Children's picture books: Olly and fizz in "Toilet paper!": (Funny children's Picture book about "Toilet Paper Imagination!, Picture Books, Preschool Books, ... 3-5, Kids book, (giggletastic stories 4)

Joshua McManus - 2017
    Whether sitting on a train or sitting on the loo, it’s the perfect way to spend a few minutes when you’re in need of a laugh.

Comic Book for Kids: Beany and Cecil Sampler (Comic Strip 6)

J.R. Finkle - 2015
     Follow them on their nautical adventures aboard the versatile sailboat, Leakin' Lena. The story titles include: - North by What? - Man Overboard! - Lights Out! Great for kids in preschool to 4th grade. Download it now!

The Little Cockroach

Susie Violet - 2020
    He loves Mexico but wants to explore the world. Amazing things happen to Pedro and his friend Enrico when they decide to leave their home in search of adventure. The Little Cockroach is a delightful bedtime story about determination, travel and adventure.

This Book Wants You To Sleep - A Fun Early Reader Story Book for Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten and 1st Graders: An Interactive, Simple, Easy to Read Tale for Children for Kids ages 2 to 5

Elisa Anderson - 2021

JOKES : Collection of Best Jokes and Funny Short Stories (Jokes, Best Jokes, Funny Jokes, Funny Short Stories, Funny Books, Collection of Jokes, Jokes For Adults)

Krisanta Bella - 2016
    Live well, laugh often, love much and share God's blessings. We all know that laughter is the best medicine, and this is true, Laughter is a powerful antidote to stress, pain, and conflict. Nothing works faster or more dependably to bring your mind and body back into balance than a good laugh. Humor lightens your burdens, inspires hopes, connects you to others, and keeps you grounded, focused, and alert. Read our collection of jokes and funny short stories. These jokes and funny stories are collected from different sources in the Internet. Download our book now, and laugh out those stress away. Please note that this book is categorized under Jokes for Adults and may contain some offensive jokes and stories, and it is your discretion as a customer whether to share the jokes and stories with others.

Inky Makes New Friends (Inky's Bedtime Tales Book 1)

Riley Morgan - 2018
    He is looking to make friends and playmates but gets rejected because he seems weird and dirty. The book follows Inky in his quest to make new friends and feel loved and accepted. It's a cute, weirdly funny and socially sensitive tale of friendship The author displays a unique understanding of the child’s mindset and masterfully weaves a tale that wisely deals with delicate issues about accepting differences and respecting others. Original, cute and full of humor. You'll fall in love with Inky "Inky Makes New Friends" is an original, captivating bedtime story. It helps to create the social skills that are lacking in our digital era. Full of cute characters and group activities, this story helps children wind down and gently eases them into sleep. Scroll up and grab a copy today

Whoever Heard of a Flying Bird?: A Children's Book About Not Giving Up

David Cunliffe - 2020

FCBD: Rated Free For Everyone

Joey Weiser - 2011
    And in the Crogan's Adventure, you'll get an epilogue to the story of one of the brothers from Crogan's Loyalty.

The Monster That Ate Our Keys

A.J. Cosmo - 2012
     3k words, 6 color illustrations, perfect for emergent readers!

GRE: What You Need to Know

Kaplan Test Prep - 2012

It's a Good Thing They're Cute

Brian Anderson - 2008
     Together, this dynamic duo adjusts to sharing the spotlight, the toys, and the affections of Mom and Dad, while exploring nature and its majesty, the couch and its cushions, and the cookie jar and its contents.

Secrets of Retail

J.W. Martin - 2010
    This wasn't always the case, but years in the soul-shattering world of retail have made Wade a bitter, cynical young man. Impeded by a lack of direction and nearly infinite levels apathy, Wade idles through his days avoiding waves of annoying customers, his obtrusive boss and any kind of work in general. When a management opportunity makes itself available Wade finds himself facing an unprecedented weekend of opportunity and distraction, a gauntlet of women he can't begin to understand, and a potential mental breakdown that could destroy his personal and professional life at once.

100 Best Jokes: Family Edition

Various - 2016
    One hundred of hilarious and funny jokes ! Have fun and laugh!

Mistaken Identity (Jack Dillon Dublin Tales Book 8)

Mike Faricy - 2019
    Faricy takes things from there into a 'Can't put it down' tale that will have you riveted. A great read. - The Irish Gazette Two American women, Kate Betto and Megan Ganino, a redhead and a blonde, are arrested and cooperate with authorities to aid in the conviction of a pair of major drug dealers. At the conclusion of the trial, they're secretly flown back to the US to serve time. It happens to be the same day that Kate Murray and Megan Gaffney, a blonde and a redhead, arrive in Dublin to celebrate their college graduation, rent a car, and drive west. Things go terribly wrong almost immediately. US Marshal Jack Dillon and DI Paddy Suel investigate a torched rental car and quickly learn there's a lot more going on . . . and the clock is ticking! Grab your copy NOW!

All-New Wolverine - Marvel Legacy Primer Pages

Robbie Thompson - 2017
    Get caught up on all things Laura Kinney with these Marvel Primer Pages and then check out the start of All-New Wolverine in Marvel Legacy in All-New Wolverine #25.