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Mega-Ax1: The Inferno (Book 1) by LaShawn Vasser


Destined: Giovanni and Zada (True Love Series Book 1)

Vivian Rose Lee - 2018
    The sexy, sassy and feisty FBI Agent meets the suave, cultured and fine Mob Boss who is captivated by her – and she by him. Zada is accustomed to taking care of herself and others; however, when danger surrounds her personally from unknown sources, her life takes unexpected turns. Giovanni is accustomed to having to look over his shoulders, but when his underworld alerts him to threats against his Silver Eyes, his beautiful thighs, hell hath no fury like a Mob Boss. No one messes with his empire, and no one messes with the lady he cherishes from afar - the only woman to make him yearn for a normal life.

Bratva Blood Brothers : Andrusha Part 1 (Bratva Blood Brothers (The Turgenev Family): BWWM Mafia Romance)

Cali N. Tae - 2021

Owned by the Mob ( Russian Mobster #3)

Raven Rivers - 2019
    For the first time in her life, she needs a protector. Men like himself have nothing to offer a woman—a fact that Alek is more than aware of and is fine by him. With his smoldering good looks and muscular build, the Russian kickboxer’s playboy reputation precedes him. Women never turn him down and money isn't an issue. Life’s pretty good. That is, until one careless mistake lands him straight in the grips of a Russian mob group. Having no choice but to offer himself to one of the most dangerous families in the world, Alek knows that his life is no longer his... until she comes crashing into his life like a reckless force of nature. All Sharon wants is to find her place in the world. Career-driven and ambitious, with an old-school Italian mobster as her stepfather, she’s determined to make her own way and won’t let anything break her focus. What she didn't expect, however, was to fall so hard for the Russian kickboxer, turning her well-ordered world upside-down. But as she uncovers his secret, will Sharon be able to intervene on time? And what happens when a cold-blooded killer comes calling? ****All books in the Russian Mobster Series series are standalone, full-length steamy romance novels. They can be read in any order and do not contain cliffhangers. HEA is always guaranteed.****

His Match

Niya James - 2020
    His big blue eyes were everything to me back then. The night we spent together blew my mind but it was just that, a night. I had plans, dreams, goals and even the most gorgeous guy I’d ever seen wasn’t going to stop that. Now I’m looking at him from across the desk and wondering what could’ve been. That young kid is now a man and he’s looking damn good.HimShe is just as beautiful as I remembered her.I know she wants to keep things professional but I can’t look at her everyday and not want to kiss every inch of her sexy body.I want her and she knows it.We have a job to do and if she keeps taking all these chances, she’s going to get us both killed.She left me behind back then but I’m not going to let her go again.His match is a 30k word suspense stand-alone novella romance. Too hot for eyes under 18!

Loving Her In The Shadows: Sovereignty

D.J. Parker - 2020
    But here I was, on the last day of the year, staring into the eyes of a man who held all my nerves hostage.This was wrong.But I wasn’t looking to be right. Especially not to a husband who doesn’t deserve my loyalty.Still, I should be miles away from here on a yacht circling the Potomac river. My body should’ve been pressed into my husband’s hard chest while his arms held me close as we counted down the last ten seconds of the year. It should’ve been him staring at me like a snack, his eyes slowly undressing me. But it wasn’t my husband, Keith, staring at me.It was this stranger.How could I be so reckless?If anyone saw me walking hand in hand with a man who was not my husband, I could lose more than just a husband. I could lose my opportunity to enact change to New York City’s criminal justice system as a district attorney. Yet, I swatted the red flags away and continued following this stranger into the penthouse suite.Why was I willing to risk it all for a man I didn’t even know?>b>Nicolai:I had one rule. One rule only. Never bring a woman near my home. Yet, here I was, breaking another rule tonight all in the name of the beautiful woman sitting all alone in the grand room of Camilla’s Cuisine.Sixty million dollars was riding on this meeting; yet, my eyes kept roaming over to her. I was supposed to be studying the man sitting across from me—calculating his every move, screening for any deception. Yet, my eyes remained on her, following every graceful move she made.She hadn’t noticed me at first. Hell, I hadn’t realized how long I’d been staring at her until her dark brown eyes rose from her plate to stare into mine. Unlike most women I encountered, she wasn’t intimidated by me openly staring at her. She stared back; yet offered no flirty smile or invitation for me to come over to her. The more I stared at her, the more intrigued I became.Why was she staring back at me?As the acting boss of the Balducci crime family, I’ve spent the past two years restoring order from the chaos left behind when the former Don walked away from the life and family we’d been born and bred into.La Cosa Nostra, this thing of ours, was a matrimony that could never be intercepted or broken. Everything was second to the La Cosa Nostra. It was an oath that my father prepared me to take. It was an oath that authored all decisions that I made.Organizing crime to become a multi-billion-dollar corporate industry, I played every move with careful configurations. Nothing stood in the way. Not a pretty face, friend, foe, or family. Yet, tonight, I ended my meeting before it even started, just so that I could stop her from leaving Camilla’s Cuisine.What was it about her?AUTHOR’S NOTE: This novel is part of the Balducci Family Saga. There are events and characters mentioned in this novel that appeared in previous installments.Please follow the sequence of the Balducci Family Saga listed below:BOOK ONE - Dipping Into SinBOOK TWO- Dipping Deeper Into SinBOOK THREE- Loving Her In The Shadows - Sovereignty

Dorian (The Watchful Eye Series Book 1)

Phoenix Rizen - 2021

Dangerous Deceptions (The Dark Series Trilogy Spin-off)

Cate McKoy - 2018
    The best way he knew how to do that was to work. The more dangerous, the better. He's headed for the trouble in Taten, Georgia. Rynn Rolland is all alone, living in the big city and drowning. She accepts an inheritance from a distant relative to see if you she can make a go of it in a new place all her own. She is overwhelmed with all there is to, but, she metaphorically pushes up her sleeves and prepares to make a home of her new farm in Taten, Georgia... that is, if her neighbors will let her live long enough to accomplish her goal.

