Keller's Therapy

Lawrence Block - 2013
    But time passed, and I got to thinking about him. I figured he was just the sort of Urban Lonely Guy to find himself on a psychotherapist's couch. And if the shrink has an ex-wife, and the ex-wife has a dog, well, you can see how one thing might lead to another …"Keller's Therapy" appeared first in Playboy, and won an Edgar Allan Poe award as the best short story of the year. And it launched Keller on a continuing career as a series character …

Lie Still

David Farris - 2003
    In a sleepy, small-town Arizona hospital, a thirteen-year-old boy lies in a coma after inexplicably suffering a cardiac arrest. His doctors are perplexed. Although emotionally disturbed Henry Rojelio was a frequent visitor to the emergency room -- often for bouts of asthma, but usually just for attention -- no one ever anticipated a battle with death. Surgical resident Malcolm Ishmail began his medical career months before at a busy Phoenix hospital -- a far cry from the small ER deep in the silent heart of the desert, where Henry Rojelio lies. There, Malcolm fell into a secret, exhausting affair with one of his professors, Dr. Mimi Lyle, a beautiful, charismatic brain surgeon who had subtle difficulties in the operating room. In a moment of weakness "Dreamy Mimi" confessed to him her failings as a neurosurgeon; Malcolm reported her to his superiors . . . and promptly lost his job. Now, miles away from Phoenix, Dr. Ishmail struggles to save his young asthmatic patient's life and his future as a surgeon. And with little time and few clues to the cause of Henry Rojelio's sudden collapse, the impressionable doctor wonders whether his former lover may have exacted a disturbing revenge. Rich in medical detail and written with stylish, razor-sharp action and dialogue, Lie Still is a gripping, emotional drama of human failings and devastating consequences that marks the debut of a remarkable new voice.

Operation Neurosurgeon

Barbara Ebel - 2009
    Can Danny’s situation get any worse after the alluring lady disappears, he inherits her roguish retriever, and his Albert Einstein historical book turns up missing? A pack of Tennessee attorneys pursue Danny while he develops a scheme with his paramedic best friend to payback the mysterious woman who left in a hurry.


Ken McClure - 1993
    Dr Ian Bannerman, consultant pathologist and expert on brain disease, is sent to make discreet enquiries. But in north-east Scotland he finds plenty of cause for alarm.


Hugh Montgomery - 2019
    . . Renowned surgeon Michael Trenchard locks his office door and prepares for a relaxing evening - Wagner on the sound system, a fine Scotch to hand. A knock at the door heralds the arrival of the person he most wants to see - the person who excites him more than anyone else. But what follows will turn his dreams into a living nightmare . . . for he will be discovered later that night in a locked-in coma, the victim of an auto-erotic asphyxiation. Can this really be an accident? It is left to Dr Kash Devan, Trenchard's young protégé, to uncover the truth. What he discovers is chilling: in his ruthless pursuit of wealth and success Trenchard has left a trail of wrecked lives behind him. Which of his victims hated him so much they wanted not only his life, but also his reputation ruined?

Dead Harvest (Inspector Ray Wilson Thriller #1)

Andrew Leatham - 2013
     But when the police look inside they find something they never expected. A mysterious, ornate, but apparently ancient coffin. And what appears to be an Egyptian Mummy. Detective Inspector Ray Wilson is about to be thrown into the most baffling case of his career. And the most dangerous. He has to find out where it came from and where it was going. And more importantly why would anyone smuggle an Egyptian Mummy across the UK? Out of his depth, he turns for help to Cambridge’s world famous Fitzwilliam Museum and its curator of Egyptology, Karen Bowen. As a romance blossoms between Wilson and Bowen, the pair find themselves embroiled in a deadly conspiracy. As other identical Mummies are found around the world the trail leads back to a Turkish people smuggler - and a man with links to an evil trade that stretches back thousands of years. It will be the biggest case of Wilson's career - but one that may end his life. 'Dead Harvest' is a gripping detective thriller that introduces a memorable new detective. It is the first gripping installment in the Ray Wilson Thriller series. It is certain to appeal to fans of Peter James, Ian Rankin and Peter Robinson. "A brilliant page-turner." - Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Trade-Off. "Chilling and realistic. A five-star read." - Robert Foster, best-selling author of The Lunar Code. Andrew Leatham is a former national newspaper and television journalist, turned public relations consultant. He lives in Lancashire. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent publisher of digital books.

