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Shattered Home by J.M. Adele


The Billionaire Broker: A Clean Romance

Deb Goodman - 2019
     When Macey Declan inherits her grandfather’s odd, crumbling Irish castle, she not only has to decide what to do with it, but now she’s fighting against the land-grabbing real estate agent across the street. Billionaire Levi Richardson has one more property to secure to complete a years-long urban expansion project designed to bring this sleepy small town into the modern era: the Declan mansion. He needs a wrecking ball and quick. Levi didn’t plan on Macey’s refusal to sell, but when his client increases the offer and Macey is even more determined to keep it, he finds himself switching tactics and helping her paint instead. Uncovering the castle’s old secrets together, Macey and Levi begin to put aside their differences and learn that maybe her grandfather knew what they needed all along.

Finding Mrs. Right

Debbie White - 2016
    During one of her days walking dogs in Central Park, Ronnie as she is known by her friends has a casual conversation with a handsome man. She never expects to see him again so she doesn’t even record his name in her memory bank. When her name comes up on the list to move into housing for single moms, Ronnie is overwhelmed with joy. She glances over to see the man from the park at the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Could this be fate or a mere coincidence? Gabe’s worried about crashing and burning—again, but Ronnie’s different. Can he risk his heart or should he walk away while he still can?

Unconditional Love

Alexa Whitewolf - 2018
    This means chilling, hanging out with friends and meeting hot boys. Not so for Maya Finnigan, who’s stuck in summer school with extra classes in order to make it to college. Looks like another summer of studying and boring “fun” - and hanging out with her loyal German Shepherd, Bear. Or will it be? Kolt Waters meets the “hot” criteria with his intense blue eyes and Brit accent, plus he’s the boy-next-door. But his smug attitude and never-ending jabs get on Maya’s nerves. When Bear goes missing, surprisingly it’s Kolt who jumps to the rescue. But is their budding romance a happily ever after or a wreck in disguise? And what’s the story with their parents, and the secrets they hide? Dig in for a summer of fun, mystery and first unconditional as they come.

The Lumberjack's Match: A Sweet Fake Relationship Romance (Pretendr Dating App Series)

Blake Andrews - 2018
    Rhett’s already been planning to build himself a beautiful new home on it, but the seller has several stipulations about how said land can be purchased. Chiefest among them: the buyer must build a family home on the acreage, establishing genuine roots in their small town of Leavenworth. Rhett hasn’t devoted much thought to dating, let alone marriage, but he’ll do anything to acquire this land—even if it means pretending to have a bride. Lacey Macuzzi’s family is constantly pressuring her to settle down, wanting nothing more than to throw her a huge, expensive wedding. You’d never know by her massive social media presence, but Lacey’s actually shy and socially-awkward. She’s given up on the chance of ever meeting anyone, but wants to please her parents. Frustrated, she longs to find a man willing to pose as her groom for the big day, just to get them off her back. But how? Enter Pretendr, the app that pairs people looking for fake relationships. Being matched through the app seems like the perfect solution, but once Rhett and Lacey have solved their problems, another one emerges… They both seem to have fallen for each other. The Lumberjack's Match is a 30,000 word standalone novella, perfect to curl up with if you're looking for a sweet, fun, quick read on the go.

No Place Like Home

Morris Fenris - 2017
    She’s been the lead singer of pop/rock band Jericho for the past seven years, and she’s tired. Tired of the games. Tired of the parties. Tired of writing empty music. Logan James is a former football star who has always secretly admired Jerricha’s tremendous gift. But when he was in high school, he’d been bound by the best friend motto and not allowed to act on his feelings. Now, she’s back and this time, no restrictions are being placed on his heart. But Logan’s been hurt before and he doesn’t want a repeat performance. He takes things slowly, but then Jerricha needs him to come to her rescue and they spend more time together, he can’t stop thinking about what a future with her might be like. Jerricha is at a crossroad and needing to make some life-altering decisions. Will one of those decisions include Logan? Come along to the sleepy little town of Warm Springs, Wyoming. Will Logan and Jerricha get their problems all figured out, or compound them? Is there a future out there for both of them, or is that only a silly dream? Is home just any place where you take your hat off at the end of the day, or is more? Find out in Jerricha and Logan’s story. There really is no place like home at Christmas. If you enjoy heartwarming Christian romance with a focus on love, faith and family, be sure to check out other books by Morris Fenris. Scroll up to the top of this page and hit the orange ‘Buy now with 1-Click’ button to grab a novel you won’t want to put down!

Watching the Grass Grow

Diane Michaels - 2017
     They say you shouldn’t make eye contact with a stranger on the subway in New York City. It may not be an actual violation of the subway system code of conduct, but still. Lisa and Geoff, two strangers smushed together on a crowded E train, break that code when their train unexpectedly stops. Their conversation is the perfect antidote to the boredom and frustration of the delay. And more than the broken AC is to blame for the rising heat between them. When the train moves again, Lisa wonders if they should go back to behaving like strangers. But what if their paths were meant to cross? Tom—middle-aged, divorced, and out of work—needs to get a life. Instead, he gets a juror summons. Hardly expecting to ‘find himself’ while fulfilling his civic duty, he sets a single goal for the day: persuade the judge to exempt him from being picked for a jury. Time had stood still in the juror lounge. It begins to spin backward when he reconnects with Susan, a fellow juror and his middle school crush. Before long, he’s back under her spell. Could a man in his current position interest her? When she swipes through a dating app in front of him, she indicates the answer is no. With nothing else to lose, Tom prepares to sacrifice the one goal he has in order to capture her attention.

