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Rogue's Revenge by Ava York


Logan's Allure

Rayna Tyler - 2021
    Survival on her planet got harder, and working in a bar, her days spent waiting on others, was not how she’d envisioned her future. After spending time with the group determined to prevent another conflict, learning how to be a warrior like the human females became her greatest desire. Her greatest challenge, other than dealing with an overprotective sibling, is convincing the human male in charge of training, the one whose alluring scent makes her tail twitch, that she is serious.Logan’s position as second in command of the human rebels and a member of the newly formed alliance with the ketaurran ruler comes with a lot of responsibility. Dealing with dangerous, sometimes life-threatening situations is a way of life and not conducive to having a relationship. Teaching females to fight is part of the job, one that never came with distractions until Cianna asked him to train her. A task made more difficult when his next mission requires him to go undercover in her family’s bar. How can Logan be expected to complete his assignment, let alone train Cianna, when all he wants to do is hold the enticing female in his arms and keep her safe?

Alien Billionaire's Fated Mate

Miranda Martin - 2020
    Starlight Matchmaking, what a joke. I'm sure this is a scam. I'm more interested in figuring out their game than I am in a possible date. But the instant I see Wadjet, déjà vu hits me. Somehow it's like I've known this sexy, golden skinned billionaire forever, but we've never met. He says we have. That he's been searching for me for an impossibly long time. And now that he's found me, he's not going to lose me again. I don't believe in fate. I don't even believe in aliens. But before this date is over, he's determined to change my mind.

Unloved Treasure

Layla Stone - 2020
    The current occupants will see things his way soon enough.Nothing can stop him.Well....maybe someone that he didn't see coming.Note to reader: this is a 90-minute fast pace romance, perfect for the woman on the go.

Alien Warrior Unleashed

Ava Ross - 2022
    He brought me to the chamber, where he held others he’d also taken. Through the years, me and my new brothers were twisted into hardened beasts, each with a unique ability that shouldn’t exist outside of myth. We’re monsters. Any female who gazes upon us will run.Now we’ve been entered into the Galaxy Games. Each landscape contains a series of deadly pitfalls, shifting goalposts, and an elusive final destination. It’s my chance to break free.But I’m paired with a delectable Earth female who makes me see color for the very first time, proving she’s my fated mate.I’ll finish this Game. I’ll free my brothers. And I’ll claim the Earthling female as my prize.Alien Warrior Unleashed is book 1 of the Galaxy Games Series. Each book features a different, tortured alien hero who’s desperate to find—and protect—his fated mate.

Alien Explorer’s Mate (Alien Mate Agency #1)

Elin Wyn - 2020
    And when I applied for the job, I really, really needed a change, but maybe I should have paid a little more attention.Because I didn't expect to be whisked across the universe, into the arms of a huge teal and purple alien.Who thinks I'm his mate.Oops?Alien Explorer's Mate is a stand alone science fiction romance set in the Starlight Matchmaking world, filled with adventure, romance and one fluffy purple kitten.

Alien Captain's Bride

Scarlett Grove - 2020
    I thought I was doomed to spend the rest of my life shushing people at the library. When giant bugs crash into the college where I work, and a group of us are captured and taken into space, I'm convinced they'll eat us all like they did my cranky boss Mrs. Henderson.JaccoAs a captain in the Martian Marines, I have been tasked with the most important mission in Martian history. Pass through the timegate, save the Earth females, and return to the future.Mars is dying. And without new females to pass on our genetically altered DNA, it will be the end of humanity.DorisWhen the sexy aliens rescue us from the gross bug aliens, I think things are looking up. But they take us to the future, on Mars of all places, and tell us we will be impregnated by one of the massive Martian hunks.When I'm matched with the captain who rescued us, I'm suddenly overcome with the most unspeakable desires. I can't seem to control myself whenever he's around.But if I'm all hot and bothered, how will I ever know if my growing feelings for him are real?

Alien Protector

Penelope Woods - 2021
    Lots of them.I didn’t expect a marriage proposal…The day I became a Captain with the Federation Star Fleet, I dedicated my life to fighting the bad guys. Everything was going well, until I crashed our starship into his crummy planet. Now, he wants to marry me. He actually thinks I was sent from the stars. I’ve never heard of an alien who gives back rubs. But I'm willing to try anything if it means getting off this planet.Marriage with an alien warrior was not on my bucket list of things to do. He tells me he wants to breed me. But there's more to him than his muscle-bound exterior and devilishly handsome smirk. Little by little, he opens up.He makes my heart swell. I feel for him...And then he takes the next step to feel me.Sensing immediate danger in the region, he gives me his protection, but he's packing more than heat. A quick taste of pleasure, combined with a heavy touch, and I'm ready for more.I've never been touched by an alien. But I think I like it.This is not a test. This is my new twisted reality.

Alien's Mercy

Leslie Chase - 2021
    and the day isn't even over! FML.One of my alien captors is different, though. He's a man, yes, but he isn't green, and he's anything but little. Huge comes to mind. Breathtakingly big.I shouldn't trust him.I shouldn't lust for him.And if he delivers on his promise to send me back to Earth, I don't know if I can bear losing him.Alien's Mercy is a stand alone book in the Outlaw Planet Mates series. The books can be read in any order. No cliffhangers, no cheating and a HEA.

