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Landry by Kate Tilney


Heart to Heart (Hart Brothers, #1)

Fern Fraser - 2021
    Keeping her safe from danger? Not so much, but I’ll do anything to protect what’s mine. Willow Harding’s new life in a small mountain town is simple, sweet and safe. Her bakery is a hit with the locals and a puppy brings her heart the love she craves. Willow has everything she wants, that is, until local cop Brock Hart samples her wares, and then she has nowhere to go but all over him. But when her secret past catches up with her, threatening to destroy everything, how far will Brock go to protect the woman he loves? Welcome to Riley’s Ridge, home of the Hart brothers, tough action heroes with hearts of gold. The Hart brothers fall in love fast; they fall hard, and they’ll do anything to protect the women they love. Meet Officer Brock Hart in “Heart to Hart”Meet Paramedic Josh (Bulldog) Hart in “Unwrap my Hart”Meet Firefighter Callum (Ace) Hart in “Fire up my Hart”If you love hot steamy romance with plenty of heart, possessive men and hot happy endings you’ll love the Hart brothers of Riley’s Ridge. This series of interconnected books contains no cheating, no cliffhangers and comes with a steamy sweet HEA.

Cain (Men of Mist Heights Book 1)

Sarah Taylor - 2020
    I just hope I can persuade her to stay.LylaAll I wanted was a taste of adventure, away from the city life I had always known, and Colorado seemed like a great place to visit. But I should have been better prepared.The mountains are always a dangerous place. Wild animals, rough terrain and of course, bad weather.So when I fell and twisted my ankle that really shook me up. I wondered how I would get down again, until Cain showed up.His cabin in the woods was like another world and while he might be a bit rough round the edges he's the sort of man I always dreamed of.Question is, am I ready to move from the city and spend my life in the wilderness?Are you craving a sweet insta-love story? No cliffhangers? Guaranteed HEA? Cain is the perfect short, steamy read you've been waiting for.

Soul Mates : Bane Brothers Romance Series

Sloane Peterson - 2021


Lisa Lovell - 2020
    The kicker?He’s the hottest man to walk the earth and I never got over him.Not even now…LukeI never expected to see Marie again.The first time I run into her in five years is when I pull her over for speeding.She looks even more beautiful than she did back in college.This is a chance that only comes around once.The problem is, she has a lot going on in her life and has no plans of staying.I have to do whatever I can to make her stay…Luke is a super-hot, friends to lovers insta love romance featuring a protective and passionate alpha male policeman and a younger curvy woman. It is a safe, sweet read with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and guaranteed HEA.Luke is the first book in the Rogue County Rangers Series. All books can be enjoyed separately but the stories are interconnected.


Tarin Lex - 2020
    Book 1Falling in love always ends in disaster for me. Women are drawn to the uniform, and the brawn underneath, but not the life.While my SWAT team is out doing a car wash for a good cause, I spot the woman of my dreams. Gemma is a single mom, and everything I’ve ever wanted—curvy, gorgeous, and sweet as sin.I know I should probably leave her alone.But I can’t; I want her too much. She’s made me a believer in love at first sight. In kismet, and happily ever afters.Would Gemma take a chance on a guy like me…even after I let her down?Shane is book one of the Fort Montevallo S.W.A.T. series. It can stand alone, but why stop here? Each short instalove novella features an older alpha cop and younger curvy woman—always safe, steamy & sweet, with a heartwarming HEA!


Kali Hart - 2020
    NO cliffhangers. NO cheating.

Mountain Seeking Santa

Marley Michaels - 2020
    Catch up will all the big, gruff and tough Cooper men living their lives on and near the mountain and the feisty women they call their own. The mountain provides for its protectors, now it’s providing for Christmas too. Can we all say, aww

Sugar Lips

Kate Hunt - 2019
     I’m determined as hell to win this Halloween Bake-Off. The prize money—$10,000—would help me pay off my mom’s medical bills and do some other nice stuff for her, too. Not to mention that it would be mind-blowing to be this year’s bake-off champion. I’m up against some stiff competition, though. Most intimidating? An executive pastry chef named Jackson. And it’s not just his credentials that make me feel shaken’s also his mouth-watering good looks. I absolutely can’t let myself get distracted by him, though. There’s too much at stake. But it’s getting harder...and SUGAR LIPS is a fun, short, Halloween romance with steam, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after!

