Scout Ship

D.L. Harrison - 2017
    Due to heroism and long distinguished service, he’s elevated to the rank of Lt. Commander when most of his peers have just attained senior lieutenant. His career appears to be going very well.The year is 2263, and the UEDF is in several star systems in a twenty-light year radius from earth, but are expanding even further. He’s assigned to a one year exploratory mission to become accustomed to his new rank, one that will finally culminate in reaching a new star system, 61-Virginis, which is just short of twenty-eight light years away from the Sol system, and he’s excited to be one of the first humans in a new solar system as they finish the race across the void between stars in the scout ship Columbus.There will be challenges he never imagined though, especially not on a simple survey mission. The death of his best friend to a senseless accident is the least of his troubles. Because mankind always thought they were alone in the stars. They’re about to find out they’re wrong, very wrong…Author’s Note: This series will be told in the first person, the reader will discover things as Michael does, there will be no other points of view excepting the prologue. This is also the start of a series, I will avoid cliffhangers as best I can, and believe it can stand as a series of mostly complete stories with overarching plots.

ZAP Agent Mathis

C.R. Daems - 2015
    Of course it did fit a pattern of not being able to decide what she wanted to do with her life since grammar school. In college she had tried a variety of subjects, played sports, and partied, excelling at each, but she had graduated as undecided as she had been in grammar school. And the Ad, interview, and current speaker made the training sound like hard work and the job dangerous. But they had dangled two worms in front of her: the chance to see the lives of the rich and powerful up close and to protect important people. And she could quit if she decided it wasn’t what she was looking for—whatever that was. To everyone’s astonishment, can't-make-up-her-mind and party-girl Kate Mathis survives the training, makes agent, enjoys her job, and finds something she loves—outmaneuvering the terrorists.

Alien Boyfriend for Christmas

Luna Kingsley - 2020
    Her dream job as the lead botanist on Niri was worth traveling across the galaxy, but she’s not going to miss out on the trappings of her favorite holiday. Not to mention she misses everyone back home. Everyone except her ex, of course. She’ll do everything she can to avoid seeing him again but running into him around town is inevitable.Verrik is tired of the monotony of his day-to-day life on Niri. He works long days as an electrician to try to get ahead and save what money he can. One day he hopes to be able to support a family of his own but as an orphan, his opportunities are limited. The one good thing that comes from his current job is meeting the unique, curvy little botanist from Earth.She’s headed back to Earth for the holidays. He’s ready for his own adventure. Her suggestion to be her fake alien boyfriend is unconventional, but the payment is too good to pass up. When the lines between fantasy and reality begin to blur, they find themselves navigating unexplored territory.Can a Niri Alien and Earth female find a way to make a relationship work for real?Alien Boyfriend for Christmas is a standalone sci-fi romance full of steam with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a happily ever after guaranteed!

Alien Billionaire's Fated Mate

Miranda Martin - 2020
    Starlight Matchmaking, what a joke. I'm sure this is a scam. I'm more interested in figuring out their game than I am in a possible date. But the instant I see Wadjet, déjà vu hits me. Somehow it's like I've known this sexy, golden skinned billionaire forever, but we've never met. He says we have. That he's been searching for me for an impossibly long time. And now that he's found me, he's not going to lose me again. I don't believe in fate. I don't even believe in aliens. But before this date is over, he's determined to change my mind.

Shattered Under Midnight

Dorothy Grant - 2018
    Instead, she found a city in revolt, and now both sides are after her to control the alien gifts engineered into her DNA. Her only ally is an offworld investigator trying to get to the bottom of the explosive mix of on-planet and alien politics... but his secrets are even deadlier than her own. From the back alleys of the souk to the depths of alien ruins, they're now in a desperate fight to stop the revolution before everything is lost!

The Rings of Grissom

Julia Huni - 2021
    Now she’s really in for a cleanup.Triana Moore lost her job as a maintenance technician when her boss discovered her true identity. But decluttering the galaxy isn’t just for janitors. When she visits the ringed planet Grissom with security agent Ty O’Neill for his sister’s wedding, Triana discovers just how messy life can get. Deported before she can finish her coffee, Triana barely misses an exploding shuttle. But in true space janitor fashion, she decides to investigate. With the help of a pair of mischievous twins, a hard-drinking grandma, and her old frenemy Vanti, will Triana save the wedding?Of course she will. But how crazy will it get along the way?The Rings of Grissom tells the continuing story of Triana Moore, (former) Space Janitor, but can be enjoyed by new readers as well. If you want to avoid spoilers, read Triana Moore, Space Janitor first.

