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The Good Billionaire by Deborah Garland


Finding Rachel (Moonshire Bay Romance #1)

Elle Sweet - 2020
     She heads to Moonshine Bay and rents a summer place hoping to have a relaxing few months and get back in touch with who she is again as a single woman. Then she meets Evan Harris the bartender and owner of the local bar, and despite thinking she was never going to fall in love again, she can't help but be intrigued by this handsome man. Evan came to Moonshine Bay ten years ago to escape his past. Resigned to living his life alone meeting Rachel is making him rethink that decision. Can they both get past the hurt and learn to trust again?

Beth: A Steamy Tale of Friendship and Self Discovery

Simone Leigh - 2021

Sweet Curse of Bali

Mya Grey - 2020
    Alonzo's ego was crushed, totally crippled for the very first time--by a woman! "Do you even know who I am?" he said to her. Sure, he thought. She's a purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu...but I'm Alonzo, the only rightful heir of the Ortega family.A Spanish billionaire with more power than she can fathom. But he didn't tell her that. Camila doesn't give a damn about his gorgeous body or his self-absorbed attitude. And that drives him crazy. Now he's obsessed. Not to sleep with her. But to beat her on the mat and show her who the boss. But in the midst of his determination, they begin to form a friendship.Unlike any other woman Alonzo has encountered, Camila does not flirt with him. She pays for her own drinks and would rather teach yoga than party all night. She is blunt and speaks her mind. She is wild but level-headed, confident and strong.She is everything he is not. But everything he needs

The Promise: Prequel

Lily Zante - 2020
     Recently divorced, Savannah Page arrives in New York with her young son determined to make a new life. Tormented billionaire Tobias Stone, is haunted by his past. Not looking for romance, he pays for sex, rejecting all forms of emotional connection. Something is missing from both of their lives; they just don't know it yet. The billionaire needs the single mom as much as she needs him.

The Arrangement: Part One (Total Control Book 1)

Pia Monroe - 2017
    I'd walked into the wrong room and he mistook me for someone else But the last thing I wanted to do was correct him... not when I never knew submission could feel so good. When her friend suggests they attend the Haven Fetish Ball to help lift her mood after her divorce, senior partner Sofia Mason has no idea what the night will hold – certainly not the masked Dominant who now commands her to strip off her clothes and position herself in front of the bed for a spanking. She's never even been spanked before. But even as her mind rebels and tells her to leave, Sofia's body has a mind of its own. It complies to everything the mysterious Dom commands as he pushes her to the edge again and again. And before their session is over, she's begging for more. But will he grant Sofia her wish?


Eve London - 2021
    At least it does in my world. Looks like my world is changing for the better. That’s if I can convince her that the heat between us is more than just the aftereffects of the fire.BreeI’ve been alone and struggling for so long and I hoped my move to Mountain View would be a fresh start. Now my daughter and I have lost of everything we owned while finding a hero in the process. Things are starting to smolder between Huck and I but will the flames extinguish as fast as they took.

Lockdown with My Billionaire Boss : Second Chance Office Romance

Sloane Peterson - 2020
    But when I end up in lockdown with my insanely hot billionaire boss, I start to think maybe I can make the best of a bad situation... Heartbreak is never easy. Even breaking up with someone you were never really meant to be with can be painful.I thought Dennis and I would end up married one day.But instead he dumps me at a sushi restaurant.I try to stay positive, and appreciate the ups of being newly single. But then this whole stupid pandemic comes along, and more than anything I hate spending so much time on my own.I'm getting restless, when one day I strike up an interesting conversation with my boss.He's a hot tech industry billionaire, who I find out is recently single as well since the start of the pandemic. After a few days texting back and forth, the two of us come up with a tantalizing arrangement to help us survive through lockdown... Soon my wildest dreams have all come true. I'm making love with my boss in the lap of his luxurious penthouse, and living a life of grandeur unlike anything I've ever imagined for myself. Only I'm about to find, emotions can get in the way of even the sweetest affairs.And now I'm wondering whether these new feelings I'm experiencing can possibly survive through the end of the pandemic...

Made for Him

Alexis Ashlie - 2020
    It will give you the HEA that you crave with OTT everything. You don’t want to miss this one.

Secrets on the Sand

Roxanne St. Claire - 2013
    But Zeke sits on that mountain all alone, longing for the one thing money cannot buy: the true love of a lifelong partner. Zeke grew up near Barefoot Bay and is staying at the resort for a week while he’s in town for a family event. Enter Mandy Mitchell...the maid. Except to Zeke, Mandy is much more than that—she was the object of his every teenage fantasy back in the days when she was known as “Mandy the Magnificent” and he had the unflattering high school nickname of “Ezekiel the Geekiel.”Zeke is no longer a geek—he’s gorgeous. And Mandy doesn’t feel so magnificent since her marriage fell apart and left her up to her eyeballs in debt and despair. One look at Zeke, and she knows he’s exactly the kind of trouble she should avoid. One look at Mandy, and Zeke turns his relentless ability to get what he wants into a full-on seduction. But can Mandy face down the secrets of her past to find a fairy-tale future with Zeke?

