The Thousand Dollar Man

J.T. Brannan - 2015
    An urban legend, his appearance prayed for by the poor and downtrodden of the United States. They say he goes from town to town, helping people who have problems. Any kind of problems. They put adverts in their local paper, put notices up in the local stores, always hoping that one day he will walk through their town and see them, act upon them. And if he does – and as long as the client can gather together a thousand dollars to pay - their problems will disappear. But it wasn’t always that way. Colt Ryder was let down by everyone. A military veteran, scarred both mentally and physically by his experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, after being medically discharged he tried for years to make an honest living. But after a series of menial jobs, he was eventually fired from a meat packing factory for protecting a fellow worker from a bullying boss. And when his home was then burglarized, his savings and possessions all taken, something in him snapped. Homeless and unemployed, driven by anger and resentment against the system, he decided to change, to revert to his old skills and cross the Americas helping those who need him, those with nobody else to stand up for them. All he asks for is one thousand dollars a job. Whatever it is. Whatever it takes. The Thousand Dollar Man is the start of an exciting, high-octane action thriller series, perfect for fans of Jack Reacher! Novel – approx. 200 pages

Shallow Waters: A Port Stirling Mystery Book 1

Kay Jennings - 2019
    A new, handsome police chief with his own shadowy past. The last thing Port Stirling Chief of Police Matt Horning needed on day one of his new job was for the mayor’s daughter to turn up dead - stabbed to death - in a mysterious tunnel on a remote Oregon beach. Horning, escaping professional troubles in Texas, accepts the vacant job in Port Stirling, Oregon, looking for a fresh start in what he thought would be a peaceful coastal town where the far west meets the mighty Pacific Ocean. Nothing much ever happens here…or does it? The crime doesn't make any sense, and there is no apparent motive for the murder of little Emily Bushnell. She wasn't sexually assaulted, her family is respected in the small community where everyone knows everyone, and there doesn't appear to be a reason for her death. Human bite marks on Emily's body discovered by the medical examiner during the autopsy add an even stranger twist to the puzzling homicide. With only a ragtag county crime team to assist him, Horning must match wits with a diabolical killer, the likes of which this quiet village has never seen. An aggressive county district attorney with political ambitions, who doesn’t fancy relinquishing the limelight to the new chief of police, makes Horning's job even more difficult. Will Matt be allowed a new beginning in his life, both personally and professionally. or will the forces in play be too many obstacles to overcome? For one week in the wild and stormy month of January, Horning calls on all of his detective skills to investigate the unlikely murder. As soon as he starts asking questions, Port Stirling begins to unveil its dark underbelly amid stunning revelations. From the 300-foot bluffs ringing the white-sand pristine beach, to the posh golf resort at odds with the blue-collar town, Chief Horning and his new team work at break-neck speed to uncover the facts. Without a murder weapon and very little physical evidence, will Matt and his new colleagues find the killer before he – or she – strikes again? Will a psychopath ruin Matt Horning’s new life before he can even start it? In this shocking story set in a beach town not unlike where she grew up, native Oregonian Kay Jennings introduces a thrilling new mystery series set alongside Oregon’s rugged Pacific coast. Shallow Waters combines an intriguing police procedural with a spooky murder mystery, in a remote part of southwest Oregon you aren't likely to forget.

