His Hostile Takeover

Fiona Murphy - 2014
    It doesn’t matter that now at twenty four he still treats her like a kid sister, Ellie still loves him. So why did her body go haywire when she first met Dmitri Markhoff? Dmitri was taking over the company she had worked so hard to keep going, Ellie wasn’t part of the bargain. Okay, she needed the job as a personal assistant he was offering and it was only for three months. That was more than enough time to save money so that once the three months was up she could support herself while she found another job. When the three months was up she would be back in Alexandria and back near Greg. She loved Greg. Hormones and never having been touched was all that was making her feel the way she did about Dmitri. She was sure of it. Besides all of that, men as gorgeous as Dmitri Markhoff didn’t look twice at women like her, who wore a dress size in the double digits, they went for models that were a size zero. Dmitri Markhoff is a ruthless corporate raider and had long given up on soft feelings for women. He enjoyed their bodies and paid for it in diamonds and other trinkets. All he wants is Elise’s lush body that has the kind of curves that should come with a warning sign, love isn’t something he’s looking for. When he figures out that Elise is untouched his body goes into overdrive. Even though he’s aware keeping her is wrong when all he wants is sex, he’s having the hardest time letting her go. 18+ Mature This is a standalone novella at 37,274 words. This is an erotic romance so please be aware it is graphic in nature before purchasing.

High Blue Sky (The House in the Clouds Book 2)

Victoria Connelly - 2021

Desperately Seeking Sixty-Nine

J.D. Frettier - 2016
    Though there is war and unrest in the world, on August 15th, on a farm in upstate New York, a little concert will go down in history as the most famous music festival of our time: Woodstock. It also happens to be the day Bonnie McMillan and Peter Hampton meet and begin their free-spirited love-filled journey with each other. Fast forward forty-seven years. Bonnie unexpectedly passes after a night of hot sex and is whisked up to Purgatory, ‘The Green Room’ as they call it. Bonnie’s best friend meets her at the pearly green gates and the fun begins, from body sculpting to channeling. Follow Bonnie on her erotically incorrect quest to re-connect with the love of her life. Or at the very least, make sure the sex toys are hidden before the kids start sorting through her things!

Secrets We Left In Greece

Ian Wilfred - 2018
     Every year, Miriam, her daughter, Heather, and young granddaughter Amy would spend the long summer holidays enjoying the picturesque scenery, visiting local landmarks and integrating with the local community. However, life had moved on, and now with Amy having grown up, married and set up her own business, Miriam suddenly decided to take her family back to this idyllic holiday location. This news brought back poignant memories for all three of them. Thoughts of love and romance combined with dilemmas, choices and a cocktail of emotions would force life to never be quite the same again. Is it always wise to revisit memorable locations? Should the past remain in the past? Learn how Miriam, Heather and Amy all confront their secret fears. Discover whether previous friendships and relationships stand the test of time. Add in the intriguing stories of newcomers whose lives intertwine with the family trio. and how events of the past, present and future merge to form unexpected outcomes.. A subtle blend of engaging, interesting characters, thoughtful life dilemmas with lessons learned makes ‘Secrets we left in Greece’ a compelling summer read.


Meredith WildMeredith Wild - 2018
    Days. Weeks. I measure mine in kills. A covert military mission gone wrong robbed me of my memory and any link to my past. This is my existence now. I execute and survive. Nothing more, nothing less. I was ready to write Isabel Foster’s name in my ledger of unfortunate souls until she uttered the one word that could stop the bullet meant for her. My name. She knows my face. She knows me. She’s the key to the memories I’m not sure I want back. Now nothing is simple. I still have a job to do, and my soul isn’t worth saving. I’m not the man she thinks I am. I can’t love her. And sparing her life puts us both in the crosshairs.

The Rock & Roll Queen of Bedlam: A Wise-Cracking Tale of Secrets, Peril, and Murder!

Marilee Brothers - 2009
    Her life is grand until she finds herself in the middle of a drug bust and meets Sloan, a rough-around-the-edges DEA agent. Soon after a student from her class disappears, things quickly head south, and their search becomes a race against time with dead bodies piling up and her own life in peril.

The Burning of Juniper Slaide

Johanna Handley - 2016
    Nine years later, she's worked hard at putting the past behind her. She clings to her best friend James, the only person she's been able to trust since the fire. But one day James disappears. Juniper tries to find her friend, but she uncovers more than she bargained for. As tensions grow and friendships are tested, she begins to realise that James wasn't who she thought he was. And worst of all, his disappearance is connected to her somehow, and what happened to her all those years ago... An exciting, page turning thriller you wont want to put down!


Kennedy Layne - 2018
    To what lengths will he be willing to go to make his ambitions come true? Laurel Calanthe is one successful stock pick away from making partner when she finds herself in desperate need of an alibi. There’s only one problem. The man who can save her from being arrested is her only competitor and the one who now holds her fate in his hands. Greed is a powerful motivator in the game of making money, but desire can overcome even the strongest motive.

