Cheetahs' Craving

Kate Kent - 2016
    But there's something extra special about this club; it's for curvy girls and shifter men ONLY - regular guys need NOT apply! Carrie Winters is the first to be matched by the club. But she has an unexpected surprise when she meets her mate. Plus she discovers there are complications in the form of another hunky shifter! Will the 'Curvy Girls Mail Order Brides Club' make a happy match? Or will Carrie's rocky start leave her still hoping and wishing she could find that special someone. Cheetahs' Craving is a BBW Paranormal Menage Shapeshifter Romance. This is first story in the Curvy Girls Mail Order Bride Series. These short stories include strong sexual themes and language.

Ambient Light

Mandy M. Roth - 2008
    The well-regarded photographer doesn't just want to take her picture -- he wants to take her. He only hopes the mortal can handle him. All of him.Kelly is fascinated and a little frightened by Yates the moment she sets foot in his darkened studio. She falls under his spell...and then his fangs come out. This vampire has mating in mind. But Kelly has a secret of her own-- she's not human either. And as much as she desires him, her kind and his don't get along.If you enjoyed Ambient Light you might also like the following titles by Mandy M Roth: Immortal Ops, Project Exorcism, Demonic Desires and Warriors of Darkness.This novel contains adult content and is intended for mature audiences only. Must be 18 years or older to read.

Tigers Tango

Catherine Vale - 2015
    Someone wants Charlotte Anderson dead. Meet Gideon Hunter and Ethan Marks. Two sinfully gorgeous, but oh-so-mysterious strangers, hired by Charlotte’s politician father to protect her at all costs. But Charlotte isn’t your ordinary damsel in distress. She’s an independent woman, used to running things her way. She doesn’t want protection, much less from two men that she is certain aren’t telling her everything. Two men with secrets, and a woman whose life is in danger . And one incredible night that tests boundaries, and reveals truths. Truths that will change everything. How can two men who swore to protect her, leave her so incredibly vulnerable? And what will Charlotte do when she discovers that not only is her life on the line, but so is her heart? Note To Readers: This is book 1 in my new Guardian Shifters series, however each book is a standalone and therefore can be read in any order. This book does not end with a cliffhanger.

The Seer's Strength

Calle J. Brookes - 2012
    And she knew she'd never be able to trust one who'd turned her from a human woman into a vampire! Or a Dardaptoan--whatever he'd called her. She knew the truth--he'd kidnapped her and taken her from the very world she knew. And now he wanted her to believe some goddess she'd never heard of had preordained them being together?He was absolutely crazy.Theodoric Sebastos had spent the long centuries waiting for and longing for his mate, and when he found her he would do whatever he had to in order to convince her that they belonged together and that she could trust him.But how was he to do that?

Fur-ocious Lust Volume One

Milly Taiden - 2015
     Fur-Bidden Penelope Medina has stage fright the size of Texas. So when her boss signs her and her friends up for a bachelorette auction for their non-profit, this curvy girl is ready to quit. Except, she loves her job. Good thing she can arrange it so that her assistant will buy her. Easy peasy... or not. Fur-Gotten Karina Roma is a dare-devil curvy woman who fell hard for a sexy, rich bear shifter. Too bad the relationship was one-sided. The only thing she has going in her life is her job and her friends. When her boss signs her and her friends up for a bachelorette auction, this curvy girl is ready to quit, but her friends talk some sense into her. How hard can it be to get on stage and strut her stuff for charity? Fur-Given Julie Durante loves every single one of her curves. So when she met a hot as heck bear shifter who loved them too, she was more than happy, for a little while. A year after their break-up, she finds herself on the stage, being auctioned off and bought by the grouchy bear. Things couldn’t get worse, right? Wrong. Reader Note: These stories contains some scorching hot sex. If you have problems with low down dirty hanky-panky, you might want to skip this one. However, if you like bears who can’t get enough of their curvy women and some cheeky humor, this is the set for you.

Scarlet and the Three Bears

Stacey Espino - 2012
    When she comes across what appears to be an abandoned cabin in the woods, she takes refuge for the night. Inside there are three of everything, but no sign of any occupants. Scarlet falls asleep in one of the large beds, dreaming of a knight in shining armor that she learned long ago doesn't exist.When wild bears break in during the night, she thinks her life is over. But when she opens her eyes again she's surrounded by three of the hottest men she's ever seen. They demand to know why she's in their house, a desperate hunger in their eyes. Will Scarlet submit to their sexual appetite or return to her unfulfilling life beyond the forest?Be Warned: menage sex (MFMM), anal sex, mild BDSM, figging.