Bolitar's Game: Back Spin / The Final Detail / Darkest Fear (Myron Bolitar, #4, #6, #7)

Harlan Coben - 2002
    Golf, baseball, basketball...murder-it's all Myron Bolitar's game! This exclusive Mystery Guild omnibus edition includes three complete novels, all featuring wise-cracking, Yoo-hoor guzzling sports agent Myron Bolitar, his fetching assistant Esperanza Diaz-known as Little Pocohontas in her pro wrestling day--and his preppy sidekick Windsor Horne Lockwood III, who has his own agenda for justice.

Deadly Webs: Trapped- A Riveting Mystery Book 1

James Hunt - 2017
    Abduction cases are taken very seriously by all of the parties involved. None more so than by Chase Grant, a detective in Seattle’s eighteenth precinct. The clock starts the moment he gets the call from a parent, and the first twelve hours are crucial. Every move counts, and every choice matters. If he missteps, then a child might not come home. But today was different. He got a call about a missing child. And then another, and another, and another…

Sisters of Mercy

Andrew Puckett - 2014
     Sister Josephine Farewell has suspicions about the deaths on her ward. As another patient dies unexpectedly, Sister Farewell begins to suspect that a serial killer is at work in the Intensive Therapy Unit. After reporting her fears to the police, Home Office investigator Tom Jones enlists Jo’s help in his undercover operation. Jones is not convinced that the deaths are random. But what is the link? As Jones and Sister Farewell investigate they find sinister connections between the patients that lead them into a world of religious fanaticism and cold-blooded manipulation… ‘Sisters of Mercy’ is a chilling medical thriller. Praise for Andrew Puckett: ‘If medical mysteries are what keep you glued to your fireside chair… then look no further. Puckett, something of a master of the genre, has penned a cracker’ - Western Daily Press ‘a thoroughly well-worked mystery’ - Oxford Times ‘an interesting story with a very plausible plot and frightening overtones’ - Mystery News ‘A terrifying scenario made all the more chillingly believable by its similarities to real life situations’ - The Southern Daily Echo ‘the best thing about it is its remarkable feeling of authenticity’ - Birmingham Post Andrew Puckett worked in the NHS for twenty one years, fifteen of them as microbiologist for the Oxford Blood Transfusion Centre, before turning to writing and teaching. He has also written ‘Death Before Time’. Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent publisher of digital books.

The Patricia Cornwell CD Audio Treasury: All That Remains / Cruel & Unusual

Patricia Cornwell - 1999
    All that Remains and Cruel and Unusual.All that Remains:A serial killer is loose in Richmond, specializing in attractive young couples whose bodies are invariably found in the woods months later –– minus their shoes and socks. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kay Scarpetta finds herself tracking a killer who scrupulously eliminates every clue, rendering all herforensic skills useless. This time it's her courage and intuition on the line in a race against time.Cruel and Unusual:When convicted killer Ronnie Joe Waddell is executed in Virginia's electric chair, he becomes what should be a routine case for Chief Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta. But after Waddell's execution, everyone connected to him begins to die – including a member of Scarpetta's staff. When crucial records disappear from her files, Scarpetta comes under fire for incomeptence. Caught in a web of political intrigue, she must fight to free herself from murderous insinuations and threats to her own life. She soon finds herself retracing Waddell's bloody footprints, following a trail that might lead to long–hidden secrets deep within the state government. Either the truth will set her free – or unleash upon her a punishment both cruel and unusual.

Lone Creek

Neil McMahon - 2007
    A further probe into the matter only pushes Hugh into dangerous corners, as he finds that the ranch's slick new owner, his beautiful wife, and even old Mr. Pettyjohn have terrible secrets to keep.

Mind Prey / Sudden Prey / Secret Prey (Lucas Davenport, #7-9)

John Sandford - 2000
    The first-rate thrillers in this collection of Prey novels offer the kind of brilliantly plotted, vastly entertaining stories that have become Sandford's stock in trade. All propelled by Lucas Davenport, with his "icy killer instincts" (Orlando Sentinel

The Brass Go-Between

Ross Thomas - 1969
    Ives soon finds himself involved in a dangerous game. Reprint. PW.

Murder on the Orient Express / Death on the Nile / The Mirror Cracked / The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (Agatha Christie Boxed Set)

Agatha Christie - 2003

The Trial

Larry D. Thompson - 2010
    A small town attorney is forced to battle a giant drug company in an attempt to save his daughter’s life.  She had volunteered for a clinical trial of a drug that both the company and the FDA knew was dangerous.  When his daughter’s liver starts to fail, and he realizes a liver transplant is out of the question, he decides to fight the drug company on the playing field he knows best…the courtroom.  Discovering what was hidden from the public, he finds himself faced with a ruthless adversary willing to commit bribery, kidnapping and murder to keep the drug on the market.