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Moondance by Judith Arnold


The Billionaire Fake Fiancé: Escape to Sun Valley (Grant Brothers Billionaire Boss Romance Book 7)

Sarah Gay - 2021

Her Country Star Cowboy

Taylor Hart - 2020
    She wants to keep her secrets. Will true love take them both off track?Aspiring country music star, Shay Summerville, only wants to be writing and singing his music, so when his boss at the auto body shop—aka—his father, tells him it’s his turn to pick up the snobby, Harvard stranded princess who needs a tow, he does everything he can to get out of it.Spending her summer at her family’s lake house wasn’t on Jaycee McCade’s happy list. Frankly, not much had been on that happy list since her mother passed away three months before. When a tow truck spirals out of control and nearly hits her, she never imagined she’d be kissing the guy driving the truck. And she really never imagined liking it.When summer love captures both of their hearts, they have to make a choice—give up on their dreams or create a new one together.

Sweet Billionaire Romance Box Set: Books 1-8

Emilia Hattington - 2019
    And don’t look back.My best friend told me to run, and I listened.My name is no longer Emily.I changed it to Emma and ran as fast I could.I found paradise with a little dash of family.I began rebuilding my life from the ashes.Then Liam walked into my new life.He was kind, smart and downright sexy, but trust wouldn’t come easy to me anymore.He said we could just be friends, but I know he wanted more.I wanted so much to lose myself in him.I wanted so much to forget.But some things can’t be forgotten.Some people can’t be banished.All I could hope is that by the time my past caught up with me, those I loved would be safe and sound.I had the worst luck in love.Women only saw my bank account when they dated me.I had a long sad history with gold diggers, and I was done.But then I saw Emma laugh.Her beauty struck deep within my tired soul and I knew I had to possess her.But I could tell she had a secret.I just never knew how dangerous that secret was.Now it is up to me to save her.If she will let me….When pain and misery litter the pages of our past, can we afford the price of love?Book 2: Lucky EncounterFive years ago, he broke my heart.I was a struggling waitress, down on her luck.He was rich, successful, hot, and charming. How could I keep saying no?But I was a fool to think he cared.When I got pregnant with his child, and he abandoned his responsibilities with a callous note, I vowed to remake myself and never be stupid enough to trust somebody like Noah Pryce again.Now our daughter is four, and I’ve worked my through grad school to build us a better life.When I get a job working at a high end security company for more money than I’ve ever seen, I think Bella and I have it made.But they didn’t tell me it’s Noah’s company.They didn’t tell me the man who abandoned us would be my boss.Somehow I’ve got to keep things professional and work for the bastard who almost ruined my life.Noah’s still gorgeous, still charming, and sometimes I think he might have changed.But for my daughter, I’ve got to keep my head on straight.Noah Pryce may have may have fooled me once, but I’m a different woman now.Book 3: Unexpected AdventureDeep in the Amazon Rainforest is the answer to all of her questions...Megan James has hated wealthy bad boy Andy Saxon ever since an accident that happened years ago.But, when Megan’s sister goes missing in the Amazon, Andy is the key to getting her back.Together, the unlikely duo concoct a plan to save the day.A fake wedding, a private jet, and a hidden heart of gold...Will Megan be able to overcome the past and learn to trust Andy?Will Andy ever find someone who loves him for more than his money?Can they rescue Megan’s sister from the jungle in time?What happens in the Amazon, certainly doesn’t stay in the Amazon...Book 4: Baking for the BillionaireA baking competition show isn’t exactly my thing. But when I find myself strapped for cash, that grand prize proves too hard to resist.Derek is charming, rich, and for some reason, interested in me.I know I should keep my distance, a contestant dating the show’s producer could be the ultimate scandal. Too bad I find the guy irresistible.As the competition heats up, so does our relationship, and I find myself falling head over heels for the man. But he’s got baggage in the form of a selfish ex-wife and I’m facing sabotage on the set.Can we move past our obstacles and find the recipe for love?Book 5: Keeping Her SafeI have a knack for finding trouble.This time, it’s landed me in the witness protection program.Now, I have a new name and a new life in Biloxi, Mississippi.I’ve barely settled in when a hurricane comes along to stir things up.I find myself stranded in the storm, desperate for shelter.Enter Ethan Kincaid.Sexy, rich, kind. He’s the total package.Suddenly, being stuck in the path of a tropical storm while hiding from a deranged killer doesn’t seem so bad.But I can’t forget about the danger that brought me here in the first place.And I can’t tell Ethan who I really am.Between the rain, the secrets, and the ever-lurking danger, I have a lot on my plate.Can I make room for love as well?It looks like I’ll have to, because I lost my heart to a billionaire while the storm raged.Book 6: My Perfect MatchMy trust in men had been destroyed by my previous employer.I wanted never to be a nanny again.But the story of a broken little girl caught at my heart.I accepted the job and made one unbreakable rule for myself -don’t ever let the boss get too close.Too bad this boss lived to break rules.I didn't want him. I didn't trust him.But he really didn't care.Loving him would mean risking the child who needed me.But how could I hate him when he made me feel so special?How could I resist the passion he was offering?If I throw caution to the wind, can we all come out the other side happier than we’ve ever been? Or will the flames burn everything to the ground? Book 7: Loving PursuitMy Hawaiian vacation turned into the perfect getaway when I met Marie.It only took one hot night for her to get under my skin.But I woke up alone the next morning.All I know is her name and the town she’s from.It’s enough to track her down, but should I bother?I can’t seem to help myself.I want her in my bed again. And again. And again.Before I know it, I’ve developed real feelings for her.But we come from different worlds.I’m a Beverly Hills billionaire. She’s a small-town princess.My father would never approve.Then, we get a shocking surprise that could change everything.Will we embrace change and come stronger on the other side?Is love enough to conquer all?Book 8: Return to MeOlivia Jacobs is the one that got away.It’s been ten years since life pulled us in different directions.In that time, I’ve become a billionaire with women falling at my feet.But none of them measure up.When an accident lands me in the hospital, I’m shocked to see Olivia there in scrubs.Sparks fly between us, but is it enough to reignite an old flame?Between my crazy ex and an opportunity that threatens to tear us apart again, there’s plenty to get in the way of happiness.Can we push through the obstacles and find a love that was always meant to be?