Sea of Gold

Nick Elliott - 2014
    The first-person narrative, complete with ironic asides, is the perfect vehicle for a thoughtful and witty style that draws us swiftly into the shoes of its protagonist, a credible and consistent character." "The sense of place is utterly authentic. We are taken to far-flung locations - some exotic, some seedy - by an author who has not just visited them but has lived and worked in these places. Nick Elliott has an effortless elegance in his writing, and an ability to create characters who feel real. The story zips along at a fine pace, and the result is a gripping and immersive thriller." "Angus is good company as he unravels a very twisty plot and discovers an unexpected level of determination (stubbornness?) in getting to the bottom of the mystery and catching the villains, all the while trying to be loyal to his fiery Greek girlfriend while fighting his attraction to a woman from his past." DESCRIPTION ‘Whoever did this wanted to make very sure no one lived to tell the tale.’ Money, murder and love on the high seas In the world of international shipping, the rules are blurred and the oceans lawless When instinct tells maritime claims investigator Angus McKinnon that a wave of frauds must be connected, he thinks it’s just business as usual. Instead, he uncovers a ruthless conspiracy born of greed and the lust for power. As he starts to unravel a trail leading from the post-Soviet drabness of a Black Sea port to a sweltering anchorage in the Gulf of Thailand, a devastating explosion in the Indian Ocean changes everything. Facing down terrifying childhood memories, torn between two very different women and doubting old friends, McKinnon must navigate a precarious path between secretive government agencies, shady syndicates and avaricious crime lords towards an unpredictable endgame. Gambling everything on his faith in one man, can McKinnon beat the odds and come out on top? A gripping page-turner, Sea of Gold draws the reader into a world of extremes, the casual affluence of the super-rich contrasting with the dignified poverty of the desperate. Meanwhile, McKinnon’s two loves – the enigmatic Claire and his devoted, long-term lover, Eleni, vie for his attention. This debut thriller from Nick Elliott is packed with intrigue – if you love your action spiced with suspense, make Sea of Gold your next read.

Lesson Plan

Brett Battles - 2014
    He's just not always a fan of his mentor's methods—especially so when they can get him killed. The only bright spot of this particular assignment? The girl pointing a gun at his forehead. LESSON PLAN is a three thousand word short story, featuring characters from the award winning Jonathan Quinn Thriller series.

The Truth

Naomi Joy - 2019
    Perfect life. Perfect crime.Anthony is not the man everyone believes him to be. And Emelia is not the woman he wants her to be.Theirs was a whirlwind romance, Anthony was the doting boyfriend, the charismatic and successful career man who swept her off her feet. But now Emelia is trapped in a marriage of dark secrets and obsession. She is no more than something Anthony wants to 'fix', one of his pet projects.Emelia has no escape from the life that Anthony insists on controlling, so she shares her story through the only means she can – her blog. Yet Anthony can never find out. Forced to hide behind a false name, Emelia knows the only way that Anthony will allow her to leave him, is death.Trapped with a man she knows is trying to kill her, Emelia is determined that someone will hear her story and Anthony will meet his ends. That everyone will discover the truth.Perfect for fans of My Lovely Wife, Liane Moriarty and The Mother in Law.

Taken! Box Set

Donald Wells - 2013
    However, there's someone else asking questions, and he's a man who never takes no for an answer. John Jones is a troubleshooter for the drug cartel that crossed paths with Blue Steele and Dr. White's husband when Rojo abducted Jessica in Vermont, and Jones had a personal connection to one of the men that was killed. Now, Jones is not only seeking answers, but also revenge. As he goes about killing anyone he holds responsible for his loss, he crosses paths with Blue Steele with deadly results, and the doctor's husband may have finally met his match. TAKEN! 14 - MIRROR IMAGE 2 When Jeffrey Mitchell and his wife Hanna Jones attempt to get revenge on Jessica White and her husband, things go horribly wrong for them. Soon, Jeffrey is under arrest and Hanna is on the run with the FBI and a savvy Police Chief on her trail. However, Jeffrey and Hanna are as smart as they are deadly and can never be counted out. Meanwhile, Jessica's husband hears news that rocks him to his core and opens a mystery that must be solved. TAKEN! 15 - MOM Jessica joins her husband as he returns home for the first time since his mother threw him out when he was only seventeen. They've come seeking information, but the surprise that awaits them is more than they bargained for, and his mother hasn't grown mellower with age. When the answers finally come they spawn even more questions and Dr. White's husband learns that the truth is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow. TAKEN! 16 - Pure Evil Six-year-old Samantha Ryan loves to play games, but the games she enjoys are played for mortal stakes. The innocent looking child is anything but innocent and it's up to Jessica and her Husband to beat her at her own game. A game that will only end in death. TAKEN! 17 - Stiletto Oscar Kisiel A.K.A Stiletto, is the oldest enemy of Jessica and her husband. When fate sees fit to free the blade-wielding serial killer from death row he has only one thought in mind--REVENGE! TAKEN! 18 - Stalker Someone is leaving notes and flowers on Jessica's doorstep, and the main suspect is a cop. Despite the stress of dealing with a stalker, Jessica and her husband are happy to be involved in the wedding of one of their oldest friends. However, in the midst of bliss, tragedy strikes, and not even Dr. White's husband is immune to fate's cruelty. Be sure to visit the TAKEN! Website at: for FREE stories from the TAKEN! Alphabet Series.