Jacqueline Noir - 2015
    A cliché. When Sadie VonRouge moves to Casterton, Oregon to live with her aunt, she expected a sleepy little town; the perfect backdrop for her to start piecing back together her life. She wants nothing more than a normal start to her freshman year of college.Normal is the last thing she’s going to get. The night she was attacked, it’d been a wolf that chased her down. A wolf that tackled her to the ground. A wolf that began sniffing her. Then she’d opened her eyes, and she’d come face-to-face with him. But she was delusional. She knew this. There’d been no man.At least, that’s what she tells herself over and over, even while fighting back the memory of how sinfully gorgeous the man had been, or how viciously he’d growled out that one word: Mine. Sadie doesn’t know what is happening to her, or why she’s beginning to exhibit odd symptoms after the attack. All she knows is that her world has been drastically changed. She has no idea how much, or how serious that man’s claim was. Not until he comes back into her life, demanding the one thing that he owns above anything else. Her. Thrust into a new world, Sadie is going to be forced to deal with a reality she never expected.And a dominating, scary, dangerous male that might just not give her any choice but to accept her new life . . . and the fact that he comes along with it.“You belong to me. I own you. Forever.”

The Lion Kings: Part One

Renee George - 2014
    her lion kings. When she wakes up in Kansas, just outside the perimeter of a traveling carnival, it miraculously feels like coming home. But after she meets the two men who shouldn't exist outside her own mind, it's hard for her to reconcile that her dream lovers are two very real and sexy men, not imaginary. All she knows for certain is she wants them both.Adam Michael's and his brother Cage, both lion-shifters, not only run Pantheros & Co Carnival, they are the stars. Making a home for his crew of misfits and outcasts was Adam's dream. Cage was his most desperate rescue, and after a profound loss, Adam worries that Cage's grief will drive him toward a brutality he can't come back from.The last thing either lion-shifter expected was Madeline Granger. She might be the answer to Adam's prayers, in more ways than one, if he can get Cage to look past his pain. But, can Adam and Cage see Madeline as more than a substitute Clary? And can Madeline rescue two Kings drowning in their own sorrow?Maddie might want The Lion Kings to rule her body, but is she strong enough to rule their hearts.***Authors Note: Please be aware that The Lion Kings: Part One is the first episode in a hot new Alpha/Lion-Shifter Romance Ménage serial set in Kansas in the early fall of 1966. This is part ONE of a FIVE part serialized story. In other words, it is episodic and not a stand-alone story. It is meant to be read in order of its parts. It does contain explicit M/F/M scenes and is meant for an adult audience.

Date Night

Emma Holly - 2011
    Though she adores her shapeshifter mates, she’s shy by nature, and they can tell the strain of always being “on” is beginning to wear on her. Sneaking away from their responsibilities won’t be easy, but come hell or high water, they’ll treat her to a night she won’t soon forget!

Red and the Wolf

Anya Kelly - 2014
    Instead she finds Rolf, a werewolf who says she is his mate. He's there to complete their mating in the most pleasurable ways possible.Will she be able to handle everything her wolf mate needs? Or will they be unable to complete the mating in time?Warning: This book contains very HOT, erotic scenes between a werewolf and his mate. It is only recommended for mature audiences who can stand the heat!

Hot Shifter Nights (Shifters in Love Collection, #14)

Harmony Raines - 2018
    Curl up on the couch and let us take you on an emotional journey of love. Alisa Woods - Tempted Tajael is an angeling of the light—he strives for Virtue, but his human body is vulnerable to all the Sins... Lust most of all. If he can keep from Falling, he'll be allowed to take his vows. But it's an angeling's nature to love and protect humanity... and nothing he's been taught prepares him for the Temptation ahead... Dragon Bewitched: A Viking Dragon Fairy Tale - Isadora Montrose Modern dragon knocks up beautiful thousand-year-old Viking witch. Freya has been waiting a thousand years to be revenged on the Viking dragons who stole her sisters and cursed her with perpetual youth. How can she give up her vengeance in exchange for her enemy’s love and a child? Wrenches, Curses, and Cupid’s Arrow - Jovee Winter Coco Padfoot is a two-hundred year old lone wolf and that’s just the way she likes it, but when the magick of the blue moon infuses her little sleepy town three witches determined to see her wolf mated cast a love spell. It was just supposed to be simple magick, nothing major, except the man fate has in store for her is far more than what he seems. In fact, he might be the key to unraveling one of the shifters worlds most dangerous secrets... Taming Her Bear - J.K. Harper Bear shifter Beckett North can hardly control his inner beast on the best of days—until he meets sexy little spitfire Pix Camden. She somehow soothes his wild, angry side. But when he realizes she's keeping a really big secret from him, his pissed off bear might roar out of control for good. Hades’ Halo - Julia Mills Hell hath no Fury like Hades having a bad day, then Hope arrived... The Underworld will never be the same. Bil-Lion-Aire Protector - Harmony Raines After being cruelly let down by her first husband, Jen, mother of two wonderful boys, has found happiness with billionaire property tycoon, William O’Donnell. He is the man of her dreams—even her most erotic ones. Will’s also a lion shifter, who promises Jen the kind of forever love she could only dream of after her husband walked out. To Will, his mate and her boys, Jack and Cody, are the most important thing in the world. So when they are kidnapped, a man has to do what a man has to do—find them, at all cost! Bad Bear Bull Rider - Liv Brywood Professional bull rider Eva Drake lives a rough and tumble lifestyle. She’s surrounded by horny cowboys who would love to spend a sultry summer night rolling around in the hay with her, but her heart’s already been stolen by Xavier Holt. He’s panty-melting hot—and totally wrong for her and definitely off limits… until one night changes everything between them. Jacqueline Sweet - Reunited in Bearfield Olivia McGregor swore she'd never return to Bearfield, but when her family needs her help she gets a second chance at love with the bear shifter who stole her heart.

