Book picks similar to
The Sword of Lankor by Howard L. Cory


Wisdom of the Fox

Harry Turtledove - 1999
    Life made other plans. When the barbarous Trokmoi killed his father and older brother, he became Baron of Fox Keep, warring against not only the Trokmoi and their fearsome evil wizard but also against the Empire of Elabon, which was happier collecting tribute than giving anything back for it -- such as soldiers or chariots. Then all four moons went full at once, and Gerin's life got really complicated. And after that, there were such small details as his son getting kidnapped, earthquakes, bad omens, a threatened war with his neighbors, and an even more threatening eruption of monsters from deep underground. Gerin kept trying to hang on to such civilization as was left in his own little corner of the world. Everything would have been a lot simpler if most of his neighbors -- and an irate god or two -- hadn't wanted to do him in.

Stormbringer (Tale of the Eternal Champion, #12)

Michael Moorcock - 1997

Wizard War

Hugh Cook - 1986
    It is a simple artifact, yet potent enough to conquer the / world. And it has been stolen by an evil wizard named Heenmor.Three men of the mystical arts have been sent by the Confederation of Wizards to seek out the renegade, destroy him, and recapture the lethal magic he has stolen. They are a powerful lot....Green-eyed Miphon is a wizard and skilled healer; ancient Phyphor is learned enough to be very dangerous; and apprentice Garash is impulsive, careless, and some say, amoral. Together they will join forces with fierce Rovac warriors to contend with burning battlefields, magic bottles, and dragons run amok — and ultimately, the traitor and thief who lurks among them.

Chasing the Wind

D.K. Holmberg - 2015
    Before Zephra became one of the greatest wind shapers of the kingdoms, and before she had bonded the wind elemental ara, she first had to catch the wind.As Zephra sets out across Incendin on a task assigned by her mentor, she must decide whether to help a young girl or continue to chase her wind so that she can rejoin the university.A short story in the world of the Cloud Warrior Saga.

Sanctuary Tales

Robert J. Crane - 2014
    Those who live in this world are faced with two choices: live an ordinary life or become an adventurer and seek the extraordinary. The guild of Sanctuary is replete with an amazing cast of adventurers, wanderers and rogues. In their pasts linger secrets that define them and shape the course of their lives. For every one of them has a tale, each with something different to show - and even in the most honorable guild of Sanctuary, not everyone is exactly what they seem to be.

Roger Zelazny's The Dawn of Amber

John Gregory Betancourt - 2002
    In the ten-book saga that he created, it is learned that Amber was not the first true world; rather, it was The Courts of Chaos. The saga chronicled the adventures of the royal family of Amber, culminating with a worlds-shaking battle between champions from Amber and from Chaos. Zelazny did not have the chance to create the origin of Amber and its royal family, or reveal other key information that is only alluded to, before he died. The Dawn of Amber trilogy will expand the "Amber" universe and answer the important questions left open, including how Amber was created, by whom, and why. The events in the trilogy will precede those in the existing novels, but follow some of the same, immortal characters. Finally, fans of the series will discover why it was necessary to create Amber, how Chaos and Amber came to be at war, and the true nature of the universal, sentient forces that Amber and Chaos represent.

Nostalgic Rain: Galaxies Away

A.S. Altabtabai - 2017
    Since then, he has successfully adapted to the awful life of being a student, the man of the house, and a father figure to his two younger siblings. All of that changes when he and his best friends stumble upon a secret in his deserted basement, and fall into another dimension with three moons, foggy woods, and an ancient castle-Oremanta.Learning who he really is, how he came to this remote planet, and the shocking, ugly mystery of Oremanta aren't as bad as the quest he finds himself obligated to complete-killing someone he never thought he'd meet in Oremanta to save everyone.

Trek to Kraggen-Cor

Dennis L. McKiernan - 1986
    McKiernan in his Iron Tower Trilogy. Here, in an all-new adventure, the eternal struggle between the forces of darkness and the forces of light continues to rage in this magical land of ancient mysteries and mesmerizing beauty.For Lord Kian, heir to the Throne of North Riamon, the trek to Kraggen-Cor begins when he joins arms with Durek the Deathbreaker and his legions of Dwarves. Together with the two Wee Folk, Peregrin Fairhill and Cotton Buckleburr, keepers of the mystical Silver Horn of the Reach, their armies head for the high jagged mountains to reclaim the Dwarfian homeland, now in the hands of treacherous usurpers.

