Ghost Riders In The Sky

Timothy Zahn - 2020
    With every voyage taking exactly five hours, whether the distance is one light-year or a thousand, the drive allowed humanity to finally escape Earth and reach for the stars.But while the aliens owned the technology, they needed humans to make it practical. Specifically, humans who could temporarily leave their bodies and guide the tunnelships through the void of space.Nathan Skoda is one such navigator. After hundreds of trips, and with hundreds yet to go, all he wants is to finish out his indenture before he succumbs to burnout. So when he’s approached with a plan that might free the navigators from the Meerian chokehold, he decides to check it out.But when the Meerians move to protect their monopoly, Skoda realizes he’s let himself in for more than he bargained for.And he discovers that, dark though his life may be, there’s an even deeper darkness lying beneath the surface.

Boat to Baguette: A humorous memoir of a sea change to a French adventure

Hettie Ashwin - 2017
     Napoleon Bonaparte These prophetic words are the beginning of an adventure. When two intrepid Aussies decide to buy a house in France after living on a boat for 11 years, they get more than baguettes and stinky cheese. Wonderful neighbours, horrible drains, fabulous wine, French taxes. Boat to Baguette is a humorous rollercoaster ride as Hettie and Boomie make France their new home.

If You'll Let Me

B. Love - 2018
    He’d given me my first taste of love, and he helped me to see just how stupid our hearts could be. Because of Cory, I learned that love was the only thing we couldn’t see in the physical that could completely screw up the physical – mainly our hearts. Love had the ability to break your heart into small pieces and feed it to the idiot you loved just to make him stronger while you grew weak. If love wasn’t for the weak, may I never be strong. – Nola Williams For Nola Williams, until she achieves every dream and goal on her to-do list, love was to be avoided at all costs. That had been an easy task… until she met Logan Hart. Not only is Logan devilishly handsome, wealthy, and charming, but he also has the power to help Nola achieve her dreams in a fraction of the time it would take for her to do it on her own. In exchange for her dreams, Logan is asking for Nola’s hand, heart, and commitment, and they all seem to be an easy trade in the beginning. As their exchange unfolds, Nola finds herself wondering if her dreams were worth the risk of tying herself to a man like Logan. A man who has an effortless ability to seep into the crevices of her cracked heart. The problem? Their union is only to last for a year, and though the world thinks it’s real, Nola and Logan know it’s fake. Will she be able to leave Logan with her dreams and her heart unscathed, or will she learn firsthand how love has the power to destroy just as her father did?

Fomori Invasion: An Epic Fantasy Progression Saga (Shattered Gods Book 2)

Chris Fox - 2021

Body Count: A Vietnam War Thriller

Richter Watkins - 2019
     In the midst of a deteriorating war in 1967 a senior CIA operative seeking to rearm the Mekong Delta’s anti-communist Buddhists in the hopes of transforming a failing military strategy is killed under mysterious circumstances. This changes everything for Navy Commander Michael Teague who was about to work with the Buddhists who’d been disarmed over a decade ago by Saigon. Within hours of the death of the CIA operative, Teague is recruited to lead the clandestine mission, code named The Third Force, knowing the secret operation to rearm the Buddhists is opposed by Saigon and MACV. By taking the assignment he accepts that it could cost him his career and might well trigger a major, bloody war-within-the-war in the jungles of the Mekong Delta. With the support of the powerful young female Buddhist leader, Thi Xam, the operation grows and spreads. It success triggers an explosive conflict between the CIA backed Buddhists and Saigon’s Special Forces who are supported by the American military command led by Colonel Stennride, to put an end to the Buddhist rebellion and continue with a strategy of body count.

Legal Thriller: Justice (Dean Wilder Book 1)

Patrick Graham - 2016
     Dean Wilder makes sure of it. The daughter of a United States Senator is found brutally murdered in a quiet park, and an ex-professional basketball player is accused. In the series debut, criminal defense lawyer Dean Wilder can't resist the chance to represent someone who is as crazy as anyone can be without being criminally insane. A defense lawyer with a conscience, Wilder steps into the case knowing the trouble will run deep. Politicians, lawyers, psychologists, and crooked cops push Wilder to the edge. Under mounting media pressure, can Wilder find the real killer before he strikes again? Smart and witty, this legal thriller will take you for a ride through the courtroom, and leave you with twists and turns that you didn’t see coming.

A Onesie is not just for Christmas - Sequel to Blame it on the Onesie

C.J. Morrow - 2017
    Sequel to laugh-out-loud romantic comedy Blame it on the OnesieIt’s all change for Ella.•Nathan has declared his love: ‘It was only ever you I wanted, only ever you I loved.’•Sleaze weasel Hal is but a distant memory•Spring Cottage ‘rules’ are getting in the way•And Christmas seems a long way offPull on your onesie, light the fire, grab a hot chocolate and join Ella, Nathan, Sam, Charlie, Walt and the cavalry for another riotous read.

