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Scary Stories

Ron Ripley - 2020
    Five macabre masterpieces, lovingly crafted from the darkest depths of your nightmares.This collection includes:Walking - A camping trip in the wilderness leads to bloodshed when an inexperienced outdoorsman trespasses on forbidden ground…The Bridge - A cancer patient’s recovery takes an unexpected turn when she discovers that cheating death comes with a hidden cost…Squatting - A homeless man seeking shelter from the cold discovers that some abandoned houses hold deadly ties to the past…Maker’s Hill - A curious ghost hunter unearths a town’s dark history of violence, and learns that some secrets are meant to stay buried…The First Bad Thing - The murder of a child’s furry friend sends him on a hunt for a vicious supernatural predator that only he can stop…There’s no end to the terror found within these tales of dread. But whatever you do, try not to scream too loud.You never know who might be listening in the dark…

The Horror Collection: Purple Edition

Kevin J. KennedyDavid Owain Hughes - 2019
    This edition brings together some of the best horror writers from the last few decades. Featuring stories from Ray Garton, Kelley Armstrong, Simon Clark, Gord Rollo, Chad Lutzke, Mike Duke, Christina Bergling, David Owain Hughes, P. Mattern & Kevin J. Kennedy.

Short Horror Stories Vol. 7

Kathryn St. John-Shin - 2019
    Hellfire and damnation await a woman whose psychiatrist may be more than he seems. And devastating secrets from the past are unleashed when an old man revisits his childhood bedroom…Scare Street is proud to present the best in bone-chilling supernatural horror. This volume contains three terrifying tales for your reading pleasure. Each story will keep you up long past the midnight hour, eager to turn the next page… Because the second your close your eyes, who knows what nightmares will come alive in the dark corners of your room? They creep closer, and closer. Their rotting claws reach out for you with the cold, chilling touch of the grave. And if they catch you, your own scream will be the last sound you’ll ever hear…

Sinister Scribblings - Volume 1: A Short Story Collection

Matt Hickman - 2017
    Featuring a foreword from Kyle M. Scott, Sinister Scribblings brings together a unique blend of stories, some of which have been previously published, others that are original pieces and only available within this collection. In this collection we meet a whole host of broken, deranged characters in a sequence of horrific circumstances, including a mother who is determined to seek vengeance upon the school thugs that are bullying her only daughter; a woman who’s lifestyle has spiralled out of control after finding her boyfriend in a more than compromising position; a man who once spent his life in the public eye, has fallen from the heights of stardom and is slowly rebuilding himself; a teenage boy, a daydreamer who enjoys chocolate eggs for breakfast, who finds himself unravelling a unique Easter gift; a cave dwelling creature who has a taste for young flesh; a mischievous young boy who finds himself upon the naughty list at Christmas; a man, who after recently losing his job, makes a compelling agreement with a strange figure in a bar; two twin sisters who battle it out in brutal style after a major misunderstanding; a group of friends on their friends stag night, who get more than they bargained for upon entering an abandoned hospital for a prank; a man who awakens in a terrifying situation, in a strange location following a party with his friends; a woman abandoned in her friend’s cabin at a picturesque lake during a thunder storm; a man who crashes his car whilst driving home and spotting the figure of woman in amongst the trees beside the road; a serial killer enduring complications whilst receiving the lethal injection. Featuring bonus stories from Stuart Keane, Andrew Lennon, Michelle Garza & Melissa Lason, C.M. Saunders, Daryl Duncan, Mark Nye and Dale Robertson. Sit back, relax and immerse yourself in these Sinister Scribblings.

31 Sweet Brides. Mega Box Set of Inspirational Romance Stories: Mail Order Bride, Historical Romance, Western Romance, Scottish Romance, Regency Romance, Amish Romance

Indiana Wake - 2018
     Includes one brand new story. Transport yourself to a world of sweet love and romance. Where heroes are strong and brave and the women are determined and resilient. There are 31 romances all with a happy ever after. All these wonderful books will keep you reading for a long time to come. All the authors are bestsellers and include 4 kindle All Star authors. Enjoy these sweet romances which include Historical, Western, Mail Order Bride, Regency Romance, Scottish Historical Romance, and Amish Romance there is something here for every reader. All the books are clean and suitable for all ages. Included in this amazing value set are: No Going Back A Baby to Heal His Heart For the Love of the Baby A Father's Blessing A Surprise Proposal Blackmailed by the Rancher For Love or for duty The Baby and the Beast Saving the Twins A Dream Come True The Secret Valentine The Language of Flowers The Duke and the Valentine’s Day Heiress A Return to Faith Trust and Faith Home to Stay Where We Belong Amish Hideaway Closer to Her Heart A Reason to Stay With All Her Heart Highlanders Choice and the Runaway Bride Highlanders Revenge and the Secret Love Highlanders Heart and the Deadly Arrow The Clan Chief's Daughter and the Strangers Trust Trapped in Time Twins for a Lonely Bride The Baby on the Porch Captured by the Rancher A Better Man Only For Love Grab this set while you can and don't forget to tell your friends.