The Warrior and the Biologist

Susan Gourley - 2014
    The raynids prey on humans as a food source, swarming through the universe like locusts from a nightmare. A small band of survivors of the distant planet of Gaviron hunt the monsters but they’re slowly losing the war. Biron, highly-trained and gifted warrior of Gaviron, reluctantly agrees to a last desperate strategy. The goal isn’t to defeat the raynids but to make sure a few small pockets of humanity survive. To do his part, Biron takes on the role of protector on the small Earthling colony of Blithe. In exchange, the people of Blithe must offer up one of their women as Biron’s bride so that a small piece of Gaviron will live on. Heartbroken by the years of fighting the raynids and losing everyone he’s loved, Biron doesn’t care who he marries. Esta Brunner, intelligent, brave and attractive, makes as good a choice as anyone. Esta agrees to the terms of their Gaviron saviors. And as she and Biron fight against their common foe, her alien husband’s easy charm and physical beauty ease the discomfort of the forced marriage. Their fledging relationship comforts them both until another danger intrudes on the planet. Once the fragile trust between them is broken, Esta realizes how much she’s come to care for her lonely husband. It will take Esta’s clever mind and Biron’s knowledge and skills together to defeat the raynids. Before they can trust each other again, Esta must accept the depth of her love for her husband and Biron must learn what love is. Other titles available by Susan Kelley through New Concepts Publishing: Recon Marines I: The Marine's Queen Recon Marines II: The Marine's Heiress Recon Marines III: The Marine's Doctor The Greater Good The Lesser Evil A Ruthless Good One Good Woman Book I: To Tame a Tiger Book II:Tiger's Mate Book III :A Tiger's Courage The Warrior and the Biologist Coming Soon to Amazon: The Warrior and the Governor (Now Available for Pre-Order) If you enjoyed this book, be sure to check out these other exciting titles available from New Concepts Publishing: The Men of Anderas I: Jardan, the King by C.J. Johnson The Men of Anderas II: Dak the Protector by C.J. Johnson The Men of Anderas III: Talon, the Assassin by C.J. Johnson Watchers by Kaitlyn O'Connor Dragons of the Dawn by Kaitlyn O'Connor Centaur Chronicles: Unbridled by Raven Willow-Wood The Forgotten Realms: Primal Instincts by Raven Willow-Wood Love's Captive by Myra Nour

Connected Hearts, Vol. 2 (The Matchmaker 2 #2)

Ellie Danes - 2016
    There was no denying what it looked liked to my long-time assistant and now I had to trust her not to blow things up with Harper and I. I needed to fix this. I was going to fix this, even if it meant losing my top client, the woman I was caught kissing. Mason seems distant. He’s been secretive and I’m beginning to wonder how much Natalie has to do with Mason’s change of heart. She’s hot, she’s cold, but even more importantly, she’s out to get me. Connected Hearts, The Series. Harper Browning has it all, but it didn’t come without struggles. She’s put it all behind her and turned over a new leaf with her extremely romantic, good-looking and billionaire matchmaker boss, Mason Asher, but not to the liking of his personal assistant and right-hand girl. Mason Asher is known for his ability to find a match for anyone, including the hundreds of wealthy clients that pay him handsomely for his services. But when he makes a promise to Harper’s best friend, Avery Gains, he’s taken on more than he can handle and now risks not only losing his business, but Harper’s love too. Connected Hearts is the follow-up series to It Takes Two and can be read as a stand-alone series or you can follow along from the start by downloading the complete series. *** Connected Hearts is a steamy romance ideal for fans of J.S. Scott, Katy Evans, Lauren Blakely and MS Parker.


David Ryker - 2019
    The best of the best. And now he's gone Rogue... His entire life, all James 'Red' Maddox has known is war. He was born on a dust rock called Genesis-526, conscripted into the Federation military with thousands of other recruits, and somehow stumbled into the Mech Corps. It was a moment that changed his life. Mech Corps pilots are the best of the best. They sit in the cockpit of iron beasts that tower into the sky, fighting alongside men and women who have been bred for their task since birth. Perfect reaction times. An almost inhuman level of concentration. The courage to throw themselves into the fight day after day, year after year, knowing that their mechs are sent into the crucible of the fight, into the heart of danger—and expected not just to survive, but to win... But Red is getting real tired of putting down rebellions on colony planets he's never heard of. Of pulverizing alien planets before he ever even learns their name. Of losing friends, lovers, and brothers in the service of an empire that doesn't care whether he lives or dies. Every man has his breaking point. And Red just found his...