Love on the Half Shell

Mona Ingram - 2018
    Writing to a Boston restaurant critic seemed like a good idea at the time. What could possibly go wrong? Mona Ingram is the author of over forty sweet, clean romances full of hope, inspiration and happily ever afters. For a complete list of Mona’s books, visit her website at

Lei'd in Paradise

Bethany Lopez - 2019
    Bran's a guy who knows what he wants, and he insists he wants his Hawaii. In Carmen's experience, when things are going great, the other shoe's usually about to drop. That's why she doesn't think they're ready for a tropical vacation this early in their relationship. When a misunderstanding has her following Bran to Hawaii, the Big Island may never be the same. Between their fledgling romance and the intrigue of a pop-up investigation, one thing's for sure... they're both going to get Lei'd in Paradise. Cupcake Series (should be read in order): Always Room for Cupcakes Cupcake Overload Lei'd with Cupcakes Cupcake Explosion Lei'd in Paradise: A Cupcakes Series Novella (Carmen and Bran)

Maria Before Us

Ellie Messe - 2019
     Seven nights I’ve held my nephew as he relives the crash he survived. Six casseroles sit on the kitchen counter from neighbors who don’t actually care. Five fingers drum against the wooden grain to my right. Four bodies try to ignore the growing tension in the room. Three years since I’ve seen the man who’s almost here. Two car doors shut. One doorknob twists. This was me Before Us. **PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A NOVELLA** NOVELLA 1/6 Due to adult content this novella is 18+


Kate Hunt - 2019
    I used to have a massive crush on Austin. Surely it’s faded by now, though, right? Then Austin shows up…and not only has my crush not faded, but it’s more intense than ever. And I see him looking at me with just as much desire in his eyes. But there’s no way he and I can do anything. No way. Absolutely not. If only I could get rid of the fantasies in my head… IRRESISTIBLE is a fun, short, omyw romance with steam, sweetness, and a happily-ever-after!

Not-So-Blue Christmas

Bonnie Edwards - 2015
    Away from home, in a small harbor city in Canada, broken-hearted Kirk's lost and alone until one small dog refuses to give up on him.Vibrant widow Miranda Bailey is ready to move into the next phase of her life, except this Christmas is shaping up to be the worst since her husband's death. But instead of hiding, she takes charge, and drags Kirk into her Christmas miracle. The Christmas Collection Book 2: Invitation to Christmas The Christmas Collection Book 3: One Crazy Christmas

Running From The Shadows (Deep Ridge Bay Series Book 1)

Faith Blakely - 2021

One Day in Vegas

Scott Wylder - 2017
    One day tears down all her hopes and dreams. She has been with John since high school and had committed to share everything in her life with him. Except him. She never intended to share him with another woman before or after her marriage. John had other ideas.Melinda’s friends think Nevada is just what Melinda needs to get over the terrible breakup with John. Nevada is certainly a scoundrel, but he is a sexy and very rich scoundrel.Will Nevada ever be tamed? Or will this become one day in Vegas that Melinda might regret forever?

A Summer Nanny in Fairbanks & The River Home

Renee Hart - 2017
     Third-grade teacher, Mandy Hastings, is almost certain that her boyfriend is about ready to pop the question. When he drops a bomb instead, Mandy wants to get as far away from her disappointment as possible. On a whim, she applies for a summer job as a nanny. Darren is raising his daughter Katie alone, except for the help of his housekeeper who has a family emergency in another state. Since Darren's job on the North Slope keeps him away from home for days at a time, there's no other solution except to send Katie to the lower 48 for the summer. Katie desperately wants to stay in Fairbanks with her father, so she takes matters into her own hands. She can only hope that the new nanny will meet with her father's approval. Also included is a new sequel to this story, The River Home, and an excerpt of Homer: End Of The Road, book three in the Alaska Adventure Romance series. These are clean contemporary romance adventure stories with HEA endings and no cliffhanger.

Heart of Mine

Lindsay Bergman - 2018
    One kiss changed everything. My name is Madison Kavanaugh and I grew up in a small, modern-day kingdom in the Mediterranean Sea. My life in Coradova was better than any fairytale -- until I fell in love with my best friend, and the one person I couldn't have. Crown Prince Alexander. Now I'm forced to fight a love I can't give into. But with every look, every touch, I fall deeper for the prince who holds my heart.Amid a political storm of intrigue and mystery, I will risk everything for Alexander. Even my life.If you like the royal aspect of Kiera Cass' The Selection and the romantic mysteries of Colleen Coble, you'll love this sweet and swoon-worthy royal romance. Pick up HEART OF MINE today, and discover the Mediterranean kingdom of love, mystery, and happily-ever-afters..._____________________________(Note: Heart of Mine is a standalone novel in The Royals of Coradova series, a collection of sweet contemporary royal romances. While you can read them in any order, it is more fun to read them in sequence.)