About Her

T.M. Pigatt - 2020
    My life blew up in my face when the love of my life, Q, died. Now someone strolls into my office to tell me that it might have all been a cruel lie, but it can’t be. She wouldn’t do that to me,... to us. Our love was too strong to allow that to happen. Not only did our bodies connect in an epic way but so did our hearts. A love like that can’t be faked.There’re so many questions and only the dead seem to have the answers. I pray I'm strong enough to handle the truth, or it just might destroy me." - Knox

Reconstructing Jada Channing

Savannah J. Frierson - 2015
    After one night’s passion resulted in pregnancy, they’d talked about becoming a family. However, Aaron’s father derailed those plans. Now three years and a payoff later, the former lovers reunite at an Atlanta Christmas bash; but the party isn’t merry for either one. Seeing Jada again fills Aaron with an urgency he hadn’t anticipated and a hope he hadn’t wanted, but the love he still has for her manages to pierce the hurt and anger he’s carried for the past three years. He demands answers for how she could just leave with no warning and end a pregnancy he’d thought they’d both wanted; yet Aaron quickly learns all isn’t what it seems. Are the feelings Jada and Aaron still share strong enough to bring them together, or is the specter of the past amid contemporary challenges too much to overcome?

The Closer: An Interracial Mafia Romance

C.D. Samuda - 2021

With This Ring

Aliyah Burke - 2014
     After calling off his wedding on the day of, rancher Dustin Kane meets a woman who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s in no mood for company, but she’s different and makes him feel things he shouldn’t. By the time she leaves him, he’s more intrigued and wants to see her again. Samantha ‘Finn’ Finley had returned to Branchwater, Texas for the sole purpose of helping her injured father. Running into the man she’s loved since high school was never part of the plan. Drawn together time and time again, neither can ignore the sparks between them. When it comes time for her to leave, will Dustin be able to let her return to her new life or will he do all he can to get her to come back to where she belongs, home…with him?

Tangled Lies (Web of Secrets Book 1)

Reana Malori - 2019
    Under the tutelage of his favorite uncle, he entered a world of violence, death, power, and loyalty to family above anything else. Now a man to be reckoned with, no one dared get in his way without paying the price.Camille Sperry could never be described as an average woman. Hellbent on creating her own path in the world, she didn't apologize for who she was, or how she lived her life. Often misunderstood and underestimated, her no-holds-barred approach allowed her to create a life well-lived. She was happy and fulfilled. Or so she thought.From the outside looking in, Tristan and Camille didn't belong together. They didn't fit, and their lives were too different. The challenges involved in trying to make a relationship work would be too difficult. Then again, Tristan and Camille have never played by the rules.*Contemporary Romance | BWWM Interracial | Italian Mafia | Novella | HEA*

Where She Lays

Dahlia Rose - 2020
    With his mother on his case about getting married, Patrick and his brothers are hesitant to bring any girl home. Then there was Jewel, a waitress with a streak of pure white hair and a smile that could outshine the sun. Instantly smitten, their relationship begins hard and fast. Jewel doesn’t care about his money or what the hell he drives. She doesn’t want fancy clothes and is more attached to her favorite mug and her truck than people. It leads to steamy nights in her home on wheels aka her silver airstream nicknamed ‘baby’. That was until it was stolen, and Jewel has nowhere to go.Come home with me, the solution quickly came to his lips, but then the Royale talisman comes into play and so does his crazy rich chaotic family. No one has ever been able to sleep in that bed with the coin under the mattress and Patrick comes up with his own plan to thwart his mother. Jewel was too important, and no coin was going to dictate who can have his heart. But that damn talisman was more like a curse than anything else. It could cost Patrick the woman of his dreams who encouraged him to reach past the stars for himself first and no one else. Except Patrick wants to give her the stars and moon combined.

Turn It Loose

Britni Danielle - 2013
    After graduating at the top of her class, she’s a successful journalist who interviews celebrities and attends Hollywood parties for a living. There’s only one problem: she hates her life. Despite her seemingly charmed existence, Jaylah loathes her job, is lonely as hell, and is tired of living up to everyone else’s expectations. When she gets fired from her cushy position at the L.A. Weekly, she has two options: stay in L.A. and become a spectacular drunk or buy a ticket to London and finally live by her own rules. She chooses the latter and heads to the Queen’s city in search of adventure, but soon finds more than she bargained for. Turn It Loose is a fast-paced, entertaining book that takes readers along for an exciting ride.Loved Turn It Loose? Read the sequel, Two Steps Back (here)!

Fyast Life

Lola Bandz - 2014
    Meet Imani a college girl with ambitions that reach the sky and a yearning for love. Living in a world where her dreams are unattainable she hustles by day when shes done with the books. One night at the club she meets a smooth, loving gangsta by the name of Jake. Jake is surviving in this world of snakes and rats, trying to stay out of the dope game is his objective In life but it seems as though he will get roped back in with the help of his little brother . Once he lays eyes on Imani he sees his future clearer. Wanting to build an life with this beauty is consuming his mind. Come join this couple on their journey in the Fyast Life. A 2 part series.