How to Achieve Success and Happiness: Increase your mind power, overcome negativity, achieve your goals, and live your dreams in record time (SUCCESS 101)

Beau Norton - 2014
    Free goal-setting/visualization guide and affirmation audio track included with purchase. Would you like to know the shortcut to achieving success and extreme happiness? In this life-changing book, you will learn the methods and techniques for creating dramatic, permanent change in your life. It took me many years of suffering and then many years of self-education to figure out the secrets of success and happiness, and now I'm thrilled to present to you this book that covers many of the strategies that I use to this day to help me achieve greater success and maintain my happy and optimistic attitude. How to Achieve Success and Happiness: Increase your mind power, overcome negativity, achieve your goals, and live your dreams in record time In this book, you will learn how to systematically adjust your mindset in order to create rapid change in your life and dramatically increase your levels of happiness. You will discover the step by step approach for manifesting all your desires, and you will also learn the common roadblocks to success so that you may avoid making mistakes along the way and accelerate your progress. Topics covered include: Subconscious programming Cultivating self-awareness Autosuggestion Visualization techniques Blocks to Abundance Eliminating stress Eliminating negative influences Increasing energy It is certainly possible for you to achieve success and live your dreams, and you can achieve your goals in much less time than you might think. Success starts from within. I learned that the hard way after having my life crumble before my eyes. I had to rebuild myself from within. Only when I learned to be happy did I start to see worldly success, and this book will describe exactly how I did that. You don't have to take the long path to success like I did. You can take the shortcut and begin realizing your wildest dreams faster than you could imagine.

Email Etiquette: Netiquette in the Information Age

David Tuffley - 2011
    While there have been attempts to establish one standard or another as the default, there is no common agreement. So beware people telling you there is one right way, they are assuming too much. As a general rule though, netiquette involves the same principles as plain old etiquette -- basic courtesy, respect and ethics. Treat people the way you would want to be treated yourself. By following the principles outlined below, the recipient of your email will be more likely to read and act, if not be favorably impressed by your message:Subject line to summarise the message. Make the Subject line summarise the body of the e-mail. Ask yourself, 'will the recipient(s) know what this e-mail is about'. For example, Instead of Subject: Exam, say Subject: Location of 1508INT Exam, 23 July 2011.Don't assume the recipient knows the background. Include enough contextual information at the beginning of the e-mail for the recipient to know what the matter is about. If in doubt, put background information in. For example, don't say can I have an extension for my assignment?, instead say I refer to the CIT3622 assignment 1 that I handed in late. I was ill and have a doctor's certificate. May I ask for an extension on the basis that I was too ill to do it on time?Keep it concise. Keep messages brief and to the point, but not so brief that it causes the problem outlined in the previous point. This includes deleting any irrelevant text when an email has been back and forth several times. No-one wants to scroll down through pages of text in order to reach the message they want to read. If the sense of the email will be lost by deleting that text, however, leave it in.Reply within 24 hours. Try to reply within 24 hours, less if possible. In fact, get in the habit of replying immediately -- it is the polite thing to do, and the recipient will appreciate a prompt reply. It also makes you look efficient. The longer you leave it to reply, the more likely you will forget or have too big a log-jam of unanswered email.Allow time for a reply. E-mail messages are not usually required to be answered immediately, though it is good practice if you do. Before sending a reminder, allow some time for a response, some times even a few days. Not everyone is online 24 hours a day.Use the BCC field when sending bulk email. If you're sending email to a whole list of people, put their email addresses in the BCC field. That way, the privacy of the recipient is respected, and spammers cannot harvest the email addresses for their dastardly purposes.

Is Heaven for Real? Personal Stories of Visiting Heaven

Patrick Doucette - 2013
    They are all sincere; they all had a story to tell and they attempted to share their experience to the best of their ability. They each have unique aspects even though they share some similarities. Some of these stories will likely resonate and encourage and inspire you. Some may be difficult to relate to or to understand; if that is the case, I would suggest you skip that particular story for the time being and move on to the next one.Perhaps the afterlife is revealed to us in such a way that allows each of us to understand and comprehend the process of passing in a way that we can accept. The uniqueness of each experience may be in part due to the individual; their ability to take in the awesomeness of such an event may be reflected in their memory of the event.In any case, these incidents are presented to the reader in the hopes that they will encourage and inspire; my hope is that you will find, as I did, a common theme within these experiences which seem to reflect the powerful love of God towards humanity, towards each one of us.