The Second Book of Robert E. Howard

Robert E. Howard - 1976
    Talman, September 1931"Sword Woman" "Which Will Scarcely Be Understood" (poem) "The Striking of the Gong" "The Song of Horsa's Galley" (poem) "The Good Knight" "A Word From the Outer Dark" (poem) "Black Canaan" "The Song of a Mad Minstrel" (poem) "Kelly the Conjure Man""Surrender" (poem) "The Footfalls Within" "Knife-River Prodigal" "Musings" (poem) "Life" (2, "They bruised my soul . . .") (poem) "The House of Suspicion""Rueben's Brethren" (poem) "Two Against Tyre""The Guise of Youth" (poem) "For the Love of Barbara Allen""Guns of Khartum" "Lines Written in the Realization That I Must Die" (poem)

Saving Solace

Douglas W. Clark - 2006
    An important temple dedication is bringing merchants, dignitaries, and a host of ne’er-do-wells and surprise visitors to the fabled tree-top town. And lately there have been a series of mysterious incidentsÉ.Palin has sworn off magic and nowadays acts as town mayor. He desperately needs a new sheriff, as the last one has just been murdered by malefactors unknown. Fortunately, Gerard has quit the knighthood after a quarrel with his father, and arrives just in time to don a sheriff’s badge.Douglas W. Clark reunites two of the most popular characters from the War of Souls epic in this new novel set in the best-selling Dragonlance¨ world.

Ill Met in the Arena

Dave Duncan - 2008
    Women’s powers are mental, including psychic control and mind-reading, making them ideal rulers. Men have superhuman strength and can teleport to any place they have previously visited. Consequently, young noblemen make their fortune by competing in psychic gladiatorial contests to display their powers in the hope of being hired—and married—by women of high rank.When Quirt, an older man with obvious skill but little known record, first enters the arena, the combat circuit is abuzz wondering who he might be. But his mystery is almost eclipsed by the young cub who has been entering competitions anonymously and winning them all. Barely in his teens, full of raw power but short on training or patience, Humate is so horrified when he’s bested by Quirt that he insists on finding out where he came from.Unfortunately for Humate, the answer reaches far beyond his birth: back to the terrible wrongs done to Quirt’s mother and his new wife by one of Humate’s relatives, and back to Quirt’s sentencing, a doom which takes away his identity until he can bring the culprit to justice. Humate is in deep denial about this familial scandal generations deep, but Quirt must try to covince him to help, compelled by his doom and by the stirrings of a new love that cannot possibly be realized in his nameless condition. No one ever said revenge was going to be easy.

The Reach Between Worlds

Cameron M. Hayden - 2016
    For years he’s worked for a notorious crime lord named Victor Mathan. Mathan deals in stolen magical artifacts and trusts Taro to finish his work with as few questions as possible. When an absurdly well-paying job comes up, Taro is quick to volunteer. Mathan wants him to break a powerful sorceress out of jail, but her prison is under the control of an ancient military order called the Magisterium. To get to her, Taro must pose as a Magisterium recruit. The courses are grueling, the trials drive students mad, and the magic they teach can be as deadly to the caster as it is to the target.

The Skull Throne

J.A. Cipriano - 2017
     Enter "iron" Jack Russo. able to drop newbs with a single headshot and the king of online games. At least he used to be before his sister got pregnant, and he had to get a job to help take care of them. But when a particle accelerator explodes, causing Jack to get stuck in his favorite game “Kingdom of Heaven” he'll have to conqueror Heaven and seat himself on the skull throne. If not, he'll be trapped in the game forever.

Transit to Scorpio (Dray Prescot, #1)

Alan Burt Akers - 1972
    One of them, the Savanti, called in a human pawn from far-away Earth.His name is Dray Prescot, and only the Savanti know his role.Dray Prescot confronted a fabulous world -- barbaric, unmapped, peopled with both human and non-human races. But there were always the Star Lords to watch and check the Savanti's plans. And it soon turned out that Dray Prescot himself had to make a decision that would change him from a mere pawn to a bolder piece on the planetary chessboard...Book one of the 52 volume saga of Dray Prescot.

The Complete Book of Swords

Fred Saberhagen - 1985
    They were tempered with human sweat and human blood by the hand of the god Vulcan, Master Smith.