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The Goblet by William Thistlethwaite


Sea, Sun, Cads and Scallywags (Trengillion Cornish Mystery Series Book 3)

Daphne Neville - 2014
    The Swinging Sixties are at their height and Trengillion in Cornwall is much changed since the early 1950s. Charles, the last of Trengillion’s prominent family, has died, and Penwynton House, his prestigious former home, is up for sale, causing much consternation amongst villagers as to the future of the rambling, neglected building. Deep inside Bluebell Woods, the children of the village, wrapped in a world of pop stars, music and fashion, spend much of the school holidays playing in and around their makeshift den. And at The Ringing Bells Inn, Landlord Frank Newton and his wife, Dorothy, concede it is time to think of retirement. Meanwhile, visitors come and go and life goes on as normal. Or does it? The strange behaviour of some visitors raise many questions. The death of a quiet, unassuming holidaymaker in a subsequent supposed accident causes much gossip, and the evolving summer turns out to be anything but normal. Sea, Sun, Cads and Scallywags is the third in a series of seven books located in Trengillion on Cornwall’s beautiful Lizard Peninsula.

The Search

Vishal Anand - 2021
    ACP Rathore is investigating the homicide. As the events begin to unleash Rathore digs upon secrets too dark and dangerous. As he proceeds, the question becomes more and more haunting - Who Killed Roger? Michael Rodriques, the Deputy Chief Minister of Goa? Shirley Fernandes, Roger's wife? One or more of the other artists? Or, an individual for whom Roger refused to perform? The Search is the most astonishingly impudent, ingenious and altogether a fast-paced murder mystery ever written by an Indian author.Note: This is an expanded version of the short story Who Killed Roger.

Man Hunt

Priya Kumar - 2020
    If you really want to feel alive, get out of the four walls of the little point in space you call home and embrace the infinite, immortal truth of who you really are. You cannot know life living in the box of your daily existence. Step out into the planet, step into the wild, and you will come alive. Set in the Nagarjuna Tiger Reserve, the story is filled with Suspense, Drama, and Divinity, which brings fore issues like deforestation, genetic modification of animals, corruption in media, vested political agendas, and a larger environmental impact stemming from our responsibility. Get into the canter for an adventure of a lifetime, through the jungles of India’s most pristine tiger reserve. And as you do, keep your eyes open to the truth about the state of our planet. We were given its custody, and we have polluted it with our greed, ignorance, and misplaced purposes. There is still a way back, there is still a way out to restore our world to the glory it was meant to be. Let’s go. The wild is calling.About the AuthorPriya Kumar is an Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker and Bestselling Author of 12 Inspirational Books. In her 25 years journey with Motivational Speaking, she has worked with over 2000 Multi-National Corporates across 47 countries and has touched over 3 million people through her workshops and books, and is the only Woman Speaker in India to have done so. She is the only Indian Author who has won 39 International Awards for her books.

Twitch (The Braddock & Gray Case Files Book 7)

H.P. Bayne - 2021

Dead South

David Banner - 2018
     When the body of the girl he loved in high school is found twenty years after her disappearance, Detective Ryan Devereux has a personal stake in finding the people responsible. With his personal life in shambles following the engagement of his ex-wife, Ryan throws himself headlong into the investigation. Things take a turn though when newly discovered evidence leads Ryan to believe that his ex’s new fiancé might have had a hand in the young girl’s murder. As secrets about the past are uncovered, Ryan realizes things were never as he saw them. This Lowcountry detective finds himself thrust down a rabbit hole of danger and deceit the likes of which he might never emerge from. And, when the truth comes out, he might find that the killer is closer to him than he ever imagined. Dead South is book one in the new Lowcountry Mystery Series from bestselling author David Banner. Do you enjoy reading books from Dawn Lee McKenna, Mark Stone, and Steven Becker? If so, come take a walk along the South Carolina Lowcountry. With its thick humidity, Spanish moss, and one-of-a-kind local flair, it’s sure to be a visit you won’t forget!

No Enemies Here (From the Tales of Dan Coast Book 9)

Rodney Riesel - 2018
    In this latest chapter join Dan and Red as they protect a marked man while they search for mob boss, Joey Pantucco's, missing nephew.