Fitness Over 50: How I Transformed from a Super Blob to a Super Fit Woman in 120 Days

Kathryn Williams - 2014
    Fifty-somethings just need an extra dose of inspiration to get us going! My book provides a landslide of inspiration to kickstart your very own fitness transformation, as well as my entire step-by-step journey - told with all the humor and down-to-earth honesty of an old gal on a mission! Packed with advice on how to get started, log your calorie intake and schedule your workouts, this book proves that you can accomplish any goal at any age once you have a plan.

Boogers for Lunch: A Sight Word Book (Billy Bad)

Billy Bad - 2014
    It may be gross, but kids love this stuff, and that's the point! I originally wrote this book for my son, a first grader, who was struggling with sight words and reading speed. The sight word books, decodable word books, early reader books, and flash cards they offered him at school were boring, which made it a challenge to get him excited about reading. So I decided to write a series of children's books using sight words but with stories about the things I heard him and his friends laughing about. It worked! My son was able to read my Billy Bad sight word stories with speed and confidence. And because he was laughing I knew his reading comprehension was improving. This book is written using mostly Dolch sight words and a few other words that are easily decodable. Unlike most sight word books and decodable word books, Billy Bad's sight word books have stories that will capture the attention of early readers and make them laugh. When kids enjoy the stories they read they fall in love with reading. I hope your child enjoys these silly (and gross) sight word books as much as my son does.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo | Executive Summary (Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. Konmari Method)

Book§Swift - 2015
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My Paranormal Journal: Volume One

R. Moses - 2014
    For over twenty years she has experienced the bizarre and searches for answers at every turn. Travel with her as she becomes obsessed with a house that her friends claim is haunted by a demon, lurking in the shadows and feeding off the terror of all those who dare to cross into its domain. From the nightly visitors to unseen touches and feelings of an unspeakable evil, our journal writer sinks further into trying to peer beyond the veil that separates our world and the unseen one as she is consumed by the house on the hill. Her research into the unexplained and ghost hunting start to take over her already busy life as she searches for answers in the metro Charlotte, North Carolina area. So join her in her constant pursuit of the truth…if you dare. My Paranormal Journal: Volume One is the first in a three part serialized journal. This first installment is roughly 15,000 words and is the length of a long short story/novelette.

Free Kindle eBooks Exposed - How to Download and Get Access to Thousands of Kindle Books for Free (Kindle Books, Free Kindle Books, Kindle Bookstore, Free ... Books Download, Kindle Books Best Sellers)

Chris Simpson - 2014
    Yes, you read that right; you can now get to read the books you want and more by learning how to download E-books from the internet. While it may be true that it’s good to have paperback copies of books, with the craziness of life these days, it’s also good to just have Kindle copies of books so that you can read them wherever you may be—as long as you have your Kindle device with you. The best thing about E-books is the fact that there is a vast selection of them online, depending on the genre, plus there are also free E-books that you can get from sites such as Amazon, Smashwords, and others from time to time. Ready to get those free E-books already? Then read this book, turn on your computers/Kindle devices, and start downloading! Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Free Classic E-books Free Romance E-books Bestseller for Free Young Adult E-books for Free Horror, Suspense, and Mystery E-books for Free Advance Review Copies and Other Websites where You Can Download Kindle E-books for Free Much, much more! Download your copy today! Tags: kindle books, free kindle books, kindle bookstore, free kindle books mystery and suspense, free kindle book downloads, kindle books best sellers, kindle books free best sellers, kindle books on sale, kindle books free top 100

Flirting with Your Ex Best Friend Fake Fiance: Part of the Holiday Fake Fiance Holiday Collection