Unquiet Ghosts

Glenn Meade - 2017
    Now, new evidence reveals that they didn’t die—her husband deliberately vanished—and that he knows a secret the powerful forces will stop at nothing to keep hidden.Kathy Kelly’s world was shattered when a plane carrying her husband—an Iraq War veteran and devoted father—and her two children vanished from the sky one night. No trace of the plane was ever found.Eight years later, Kathy has struggled to rebuild her life, but then wreckage of his plane is found in the wilderness of Great Smoky Mountain National Park—hundreds of miles from where her husband’s plane should have been. The pilot perished in the crash, but there is no sign of Jack or the children. Could they have made it out alive after all? But if so, where have they been all this time? Where are they now?As Kathy searches for any clue about what happened to her family, the investigation uncovers some unsettling clues—including a briefcase containing millions of dollars in cash, a priceless mask stolen from an Iraqi museum, and a clue that links Jack’s disappearance with the suspicious death of Kathy’s mother years ago.But she soon learns that others have been looking for the wreckage and its occupants for a long time. Others who are determined to make sure she never finds her family and that they remain dead. Shadowy, powerful people who will kill for what was on board—a secret her husband was the keeper of. A secret so powerful it will open a Pandora’s box of bloody revenge—one that reaches back into the past and into the highest echelons of wealth and power, all the way to the White House.This breathless, pulse-pounding thriller examines the very real billions in cash and priceless artifacts that vanished into the pockets of powerful American men during the Iraq war, and examines the extreme lengths some people will go to protect the secrets of what really happened to all that money.

Memphis Ribs

Gerald Duff - 1999
    It's up to homicide detective J.W. Ragsdale to solve these seemingly unconnected crimes without scaring away the tourists who are arriving in droves. That's not going to be easy. Ragsdale's investigation pits him against a crack-dealing gang in the midst of a bloody drug war, a Memphis BBQ king struggling to hold on to his crumbling empire, a shotgun-wielding assassin, an East Coast mobster with a taste for BBQ and the blues, and the newly crowned Maid of Cotton, who will do anything to keep her tiara.

The Debt Collector

Jon Mills - 2015
    Four years later, Jack is free and he wants out of the game, but his boss won't let him go. Forced to take on one last job to make amends for what landed him in prison, he travels to the small town of Rockland Cove, Maine. There, he not only discovers that the target and money have disappeared; he finds himself falling for a damaged woman, and befriending an unruly son left behind. Under mounting pressure from his boss and local police--as well as the ghosts of his past--he must unravel the mystery and decide where his loyalties lie...before it's too late.