Romance: One Perfect Love: A Billionaire Romance (One Perfect Love Series Book 1)

Ava Alexia - 2016
    Only Love Gwen, the fresh face of Parkinhouse, a immersive theatrical experience set in a Regency-era house. She left Hollywood at 16 to join the troop to hone her craft and find love. Beautiful, pure and just 19, Gwen has her heart set on the man of her dreams. True Love John, billionaire owner of Parkinhouse. With a messy divorce behind him, he's not looking for love. Little did he know that his one perfect love is right before him. One Perfect Love A sexy, love story. This is John and Gwen’s love story. With paparazzi constantly stalking them and secrets leaking out of Parkinhouse, their love is put to the test. This story is powerful and full of suspense and intrigue. The One Perfect Love Series. This is book one in a five part One Perfect Love Series. Sexual content. 18+ Scroll up and grab a copy today

His First Time: Beau

Ann Omasta - 2020
    Yes, I said wife. Yikes.If that’s the truth, why don’t I remember her?I’m Beau Wallace. If you don’t know my name, then you don’t follow racing.Car racing is the love of my life. It’s what I know, what I do, and what I live for.The doctors say that I had a bad accident on the track, but I have no memory of it.Apparently, I also have a loving wife, named Fiona. I don’t even recognize her.How am I going to weasel my way out of this mess?Will Fiona be able to make her gorgeous, race car-driving husband, Beau, fall in love with her all over again? Find out now in His First Time: Beau.The Hot Shots of Romance Quickies are scorching short stories featuring sexy heroes, curvy heroines, seductive insta-love, sizzling bedroom scenes, and satisfying happily-ever-after endings. Start anywhere. Binge-read them all. Grab Beau now and enjoy a perfectly-portioned taste of steamy romance to satisfy your craving.

Stay (Love Forget Me Not, #1)

Ashlyn Mathews - 2017
    I don't want a broken heart. The whole of me is already broken.After losing pieces of my memory in a brutal assault, I know better than to get involved with the new guy in the building. Brooks Hunter is dangerously sexy with his piercing gaze and ripped body beneath his well-fitted suit.He can have any woman, yet he wants me. I don't deny our instant spark, but I can't understand his attraction. I'm plain and skinny, wear ugly owl glasses and my monotone black hair is piled high on top of my head."Invite me in. Otherwise, I can't stay."He says we know one another. I swear I've never met him. A woman can't forget his type of sexy--mouthwatering and panty-melting hot. But his eyes are familiar, and I can't shake the suspicion he had something to do with my assault.When he reveals the unbelievable truth behind the story of how we're connected, he rocks the very foundation of my safe world. Will I demand he takes a much-deserved hike? Or will I ask him... to stay?

The Christmas Cadeau

K.D. Elizabeth - 2019
    The MEN'S bathroom.No stalls were available in mine. I'd be in and out before anyone noticed.Except someone walked in.And, oh, he was so gorgeous.Four months later we moved in together.Two years later I can't imagine living without him.He's the love of my life, to the absolute bottom of my heart.So why are we breaking up?The Christmas Cadeau has NO cheating and a happily ever after!

The Prince and I: Book 1 in the 4-part series (A Scandalous Royal Love Story)

Marilyn Cruise - 2018
     That was before my parents died in a car accident where my younger sister lost her legs. Where am I today? Well, life's pretty sucky. Ok, extremely sucky. I just started a job as an escort so I can support my sister and save up for her prosthetic legs. And my dream of a happily ever after? Ha! There's no time for that s#it. I'm stuck here being responsible, doing the adult thing. That's until I meet Erik, the Prince of Norway, and he reminds me of what it's like to feel again, to dare to dream again, and to believe in the fairytale I have shoved so deep down I thought it was gone. Yet... One touch from him is a jolt to my heart, and suddenly I'm feeling things I really shouldn't feel. Because let's face it, fairytales don't come they? This is Book 1 in the ongoing series: A Scandalous Royal Fairytale A HIGHLY addictive series. Read at your own risk.... There will be cliffhangers.

My Uptown Girl

C. Morgan - 2020
    I’m all for it.The electricity between us has me taking one step back and three forward.This is the woman I want beside and beneath me for the rest of my life.But her father thinks I’m riffraff. And he just might be right.Maybe if I just keep things professional, which is almost impossible.Heat blazes in and out of the kitchen as we try to work together, and I’ve got one thing on my mind.Owning every part of her.No matter what her family or anyone else thinks about it.This woman is my uptown girl.