Shadow of Oblivion

Richard Tongue - 2019
    When war erupts, the heart of their battle fleet is Goliath, the largest battleship ever built, the result of years of work in hidden shipyards lost in the depths of space. Earth has no answer to her, no ship in her fleet a match for the overwhelming power of the warship. Defeat seems inevitable. Until a renegade Admiral concocts a final, desperate plan. Only one ship, an experimental warship, the Avenger, might possibly stand a chance against the might of Goliath. One ship, with a picked crew, a crew with nothing to lose and everything to gain, gathered from the dregs of Earth’s space forces, all facing charges ranging from murder to mutiny, but all of them the best in their respective fields. The last hope for the Terran Republic. The last, desperate hope for victory.

Keeping the Secret 2

R.M. Johnson - 2011
    What is there left for him to do to prove his worth, but try to enter the drug-selling game full-time? He’ll need help and convinces himself it should come from no one other than Kimmi, the girl who told the secret that got him busted in the first place.Practically at gunpoint, he forces Kimmi to ride along while he makes drug stops and hand sales.But Kimmi doesn’t go easily, considering she has problems to solve of her own. She tries everything in her power to keep her mother’s new, live-in boyfriend, Jerome, from creeping into her bedroom at night and having his way with her. He feels entitled since he gives money to help pay the household bills. To earn the cash Jerome donates, in hopes that her mother will kick him out once she realizes they can make it on their own, sexy, curvaceous, 17 year-old Kimmi, places an escort ad online and risks rape and losing her life more than once. In between trying to fight off the sexual advances of her mother’s boyfriend, and riding the hot blocks of Chicago’s South Side with an aspiring, big-time drug dealer, Kimmi discovers the most dangerous thing she’s ever done, is try to stay alive.

Invasion and Conquest

Rob Buckman - 2018
    His mission was to retrieve an important package and get it to a secret military base in northern California. He was hundreds of miles inside alien held territory with no heavy weapons, no support, no Intel on the aliens, and no way to report the mission was a bust. Between him and the secret base stood the Sierra Nevada Mountain, four hundred miles of treacherous road and an unknown number of world destroying aliens. Any transport was immidiately attacked and destroyed, so the only way to get there was to walk. To even think about taking these women on a four hundred mile yomp was crazy at best, and completely insane knowing winter would catch them before they reached their goal. But ever the perennial sheepdog he didn't have a choice. It was either leave them to their fate, or take them with him. The only way to do that was to teach them. Not only survive, but to turn these inexperienced civilians into a snarling, battle hardened 'Wolf Pack', willing and able to take down the assorted bad guys and aliens that stood in their path. In the SAS, he'd done some crazy thing, and if there was a kindly God who looked after little children, fools and village idiots, John ‘Wolfman’ Decker hoped he was paying special attention right about now, because he was the biggest village idiot of them all.Cover Artist: Jesus Condi

The Story Begins At The End

Sujay - 2020
    All stories are packed with varied set of emotions across intrigue, drama, humor, heartache, charm and delight; and all stories written to guarantee an escape into a world of love, loss, hope and longing. A nice read in these gloomy times of a lockdown.

FINDING FRANKIE (A Tuper Mystery #2)

Teresa Burrell - 2019
    But why? And how did Squirrely, a homeless man, acquire a duffle bag stuffed with thousands in cash, a pistol, and a 25-year-old newspaper?As Squirrely lies in a coma, Tuper’s techie sidekick, Lana, uncovers fifty-year-old secrets about his connection to the death of a high school classmate. The cold case pops to the front burner when a second classmate dies in the same manner.A Senator, his barren wife, and a long-ago illegal adoption heat up the complications. As Tuper and Lana dig deeper, lies, fraud, and blackmail bubble to the surface. When they get too close, the killer panics and tries to take them out too.The case reaches a boiling point—just as Tuper unties a fifty-year-old twist and the cold truth finally puts the fire out.

