Ariel The Birthday Surprise (Disney Princess)

Gail Herman
    It's going to be a fun-filled day complete with a birthday concert, and Ariel is excited about visiting her family. She only wishes Prince Eric could go, too. At the party Adella wishes that Ariel could stay. That very moment, a rare solar eclipse hits, and Adella's wish comes true! Will Ariel ever be able to break the spell and return to Eric-and her life as a human?

The Beginning

M.J. Thomas - 2017
    Can they unlock the mystery of the scrolls before they get trapped in history forever? Children will discover the answer as the two characters ride rhinos, meet the angel Michael, and talk to a certain snake in the Garden of Eden. Riveting text and engaging illustrations bring this beloved Bible story to riotous life.

The Seal of Surya

Amritanshu Pandey - 2014
    The Solar tribes are without a ruler, and the return to Aryavarta has resulted in a confederation where hitherto there was a united clan-hood. Rakshasas, Gandharvas and Yakshas threaten the nascent cities of Aryavarta, and if their rise is not checked the Solar tribes may lose all they have gained.And thus rises Ikshvaku, the son of Manu and descendant of Surya. He forms Aryavarta’s first Kingdom and unites the Solar strength against the Anaryas- Rakshasas, Gandharvas and Yakshas.But the Seal of Surya is still missing, and Ikshvaku will need to find it to put his claim and authority beyond all doubt. This is the tale of Aryavarta’s first dynasty, the Suryavansha, and its first King- Ikshvaku Manava.

NEANDER: A Time Travel Adventure

Harald Johnson - 2019
    These people really ARE Neanderthals!"At an archeological dig in Gibraltar, a boat explosion shatters the hopes of science journalist Tom Cook. His pregnant fiancée was on the boat and is missing.During the search, things go from bad to worse when Tom plunges through a time portal and into the strange and dangerous era of the Neanderthals. Can he get back, or is he stuck in the past forever?On top of figuring out how to return to the present, Tom must use his modern-day wits to fight for survival in the world of 40,000 years ago. And contend with a group of archaic humans that are not at all like what he expects.Finally, Tom faces a crucial decision that could alter the course of human history. A history he knows he has the power to change. Will he make the right choice?If you're a fan of the time travel fantasy novels of Jack Finney ("Time and Again"), Stephen King ("11/22/63"), or Michael Crichton ("Timeline"), you'll savor this science-fiction, time-travel adventure from historical-fiction author Harald Johnson."It's 40,000 years ago and I'm stuck here. Now what?"

Avishi: Vishpala of Rig Veda Reimagined

Saiswaroopa Iyer - 2017
    When Khela, the oppressive King of the neighbouring Vrishabhavati begins to overwhelm and invade Ashtagani, Avishi rises to protect her settlement, but at a high cost. Separated from her love, her settlement broken, with a brutal injury needing amputation of her leg, can Avishi overcome Khela? If stories about ancient India, especially those with strong women characters interest you, then Avishi is a story you must read! Saiswaroopa Iyer is an IITian and Venture Capital professional turned author. Her debut novel Abhaya, published in 2015, was a tale set in the Mahabharata period, exploring the legend of Narakasura Vadha. She likes to focus and expand on ancient Indian stories with strong female characters. She tweets @Sai_swaroopa

The Curse of Surya

Dev Prasad - 2015
    At the Taj Mahal, she meets Alan Davies, a charming Welshman. But a terrorist attack on Mathura’s renowned Krishna temple turns them into fugitives from justice and the duo must decipher a series of complex cryptographs and unearth the illustrious Shyamantaka that belonged to Surya, the Sun God, to prove their innocence. Joined in their quest by an elderly Frenchman, Anton Blanchard, the duo race against time in helicopters, motor boats and yachts. In hot pursuit are the brilliant and daring SP Nisha Sharma and the most ruthless terrorist organizations. Before she realizes it, Sangeeta is trapped in a world of betrayal, deceit and horror. Fast-paced and gripping, The Curse of Surya will keep you hooked and on the edge of your seat while you unravel one of the biggest mysteries in 5000 years.

The Enchanted Hat

Mary Sue - 2015
     David is an ordinary boy, with an an EXTRA-ordinary hat! A hat that can take him to places, well beyond his wildest dreams! Sail on a pirate ship, dance with wild animals, go on adventurous, heart throbbing expeditions... it's all possible with the magic hat! Hold on tight, because you are about to go on an EPIC adventure! Are you ready... let's begin!

