? Long Paw Of The Law 4 All Ashley Crane wants is a simple and relaxing vacation with her fiancé, Sean. They leave their home of Comfortville in the leafy green northwest and embark on an exciting trip to the southwest desert. The sights, sounds, and unique landscape of their destination instantly enchant them. But no sooner do they settle down in their cabin than a murder happens overnight on a nearby mesa. At first, Ashley wants to leave the investigation to the authorities and just relax, but the history of the local people and the events leading up to the shocking murder pull her and Sean into the case. Without the usual support from her beloved cat, family, and friends, can Ashley help bring the guilty party to justice, or will their vacation turn fatal?

A Southern Charms Cozy Potluck: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery Box Set Books 1-3

Bella Falls - 2019
    Now that she’s ready to return home, she plans to lay low and sip some of her Nana’s sweet tea while the town gossips come out to play. Unfortunately, on her first night back, Charli discovers the body of her crazy great uncle (hey, everyone has one). She suddenly finds herself at the center of a mystery that threatens the very foundations of Honeysuckle Hollow and the safety of every paranormal citizen in it—starting with Charlie herself. With the clock ticking, will Charli’s special magical talents be enough to save not only the town but her own life? Fried Chicken & Fangs: Book 2 An upcoming election shakes up Honeysuckle. When an outspoken resident who opposes the changes to the magical small Southern town turns up dead, it’s up to Charli Goodwin and her special talents to get on the case…except her valuable magic doesn’t seem to be working. What starts as a simple search uncovers a darker layer of manipulation and sabotage. Will Charli be able to figure out who is pulling the strings before the foundations of the town are destroyed? Sweet Tea & Spells: Book 3 Lots of changes in town and in her life, including her ex-fiancé's upcoming wedding to her cousin, have Charli Goodwin trying to be on her best behavior. But when an outsider infiltrates Honeysuckle and another death threatens to ruin more than just the future of the upcoming nuptials, Charli winds up at the center of another murder investigation. With wolf shifter Dash Channing cutting off all contact while away and Mason Clairmont making a new declaration, everything for Charli could change. Will she be able to cast her personal feelings aside to break all the rules and help capture the real killer with the detective or will more trouble be heading to the small supernatural Southern town? Fill up your plate and grab a glass of sweet tea to enjoy this “potluck” of A Southern Charms Cozy Mystery Series books 1-3!

The Cozy Corgi Cozy Mysteries, Collection Three

Mildred Abbott - 2018
     Quarrelsome Quartz: Book 7 As summer draws to a close, the Spirit, Health, and Heart Conference arrives, just in time for Winifred’s sisters to open their store next to the Cozy Corgi Bookshop. To Fred’s surprise, Chakras turns out to be a beautiful addition to the delightful mountain town. But not everyone is charmed, and when a famous spiritualist is found dead, Chakras and the entire town are plunged into a conflict that touches the lives of those closest to Fred. 
 Wicked Wildlife: Book 8 Estes Park bustles with tourists and locals for its Halloween celebration, and Winifred Page and her corgi sidekick, Watson, are enjoying their favorite pastries as they greet trick-or-treaters outside the Cozy Corgi Bookstore and Bakery. But a chilling afterhours break-in at the charming bookshop leaves Fred and Watson shaken, especially with its connection to a recent poaching incident in the national park. By daybreak, on a cool morning walk through town, Fred discovers the body of one of the poachers… Malevolent Magic: Book 9 Fred is welcoming the holiday spirit and appreciating the friendships, love, and support she’s found during her first year in her new hometown. A holiday party at the Cozy Corgi Bookshop and Bakery becomes a scene for local drama, and by morning, a trip to the magic shop to collect a present has Fred and Watson stumbling upon a murder scene. In an unexpected twist, Fred is asked to investigate, but the suspect list keeps growing, and every one of them would give Ebenezer Scrooge a run for his money. (This anthology includes a recipe for delectable quiche, garlic-infused artisan bread, and sweet potato pie.)

Fortune and Fame

Mark Len Mayfield - 2016
    Shortly after a second murder in Sinful had been solved, Fortune believes she has recognized a woman, now going by the name Georgia Fame, who has been using her affections to prey on well-to-do elderly men, leaving them heartbroken, penniless and sometimes even... dead. Ingeniously clever, the woman has alluded authorities for decades and Fortune soon begins to understand why. With Ida Belle and Gertie at her side, the swamp team begin to build their case but the woman always covers her tracks and stays one step ahead of them. Fortune gets close but Georgia always manages to stay just out of reach. When she realizes her suspect may get away forever, she tries one last act of desperation. “Fortune and Fame” is fast-paced, filled with humor, romance, twists and turns. From KindleWorld’s Mark Len Mayfield, author of the Wayward Pines novel, “The Journey of Peter McCall.”

Cozy Mysteries Collection: Fall & Family Edition

Hope Callaghan - 2018
     Enjoy hours upon hours of good, clean reading entertainment that’ll keep you guessing until the end! BONUS: RECIPES INSIDE! Hope Callaghan Cozy Mysteries Collection (6 Book Fall & Family Edition) CONTENTS: 1-Family, Friends, and Foes (Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Series) 2-Fall Girl (Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Series) 3-The Family Affair (Made in Savannah Cozy Mystery Series) 4-Waves of Deception (Samantha Rite Mystery Series) 5-Grandkids Gone Wild (Garden Girls Cozy Mysteries Series) 6-Deadly Delivery (Cruise Ship Cozy Mysteries Series) *****Plus Bonus Short Story “Teepees & Trailer Parks”***** Book 1- Family, Friends, and Foes Mere hours before she’s set to marry the man of her dreams, Millie Sanders receives a hand delivered note from a family member that could threaten her wedding plans as well as her future as Assistant Cruise Director onboard “Siren of the Seas.” To make matters worse, Captain Armati tells her that their upcoming dream honeymoon on the island of Saint-Martin is in jeopardy because of two mysterious deaths at the all-inclusive resort, owned by his close friend, Regan Leclerc. Millie quickly realizes something more sinister is afoot and a serial killer may be on the loose. When Regan’s wife, Nadia, begs Millie for her help in solving the string of deaths that are plaguing the resort, the duo decides they must move quickly to track down the killer or face the possibility of becoming the killer’s next victims. Book 2-Fall Girl With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the townsfolk of Belhaven are busy preparing for the upcoming feast with friends and family. When a body is discovered in the vacant farmhouse across the street from Gloria Rutherford's place, Gloria is horrified to think that someone...a killer, is on the loose. Things go from bad to worse when she discovers that the body found in the house is none other than her best friend, Lucy Carlson's ex-boyfriend. The police uncover evidence that points to Lucy as the murderer and possibly Gloria as an accomplice. Police are hot on Lucy's trail and the lead investigator is gunning for her arrest. Can Gloria track down the real killer before it's too late? Or will Lucy take the fall and spend Thanksgiving in the slammer? PLUS 4 MORE COZY MYSTERIES AND A BONUS SHORT STORY FOR YOU TO ENJOY!