The Steradian Trail

M.N. Krish - 2013
    . . a gripping mystery'Apostolos DoxiadisMulti-Award Winning Author of the New York Times Bestseller LogicomixAN ANCIENT CITYAN AGELESS TRADITIONA MODERN MURDERThey don’t come better than Divya. ‘Uber-smart’ does not even begin to describe it. And even a single-digit All-India rank in everything is nothing more than a left-handed demonstration of the kind of stuff she is made of. But the limits of her prowess are suddenly tested when her professor, Lakshman, springs a bizarre new assignment on her—helping out Joshua Ezekiel.A world-renowned computer scientist at MIT, Joshua is now in India and in deep, deep trouble. A criminal genius who happens to be his former student is brutally murdered, leaving Joshua trapped in the mess and mayhem that follow.With Lakshman and Divya firmly on his side, Joshua begins digging up his crooked protégé’s sinister trail of secrets—secrets which spiral out of an ancient Indian city and unleash shockwaves much, much, beyond . . .A mind-blowing cocktail of science and religion, mythology and technology, history and human greed, The Steradian Trail fires the starting shot of an explosive new series in style.'A gripping novel . . . a pacey thriller . . . An enjoyable read . . . An impressive debut!'Guillermo MartínezMulti-Award Winning Author of the International Bestseller The Oxford Murders

State of Denial

Robin Mahle - 2016
    But when terror strikes home, she is faced with a new reality and a new enemy. When she crosses paths with Special Agent Will Caison after the tragic incident, Lacy begins to unravel a furtive plot to discredit not only her, but her husband and cyber security expert, Jay Merrick. The plot, she soon discovers, balances on the tip of a deeply embedded secret that has the potential to destroy a nation. Lacy recruits Agent Caison and long-time friend and hacker, Aaron Hunter, to help her find those responsible for taking the lives of so many Americans. She must clear the cloud of suspicion around her family and reveal a truth that will inflame a fearful public. But powerful enemies surround her every move and will employ all necessary resources to keep Lacy and everyone she loves silent forever.

The Extraditionist

Todd Merer - 2017
    A drug lawyer sharp enough to exploit loopholes in the system, Bluestone loves the money, the women, the action that come with his career…but working between the lines of justice and crime has taken its toll, and he desperately wants out. He’s convinced himself that only an insanely rich client can guarantee him a lavish retirement.When the New Year begins with three promising cases, Bluestone thinks he’s hit pay dirt. But then the cases link dangerously together—and to his own past. Does the mysterious drug kingpin Sombra hold the key to Bluestone’s ambitions? Or does the key open a door that could bring the entire federal justice system to a screeching halt and net Bluestone a life in jail without parole?


Kelly Cozy - 2013
    That was Jennifer's life. But when she survived a domestic terrorist attack and her last-minute escape became the iconic image of the event, that life was over. Wanting only to disappear and become just another face in the crowd, she cashed in on her unwanted fame and moved to a small town, hidden away and safe. Retired. That was Sean's life. A former covert operative - the kind the government denies exists - he'd been pushed unwillingly into a life of suburban peace and quiet. But his retirement ended when he saw Jennifer's rescue; from then on he only wanted to find those responsible for the attack, even if it meant turning rogue.What Jennifer and Sean will both find is that nothing goes to plan, and their paths will cross in a way neither could have foreseen.


Hazel Barkworth - 2020
    To work. To be questioned time and again by the police.At the beginning of a stifling, sultry summer, everything shifts irrevocably when Lily doesn't come home one afternoon.Rachel is Lily's teacher. Her daughter Mia is Lily's best friend. The girls are fifteen - almost women, still children.As Rachel becomes increasingly fixated on Lily's absence, she finds herself breaking fragile trusts and confronting impossible choices she never thought she'd face.It wasn't supposed to happen like this.Intoxicating and compulsive, Heatstroke is a darkly gripping, thought-provoking novel of crossed boundaries, power and betrayal, that plays with expectations at every turn.

Facebook Stalker

John Meany - 2019
     The fan, twenty-five year old Lori Dalton, eventually, after chatting with the well-known author for six months, decides to leave her hometown in Seattle, to drive to Virginia Beach to be with her favorite writer. Lori shows up at Scott Howard’s doorstep, unannounced, excited to meet him, finally, in person. At first, author and fan hit it off, but soon, when Scott starts having a resurgence of feelings for his ex girlfriend Trixie, jealousy arises. And the deadly stalking begins.