Taylor Hart - 2020
    But now she's divorced. When she walks back into his life the week before Christmas, he asks her to be his fake fiancé … and she says yes.Michael Knight hasn't been known for his soft side. When you're climbing your way to the top, some people get left behind. He's put his family, friends, everything on the back burner to become the billionaire he now is. Yet somehow ... it doesn't feel like enough.Sapphire Rock never thought she'd be that woman. The one that finds out about her husband's affairs. The one that stays for way too long. But she did. Now, she’s picking up her life and starting again. When she finds herself back at her childhood home and all alone for Christmas, she never imagined the boy-next-door would be there and she really never imagined he’d ask her to go to Hawaii with his family for Christmas and pretend she’s his girlfriend. She says no, until he tells her his mother’s cancer is back.When the lies begin to stack up, they are faced with a choice; tell the truth or lose a second chance at love.

The Power of the Positive - Achieve Fulfillment, Success, and Happiness Using Powerful, Positive Affirmations

Colleen Archer - 2014
    You deserve fulfillment, success, and happiness, and all of this can be obtained with a few little tweaks to your day. Inside The Power of the Positive - Achieve Fulfillment, Success, and Happiness Using Powerful, Positive Affirmations, you will be shown how to obtain your dreams, your goals, and get what is missing from your life all by using affirmations. What are affirmations? Affirmations are short, positive, powerful statements about yourself and your life. Affirmations have the power to transform the way you think about yourself and your life by replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. This transformation leads to improved self-esteem, a more positive outlook, and better focus on your goals and dreams. This book will teach you everything you need to know about affirmations and how to use them to transform your mind and your life. You will learn to create your own affirmations that are personalized to your specific needs. Then, you will learn how to develop a successful affirmations practice that makes positive thinking an unbreakable habit in your life. Changing your thinking will change your life! Start your affirmations practice right now by getting The Power of the Positive - Achieve Fulfillment, Success, and Happiness Using Powerful, Positive Affirmations today. Let today be the first of many days of positive thinking, and achieving the life you deserve!

20 Things I've Learned as an Entrepreneur

Alicia Morga - 2012
    If you’re an entrepreneur or if you’ve only dreamed about starting your own business, this quick important read is for you.The author, Alicia Morga, is a venture-backed Silicon Valley entrepreneur. She’s been featured in Inc. Magazine, the Financial Times, and Fast Company named her one of the Most Influential Women in Technology. She believes that entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business. It’s about leading a life. For further information see

Reflexology: The Ultimate Guide to Reflexology to Relieve Tension, Treat Illness, and Reduce Pain

Chaya Rao - 2014
    Today, we can say that reflexology is ideal for not only curing pain (which is a primary symptom showing something is amiss in your body) but also the root cause of the pain. It is little wonder then that reflexology therapy has become very popular as a form of holistic healing, unlike pharmaceutical drugs that mostly address only the symptoms. High stress, chronic fatigue, back pain, and fibromyalgia are only a few examples of unwelcome conditions that can easily be alleviated through the practice of reflexology. Not to mention that reflexology is a great form of disorder prevention too! This book will teach you all about the practice of reflexology, including how to self-perform reflexology and practice it on others. A complete hand chart map and foot chart map are provided within the book for your reference as well. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Understanding Reflexology Reflexology Basics Getting Started The Foot Reflexology Chart Map The Hand Reflexology Chart Map Self-Practice with Foot Reflexology Self-Practice with Hand Reflexology Five DIY (Do It Yourself) Reflexology Techniques by Ailment Hand Reflexology: Specific Tips & Techniques Foot Reflexology: Specific Tips & Techniques Much, much more! Download your copy today!Tags: reflexology, hand reflexology, foot reflexology, total reflexology, reflexology guide, reflexology manual, reflexology diagram, reflexology chart, reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, flexology, foot map, chart, map, learn reflexology, relieve tension, treat illness, treat pain, reduce pain, alleviate pain, foot reflexology, what is reflexology, does reflexology work, facial reflexology, reflexology headache, headache, headaches, reflexology techniques, reflexology therapy, alternative therapies, foot therapy, natural therapy, reflexology map, hand reflexology chart, foot reflexology chart, reflexology charts, reflexology treatment, reflexology foot map, reflexology hand map, reflexology maps

