Fear CD Collection: Hunting Fear / Chill of Fear / Sleeping with Fear

Kay Hooper - 2007
    Now Jordan has come to Clayton County, North Carolina, where the latest in a string of kidnapping victims has turned up dead. Complicating the situation is the presence - and predictions - of someone who’s even more of an outsider than Jordan himself: carnival psychic Samantha Burke, a woman out of his own haunted past.Chill of Fear:FBI agent Quentin Hayes always knew he had an unusual talent, even before he was recruited by Noah Bishop for the controversial Special Crimes Unit. But for twenty years he’s been haunted by a heartbreaking unsolved murder that took place at The Lodge, a secluded Victorian-era resort in Tennessee. Now he’s returned one final time, determined to put the mystery to rest.Sleeping with Fear:A federal agent assigned to the Special Crimes Unit, Riley was a chameleon - a clairvoyant who could blend in with her surroundings. She’d been sent to the beachfront cottage on Opal Island by her enigmatic chief, Noah Bishop, to investigate reports of dangerous occult activity. But that was three weeks ago. Now she’s awoken to discover that she’s got a sexy new man in her life and an unreliable memory, and that the clairvoyant abilities she’s always depended on to protect her are MIA.

Haunting Hooligans

Carolyn Ridder Aspenson - 2019
    But with Halloween coming, the novice psychic medium is in for a surprise. As the historical society manager for her small Georgia town, Chantilly implemented a haunted historical property tour, and on Halloween, two of the ghosts comes by her house for a visit. The ghosts tell her there isn’t much time, but Chantilly has no idea what that means. Can Chantilly figure it out and help the ghosts before that time runs out?

Lost Magic: A Yew Hollow Witch Mystery (A Witch Myth Cozy Mystery Book 7)

Alexandria Clarke - 2019
     Spring in Yew Hollow delivers bad news for Gwenlyn Bennett. She can’t become an official member of the Summers coven until she completes a dangerous ancient ritual. Will she make it through to the end?

The Sarah Roberts Series Vol. 7-9

Jonas Saul - 2014
    7-9 - Three novels in OneThe Vigilante (Sarah Roberts Book Seven)*Starring Sarah Roberts and guest starring Aaron Stevens from The SpecterDuring a five-month break in Toronto, Sarah has fallen for Aaron Stevens. When the police seek her help to find a serial killer who has operated in the Toronto area for more than twelve years, Sarah receives a series of messages from her dead sister, Vivian.As she closes in the on The Leap Year Killer, Sarah runs into a street gang bent on revenge for her shooting one of their members. Aaron won't accept that she willingly puts herself at risk doing her sister's bidding. Sarah wonders whether the messages are truly from Vivian, or if she possesses a unique psychic ability.With all that she has seen of man's darkest nature, it makes her question why she hasn't given up on humanity yet.The Rogue (Sarah Roberts Book Eight)*Starring Aaron Stevens and guest starring Darwin and Rosina Kostas from The Mafia TrilogySarah Roberts travels to Rome to assist the FBI with their hunt for an Italian-American drug lord with a penchant for violence, despite the warning that she will die within twenty-four hours.Shortly after arrival, Special Agent Penn Kierian is murdered in his hotel room, and Sarah's fingerprints are on the murder weapon. The Italian authorities want to talk to her, but she can't risk exposure to an unseen enemy. She flees to a city she had visited years ago, Umbertide, where she runs into hit men and the ruthless man who wants her out of his way.Parkman, her colleague, an ex-cop turned private investigator, is summoned to Italy to identify Sarah's remains after a massive explosion.Sarah's parents, and the people she loves, must face reality and prepare for her funeral, but Sarah has one more trick up her sleeve.Killing Sarah (Sarah Roberts Book Nine)Sarah Roberts receives a phone call from her colleague Parkman. It's important they meet right away as it's a matter of life and death. Because Parkman is a close friend, Sarah ignores a warning from her dead sister Vivian to stay away. When Sarah is shot, Parkman fires on the retreating four-door sedan, but is not successful in stopping the shooter. He attempts to revive Sarah until the paramedics arrive to take over. When Parkman gets to the hospital, the police question him about who really shot Sarah. After emergency surgery to remove the bullet and reduce the swelling on Sarah's brain, preliminary results show the bullet came from Parkman's gun.He asks to visit Sarah in the ICU, but now no one can find her. He is informed that Sarah Roberts was never admitted to their hospital and the doctor Parkman was talking to earlier about her condition has mysteriously disappeared.Sarah is gone.When Sarah wakes in a modified ambulance, far from the hospital in Toronto, she has retrograde amnesia, leaving her with temporary short-term memory loss. All she can remember of the night she was shot is the image of a man named Parkman. He is standing in front of her with a gun in his hand as a bullet enters her head.The people who shot Sarah are still after her. She needs to work with Parkman in order to stay alive, but all Sarah can think about is revenge for the head wound and Parkman is in her sights.The pain of betrayal goes deeper than the physical wound as Sarah hunts for her former friend while sorting the memories that return in pieces.Killing Sarah is an explosive ride into the depths of a strong woman who makes mistakes and learns the consequences the hard way.