Love on Parade

Carol Moncado - 2019
    He's a wealthy man from the big city. Can the holidays bring them together? Teachers of Trumanville Book 1 Brittany Acevedo is only in the big city for one reason: to watch her daughter march in the country's largest Thanksgiving Day parade. Then she'll gladly go back to a place where traffic jams are caused by tractors. Cole Holmes is comfortable with his life in Manhattan, even coming to the rescue of a woman from middle America when Times Square proves to be a bit overwhelming. After the parade, they'll never see each other again. So they deny the attraction between them. But when Cole is sent to Trumanville to run Winterfest - the same Winterfest Brittany has been put in charge of - will they have more than a clash of cultures? Or can they find a way to work together and put love on parade? An unofficial prequel to Small Town Girls Don't Marry Hollywood Hunks!

Not Just Another Billionaire (When a Billionaire Loves a Woman Book 1)

Emma Kingsley - 2018
    Now she's focused on her career and her efforts have finally paid off. A trip to Aspen with her best friend seems like a perfect way to celebrate her big promotion at Marshall Resorts. But meeting the most gorgeous man she has ever seen under awkward circumstances is definitely not a part of her plan. If that’s unexpected, discovering two weeks later that the breathtaking stranger is her new CEO is outright unimaginable. Logan Marshall distanced himself from the drama of his dysfunctional family years ago. But when he’s called back to save the Marshall Resorts after a traitor sold their secrets to a competitor, he can’t let his great-grandfather’s legacy go down in flames. As if taking charge of the family firm in the middle of a scandal wasn’t enough to process, he’s faced with the fact that one of his new employees is the woman he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about since their embarrassing first encounter in Aspen. The atmosphere is tense, the environment is hostile, but when two people are so perfect for each other as Emily and Logan are, can anything stop them? Clean, inspirational romance novella.

