Ruthless Empire

Seth Eden - 2020
    After his father’s assassination, Luca is the new king.And he needs a partner in crime.A queen.Would he abandon his mafia family to be with me?And how would he protect me and his unborn baby if our lives were threatened?-Ruthless Empire is a dark mafia romance collection of 6 books from the Varasso Brothers series; Devils Pawn, Fallen Knight, Cruel Prince, Dark King, Merciless Queen, & Checkmate

Wrath (Part I): A Mafia Romance

Fariah Zaidi - 2019
    Still recovering from the trauma from two years ago, she is swept away in a web of lies, crime and chaos, leading her to question everything, even her own identity. And then she meets him. Stefan Esposito. Dangerous, arrogant and ruthless, he is the Boss of the largest family of the Italian Mafia. And he has vowed to protect her.


Kristen Luciani - 2020
    Be prepared to lose yourself in the dark, dangerous, and deliciously deviant underworld starring the Marcone family. Pulse-pounding suspense with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating.


Ashlee Price - 2020
    Pull the trigger. Done deal.Except that I can’t.I wanted her the moment I saw her.I’m obsessed with those bright eyes and killer curves.Her full lips, and those long gorgeous legs.Allie knows too much but she doesn’t deserve to die.She deserves justice, despite the secrets she’s keeping from me.Her enemies are relentless.But I’m ruthless and won’t let them get to her.I’m the only man who can protect her.I will save her, even if it kills me.

The Predator

RuNyx - 2020
    As the only non-blooded member in the high circle of the Tenebrae Outfit, he is an enigma to all - his skills unparalleled, his morality questionable, and his motives unknown. He is lethal and he knows it. As does Morana Vitalio, the genius extraordinaire daughter of the rival family. What Caine does with weapons, Morana does with computers. When a twenty-year old mystery resurfaces, Morana infiltrates Caine's house, intent on killing him, unaware of a tie that binds them together. Hate, heat, and history clash together with unexpected sparks. But something bigger, something worse is happening in their world. And despite their animosity, only they can fight it down.

Velvet Fire

K.B. Winters - 2020
    Kill or be killed. I was born into this grim reality. MaisieI never thought I’d fall in love with a cold blooded killer.But with those dreamy eyes and that smile that won’t quit.I find I’m thinking of Virgil more and more.So what if he’s a criminal.My brothers are too. I’ve been around bad boys all of my life.And I’m not sure,Is he really that bad?Even after he saves my life?VirgilI’m not a knight in shining armor,Or even one of the good guys,But I really screw up when I kidnap the wrong girl.Maisie from Texas, with curves in all the right places.She thinks I’m her salvation—her rescuer.Not the guy who drugged her...But they say everything happens for a reason,And she’s my reason.For everything.I’ll rise up for her. Protect her.Crush those who are out to hurt her,And prove not all Prince Charmings ride a white stallion.Some wear a gun.And I’ll do it for her.For us.And when she’s safe, I’ll make her mine.

Mafia Casanova

M. Robinson - 2020
    Though it didn’t help me get my answers any faster.I nodded when I was supposed to.I smirked when I needed to.I complimented when the timing was right.Then… I’d send them to hell after giving them nothing but heaven.I should’ve felt guilt.I didn’t.Because I was good at what I did.Making people believe what I wanted them to was an art I perfected. In a world where nothing mattered but staying at the top, I made sure no one slipped through my fingers.Except for her. She was gorgeous.One might say she was the female version of me.I lost her once.I wouldn’t lose twice. Now was the time… To let the games begin. MAFIA CASANOVA: Full length Standalone Romantic Suspense Novel

Broken Innocence

Brook Wilder - 2021
    Especially not someone as pure and naïve as Rory Evans.Her big innocent eyes drew my attention.But it was her soft trembling lips that made me want to possess her.To break her.From that single wayward stare, all I thought about was how I’d corrupt her.How I’d drag her—kicking and screaming—into this hellish world of mine.A world filled with torment, pain, and suffering.She’ll accuse me of stealing her future.She’ll call me a monster whose hand is dipped in blood.And she would be right.She’d be a fool not to fight me—tooth and nail.But no matter how hard she fights.No matter how far she runs.She can’t escape one cold truth:That she belongs to me.Body, spirit, and soul.Even before I put my ring on her finger, and my baby in her belly.Broken Innocence is a dark Romance & Psychological suspense novel by bestselling author Brook Wilder. Book 1 of the D'Agostino Mafia trilogy. This is not a standalone.WARNING: This book contains scenes that may be disturbing to some readers.