Devil's Night: A Halloween Short Story

Richard Chizmar - 2012
    It was the night before Halloween, the night we always called Wreck Night or Devil's Night back when we were kids and Halloween was second in our hearts only to Christmas. At least the newspapers got that much right. The day, I mean. They pretty much screwed up the rest of the story. I was there that night. Let me tell you what really happened…

The Dead Whisper

Emma Clapperton - 2017
    But who would want to kill an innocent girl in her own home and why? When they believe their questions have been answered the case is closed. Meanwhile, Sam Leonard could not be happier - he has a great acting career and a fantastic girlfriend. After being in a previously turbulent relationship, what could go wrong? For Patrick McLaughlin life is going well. His marriage is stable and with a baby on the way, things can only get better.But the house that Patrick moves into is not what it seems. With a family burial plot in the gardens, visions and messages from the deceased, and a recent death in the house, will Patrick and Jodie regret their purchase? In order to lay the ghosts to rest questions will be asked but can the house ever let go of its past? Emma Clapperton is also the author of The Suicide Plan and Beyond Evidence

The Secret of Giza

Ken Warner - 2020
    After their parents are killed, Jaden and Malia flee into the night, becoming fugitives. Before long, they discover their true identities are tied to the lost city of Atlantis—and to the origins of humanity itself. And now a threat emerges that could wipe out the entire human race—unless Jaden and Malia can stop it!


Ally Summers - 2019
    Hikers are missing. Shifters' bodies are turning up. And a precious shifter artifact has been stolen from the local library. Hunter's Lake used to be a quiet place to live, but now it doesn't feel safe. Bear shifter, Beau Rawlings has never had a case so hard to crack. Especially since he can’t get the main suspect, who happens to be the new girl in town, out of his head. Jessa Langdon is ready for a new life in Hunter’s Lake. Leaving her world behind in Denver, she takes a job at a local library for a fresh start. But her first shift ends in a burglary and she's way too attracted to the cop who shows up to help. Rawlings and Jessa have to focus on the case, to prove her innocence and catch a killer. But you don't get to choose when you fall in love, and they're about to find out what happens when the rules are broken. They just hope their hearts aren't broken too. The small town of Hunter's Lake has always been a refuge for shifters, until now. The Undercover Shifter unit must fight against the clock to save the town they love, and the people in it. Get ready for mates, drama, and murder in the new Undercover Shifter Series.

Buechele: A Short Story

Sam Sisavath - 2019
    If you can find him. A SHORT STORY by Sam Sisavath.

Past Life

Dominic Nolan - 2019
    Who she was. Who had taken her.Detective Abigail Boone has been missing for four days when she is finally found, confused and broken. Suffering retrograde amnesia, she is a stranger to her despairing husband and bewildered son.Hopelessly lost in her own life, with no leads on her abduction, Boone's only instinct is to revisit the case she was investigating when she vanished: the baffling disappearance of a young woman, Sarah Still.Defying her family and the police, Boone obsessively follows a deadly trail to the darkest edges of human cruelty. But even if she finds Sarah, will Boone ever be the same again?

