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The World Around Me (Ang Aking Paligid) [Green] by Adarna House


Sa Ilalim ng Dagat

Augie Rivera - 1997
    Because of this, the sea creatures go their separate ways. Under the leadership of Octopus, the sick are driven away and confined in a fenced area. Read in this story how the sea creatures' problem is solved and how peace and caring among them are restored under the sea.

The Boy Who Ate Stars

Alfred A. Yuson - 1991
    In return, he asks permission to cut trees from their mountains. One child gets his wish to eat all the lovely looking stars. What happens when all the stars and all the trees are gone?

Si Duglit, Ang Dugong Makulit

Luis P. Gatmaitan - 1995
    Explore with Duglit as he takes you into the inner workings of the human body. Winner of the First Prize in the 1994 Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature for Maikling Kuwentong Pambata.

Papel de Liha

Ompong Remigio - 1996
    She works all day: cooks their meals, does the laundry, cleans each nook and cranny. All this work must make her hands as rough as sandpaper! This distresses the little girl in our story who overhears her aunt say that sandpaper hands will make her father leave her mother!

Nemo: Ang Batang Papel (Nemo, the Boy Made of Paper)

Rene O. Villanueva - 1994
    He becomes a real boy after wishing on the farthest star. But Nemo never experiences the happiness of an ordinary child. He goes through many hardships as he tries to earn a living in a dangerous city. Together with other street children, Nemo decides that it is better to be a boy made of paper. This story illustrates a social problem that involves children. It also deals with the rights and needs of children, as well as the role of the family, the community, and the government to address these.

Molave and the Orchid and Other Children's Stories

F. Sionil José - 2004
    Gallado whose talents in magazine, book design and illustrating were first honed in the old and defunct Philippines Herald and Manila Times. From there, he became Art Director of The Asia Magazine and subsequently a series of publishing firms in Hong Kong, including Asian Finance, Ltd., Pacific Communications, Ltd., Communication Management Ltd., and Flair Publishing Asia Ltd., before returning to Manila, where he has held several one-man exhibitions of his paintings, the most recent of which was a collection of pen and ink drawings. Bert Gallardo's flair for drawing recommends this book to young artists.These four stories as crafted by the country's foremost novelist are meant for children but in reality, they are also for adults. Readers will find in these stories the author's familiar themes as depicted in his longer fiction. F. Sionil Jose's latest distinction comes from Chile—The Pablo Neruda Centennial Award.

Just Add Dirt

Becky Bravo - 2009
    Even if his nanay keeps on reminding him, he runs off to play outside, not taking a bath.One morning, he wakes up to find little plans sprouting from different parts of his body! Will these plants ever stop growing?

Haluhalo Espesyal

Yvette Fernandez
    Salumbides Product Development by Ani Rosa Almario Jackie has been sick for a week! Her mother has been giving her all the medicine she needs but nothing seems to work. Suddenly, Lola Itang comes to visit. Can Lola Itang's enchanted kitchen restore Jackie's healthy, happy self? Recommended for children ages 6-7 The book was developed with the help of Grade 3 pupils from Alabang Elementary School; College of St. Catherine; and Maitim Elementary School, Tagaytay, Philippines (Schoolyear 2005-2006).

The Mats

Francisco Arcellana - 1938
    Marcelina's father comes home from a trip to Manila with beautiful hand-made sleeping mats for each member of his large family, including the three daughters who died when they were very young.

A Berry Good Dream

Michael Yu - 2013
    Then he falls asleep, and, with the help of his magic teddy bear, Berry, is whooshed off to places full of fun, wonder, and ice cream!Follow along on this delightful rhyming story about the imagination.Another quality children picture book from<h2>** Amazon Prime Members can download this book for FREE! **</h2>

Bakit Matagal ang Sundo ko? / Why is my Mommy late?

Kristine Canon - 2001
    Instead, her wild imagination leads her to think of whimsical situations like riding on the back of a turtle or flying with an eagle that may explain her mothers' tardiness.Awards Grand Prize, PBBY-Salanga Writer's Prize, 2001; Grand Prize, PBBY-Illustrator's Prize, 2001

The Making Of Goodnight Mr Tom

Deborah Fox

Ang Prinsipe ng mga Ibon

Severino Reyes - 2005
    Besides magazines and books, the stories found their way in many other forms through comic books, radio, film, and television and brought joy to both young and old. The stories are retold now so that through them, this generation, and the next ones, will experience this rich source of valuable lessons, history, entertainment, and other important facets of Philippine literature.

My Baby Book: Based on Guess How Much I Love You

Sam McBratney - 1996
    Full color.

Mga Tala sa Dagat

Annette Flores Garcia - 2014
    The son of a legendary fisherman has to give up his studies and start supporting his family following his father’s accident. This kind of sacrifice is a universal problem faced by many children who are forced into child labor because of financial needs. It also tells the struggles of the son as he tries to establish his own identity and get out of his father’s shadow.