Return to Willow Falls (Matt Bannister Western Book 7)

Ken Pratt - 2020
    MARSHAL MATT BANNISTER COMES FACE TO FACE WITH HIS PAINFUL PAST.U.S. Marshal Matt Bannister’s bitter side comes out when his father, Floyd Bannister, comes to town unexpectedly. He wants nothing to do with his father and makes his thoughts known. Floyd, though heartbroken, agrees to leave Matt alone.Matt is dealing with the murder of two Chinese immigrants and the brutal scourging of a third. When he finds the men responsible, and makes an arrest, he is faced with a turning tide as those who dislike him twist the truth and turn the mining community against him with destructive consequences.Tiffany Foster, who Matt brought back from Prairieville, tells her friend Gabriel Smith, that Matt is his real father. Gabriel confronts his parents and then runs away to Branson to confront Matt. Matt is caught off guard but learns a great lesson, that he and his father have more in common than he realized… Sometimes, you must have the chimney swept clean of its past fires before you can start a new flame confidently…

Foxy Lady

Rags Daniels - 2012
    Late one evening she is brutally beaten, robbed and left to die.A few days later two bodies are found in the same house the assault took place. Others follow and a sewer of corruption contained beneath the razzamatazz of a General Election leads to shattering revelations and murderous passions; causing her well-organised world to turn into an arena of pursuit and terror, and where the only certainty is that nothing is certain.Bursting with penetrating insight into the seedy, sleazy world of political funding, Foxy Lady breathlessly leads the reader into the dark and sordid twilight world which lurks beneath the glamorous surface of the upper echelons of society. Revealing the true depths of the corruption which taints the lives of those who stride the corridors of power.

Tempered: A Space Opera Military Adventure

T.S. Paul - 2019
     Casey Lewis led the best Special Operations unit in all of the Confederation until it betrayed her. Taking revenge, she expected to die in a blaze of glory and gunfire but that was not to be. Now she's Chef of the Navy and it's her job to teach, tutor, and investigate each and every kitchen in the fleet. On her own terms. When she accidentally uncovers a plot against not only the battleship she's on but the Confederation as a whole, all hell breaks loose. Bad Casey is back and she's not fooling around this time! ***This book contains bad language, sexual situations, violence, more violence, and a whole lot of innuendo. No actual Chefs were harmed in the making of this book.

Her Revolution

Gemma Jackson - 2019
    Her handsome husband, a radio personality, is beloved of the women of Ireland. Her two gorgeous sons are making a name for themselves in films. She has a lavish house in Dublin. What does she have to complain about? Finn eagerly anticipates her 40th birthday but spends the day alone and crying, forced to realise that she is literally a housewife. She has married a house! For over twenty years she has supported her husband in his career. She has raised two sons to manhood. She practically rebuilt the family home with her own sweat and labour. Her one escape is the garden workshop where she beats metal into fantasy figures. The day after her birthday she resigns her position as wife and mother. Her husband and sons fight the change in their lives but she holds firm. She locks herself in her workshop. Her fantasy figures don’t care if she looks a mess and can’t stop crying. Dare Lawrence, a wealthy Irishman living in America, discovers her secret world and wants some of it. He insists she puts a price on her figures, something Finn finds impossible to do. He shows her work to his friends in Hollywood. After years of her husband demanding that she hide her ‘little hobby’ suddenly the world comes calling. They want what she has created.

Dragon's Envoy

James Haddock - 2022
    But this is no bard’s song. All of this was because of the dragon stone necklace I scavenged from that dead mage. I knew it was magic when I saw it. Well, it was and it wasn’t. Dragon stone they call it, but what it actually is, is a dragon’s egg. When I touched it, I felt the need to put it around my neck for safekeeping. When I did, the necklace embedded itself inside my skin, making me the new dragon’s envoy. It has since been my duty to protect the egg until she’s ready to hatch. How do I know the egg is a she? Easy, she talks to me and is helping me to bring out my natural magic talents. Sometimes I’d rather it was a bard’s song, as it can be tiring. Although I must admit, having a dragon inside you comes in handy when people are trying to kill you.