Spellbound Sweets

Connie Shelton - 2017
    After baking a zillion pumpkin cookies, ghostly cupcakes, and an all-black cake for a young witch’s wedding, the gang is looking forward to a gala costume party at the neighborhood bookshop. But when one of the guests is murdered and a rare book vanishes—practically in front of their eyes—the evening takes a whole different turn and Sam finds herself in the midst of another mystery. BONUS: Includes 10 recipes from the author’s personal collection. Praise for Spellbound Sweets, from the anthology Midnight Mysteries: “This was my first time reading Connie Shelton, but it will not be the last. I love her writing style and love her main character, Samantha Sweet, whose series I will be buying. I tend toward more "heavy" mysteries, but this example of the cozy genre makes me want more. This was a real whodunit in the classic sense, with actors, a bakery, an antique book store, and witches to enliven the story.”— Riverlizzie, 5 stars on Amazon “Connie Shelton’s Spellbound Sweets novella is delightful. Just reading about Samantha Sweet and friends at her pastry shop will leave you drooling in anticipation of delicious treats. Join the Halloween party at a bookstore where someone dies and a rare book is now missing. This makes me crave another book in this series.” –Joanne K, 5 stars, Amazon “Connie Shelton created a book full of mystery, perfect from the first page! Don't you think there's always some mystery in the bookshops?” – Maria, 5 stars, Amazon "Spellbound Sweets"- Delectable yet witchy storyline that never wavered from the bakery aroma for too long! A longer read but worth the extra time for sure. The teamwork between Samantha and Beau was a main draw as well as attention to detail, down to the last frosted cookie.” – Janine Thiemann, 5 stars, Amazon “Spellbound Sweets by Connie Shelton was fun – although I think I gained weight reading about Samantha Sweet and the “crew” at her pastry shop. It is one of a few Samantha Sweet Magical Cozy Mysteries I’ve read and I’ll find previous stories to catch up.” – GDS, 5 stars, Amazon


Ariff Adly - 2014
    The survivors try to save themselves but one of them has something to hide...

Finders Weepers

Belinda White - 2012
    I'm a Finder. It's what I do.  I have the somewhat mysterious ability to sometimes link with missing people. Linking can make Finding much easier. Easier on the body, on the mind, on the paws. Oh yeah, I'm a Benandanti werewolf too. I make it a rule to never take on dark cases. For one thing, clients don't seem to feel obligated to pay if you find their loved ones no longer among the living. For another... well it's just plain gross.  I'd like to say I made an exception in the case of little Jimmy Riley because I had a sixth sense that this job would literally change my life. But the truth is my Jeep needed new tires.  Now I'm trying to track down a serial killer, elude a Luparii were-hunting assassin, and mentor a new teenage shifter. All in a day's work, right? Oh, and did I forget to mention that Coyote has decided to take a vested interest in my town, not to mention my life?  Creator, help me.

The Liar's Promise

Mark Tilbury - 2020
    But her mother, Mel, doesn’t realise that this is just the beginning of the nightmare. In the coming weeks, Chloe talks of The Tall Man - Of death. At her wits end, Mel confides in Charles Honeywell, the headmaster at the school where she works. But what Kim doesn’t know is that Charles is linked to what is happening to her daughter. Will Mel learn the terrible truth? And can she overcome her own tragic past and save her daughter before it’s too late?The Liar’s Promise is a story of past lives and future torment.

Restless Spirits Super Boxset

Roger Hayden - 2016
    As she dives headfirst into a dangerous case with a handsome new partner, Morgan is forced to dig deeper into her own family’s past. Can she solve the case or will she only unearth more mysteries? The Haunting Of Bechdel Mansion One couple must unearth the secrets of a small-town murder before it's too late. A young couple from the city move to a small town, looking for a fresh start. They soon find their dream house in an old Victorian mansion and everything seems perfect, that is, until they experience strange supernatural occurrences linked to an unsolved mass murder from forty years ago. Unearthing the secrets buried within the mansion won't be easy. Can they solve the mystery in time, or will they face the same doomed fate as the tenants who came before them?