Stripper Confessions, Part 1

Solae Dehvine - 2013
    She strips at night and goes to the normal life of a pre-med student during the day. Trying to keep two lives from crossing is difficult especially when her roommate falls in desperate need of money.Lauren reluctantly helps her roommate but at a huge cost. Just like a girl on the pole, what goes up must come down. See how Lauren and the lovely strippers deal with life in this erotic thriller.This is a seriesPart 1 of 3(13,010 Words)

Finding Destiny

Christa Simpson - 2014
    He has never strayed from those rules. And yet Destiny has him breaking every last one of them. Destiny was looking forward to a bit of solitude in the north. She figured surrounding herself with her two besties, at an expensive spa retreat, would beat away the winter blues. That was the plan. Destiny liked plans. But plans don’t always work out the way you want them to. Skylar never expected to find three ladies trudging through the snow. But after finding them stranded, in the middle of nowhere, during the biggest snow storm of the year, he’s forced to invite Destiny and her friends back to his cabin. Though he tried to ignore what was subtly unraveling between them, he couldn't discount their attraction. The way Destiny could read into his thoughts and the way his jealousy raged at the thought of his brother taking her to his bed, he knew he had better stake his claim. But when tragedy strikes, torn from her arms at lightning speed, Skylar’s left to wonder whether he would ever find his destiny.

The Pussy Whispers

Dean Jéan-Pierre - 2010
    The lyrical passion will caress your mind and feed your body from the first mental stroke of The Pussy Whispers verbal penetration. It will leave you craving and thirsting for more...

How Deep Is Your Love

Johnazia Gray - 2015
    Losing her parents taught her that she should never get too comfortable with any situation. So, falling head over heels in love with Calvin and playing the fool for many years, has her questioning if she was ever worthy of genuinely being loved. Amira is not a big fan of being a one man’s girl. She’s hell bent on believing that men only wants one thing until she runs into a guy name Larry. A seriously disturbing past consisting of abuse and molestation has made her heart ice cold, but Larry shows her that all men are not the same. Will Amira change for her new man or will her past interfere with the new her?Jazmine has always loved her husband, Tevin. She has done everything in her power to prove to him that she’s the picture perfect wife. However, Jazmine isn’t the trophy wife of the year. Her sneaky ways has always made people question her loyalty and her love. With drama between the two unfolding, will it be too late to save her marriage?Lines will be crossed, hearts will be shattered and the darkest of secrets will come to the light leaving everyone with one question. How Deep Is Your Love?

His Property - Season One

G.L. Corbin - 2012
    She craves excitement, but soon realises that excitement comes at a price. Can she save her marriage? Does she want to? Does she love or hate Stephen Browman? Does he love her? Is he capable of love?Through a series of sexual adventures, Lorraine is drawn into a world of corruption, intrigue, and possibly even murder.** Suitable for 18+ only **

Tushie: A Taboo Tale of Forbidden Love

Brianna Skylark - 2019
    To her surprise, she loves it and now she wants more...What starts as a taboo curiosity, quickly escalates into an overwhelming desire to push the conventional boundaries of their sex life, both in and out of the bedroom.Elsie wants her husband to ravish her tushie, and she can’t wait to find out what it feels like…WHAT TO EXPECT:First and foremost, this is a safe story, with the emphasis on a loving, respectful relationship between a husband and wife, as they become adventurous in the bedroom. Join Elsie and Cole as they accidentally discover a new kink the night before their first wedding anniversary and excitedly consent to explore it together in a daring, sweet and romantic way.A sensual, romantic, caring, consensual, safe, naughty, taboo and ridiculously hot tale of a husband and wife exploring each other’s boundaries and bodies, in and out of the bedroom.Brianna Skylark - Short, secret, sexy and sweet.

Against All Rules: A Contemporary Romance

Summerita Rhayne - 2014
    Strong as the attraction is, she’s equally determined to keep it a secret from the suave tycoon, Tahir Virani.Tahir, the distant and at times, sarcastic boss, has no time for Samara. Embittered and cynical after his failed marriage, he has no intention of getting involved and certainly not in anything long term.A kiss changes everything. The office logistics go haywire as awareness zooms to level ‘O’. Soon, one thing is clear, they can no longer ignore each other.But Tahir has clearly no intention of breaking his office protocol and Samara would never settle for a fling.When the fire is set, who can avoid the blaze?

Dripping Wet (Dripping Wet #1)

Lucia Jordan - 2016
    After he leaves her home that morning, Amy assumes she’ll never see him again—this man who has sent her into a fit of desire.Christopher Meade has spent the entire day thinking about the gorgeous woman who sought his help that morning only to capture his attention and to turn his mind to lust and desire. So enamored was he by everything about her that he didn’t even bother to correct her when she assumed he was a mover. But when Chris sees Amy arrive home that night will he come clean to her about who he really is? Or will Chris take a chance, when the evening takes an unlikely turn toward the bedroom, on Amy being okay with his dominant brand of reality?

Back To Hell Country

Orrin Russell - 2017
    He'll head to the nearest town and live lavishly, with unlimited whisky and women. But no sooner does he arrive in town than the trouble starts. A crooked sheriff and his thieving daughter allow no chance for peace, and a trigger happy deputy has Balum on edge. They suspect Balum has possession of their stolen gold. They're determined to get that gold back, and to see him hung before his story gets out. To further complicate his situation, Balum's focus is distracted by the women of the town. The hotel proprietress, the sheriff's own daughter and more, manage to give him pleasure and grief all at once. With no opportunity to spend the gold and the pressure mounting, only one thing can save him; a trip back to Hell Country.