Only You

Heatherly Bell - 2017
    Give a guy a private lingerie show and suddenly everyone in town is talking about you. Again. But Mallory wants to stay in Starlight Hill permanently, the one place she feels safe, even if the only men interested in her now are SLs (stripper lovers.) His contract with the U.S. Army complete, Ranger Liam Turlock is stateside again, and must decide whether he’ll re-up for another four. He’s been invited for a stay in Starlight Hill and some much needed R&R. Liam suspects this is just the Turlocks’ intrusive way of fixing him up. They’ve got their choices lined up for him and he’s not interested in any of them. When Liam meets Mallory while hiding behind a rack of banana hammocks at the Tatas and More lingerie shop (don’t ask) he has an idea. He and Mallory will pretend to date so that 1. Mallory can repair her good time girl image; and 2. Liam can get his family off his back. So for now, or at least until Liam goes back home to Colorado, he and Mallory are a thing to anyone who asks, especially anyone with the last name of Turlock. But fake has never been so real… **ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED AS 'FOREVER MY GIRL' IN 2016, PART OF THE ST. HELENE VINEYARD KINDLE WORLD. INCLUDES A NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED EPILOGUE.**

Meet Me in London (The St. Claire Sisters Book 1)

Jennifer Youngblood - 2019
    He might just be the one thing she’s always wanted … Audrey St. Claire has been video-chatting with the man of her dreams—William Evans, a well-spoken Brit who’s so cultured and sophisticated that he could give Mr. Darcy a run for his money. Longing to meet William in person, Audrey uses her savings to book a tour of England. The plan is for William to meet her there. Things spiral downward when William is a no-show. Then, there’s the strange guy who shares her cab and seems way too interested in Audrey and her life. Not to mention Zane Woods, her ruggedly handsome fellow tour member who gets great delight in annoying the heck out of her. Audrey’s skin prickles with the feeling of being watched and there’s still no sign of William! As Zane starts to work his way into Audrey’s affections, she begins to question her feelings for William. A near-tragic experience throws more uncertainty into the mix, leaving Audrey questioning if she should choose the dream she always wanted or the unexpected reality that took her by surprise?

Magick, Straight Up: A Haven Harbor Novella

Barbara Devlin - 2016
    When he accepts a temporary position at Haven Harbor Regional Medical Center, in a quirky little community known for it’s tongue-in-cheek embrace of witch lore, he falls for the beautiful bartender with a unique ability to guess her customers’ drink of choice…but that’s not the only power she possesses. The owner of the Old Haven Mill Tavern, Mary-George McBride, George to her friends and family, is a kind-hearted witch blessed with the claircognizance of desire. In short, she knows what people want. When she meets Rafe, the cocky Chief of ER Medicine, his naughty thoughts make it clear he wants her, but can the hot doc accept that George and the witch are one in the same?