Buried Mountain Secrets

Terri Reed - 2019
    Nowhere to hide.Can they get off the mountain alive?Desperate to find her missing teenage brother, Maya Gallo ventures into the Colorado Rockies expecting rough terrain—not deadly treasure hunters. But when she’s caught in their crosshairs, ruggedly handsome mounted patrolman Alex Trevino comes to her aid. The deputy sheriff knows what these bandits are capable of, so getting Maya—and her brother—home safely may be his hardest mission yet

When We Were Sisters

Cynthia Ellingsen - 2021
    One summer to bring a family back together.Jayne Winters hasn’t seen her sister Charlotte since that last childhood holiday at their grandmother’s North Carolina beach house. Separated after that summer by their parents in a bitter divorce, Charlotte has never forgiven Jayne for not fighting to stay together.So when Jayne discovers that they have both inherited the beach house, and that their grandmother’s last wish was for them to renovate it together, it feels like a miracle: one last chance to win her sister back.At first Charlotte will barely speak to her. But slowly the memories of swimming races and storytelling in their attic bedroom looking over the sea start to break down the wall between them. With the help of photographs and letters left by their grandmother for them to find, the two women begin to restore not just the creaking mahogany staircase and the faded antique wallpaper, but their own relationship.But then Jayne discovers that Charlotte has kept a heart-stopping secret from their past from her. Can she find it in her heart to forgive her sister and keep their grandmother’s dream of reuniting them alive—or are some wounds too big to heal?An emotional and uplifting read about sisters, secrets and the family bonds that hold us together no matter how complicated they are, from the bestselling author of The Lighthouse Keeper. Fans of Mary Ellen Taylor, Elin Hilderbrand and Mary Alice Monroe will love this.

Angel Falls

Tess Thompson - 2019
    He walks straight into the life of Magdalena Morales, a proud, headstrong woman trying to keep her family’s centuries-old legacy out of the hands of a ruthless enemy. An enemy who isn’t afraid to kill to get what he wants. Magdalena was raised lovingly by her great-grandmother, Bella Morales, a psychic and tarot reader. When Bella invites the rugged, intense stranger into their lives, Magdalena reluctantly agrees. She decides to trust Bella’s judgment this time because ignoring Bella’s advice in the past came with a high price. Russell resists becoming involved in the lives of an old witch woman and a dark-haired Hispanic beauty. He prefers to be left alone and to get as far away from any reminders of his past as possible. Despite his best intentions, Magdalena and Bella draw him into a life he has never known, and he vows to protect these women at any cost. Trust develops between them, and with Russell’s help, Magdalena’s future looks bright. Then, an unimaginable truth from Russell’s past confronts her, and she is forced to choose between the man she loves and the cold hard facts.

Cum Inside: A Curvy Girl Age Gap Romance

Selena Moore - 2021
    With her student loan hanging over her head and her low self-esteem keeping her inside night after night, she decides to follow along with Karen's plan to introduce her to the hottest bachelor in Boston, Bradley Thompson who just happens to be looking for his muse. Shedding her clothes for this man, she soon gets not only her confidence back but a man who can truly appreciate a woman's generous curves."CUM INSIDE" is a sizzling, Age-Gap romance featuring:A luscious, curvy nurseHot, older heroLots of dirty-talkA surprise pregnancy and a HEAAbsolutely NO cheatingWarning: This book is intended for adults only. It contains explicit sexual scenes and adult language.

Beg for Mercy

Jami Alden - 2011
    . . And once he has you, all you can do is. . . Beg For Mercy Megan Flynn thought she was falling in love. Cole Williams wasn't just handsome and passionate, he was one of the good guys. Or so she thought, until he arrested her brother-the only family she has left-for a murder she knows he couldn't have possibly committed. Now, with her heart broken and her brother's life hanging in the balance, Megan will risk everything to prove his innocence. Even if that means throwing herself into the path of a sadistic killer with a hauntingly familiar MO. Seattle Detective Cole Williams had given up on making Megan see reason where her brother is concerned. But when she insinuates herself into the most shockingly brutal case Cole has ever worked, he can't stand idly by. Plunged into a secret world where the city's elite indulge their darkest desires, Cole will do whatever it takes to bring down a madman who has made Megan his most coveted prey.

The Whisperer: A heart-wrenching and romantic novel about second chances

Elsa Winckler - 2017
    When she calms a stray dog during an incident at school, she’s asked to help a nearby farm with a difficult horse.Cameron Rahl has had a very different relationship with animals since his mother died in a horse riding accident. But now he's inherited his family’s farm, he's determined to never let anyone affect him that way again.Until he meets Cilla. He tries to stay away from the gorgeous horse whisperer with the potential to tame him, but something keeps pulling him close. And as much as Cilla tells herself she can keep it casual, she knows they're too connected to be 'just a fling.'Will Cilla's heart win out? Or will it take history repeating itself for Cameron to realise just how much he needs her?

Bay Area Bad Boys: Box Set

Stasia Black - 2017
    So he wants her to answer emails with her shirt off. So what? She worked at Hooters for years to get herself through college and it's not that much different. But when his demands get more and more invasive and he begins toying with her in front of his business rival, Jackson Vale, the job that was just supposed to pay for the lawyer in her son's upcoming custody hearing starts becoming more than she ever bargained for. PLEASE ME: The conclusion to Crush Me. Callie's determined that no man will ever have the power to hurt her again. But the path to getting her life back on track is messier than she ever expected. Especially when the man she thought she'd left behind is ready to fight for her every step of the way. But can a woman like her, having gone through the things she's experienced in her life, ever truly expect a happily ever after? WOMAN NAMED RED: (in the Crush Me universe, interacting with the previous characters) Kennedy: Her name was Scarlet and she burst into my life as an explosion of color as bright as her name promised. But don’t get confused. This isn’t a love story. I don't do love. No, this is a story about a woman with a fiery temperament and passion for life to match her name. She and I were combustible together. Which means maybe we were always meant to burn to the f*@king ground. Warning: All three of these novels contain dark themes and potential triggers which may be distressing to some readers.