Accidentally Into You

Liz Peters - 2019
    Then my little sister got engaged and now my entire family is bugging me about who I’m bringing to the wedding in the small town I grew up in. To make matters worse, my ex is going to be there with his fiancé who just happens to be my ex-best friend.What’s a girl to do?? Hire a hot guy to be my fake boyfriend, of course! He’s the most eligible bachelor at work and is willing to play my game. He’s a hero type who’s slept with most of the women we work with. He thinks of me as a challenge. What could possibly go wrong?

How To Stop Enabling Your Adult Children: Practical steps to use boundaries and get your power back as you stop enabling (Empowering Change Book 1)

Melody Devonish - 2014
     This book will start you on your journey to stop enabling. If you just can’t maintain boundaries with your adult child/children, and you find yourself constantly taken advantage of, then this book is for you. Discover the wealth of shared experience that can exist in a parent/adult child relationship that is not dominated by unrealistic expectations, manipulations and resentment. The goal is to empower you, as you understand the enabling cycle and then learn some very practical tools to help you stop. The enabling cycle can be challenged, and change will happen. Getting your power back in your life, and feeling the freedom of being in control of your decisions is an amazingly freeing process. It does however take work, and that is where this very practical book can get you started. You may find that your needs are constantly disregarded, while your adult child expects you to continually be there to pick up the pieces and rescue them again and again. It is time to learn HOW TO put firm boundaries in place in a calm and dignified manner. This book will help you see what lies are keeping you in your current stressful and unfulfilled situation. You will learn how to start the journey towards sharing a mutually fulfilling mature relationship with your adult child. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn Understanding the Enabler or Rescuer How the Enabling Cycle Continues and Grows Boundaries Are Your Friend! Dignified Assertiveness The Importance of Individuation It’s Not Cruel To Say ‘No’! Changing Your Thinking (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Practical Steps For Putting Your New Thinking and Boundaries Into Action Take action right away to start your empowering journey today by downloading this book, "How To Stop Enabling Your Adult Children", for a limited time discount of only $0.99! Tags: enabling adult children, rescuing, relationships, parenting, boundaries, enabling, individuation, cognitive behavioural therapy, CBT, self-talk, healthy boundaries

365 Days of DIY

White Lemon - 2014
     365 Days of DIY is an e-book with all the best life hacks to bring ease and solace to your everyday lifestyle. As you begin to incorporate each of the following life hacks: whether they be DIY household hacks, DIY projects, DIY Crafts, DIY parenting hacks, DIY beauty hacks, DIY cleaning and organizing hacks, DIY fitness hacks, or DIY recipes and cooking hacks, you begin to realize that you can find the ease of a regular schedule. You can have a few hours off at night—when you would usually spend those hours cleaning or organizing. You can take charge of your life, one DIY element at a time, through the next 365 days. With 365 Days of DIY, you can ultimately save money, give awesome DIY gifts, and bring extra flavor and zest to your life. Furthermore, 365 Days of DIY brings essential “know how” to your everyday life. 365 Days of DIY brings life hacks like: 1. Providing extra storage in remarkable places. 2. Lending a boost in bathroom cleanliness and organization. 3. Disinfecting common “gunky” items, like children’s Legos, with incredible ease. 4. Unique DIY projects, like hanging a window shutter in your kitchen to hang kitchen supplies or making extra, super-unique storage in your garage. 5. Beauty hacks, like removing all make up with coconut oil. 6. Hacks to help you lose weight quickly and easily. 7. DIY Recipe hacks to bring taste and joy back to your kitchen creations. Seriously: there’s so much to be found in this 365 Days of DIY. You can bring ease to every level of your life. The DIY Recipes will keep you satisfied; the DIY projects will keep you interested; the DIY household hacks will keep you organized; and the world can be yours!