Edwina and the Seven Snowed-in Scientists

Rachel Clark - 2011
    When her chopper is sabotaged, she and her companions must somehow survive the harsh environment and walk to safety.Kieran and Jake Kodi have a secret that means they aren't quite as lost as Edwina might think, but protecting the foul-mouthed, independent, quick-tempered woman will test their patience like never before. That's why it's so surprising to realize they want her as their mate.Kieran, Calvin, Jake, Brian, Simon, Evan and Gary never really believed the seven brothers would all fall for the same woman—regardless of their heritage—yet when they meet Edwina all that changes.But will the secret they harbor be more than Edwina wants to hear?Warning: This book contains sexual intercourse in full-Yeti form with a non-shifting partner.A Siren Erotic Romance

Mother of Gods: A Winter Princess Prequel

Skye MacKinnon - 2018
    I was born to be someone I'm not, created by a lonely Goddess in the image of a random man she met at a party. No wonder it didn't work out. What I have to decide now is how I want to spend the last few days of my life." Beira, the Mother of Gods and Queen of Winter, has grown tired and lonely. After millennia of living on her own, she decides it's time to create the perfect lover. But while Colan might look like the man of her dreams, he's not falling in love with her as she'd planned. Can she change his mind or has it all been for nothing? This tragic prequel to the bestselling reverse harem series Daughter of Winter tells the story of Wynter's parents. It's a stand-alone novella that can be enjoyed without having read the other books in series. The Daughter of Winter Series #0 Prequel: Mother of Gods #1 Winter Princess#1.5 Spin-off: Demon's Revenge#2 Winter Heiress #3 Winter Queen#4 Winter Goddess


Ophelia Bell - 2015
    Worse yet, her uncle’s gone too, leaving her and her two cousins, Jasper and Jade, floundering for an explanation.All Emma can think of are their fathers’ stories—tall tales of magic, mystery, and a whole host of shifter races. Stories she might not have believed, if not for her own research into the matter—research that hardly prepares her for the trials of magic she and her cousins will endure as they set off that Midwinter’s night to discover their roots.Nor does it prepare her for what she finds on the other side of the mystical portal her father disappeared into: the ursa, a fertility-focused race of bear shifters, with customs that defy her human sensibilities. Except she swiftly learns she isn’t really human either, and once inside the ursa Sanctuary, she is just as bound by their laws as the earth is bound by the seasons.Emma must make a choice: accept her legacy as the heir to the ursa matriarchy, accept the love she finds with a pair of fertile ursa males, or reject her passion and retreat to her safe, mundane life, never to return to the realm she was meant to inherit—and the men that come as a package deal.


Celeste Hall - 2011
    Meet the supernatural masters of passion and seduction, feeding upon the erotic dreams and pleasure of humankind.     Ethan is an incubus, cast out of the covey by his succubus queen, after his actions directly led to the death of another incubus. He adopts the business of a dead man, and attempts to live as a mortal.     When Ethan finds Madison, he knows he should just fly away and leave her to live a normal, human life. But the incubi are hive creatures, he struggles living alone, and allows himself to believe he might find love and happiness in the arms of this shy young woman.     Meanwhile, the demonic creature hunting the incubi will not stop with the death of just one black-winged male, he seeks the destruction of Ethan's entire species. After Ethan leaves, the covey is attacked again, and half of the remaining brothers are destroyed, leaving only two surviving males to protect their succubus queen. It is not enough.           The queen leads her mates in tracking down Ethan, hoping that the forsaken warrior might save them from starvation. It is a choice which will place the entire covey, as well as Ethan and Madison, directly into the path of the bloodthirsty monster hunting them.Please note: This book is intended for readers 18 years and older, there is strong language and explicit sexual encounters, including a steamy ménage scene near the end of the book. As the legends suggest, both incubus and succubus demons feed upon sexual energy stolen from sleeping humans. While this might suggest questionable consent, they are actually very generous and considerate lovers. Celeste Hall's Seduction series:#1 Ethan (now FREE!)#2 Kye#3 Rico#4 Gavin#5 All The Queen's MenThe Seduction Series Boxed set: All five erotic stories in one collection!An erotic tale featuring: Incubus, Succubus, Sex demon, Demon lover, Supernatural lover, Multiple partners, Menage, Free ebook, Freebie, Alpha Male, Demon mate, Incubus hunter, Romantic adventure, Romantic suspense