Estelle Ryan - 2022
    That is until she opens her front door to find the corrupt woman who publicly outed Bree as transgender—the same woman now begging for Bree’s help.Petra Keller is a despicable person, uncaring whose reputation she tramples on her way to the top of the corporate ladder. Or is she? Could she be telling the truth that she’s changed? The more Bree looks into Petra’s shocking claims, the more she uncovers facts leading her to a chilling connection between highly respected companies, their owners and an unthinkable crime.Her investigation becomes even more muddied by cryptic emails, her overprotective brother convincing his enigmatic friend to keep an eye on her and a bombing that lands her in hospital. Instead of being intimidated, Bree’s resolve is strengthened. These powerful men can’t continue to get away with profiting from actions that already resulted in the loss of countless innocent lives—actions that would cost more lives unless Bree gets to the truth. And exposes it.Samaritan is the first book in The Duchess Report trilogy, continuing with Sentinel and concluding with Maecenas.

False Flags: Betrayal in London

Noel Hynd - 1979
     This is a newly re-formatted edition (as of January 23, 2014) to address quirks in previous editions. "Noel Hynd knows the ins and outs of Washington's institutions, public and private." Publishers Weekly (on 'The Enemy Within") From the author of FLOWERS FROM BERLIN, CONSPIRACY IN KIEV and two dozen other best selling thrillers, comes a newly revised 'endgame' spy story, based on the events of 1983 that were all too real. It is 1983, the freezing point of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. Behind the headlines, unknown to most private citizens, the two super powers bumble toward nuclear confrontation....and in the back streets and back alleys of world capitals, spies and recalled spies fight for a part of a missile guidance system that could tip the balance during nuclear confrontation. And at the center is a woman with a terrible secret. Noel Hynd takes you on a journey into the world of espionage in both the 1960's and 1980s. Based on fascinating real life detail, some of it autobiographical, the story teams with real life characters from Andropov to Profumo and spawls across CIA stations in London and Paris as well as Parisian night spots and journalistic/spy haunts such as Harry's New York Bar in Paris. The times were deadly, but riveting, the mood intoxicating but frightening. For spy fans, this is a trip into the real world. You will never feel the same about the year 1983. "The novels of Noel Hynd stand out like emeralds." - NY Times Book Review. "A few notches above the Ludlums and Clancys of the world - Booklist "(False Flags is)...readable and highly complex....written with intelligence and style....a REAL PAGE TURNER. - Publishers Weekly.


D.L. Harrison - 2019
    She was heavily malnourished, atrophied to the point she couldn’t walk, and the only survivor of a massacre. She also doesn’t remember a thing about her past.After months of sweat and hard work, she was out on her own. She was able to walk again and independent, and working to regain a life, although the lack of a past haunted her in her dreams and nightmares. Then everything changed one night as she was attacked in an alley. No one was more surprised than Lily, when she wound up being the stronger predator.Join Lily, as she learns of the existence of the supernatural world, and she tries to uncover the truth of her past. Where vampires, shifters, witches and warlocks are nothing like the legends or Hollywood fictions, and she’s stranger than all of them. Author’s note: This is the first book in an urban fantasy trilogy. There will be no major cliffhangers, but there will be several plot threads left unresolved until the final book.

The Almosts

Em Barrett - 2014
    A new love that can never be. An unexpected pregnancy. A decision that changes everything. And all Lizzy Sutter ever wanted was a simple life… This new companion novel to Leaving Green Island follows the characters you love to places you never would have imagined. ** NOW AVAILABLE ON AMAZON **{As a heads up, this book contains small amounts of underage drinking, explicit language and sexual content.}

Second Chances: A wonderful, warm novel about finding love where you least expect it

Minna Howard - 2017
    Perfect for fans of Trisha Ashley and Katie Fforde. Succumbing to a rather clichéd midlife crisis, Dan Haywood swaps his family for an expensive red sports car and a younger woman. After 24 years of marriage, his wife Sarah is left to pick up the pieces. Trying her best to re-style her life, comfort hurt children, make time for 'helpful' friends and maintain her burgeoning career as a dress designer, Sarah feels pulled in a hundred directions. And it doesn't help that obstacles – mostly in the form of other middle-aged men – seem to conspire against her. Proud of herself for moving house and starting to build an independent life, she is shocked when Robert Maynard, her rather dashing new next-door neighbour, insists that the house was promised to him. Now she is destined to be pulled into his life by events beyond her control. After one failed marriage, will she be able to find happiness again? And do second chances really come to those who wait? This book was previously published as The Orchid Lover under the name Mary De Laszlo.