Dare Valley Meets Paris Billionaire

Ava Miles - 2015
    For one month, he must live like a "normal" person in Dare Valley and give up his playboy ways. When Evan meets Margie Lancaster, he's not so sure he can make it a month. The Billionaire's Secret: Volume 2 After resisting Margie Lancaster, Evan Michaels is now free to romance her. And it's all the easier since Margie is taking baking classes in Paris--where Evan lives year-round. So, Evan is romancing her in the City of Love with his secret hanging over his head. The Billionaire's Courtship: Volume 3 Margie Lancaster knows the truth about Evan Michaels. As she learns more about this genius inventor, she falls even more deeply in love since Evan is doing everything in his power to court her in the City of Love herself. The Billionaire's Return: Volume 4 Margie Lancaster has traveled home to Dare Valley. But Evan isn't finished with his Pocket Venus. He returns to Dare Valley determined to find a way to keep Margie and the true love between them.REVIEWS:“On par with Nicholas Sparks’ love stories.” Jennifer’s Corner Blog"Ava's story is witty and charming." Barbara Freethy #1 NYT Bestselling Author on Nora Roberts Land“I am adding Ava Miles to my list of always reads like Susan Mallery, Jill Shalvis, Kristen Ashley, and NORA ROBERTS.” Marjay's Reading Blog“Miles’ story savvy, sense of humor, respect for her readers and empathy for her characters shine through…” USA Today“…Finding love like in the pages of a Nora Roberts story.” Publishers Weekly WW Ladies Book ClubAUTHOR BIOGRAPHY:USA Today Bestselling Author Ava Miles joined the ranks of beloved storytellers after receiving Nora Roberts’ blessing for her use of Ms. Roberts’ name in her debut novel, the #1 National Bestseller NORA ROBERTS LAND. A mere six months after her debut in 2013, she’d hit the USA Today Bestseller list and released five books. So far, over a million readers have discovered Ava’s stories, which have reached the #1 spot at Barnes & Noble and ranked in Amazon and iBooks’ Top 10. Ava’s books have been chosen as Best Books of the Year and Top Editor’s Picks and are being translated into multiple languages.

Decoy (Elliot Kings #1)

Joy Ohagwu - 2016
    Nor for her to become the only eyewitness and sole suspect of his murder.  As the town pushes for a speedy trial to preserve its reputation, one person isn't convinced that she did it-David Kings Jr., the victim’s son. And the only man who ever said he loved her.  With time running out, everyone wants to know, is Rose innocent or guilty? But there was a huge problem. She couldn't remember what happened.DECOY is a brand new, top hot release in Christian Romantic Suspense on Amazon Kindle you don't want to miss. Preorder yours now. Thank you!DECOY is Book One of the Elliot-Kings Christian Suspense Novella series. The ELLIOT-KINGS Christian Suspense Novella Series is a spin-off of UNBOUND HOPE ( Book Two of the PLEASANT HEARTS suspense series). Bestselling Christian Author Joy Ohagwu writes Contemporary Christian Fiction twined in hope, faith, and love. Visit to read a story for FREE for a limited time.

Forever Santa

Leeanna Morgan - 2015
    When tragedy strikes, he's not prepared for the heartache that's about to turn his world upside down. With more than one life at risk, Gracie and Trent learn the true meaning of Christmas.This book can easily be read as a standalone. If you enjoyed reading about Gracie and Trent in 'Forever Dreams' you'll enjoy this special novella that can be read all year round.Jordan’s story continues in 'Forever and a Day' and you can enjoy Alex’s story in 'Forever Cowboy'. All of Leeanna's series are linked. If you find a character you like in one book, they may be in another! If you'd like to know more about Leeanna, please visit: www.leeannamorgan.comOther contemporary romances by Leeanna Morgan:The Montana BridesBook 1: Forever Dreams (Gracie and Trent)Book 2: Forever in Love (Amy and Nathan)Book 3: Forever After (Nicky and Sam)Book 4: Forever Wishes (Erin and Jake)Book 5: Forever Santa: a Montana Brides Christmas novellaBook 6: Forever Cowboy (Emily and Alex)Book 7: Forever Together (Kate and Dan)Book 8: Forever and a Day (Sarah and Jordan)The Bridesmaids ClubBook 1: All of Me (Tess and Logan)Book 2: Loving You (Annie and Dylan)Book 3: Head Over Heels (Sally and Todd)Book 4: Sweet on You (Molly and Jacob)Emerald Lake BillionairesBook 1: Sealed with a Kiss (Rachel and John)Book 2: Playing for Keeps (Sophie and Ryan)Book 3: Crazy Love (Holly and Daniel)Book 4: One And Only (Elizabeth and Blake)The Protectors:Book 1: Safe Haven (Hayley and Tank)Book 2: Just Breathe: (Kelly and Tanner)Book 3: Always (Mallory and Grant)Book 4: The Promise (Ashley and Matthew)Book 5: Coming Home (Mia and Stan)Book 6: The Gift (Hannah and Brett)Book 7: The Wish (Claire and Jason)Sapphire Bay:Book 1: Falling For You (Natalie and Gabe)Book 2: Once In A Lifetime (Sam and Caleb)Book 3: A Christmas Wish (Megan and William)Book 4: Before Today (Brooke and Levi)Book 5: The Sweetest Thing (Cassie and Noah)Book 6: Sweet Surrender (Willow and Zac)Santa's Secret Helpers:Book 1: Christmas On Main Street (Emma and Jack)Book 2: Mistletoe Madness (Kylie and Ben)Book 3: Silver Bells (Bailey and Steven)Book 4: The Santa Express (Shelley and John)