The Super Olympian: Bloodhound (Shapechanger Tales)

Laer Carroll - 2012
    And she has strange powers. What can feed her challenge-addiction now? Fighting crime? There is plenty of it.

Alien Warrior's Treasure

Sue Mercury - 2021
    Instead, he heals her wounds and promises not to hurt her, and his gentle but protective demeanor wins her over. But when he eventually turns cold and pushes her away, she’s left confused and heartbroken. Determined to make a life for herself on planet New Vaxx, she visits Vaxxlian Matchmakers—only to receive shocking news about the identity of her soul mate.Gavvin is an outcast among his people, and he has no plans to take a bride. But his self-control is tested when he comes across Molly, a human woman in distress. She’s the sweetest, most beautiful female he’s ever met, and her enticing scent calls up long-buried primal needs. Pushing her away is the hardest thing he’s ever done, but it’s for the best. How could any female find happiness mated to an outcast like him? But when Molly’s life is threatened, he’ll risk everything to save the sweet human who’s stolen his heart.

Star Brigade: Quartet (Star Brigade Books 1-4)

C.C. Ekeke - 2018
    Ekeke's bestselling Star Brigade Series At the dawn of the 25th century, Star Brigade was an elite military unit in the Galactic Union, and Habraum Nwosu one of its best soldiers. Until a deadly ambush massacred his team and Star Brigade’s reputation. BUT THE UNION STILL NEEDS HEROES Extremist threats and old enemies return from the fringes of space to threaten the Galactic Union’s inhabitants. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION Now Habraum must rebuild the Brigade from scratch with a dwindling roster of untested recruits, all while fighting to protect the Union he serves with his own shoot-first, punch-next brand of justice. The Star Brigade Quartet contains the FIRST FOUR books in the series, a prequel novella and several exclusive short stories for a discounted price. 300+ five-star reviews, 1500+ pages of space battles, supersoldier combat, and heart-pounding intergalactic intrigue. Find out why readers are so enthralled by this riveting science fiction saga.

Star Bourne (Star Man #1)

I.G. Roberts - 2016
    When he wakes, he is in another place and, it seems, another time. Colin is a very long way from home, on the Ship FNS Destiny with no way to return. When he visits the devastated colony of Zafar, he becomes a changed man, a man with a new purpose in life. Pirates attacking planets and Star-Ships quickly show him the universe is not the friendly place he once thought it was. The idea that people who are as technologically advanced as these will be peaceful and benevolent is only partly true. These Aliens must still maintain a military to defend themselves against their enemies. After pirates attack the ship he is travelling on, the entire command structure is out of action, leaving only Colin to guide the repairs and help the crew steer the ship safely back to home port. Along the way he must rescue innocent civilians from the pirates and help the Federation of Sentient Peoples (FSP) to survive. He learns that the very actions he must take to save the ship and crew could also see him branded a pirate if he is successful. While the FSP is by no means a utopian society, its leaders are smart enough to know they are in trouble and who they should ask for help. Can Colin save the ship and her crew? If he does, will the Federation authorities put him in prison for doing so?

Six Seconds (Adrian Tarn)

E.R. Mason - 2020
    Adrian Tarn and R.J. Smith are persuaded to escort two scientists to a landing there to investigate. What they find has unexpected consequences for Earth and every person on it. Join Adrian Tarn, R.J. Smith, and Danica Donoro as they fight to close Pandora's box before Earth becomes a new asteroid belt.

Agents of the Planetary Republic Books 1-10

Jaxon Reed - 2021
    Treaties are signed, trade is restored. But spies and diplomatic turmoil lead to a high-tech cold war of epic proportions. Ex Space Marine Gina Wilcox finds herself in a law enforcement career after the war, but life can be just as dangerous on the streets as the battlefield. Sleeper cells activate, assassinating government officials. Crime syndicates flourish. And a certain high-tech android has been stolen by the League, spirited off world for unknown purposes. Into this milieu a band of Marine outcasts join the fight. They spent more time in the brig than on the battlefield, yet racked up admirable wartime kill ratios. These renegades are quietly recruited by Republican Naval Intelligence to lead black ops against the League. Gina Wilcox will join their leader Commander Hamilton Wolf in a risky interstellar quest to retrieve an android who doesn’t even realize she’s not human. The fate of two civilizations hangs in the balance . . .