7th Circle

Tate James - 2021
    The streets outside the Wolves HQ ran red with the blood of the old guard, and not one of those members loyal to my father were spared mercy. Not a single one. I let the media twist and distort the story. My new recruits eagerly proved themselves in spreading false news, in covering our tracks. To the general public, the Tri-State Timberwolves were extinct. But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. We changed, we grew, we evolved and came out stronger than ever. Now, I live, eat, sleep and breathe Timberwolves. I’ll do anything to keep my empire safe and thriving. To keep the people depending on me safe. So, what do I do, when it’s my own weakness that places us all in danger? When I let sex cloud my judgment, and my people pay the price? Simple. Kill the distractions. I’m called Hades for a reason, after all.

Relentless King: A Mafia Romance (Reign of Anarchy Book 1)

Hunter Rose - 2021
    I’ve never been afraid of the dark, because I am relentless in the night.This world, my world, is a black hole of death and despair.No one knows it better than me.But my Alyson Scarpati is a blinding light.Her innocence captured my heart the moment I saw her.She vanquishes the shadows and leaves an uneasiness burning inside me.Her father wants to give her away as a gift to the highest bidder?But all he wants is a profitable alliance.Not if I have anything to say about it.Her protection is my reverence.And when she tells me about our little secretnothing, not even our families will get in the way.She’s my Little Lamb.And I will be her Lion.

For Fallon

Soraya Naomi - 2014
    Fallon’s mask is real, what you see is what you get. Growing up with two loving parents in Chicago, graduating in Chicago, and now working a job she loves, she enjoys her life. Her untarnished world is shaken when Luca crosses her path. Luca’s mask is tightly controlled. Distrust, rivalry, and violence rule his life.When confronted with insecurities, when the one you love wears his mask perfectly, when your life unravels and you don’t know why, do you keep trusting the person you love? Everyone has a façade. Everyone has an ulterior motive.A contemporary romance/ romantic thriller in dual point of view. Contains sexual content and violence.

Merciless Vows

Faith Summers - 2021
    He’s the Bratva assassin they all call Merciless.On our wedding day, he taught me real monsters aren’t the ones who hide in the dark.They’re the ones who stare you in the face and steal your soul. On a quest for revenge, he takes me and unearths secrets from the past that will cause a war.When death lies on the horizon the enemy of my enemy becomes my friend.In this instance he’s my husband.The real question is when he finishes uncovering the truth, will he keep me or kill me.

Red Handed

Kate King - 2021
    Name your price.”At twenty-three, you would think I could say no to being traded to the enemy, but that’s not how life works when you grow up in an organized crime family. I consider myself lucky to have grown up at all.Ten years ago, my brother was murdered in the gang war that split the city of St. Adrian down the middle. My family took the South Side, and the North Side went to them. The Gentlemen.Now the leader of the Gentlemen is asking for my help and my father has been nice enough to agree to his terms. In exchange for my sister’s protection, I need to cross the divide and live with the family that killed my brother.Too bad I’ve never been great at playing nice.Nico, Beck and Rush are the enemy. The leaders of the Gentlemen. They’re conceited, lying, murderous assholes and they’re the reason I’ve been trained all my life to cheat, steal, and shoot my way to the top.I’m ready to take them down from the inside. I just hope they don’t get to me first. After all, a truce between two enemies is a promise waiting to be broken.Red Handed is an enemies to lovers contemporary mafia romance where the female main character will end up with multiple love interests by the end of the series. All the characters are in their mid-twenties. There are dark themes and graphic violence, but no bullying or violence toward the main character. This is book one of three.

Ruthless Stranger

Maggie Cole - 2021
    One I can’t see, only feel, thanks to my friends who make a deal with him on my behalf.No names. No personal details. No face to etch into my mind.Just him, me, and an expensive silk tie.What happens in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas.He warns me he’s full of danger.I never see that side of him. All I experience is his Russian accent, delicious scent, and touch that lights me on fire.One incredible night turns into two. Then we go our separate ways.But fate doesn't keep us apart. When I run into my stranger back in Chicago, I know it’s him, even if I’ve never seen his icy blue eyes before.Our craving is hotter than Vegas. But he never lied.He’s a ruthless man…”Ruthless Stranger” is the jaw-dropping first installment of the “Mafia Wars” series. It’s an interconnecting, stand-alone Dark Mafia Romance, guaranteed to have an HEA.

Beast: The Beginning

Mary Catherine Gebhard - 2017
     I thought selling myself to a mafia boss was noble. So what if they called him the Beast? I grew up in rags, and he would lift me to riches. All I had to do was give him my soul. He was punishing. Insatiable. Captivating. Nothing like I expected him to be. Each day my reality blurred, leaving me wondering if I was slave or princess. The longer I stayed, the more I lost myself to him. Even after every cruelty the Beast visited upon me, I longed for his touch. Even after every savage word he spoke, I begged for his lips. I thought the worst thing he could take was my body. I was too naïve to guard my heart. Once upon a time, I thought love was a fairytale. Now I know better than to speak of happily ever afters. Beast is the first book in the Hate Story duet. About what it means to fall in love with the person who has absolutely destroyed you, it contains disturbing and graphic situations that may be a trigger for some.