High Heels and Cowboy Boots: A Small Town, Second Chance Romance (Lone Tree Ranch Book 1)

Dawn Luedecke - 2020


Brynn Hale - 2019
    Bringing blue-collar bad boys and curvy women together in a hot, quick, & colorful way.  Cece Rollins I can’t be falling for a man who stole my car in high school.  It’s crazy, right?  Plus, with opening a business, my controlling ex, and taking care of my daughter, I can’t deal with more.But when it comes to Dane Drake, my heart does the talking and I have to listen.  Dane “Hemi” Drake  When the past comes walking into a bar wearing red heels and curves that I’d like to ride on forever, I’m a goner. She comes with a past, we all do. I just need to show her that her past isn’t our future. I’m gonna steal her heart this time. Hemi: Graffiti Boys 1  is an instalove, happily-ever-after, STEAMY, single mom romance. NO cliffhangers, NO cheating. This is a standalone story part of the GRAFFITI BOYS series.


Erin Havoc - 2020
    Always been a loner and I like it.Things turn upside down when I meet Roxie.She’s smart, quick-mouthed and her curves make my mouth water.Maybe I can make her stay.All I have to do is convince her we are for real.Mountain Men of Edgewood Valley is a new contemporary romance series by Erin Havoc. Each book can be read individually. If you’re into over-the-top romance, protective men, sweet and steamy scenes, this one is for you! Reader’s discretion advised.

Falling Snow

Alexis Adaire - 2020
    In short order, everything she thought she wanted melts away and she has to decide what her priorities in life truly are.Nick Kringle lives a solitary life in his cabin, miles from town and other humans, and that’s the way he wants it—just a man and his dog. When a gorgeous lawyer shows up in nearby Fairbanks and shows interest in him and his cabin, he agrees to give her a tour, which becomes complicated by an ill-timed snowstorm.Can Snow stop herself from falling for a man so very different from herself? And more importantly, does she really want to?

Sweet Honey (Sugar & Extra Spice Curvy Romance Book 2)

Sara Hazel - 2020
    There's no room in her life for falling in love!Not even when the handsome, but recently released from prison wayward former big time movie star Storm Wallace is secretly taking the same acting class and has his eye on Honey. Oh, it's on Honey, alright.There is nothing the curvy southern beauty can do to shake Storm's gaze. And Storm insists they become scene partners,so now they're gonna end up stuck together in more ways than one!Can Honey accept that love has found her in a way she never expected? Will Storm balance his new obsession Sweet Honey with the challenges of raising his daughter Leah in a new city?Every Sara Hazel story has a guaranteed happy ever after and there is NO CHEATING!Sweet Honey is standalone full length novel #2 in the Sugar & Extra Spice series from Sara Hazel -- the Queen of Curves!This is a series that effortlessly blends sappy sweetness with that extra Sara Hazel spice you’ve grown to love. <3

Necessary Roughness (Curves For the Boys #3)

Jenna Rose - 2020
    I know that’s why she doesn’t like me.I know that’s why she wants to hurry up and get the story; get in and get out. …well, at least we’re on the same page with that…But I have no intention of letting Natalie go. If she wants the scoop on me, she’s going to have to play the game – my game. Now all I have to do is prove to her I’m more than just my reputation.Now I have to win the most important game of my life – the game to win her heart. And this might call for some necessary roughness.

Her Stubborn Mountain Man

Jade Bay - 2021
    She doesn't want to sell. What happens when a guy who doesn't like the word no meets a woman who doesn't back down from a challenge?AxelI admit it, I’m set in my ways. Some might even call me stubborn, but I prefer persistent. The point is I get what I want, and I want to buy the house next door. Then Courtney comes along and things get…complicated. I moved here to get away from everything and everyone and closed my heart in the process, but what happens when going after what I want leads me to exactly what it is I need? Her.The mountain men are calling, and we must go . . .This spring, twenty-one of your favorite romance authors are joining forces to bring you a mountain man series to make you swoon. Join us all May long for thick beards, big hearts, and instalove that won’t be denied. The Spring’s Mountain Men series of short, steamy stories is sure to put a spring in your step. *wink* HEAs guaranteed!