A Not So Lonely Christmas

Erin Raegan - 2020
    Or, I want to believe that’s all we need.I know things are bad. My baby and I are all alone. Every day could be our last. If starvation and freezing temperatures don’t take us, the carnivorous aliens roaming our world are sure to eventually.
But all I can do is get through the day. I tell myself the same thing every day.
But not today. It’s days before Christmas eve, and if it’s the last thing I ever do, I’m going to get my baby boy his first Christmas tree.
Today is the day I push past my despair and loneliness and make it the best first Christmas my boy could have.
And though that task is proving to be near impossible for me, it’s not for our furry protector. He hides himself from us, never speaking, never showing himself no matter how badly we want him to. Just guarding our woods. Watching and protecting from afar.
I don’t know it yet, but our protector is just as determined as me this Christmas.
Previously published in the Stars, Snow, and Mistletoe anthology, This story is a standalone Galactic Order Short Story at 12.5k words. It is not necessary to have read the Galactic Order series to enjoy this novella but would make for a more enjoyable read.*Warning. For readers 18 years and older. Contains explicit sexual situations, dark themes, language, and violence.*

Finding Your Heart

Bess McBride - 2019
    Partially submerged by a lake and largely buried by mud, weeds, grass and trees, Kascade is lost in time. Until it emerges one summer evening—vibrant, busy, teeming with life. Leigh Peters strolls along the shores of quiet Lake Kascade at sunset as she often does. A check of her watch shows that sunset is only minutes away. Reluctantly, she turns from the lake to head back to her car, but she never reaches the parking lot. Dr. Jeremiah Cook finds a woman who claims she is lost, not in place but in time. He believes her to be mentally unsound, but he wishes to help her, as a doctor must. He simply does not know how. Though Jeremiah cannot imagine what to do with the confused woman who claims she has traveled through time, his heart tells him that he must protect her at all costs.

Warriors' Embrace

Michele Mills - 2019
    Deciphering feelings is tricky for a formerly emotionless female Cyborg. Bex and Wyric have already declared their love for her, and she desperately wants to return their affection, but when she opens her mouth to reply… nothing comes out. NOTHING. Despite this agonizing set back, life mated to three sexy Xylan warriors is actually falling into place, piece by piece. Except that damn Illibrium keeps getting in the way. And Zaxon has declared himself in charge of the volatile crystal, and he doesn’t look so good; his management is physically sapping his strength. Everyone wants her husband to give up the Illibrium, which is a beacon for their shared enemy, but he refuses. No one is in agreement on what to do. All Trish knows is that her mate desperately requires her help. Will she have to lose everything to finally understand what love is? Author's Note: Finally, the trilogy is complete for your binge reading enjoyment!

Alien Hunter's Claim

Aya Morningstar - 2020
    She’s a perfectly preserved human from the 21st century. Or not so perfectly preserved⁠—her cryochamber cracks while he’s stealing her, and he’s forced to wake her up.Her human scent fills his ship, and every cell in his body screams out for him to take hold of her delicate, feminine shape. But she’s worth more than an entire planet, and he knows if he touches her, he’ll never be able to let go.Just before Kara was hit by a truck, she’d sworn to herself she was done with all of humanity for the next hundred years, especially men. So when she wakes up over 1,000 years in the future in an alien’s arms, it’s like fate is taunting her.Helios swears he’s going to sell her⁠—that her stay on his ship is temporary. That’s too bad, because his body is cut like a Greek god, and his alien scent is like a drug she doesn’t want to quit. He says he hates humans, but the looks he gives her with those glowing blue eyes tell an entirely different story.He could take her if he wanted and she couldn’t resist. He claims he just wants the money, but she knows there’s a deeper reason, one that drives him to ignore the most powerful and primal of urges in the galaxy. Will his resolve hold, or will he give in to what his heart truly wants and claim her as his own?Alien Hunter's Claim is a full-length, standalone alien sci-fi romance. It features a possessive, alpha alien with his human mate. There are no cliffhangers or cheating, and a happily ever after is guaranteed!NOTE: The previous title of this book was "Claimed by Helios".

Conquering His Queen

Viki Storm - 2019
    But it’s mine—including the feisty young queen who’s in way over her head. Because once I see her run out onto the battlefield, about to risk it all for her people, I have to save her. I have to conquer her. I have to own her. She thinks she’s using me, thinks she can strut around and wrap me around her little finger. How wrong she is. Conquering this planet is just a job for me. Subdue and evacuate the human population. And that includes her, no matter how bad I want to keep her… BRYN I’m not sure how I ended up the queen of this isolated planet, but here I am. One problem after another. When I think it can’t get any worse, we’re invaded by huge, savage aliens. The ship descends and I see him—their leader. He claims me for his own. I need his help if I want to save my people. But I have nothing to offer him. Nothing to give him that he couldn’t just take. Except my body. My virginity. But he wants more. He wants my heart. And that’s something I vowed never to give away. A queen can’t trust anyone, even if he’s my only hope... This is the first book in the new Zalaryn Conqueror's Trilogy and can be enjoyed without having read any of my previous books! And as always, HEA guaranteed!

The Playboy Prince's Baby (Royal Heat Book 4)

Ana Sparks - 2020

Claimed by the Alien Barbarian

Jude Gray - 2020
    But you’d be wrong.The problem is, I don’t have a choice in who I end up with. One of the males is bold and brash while the other is quiet and fierce. Both are huge, strong, and don’t seem to understand the word no.And one of them has me wanting to say yes.Will standing up for what I believe cause me to lose everything I’ve ever wanted, or does love truly conquer all?