Magic Tree House: #5-8

Mary Pope Osborne - 2001
    Parents, teachers, and librarians hail the chapter-book series as a tool to promote reading, as even the most reluctant readers want to know where the Magic Tree House will take the brother-and-sister team next. In books 5-8, Jack and Annie's friend, Morgan le Fay, is in trouble They must find four "M" things to free her from a spell. Their adventures take them to meet a ninja master in ancient Japan, flee a crocodile on the Amazon River, discover the cave people of the Ice Age, and blast off to the moon in the future. It's a difficult and dangerous mission, but Jack and Annie will do anything to save a friend

The LEGO Movie: Junior Novel

Kate Howard - 2013
    He's a normal guy who likes to do normal stuff - watch TV, go to work, eat hot wings, and listen to everyone's favorite song, "Everything is Awesome."But all that changes one fateful day when Emmet accidently discovers the Piece of Resistance. It turns out Emmet's not so average after all - there's even a prophecy about him! Does this ordinary guy have what it takes to become an extraordinary hero and save the universe?The LEGO® Movie is being produced and distributed in conjunction with Warner Bros and has an all-star cast including Chris Pratt (Emmet), Will Ferrell (Lord Business), Elizabeth Banks (Wyldstyle), Liam Neeson (Bad Cop), Allison Brie (UniKitty), Nick Offerman (Metal Beard), Morgan Freeman (Vitruvius), and Will Arnett (Batman).

Jazeera: Legend of the Fort Island

Yash Pawaskar - 2019
    Bharatvarsh’s political landscape is in turmoil. The Northern Sultanate has moved its capital back to Delhi from Daulatabad and is bleeding from economic losses. The southern states, coming together as the Sujaynagar Empire, have pushed back the Northern Sultanate. Amidst this chaos, Jazeera, a fort island on Bharatvasrh’s west coast and a vassal state under the Sultanate, is tormented by a mysterious Shadow, who is kidnapping Jazeera’s children. Whispers suggest that there’s black magic at play to invoke the mighty Timingila. Jazeera’s ambitious Sultan and the pragmatic Wazir summon an Officer from the Sultanate to solve this mystery. Meanwhile, tribes in the dense forest near the fort island are feeling the ripple effects of Jazeera’s troubles, and are seeking alliances and formulating secret plans. The island has a haunting past, a turbulent present, and a prophetic future. Jazeera: Legend of the Fort Island unravels it all in a thrilling manner.

Hard to Die

Andra Watkins - 2016
    When she disappeared she fell into an in-between called Nowhere. For her soul to rest, she has one assignment: Help someone navigate a life-changing crossroad or be forgotten forever.Theo is running out of time when she encounters Richard Cox, a West Point cadet who’s desperate. After someone from Richard’s past presents him with an impossible ultimatum, he has two choices: Return to spying on the Russians…or die.As Theo and Richard battle adversaries, treachery collides with their growing passion. Can they trust each other enough to elude their enemies? Or are they pawns for a bigger foe determined to destroy them?Hard to Die is the first book in the Nowhere Series, a speculative blend of riveting suspense, forgotten history, and a dash of paranormal fiction. If you like edge-of-your-seat action, compelling characters, and white-knuckle emotion, you’ll love the first installment in Andra Watkins’ page-turning series.Buy Hard to Die today and discover your next favorite read!

The Isles of the Blest

Morgan Llywelyn - 1989
    Willingly, he lets himself become intoxicated by the surreal beauty of a fairy-woman who offers to take him to a far away, forbidden land where all his desires will be fulfilled. He welcomes the opportunity to be away from the gruesome war that has consumed his life for so long, but what price will the warrior pay to be in a land void of death, loss and pain? Does the pleasure of the company of the stunning stranger outweigh the price he must pay to remain in The Isles of the Blest?


Piers Anthony - 1990
    Now computers and genetic engineering have brought one of these magnificent creatures back to life and into the life of a boy named Thor. This moving and suspenseful tale will enchant readers, and offer an irresistible reminder of the bond between the creatures of the wild and the child that lives within us all.

The Lost World: A Retelling

Brent Saltzman - 2010
    Expeditions have turned up enormous, dinosaur-like footprints while others have not come back at all. No one is quite sure what's hiding in the unexplored regions of the African jungle, but one thing is for certain. It is a place like no place on Earth. A world lost in time. A place where monsters dwell. A modern retelling of Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel, full of thrills, action, and suspense along with extensive research regarding the very real Mokele-Mbembe legends of the Congo region, "The Lost World: A Retelling" is an adventure not to be missed.

Mail Order Bride And Her Children's Hope (A Western Historical Romance Book)

Florence Linnington - 2019
     Emily decides to leave everything behind and start over in the west as a mail order bride. Her new husband, Levi, has children too, which makes Emily think that he will understand her and that things will go smoothly. But she couldn’t have been more wrong. Levi has been doing everything alone for several years since his wife died. He never wanted to marry again but he knows his children need a mother and he has been struggling with the burden of being a single parent. When Emily and Levi finally met, they realize they cannot see eye to eye on anything when it comes to the children, and it almost seems that everything and everyone is working to keep them apart. The newly merged family has become a disaster in waiting… especially in the harsher conditions of the west. How will Emily and Levi learn to work together and save both of their families? Or will they give up and leave their families more broken than they were in the beginning?