Taking the High Road Box Set 2-10

Morris Fenris - 2018
     Do you love books that touch your heart? Then you will love this intriguing love story collection with enough twists to keep you turning the pages. These stories of hope, fear, romance, suspense and true love will warm your heart and your soul. If you enjoy heartwarming Western romance with a focus on action, suspense and plot twists, be sure to check out other books by Morris Fenris. Scroll up to the top of this page and hit the orange ‘Buy now with 1-Click’ button to grab this Box Set!

Lawfully Blessed (Christmas Lawkeeper Romance)

Evangeline Kelly - 2018
    She’s a lonely widow with a son. Will their relationship move beyond friendship this Christmas season? After graduation, Melody Clarke said goodbye to her high school crush, Grant Brooks, believing she would never see him again. She was moving to the east coast for college, and he planned to remain in Hillcrest, California, to pursue his dream of becoming a police officer. Ten years later, Melody returned to Hillcrest to raise her son after her husband died. She didn’t count on seeing Grant again, thinking he’d probably moved out of town by now. When Grant pulled Melody over for a safety violation, he asked her to join him for coffee. Melody had always kept them firmly in the friendzone, but after being reacquainted again, she was ready to reconsider. Meanwhile, a thief was loose in their hometown, and when Melody’s home was broken into, Grant determined to bring the thief to justice. No one stole presents from children and got away with it as long as Grant Brooks was around. If catching a thief was difficult, convincing Melody that they were destined to be more than friends might be even harder. Or maybe it wasn’t so hard after all.

Rustling the Cowboy's Heart (Ritchie Ranch Clean Cowboy Romance Series #1)

Ellie Hall - 2020
    However, when her high school crush crosses her radar, she finds herself distracted.When Parker Ritchie loses his father, he’s devastated, but he’s also confused about the stipulation in the will that he get married. His bigger concern is losing the ranch. That is until the girl who got away pops back into his life.When a double date goes wrong, Amelia is in a position to help Parker save legendary Ritchie Ranch, but only if they tie the knot. Questions about who is behind the rash of vandalism on the property and a tragedy in the past threaten to keep them apart.Will Amelia and Parker’s marriage of convenience be exposed or turn into a happily ever after?This is book 1 in the Richie Ranch Clean Cowboy Romance series. Because of a mystery subplot, the first three books are best read in order for a deeper, richer experience. It is a sweet, small-town, cowboy “clean and wholesome” romance that’s Christian faith-friendly without swearing or mature content and contains a happily ever after.

Blue Bottle Beach

Amie Denman - 2011
    Jackie and her accountant friends call in sick and escape wintry Chicago to celebrate in the sunshine, but an unexpected twist breaks up the party. On her own for a weekend in America’s least inhibited city, Jackie meets a man who makes her heart do a tropical dance. Mitchell is handsome, charming, and knows just where to touch her. If he looks a little familiar, the thought is quickly lost on the hot sands. Mitchell finds Jackie equally irresistible as he romances her on Blue Bottle Beach, but he has no idea she should be in her cubicle in Chicago balancing the books for one of his many companies. What will happen when Mitchell and Jackie eventually look past their attraction to discover he’s her boss? Will a hot weekend in Key West still sizzle in wintry Chicago at the corporate Christmas party?