Captured By Him (Sold to the Master #1)

Brittany Adams - 2015
    It is intended for mature readers. In an alternate, present day America, the rules are a little different. Actually, they’re a lot different. All females, with rare exception, are considered the property of men from the moment they are born until they take their last dying breath. Raven Let’s get one thing straight. I do my own thing, my own way. And I have big plans that do not involve being owned by some man who calls himself ‘Master’, no matter what the law says. Just because the big hunt is tomorrow, doesn’t mean that I’ll be leaving here with my new owner. I will risk my life for the chance at freedom. "The Blue-Eyed Devil" She may think of me as the devil now, but once I capture her and take her home with me, she’ll be calling me her Lord… her Master. I’ve never needed or wanted anyone the way I do Raven. And what I want, I always get.

Reckless Hearts

Lucy Lambert - 2015
    My parents didn't have the right kind of jobs or the right kind of house. And, at university, I was also the girl who ruined the curve by being at the top of the class. The rich kids hated me, and I hated them. A chip on my shoulder? Yeah, that's a nice way of putting it. Then the richest of the rich - the enigmatic billionaire "Mr. X" - arrived on campus to give a speech. And I couldn't keep my big mouth shut. Strangely enough, Mr. X took an interest in me. Soon I realized that there was another side to the reckless billionaire. Something beyond his impulsive business moves and fast cars. There was... Owen. Owen, the kind man who saved stray dogs from the side of the road, the man who planted a tree for every one that his company chopped down. The more I spent time with him, the more I realized that I loved him. They say that you're your own worst enemy, and I've always been one to play by the rules. This time, though, my heart pushed me into a mess I didn't know how to escape from. Could I let myself fall in love with Mr. X, even if it meant I had to break every rule in the book to get him?

Lucifer's Lover

Tracy Cooper-Posey - 2005
    As head of marketing for the exclusive Freeman Hotel, in the rarefied mountains of northern Washington, Lindsay grapples with her rival -- the charming newcomer, Lucifer Furey Pierse. No one knows much about Luke except that he could turn murder into a comedy routine, that he likes classy women and is oddly drawn to the prickly, definitely not-interested Lindsay. It starts with a bet that goes horribly wrong. If Lyndsay wins, then Luke leaves town--forever. If Luke wins, he gets a date with Lyndsay. But when Luke wins and Lindsay is forced to pay the price, she learns more about Lucifer Furey Pierse than she thought existed, and the date kick-starts a bitter-sweet journey as they learn why they are the people they have become. Then life hands them an unexpected twist they must deal that tests both of them to limits.

The Kiss

Erica M. Christensen - 2014
    Out of nowhere, sparks begin to fly, and things between them start to heat up. The only problem is...Stephen is engaged.Addison decides the best way to drown her sorrows is in alcohol. So she heads out on the town by herself for New Year's Eve.Lucas, a sexy tattooed man, catches Addison's eye. They dance, make jokes, and even make a playful bet that Addison accepts thinking all will be forgotten by morning--thanks to a night of heavy drinking.Will Addison find new love with Lucas? Or will she find a way to win Stephen over once and for all?

Naughty Bedtime Stories: First Taste

Olivia HarperLexi Ostrow - 2014
    Friends seeing each other with new eyes. The hesitant touch of new lovers. A first glance. A first word. A first touch. A first kiss. Take a journey through thirteen erotic shorts, poems and art to relive that first-time feeling. Naughty Bedtime Stories: First Taste will stir the butterflies, curl the toes and send hearts racing. After all, nothing tastes as good as naughty feels…

Strong Reflection: Book 2 of the Dark Series trilogy

Cate McKoy - 2014
    The story flowed and kept me guessing. The end for Book two left me stunned. I then went back to read Book one. It was outstanding. I can't wait for Book three. Ms. Mckoy you are a great writer. Keep it up!" --Amazon Reviewer “HANG ON” are the words to describe their road trip, relationship, and love! Healing from her injuries after helping to take down the Newburgh Slasher, FBI Agent Ashley "Mack" Mackenzie decides to vacation with her former partner and friend, Catlyn Lyte before participating in her wedding. She needed to get her mind off her nightmares of the night her family was slain in a violent home invasion and the hot sexy dreams of her boss Director Kyle Strong. Fun in the sun is just what the doctor ordered. That is until Kyle decides to accept Jack Gard's invitation to also vacation with them. How can she forget her inappropriate dreams about her sexy boss if he was underfoot? And she could do without his habitual reprimands while on vacation. Kyle didn't understand his agent's constant failure to follow his orders or policies and her reckless acts to get the job done, catching killers, rapists and the like. Nor did he understand his intense attraction and emotions regarding his agent. Almost losing Ashley to the Newburgh Slasher makes Kyle realize he wants a deeper relationship with her. Taking care of loose ends by breaking things off permanently with his on-again-off-again girlfriend, he joins Ashley on vacation to see if he can solve the mystery that she represented and to see where his attraction for her may lead. From minute one their vacation is a high action, thrilling, emotional ride with sexual chemistry off the charts.