Horrors Next Door 2: Short Scary Stories to play with your mind

Tom Coleman - 2019
    Some of the stories are inspired by true events. Find out which ones inside this scary collection. "The Girl I Married" Jonathan noticed that after marrying Jeanette, she starts acting strange. As if she is not the same girl he dated. Why is she so different and what secrets is she hiding? "I`m Sorry Daddy" After an accident at work, Mr. Williams starts developing unusual symptoms. He is turning into a monster and there is nothing to stop this. "The House Next Door part 2" Jessica decides to find out what happened to her friend Sarah. What new discoveries will she make and will the same fate befall her?

The Monsters We Forgot: Volume 1

R.C. BowmanLeah Velez - 2019
     Within these pages, you’ll find a treasure trove of myths, legends, folktales, urban legends, historical accounts, and stories about horrors, both ancient and modern, that have been hidden, ignored, or forgotten entirely. “The Monsters We Forgot” is a massive anthology of horror stories by an international team of authors ranging from award-winners and bestsellers to visionary newcomers. These stories draw inspiration from the folklore traditions of countries including Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Ireland, Wales, England, Norway, Nigeria, Greece, Poland, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States, the tales in this three-volume collection range from original folktales and chilling myths to information-age monsters and modern urban legends, and everything in between. Turn on the lights, check the locks, and settle in. You’re about to remember The Monsters We Forgot.

The Life of Chuck

Stephen King
    Short story from "If it bleeds".

The Horror Collection: Gold Edition

Kevin J. Kennedy - 2018
     Featuring stories by Amy Cross, Mike Duke, Matthew Brockmeyer, Lex H. Jones, J.C. Michael and Kevin J. Kennedy.


T.W. Piperbrook - 2016
    A short story to be read after Outage 5: The Change due to spoilers A year after The Great Storm has ended, two survivors cope with the aftermath.

The Butcher's Husband and Other Stories

Amy Cross - 2019
     A suspicious husband sets out to discover what his wife really does late at night in her shop. A man starts a new job guarding the entrance to a pier at night. An abandoned house hides a sinister – and disgusting – secret in its basement. A young girl waits for a message from her dead mother, and then she finds something stranger in the freezer. The Butcher's Husband and Other Stories features the new short stories The Butcher's Husband, Tongue, The Pier and The Butcher's Husband II, as well as revised versions of The Seagull and A Perfect Death, and a new novella titled Larry.

The Hunt

Kimberly A Bettes - 2019
    One night. No hope. Damaged property.Mauled animals.Mutilated bodies.There's something on the loose, prowling the dense forests of the Ozarks, leaving a trail of horror and devastation in its wake and striking fear deep in the hearts of all who live there.A monster, they say. A behemoth creature with long teeth and sharp claws.On a cold November night, three men head out into the dark wilderness, searching for the beast, hoping to take it down before it kills again. But as the men are pushed to their limits, they're left wondering if they'll survive the hunt......or will they have to sacrifice themselves in order to save the lives of others?

Carnival Of Strange Things

Amy CrandallSamie Sands - 2019
    The carnival is about to begin, and the show is to die for... Grab your ticket and take a seat. The ringmaster’s opening act? A creature showcasing its bloody feat.There are haunting spirits with much to tell. Tales of torture and screams straight from the burning flames of hell.Tick-tock goes the time, seconds passing by as you slowly lose your mind.Watch.Wait.Listen.Evil is coming, and it’s striking from behind.Horror and fear, like filth on your skin it clings,Question is, are you brave enough to endure…The Carnival of Strange Things?

Monstronomicon: 100 Horror Stories from 70 Authors

Tobias WadeRoboti S.C. - 2018
    What are you, crazy? You don't need to look. The monsters will find you.  THE MONSTER BOOK OF MONSTERS is a collection of 100 stories from around the world, inspired by the legendary book from Harry Potter. These aren't your everyday Werewolves and Wendigos either. Each story is told by the survivor of an encounter with a unique and mysterious creature more wild and varied than you can imagine. This book has something for everyone with a dark mind, so read now to find the perfect monster for you.Some monsters are quirky and friendly, while others are apocalyptic behemoths crawling up from the depths. Some stories are heartwarming, funny, or profound, while others are a blood bath..  As seen on TV* *Assuming you can see into the future. The Monster Book of Monsters is a joint media and literary project. These monsters are destined for the screen in an episodic series of short horror films. See the inside of the book for more information on how to get involved.  About Haunted House Publishing We're passionate about publishing horror stories for adults, scary books for teens, and all sorts of dark fiction. We've got new horror kindle books every month, specializing in supernatural stories, supernatural book collections, and paranormal books for adults. We've got zombie books, demonic horror, ghosts and specters, angels and demons, gothic novels, and haunted houses and ghosts novels. We promise some of the top horror books 2018.

The Horror Collection: Black Edition

Becky NarronLee McGeorge - 2019
     Featuring stories by Richard Chizmar, Mark Lukens, Michael A. Arnzen, Eric J. Guignard, Veronica Smith, Lee McGeorge, James Matthew Byers & Kevin J. Kennedy