Always Smiling: The World According to Toff

Georgia Toffolo - 2018
    As the runaway winner of I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2017, Toff surprised us all, not least herself, with her positive, happy-go-lucky attitude and kindness to others, no matter what challenge came her way in the jungle.In ALWAYS SMILING, Toff is here to share her experiences, some funny, some sad, some that make her cringe with embarrassment. So whether it is friendships, family dramas, heartbreak and relationships, or how she coped with living her life in front of millions of viewers of Made in Chelsea, Toff reveals how she has learnt to keep a smile on her face, whatever life throws at her.Told with her trademark honesty, humour and endless sense of fun, ALWAYS SMILING is a must-have for any fan.

Execution of Faith

Stephen Taylor - 2020
    Can Danny Pearson stop them or will this be his downfall...Since leaving the SAS, Danny Pearson passes time doing freelance security jobs. Still mourning the loss of his wife and son, Danny’s just trying to live the quiet life getting by day by day.When his best friend Scott is asked for help from an old work colleague, Danny and Scott investigate. What they find leads them into a dangerous world of terrorists, mercenary killers and a plot to change the balance of world power. Will Danny live long enough to stop a global disaster…Execution of faith is the first in the Danny Pearson Thriller Series. If you like sharp humour and fast-paced action and adventure, then you’ll love Stephen Taylor’s first rollercoaster action thriller.Readers are saying“Jack Reacher, Mitch Rapp, Jason Bourne and now Danny Pearson.”

May It Please Your Lordship

Toby Potts - 2012
    Stirring speeches to rapt juries, triumphant press interviews and enormous fees paid by grateful clients. He can see it all. But unfortunately, he has reckoned without Judge 'Bonkers' Clarke, The Honourable Mr 'Sourpuss' Boniface and a range of other equally terrifying, grumpy and borderline insane judges - not to mention tricky solicitors, bent coppers and dodgy defendants.

Lethal Lawyers

Dale E. Manolakas - 2014
    With blue-collar idealism and onerous student loans, first-year associate Sophia Christopoulos covets the firm’s money and power. But her new friendships, love, and success come with the devastating price of disillusionment, murder, and betrayal. When Sophia is hurled into a murder investigation, she is torn between ethics and firm politics, as well as love and truth. Fighting to save her career and life, she becomes the star witness—and then a target. [No courtroom trial]☆ THE GUN TRIAL & THE RUSSIAN Second & Third in Series ☆ REVIEWS: “Warning – don’t start reading until you have time!” “Where John Grisham offers one-dimensional cardboard replicas, Author Dale E. Manolakas delivers with fully-realized characters who explode off the page. Visceral. Sensual. Alive.” “Keeps the reader guessing until the end.” “Wow! Powerful look into the law business!” ❦ Go to Amazon Author's Page for more books [Kindle Unlimited]. ❦ Visit Author's Official Website for more books, free book offers, portals to sale channels, and a sign up [No Spam]. ❦Author's YouTube Channel with book trailers and other offers.

The Rebel: A Biography of Ram Jethmalani

Susan Adelman - 2014
    With a career spanning the entire history of independent India and still going strong, he has managed to command respect and evoke anger in equal measure. But did you know that he is the most pro-Israel politician in Asia one of the founders of the prestigious National School of Law, Bangalore one of the first to raise the issue of corruption in India, founder of the Sunday Guardian in the late eighties, one of the longest-serving parliamentarians and that he is married to two wives at the same time? In The Rebel, A Biography of Ram Jethmalani, Susan Adelman, a longtime friend, presents the most updated, authentic and detailed account of his life. Peppered with personal accounts, unknown facets of his life and insider titbits, the book reveals the man behind the larger than life persona of Ram Jethmalani.

The Best Story Wins: How to Leverage Hollywood Storytelling in Business and Beyond

Matthew Luhn - 2018
    Former Pixar and The Simpsons Animator and Story Artist Matthew Luhn translates his two and half decades of storytelling techniques and concepts to the CEOs, advertisers, marketers, and creatives in the business world and beyond. A combination of Luhn’s personal stories and storytelling insights, The Best Story Wins retells the “Hero’s Journey” story building methods through the lens of the Pixar films to help business minds embrace the power of storytelling for themselves!

Did He Save Lives?: A Surgeon's Story

David Sellu - 2019
    There followed a sequence of extraordinary events that led to David being prosecuted and convicted for the patient’s death and sent to prison. His licence to practise medicine was suspended, his career cut short. Events that took place later showed that this was an unfair trial with tinges of racism, and he won an appeal against his conviction and is now a free man. But the damage had already been done. This book tells his extraordinary story for the first time, in his own words.

Secrets of the Jam Factory Girls

Mary Wood - 2021
    But when she’s involved in an incident involving her half-sister Millie’s new husband, she is forced to keep it secret – the truth could threaten their sisterly bond.Dot is dogged by fear, coming to terms with her mother’s rejection of her. She should be enjoying the happiness she craves with her beloved Cess; instead, she’s trapped in an asylum, haunted by the horrifying cries of inmates. All she wants is to get married, but what chance is there for her if she’s locked away?Millie is trying to build a life with her new husband. But the man she loves is not all he seems . . .Can the Jam Factory girls create the future they all deserve?This historical saga series begins with The Jam Factory Girls.