White Fire (Pendergast): By Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child -- Review

Expert Book Reviews - 2013
    While it will greatly enhance your enjoyment and understanding of the book, it is not intended to stand in its place.* In "White Fire," Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast makes his 13th appearance as the modern Sherlock Holmes investigator. Whether familiar with the novels of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child or not, readers will enjoy the twists throughout this bestselling mystery thriller "White Fire." Fans may remember Corrie Swanson from "Still Life with Crows," but now she is a college student trying to enter law enforcement. While aiming to achieve an academic prize for her thesis, Swanson uses manipulation and other schemes to uncover the mystery behind a case from the 1870s. The clues behind a man-eating grizzly bear that attacked and killed 11 miners are provided by Arthur Conan Doyle. Swanson digs through old evidence and comes up with new discoveries that suggest human culprits. Supported by Pendergast, the protagonist encounters many obstacles, including imprisonment and the threat on her own life. Before you engage in this mystery thriller, read what the experts think of the latest bestseller from Preston and Child "White Fire." Compare the pros and cons of the co-authors' writing styles while seeing quotes from well-known critics and publications. This review offers an insider's view of the novel to prove why "White Fire" is worth your time.

Another Man, Another Chance

John Locke - 2021

A Simple Murder

Phillip Thompson - 2011
    But when he reports on a murder aboard the Marine base on Oahu, he discovers a sinister plot to kill hundreds of innocent tourists.

The Zima Confession

Iain M. Rodgers - 2019
    Party activists develop the plan - code name Zima and lie in wait...London 2013 - Richard is in London, working for a financial software company. He has held onto the Zima plan all this time and has been signalling he can activate it. Is anyone listening? Have others stayed true to the ideology?The "suicide" of Richard's work colleague shows British and Russian Intelligence have been listening and waiting too. Tension mounts as more players reveal themselves and the battle for power and control moves to Moscow. As the coil of agents, misinformation and mind control experiments connected to Zima unravel - where do allegiances lie? Can Richard trust anyone - even himself?Can MI9 stop a catastrophic act of sabotage on the banking system? Will the revolution succeed? Can Richard uncover the TRUTH and save himself?

A Time to Die (Blake Wilder FBI Mystery Thriller Book 10)

Elle Grey - 2022
    Tock.When a series of bombings rock the Pacific Northwest, FBI Agent Blake Wilder leaps into action.The investigation though, brings her back into contact with an ATF agent she has clashed violently with in the past.Their theories clash as hard as their personalities and Blake opts to run her own concurrent investigation. What she uncovers is a twisted tale twenty years in the making. The story, as they uncover it, is full of twists, turns, and explosive revelations. All the while, Blake’s renewed rivalry with ATF Agent Winslow is threatening to derail everything.The bombs continue to explode, and the bodies continue to mount as Blake races to find the killer before he’s able to kill anybody else. At the same time, she’s forced to fend off the vengeful attacks coming from within the law enforcement community itself as well as the strife within her own team.Old enemies resurface and new ones lurk in the shadows, waiting for their moment to step forward and strike. The knives are out, and Blake must dodge them all to keep a serial bomber from burning the city to the ground.Time is running out.Blake must either find the killer or become his next victim…

Foxy Lady

Rags Daniels - 2012
    Late one evening she is brutally beaten, robbed and left to die.A few days later two bodies are found in the same house the assault took place. Others follow and a sewer of corruption contained beneath the razzamatazz of a General Election leads to shattering revelations and murderous passions; causing her well-organised world to turn into an arena of pursuit and terror, and where the only certainty is that nothing is certain.Bursting with penetrating insight into the seedy, sleazy world of political funding, Foxy Lady breathlessly leads the reader into the dark and sordid twilight world which lurks beneath the glamorous surface of the upper echelons of society. Revealing the true depths of the corruption which taints the lives of those who stride the corridors of power.

Deadly Christmas (Detective Sarah Spillman Mystery Series Book 9)

Renee Pawlish - 2021

The Bluebeard Club: A 1920's Historical Murder Mystery (Lord Kit Aston Book 6)

Jack Murray - 2021

Eternal Crime (Hangman #6)

W.L. Knightly - 2019
    But with the Hangman on the same exact mission, he will stop at nothing to reach the ultimate goal of taking Kyle Young down before Jake can interfere. With the FBI taking charge of the case, and the loss of his partner, Jake will find the corruption goes much deeper than expected. While he’s trying to play by the book, the Hangman decides to use human bait to lure Kyle where he wants him. Will Jake use the Hangman to find Kyle, getting both of the men he’s worked so hard to catch, or will the Hangman finish his final game?