Red Bottom Bitches 2

Cole Hart - 2013
    With her two besties Trish and Moet down for whatever, they come up with an even better plan by putting the warden of the prison down on the lick. They had to turn up the volume a few more notches after realizing that they had all been played. Now with their money right, Gucci Red has one thing on her mind and that's searching high and low for revenge against Cartier and Madam. Will they locate them or will they take their money and Red Bottoms and retire while they're ahead?

An Unexpected Love: Jay's Story

Nicole Black - 2015
    She knows what she wants and won’t settle for anything less than that. After receiving mind blowing news from a past lover Jay decides it’s time for a change. Little does he know someone from his past isn’t ready to let him go. Kamari feels as if his love life is missing something. After meeting a woman he believes can fill the void, he thinks he has it all. Kamari’s world quickly comes crumbling down after a secret is revealed and he makes a mistake that may cost him his life. Lies are told, secrets are revealed, worlds collide, and love blooms in An Unexpected Love: Jay’s Story.

This That and the 3rd Bitch

Te'Jadan Jackson - 2014
    For the first time in years, she felt complete. That would soon change, after only two months of being married to 'the love of her life', Khalil. He did the unthinkable, causing Toshi's life to spin out of control. Khalil's single act put Toshi on a path of escaping, hiding, murder, and much more. Now fueled by twisted thoughts, she refuses to give up her freedom. Exposed deep dark secrets will change her life forever.

She Ain't You

R.L. Welch - 2014
    What does a wife do when the mistress confronts her about HER husband? What happens when the mistress decides that she is tired of being number 2? Can Number 2 ever handle all of the things that go along with being number 1? How does a husband continue to maintain when his mistress causes confusion in his home and in his business? In this fast paced, gritty Street Love story, we find out how much damage can be done by one woman’s pursuit of her man; a man that is actually someone else’s husband, and how many lives are affected by selfish desires.

A Hood Affair 2

Shmel Carter - 2013
    Someone is still after Neicee and the they continue to race against the clock to find out who it could be.

The Plug's Daughter

Nika Michelle - 2015
    Although he’s no lame, he doesn’t have a grandiose scheme to take over the drug game, or become a notorious street legend. He also doesn’t believe in flexing, having a reckless crew, being in the trap, or slanging on a corner. He simply chooses to lay low and maintain his weed hustle, only selling weight to a small, reliable clientele. His plug, Mendosa, is the exact opposite. He does run the streets of Atlanta as a huge supplier of weed and cocaine, and has since the nineties. Once Keenyn lays eyes on Mendosa’s twenty one year old daughter Jasenia, he’s caught up in her beauty and sophisticated aura. The only thing is, Mendosa feels that his daughter is off limits to any man; especially one he does business with. In his eyes his only daughter is cultured, pure and untouched. Little does he know, but “daddy’s little girl” is far from the angel that he thinks she is. Keenyn soon discovers that as well as the never ending drama that seems to come with his feelings for her. Not only is Mendosa a threat to him, but he finds out that Jasenia has a few deadly skeletons in her closet. Will those secrets cost him his life and to what lengths will he go to protect the plug’s daughter?

Tamar: Before He Was King

Shan - 2014
    He started from the bottom, but at a very early age, he always knew that he would one day run the streets--with his crew by his side. Take a look at how it all began for them all. From before he met Rozalyn, to when he was with Shalea, and before he was crowned king.

Nikki 2

George Sherman Hudson - 2013
    Forced to take over the business in Prime's absence, Nikki forms the BOSS BITCH CLIQUE and they flood the city with some of the best coke that money could buy. They quickly learn that fast money comes with hard lessons. Everything was looking up until The Reaper was added into the equation. Jareka aka The Reaper is frustrated and angry and when the she gets angry bodies fall. She wants the only person standing in her way of having Prime, the love of her life, dead. Now Nikki has to face off with the Reaper, and on top of that there's a wolf in sheep's clothing running within the crew. Nikki has her hands full and one slip could end her life. Kindle:

These Hoes Ain't Loyal

Quiana Nicole - 2014
    There are some thing best friends shouldn't share – especially men. Jasmine soon finds out her and Breona are sharing more than just clothes. What happens when Breona breaks the unspoken girl code? Will her feelings allow her to walk away from her best friend’s fiancé or will she do everything in her power to sabotage Jasmine’s happily ever after? Trust and loyalty test the strengths of the friendship between Jasmine and Breona. Will Jasmine learn the number rule: These Hoes Ain't Loyal.

A Bitch's Bad Side

Kawand Crawford - 2015
    Lady Sondra and her family. Shortly after Lady Sondra is released from doing a ten year stint in Bellevue Mental Institution, tragedy strikes close to home testing her bad side and putting her on a vengeful mission for blood. Things go horribly wrong when she attempts to recruit her twin sons Rahmel and Jahmel to embark on a mission to build an untouchable drug empire all the while trying to keep her daughter Mahogany on the straight and narrow path. Lady Sondra is just one incident away from being sent back to the place she’s vowed never to visit again. Drama and betrayal send her spiraling down a dark bumpy road of no return. Get to know the Bells and learn all of the family secrets as you and those who betray Lady Sondra experience “A Bitch’s Bad Side”

Wife of A Legend (Wife of a Legend Book 1)

Choe Je'Nore - 2014
    He has women falling at his feet daily, but he takes none of them seriously until he meets a young woman by the name Treasure, but there’s only one problem Treasure is a witness to a homicide he committed. He knows he should kill her and get it over with but there’s something about her that makes it hard for him to go through with it… Julianny’s mother Pam never thinks any woman is good enough for her son, especially not Treasure but when the two quickly fall in love all hell breaks loose ands lines are crossed… permanently.

I Am That Bitch

Cinnamon Brown - 2014
    She understands the rules and ways of men and uses them at every opportunity to get what she wants. But all of her successful game playing came to a screeching halt when she ran into Carlos Seguin, a young and handsome Mexican billionaire. She thought he was just another mark; just another married man she could play and milk for some serious paper. Enter Lesha’s world as she learns too late that game recognizes game; and when love is involved, rules get broken, boundaries get crossed, and nothing is ever what it seems.Nothing is off the table, not even her life.

Money & Montana 2

Chrissy J - 2015
    Despite all the drama, their relationship conquered all. Just when things seem calm, Victoria drops a bomb on Money that once again threatens to end their relationship. Will Money mess up everything they worked so hard to hold on to? Montana unable to deal with everything that's going on starts letting Bonnie step in more and more. Will she do more harm then help? Or will a blast from the past finally push Montana completely over the edge and allow Bonnie to take over completely?

Love and Betrayal 2

CoCo J. - 2013
    After Je'leese finds out that her best friend Daivon has been sleeping with the love of her life, What will she do? Will Katherine find out that her husband also slept with Daivon? Will Jasmine leave Michigan,or will she cause more havoc in Detroit?

Love In The Chamber 2

Rasheed Carter - 2013
    Sienna and Frog are back and even wilder than before! They are young, and dangerously in love with each other. Kema is still a boss making bossed up decisions, and one of which is maintaining order in her crew- which grows harder by the day. Too much money too fast complicates things. Add jealousy, betrayal, and backstabbing friends; and you've stumbled onto the battlefield of the streets... Where no prisoners are taken but all challenges are welcomed.An exciting fast paced action packed thriller intertwined with complicated love hate relationships that are authentic and just as crazy as the ones in everyday life.