Warrior Academy: The Hiroic Trio - Episode 2

G.L. Rathweg - 2018
    Now in a world forever changed, a place where magic is real, and monsters have come to life. A place where magic and science blend with pop culture… Welcome to Warrior Academy. Welcome back to Warrior Academy. Rejoin Hiro and friends as they continue their journey. Meet new friends and enemies. More food, fighting, and music. If you like video games, music, anime, and just pop culture in general… you will love Warrior Academy. Its Harry Potter meets Naruto with a little Dragon Ball Z and Dungeons and Dragons thrown in for fun, oh and don’t forget a smattering of High School Musical… This is the second episode in a 13 episode series. (P.S. There is an attached Youtube and/or Spotify playlist meant to be listened to with the episode. Think of it as a Soundtrack.) #LitRPG #GameLIT

Rawlins, No Longer Young

Rick DeStefanis - 2018
    Virgil Rawlins is left without family or friends as he is swept into the maelstrom that encompasses the last years of the American Civil War. Lost in a world of brutality and inhumanity, the teenaged Rawlins matures—as did many of the Wild West’s first outlaws—with revenge and hatred as his only motivations. He heads westward before the war’s end, making his way to the town of Independence and the Oregon Trail, but along the way he meets the remarkably beautiful Sarah McCaskey and learns that the rights and wrongs in his life cannot be defined simply as blue and gray.When Sarah tells Rawlins of her loss to Confederate guerrilla Bloody Bill Anderson, Rawlins begins to question his own assumptions. Joining a wagon train as a hunter/scout, he heads westward into the raging Indian War of 1865. Along the way he earns a reputation as a well-respected fighter, and he must finally decide what kind of man he will be—outlaw, lawman, or perhaps, neither.Rawlins, No Longer Young is guaranteed to stir debate and enlighten readers with the experiences of these turbulent years as seen through the eyes of a young Confederate soldier.

Unwanted Visitors

Neicy P - 2018
    After five years, the nightmares that she had every night reminded her repeatedly of the things she went through as a child, and the murder she witnessed when she was a teenager. When the opportunity presented itself, Lisa moved away from her family and created a life that didn’t involve them. Lisa had great friends and strived for the normal life that she craved. Everything was going as planned, until her routine life was interrupted by a phone call from the brother that she feared. Lisa was brought back to the place that she vowed to never return to. It was her childhood home that held secrets and lies of a life that she no longer wanted. Her therapist, Dr. Mage, encouraged her to spend time with her siblings in their time of need, but a trip to the cabin, made Lisa realize how angry she was. Not only at her mother, but at a woman that took her brother under her wing and created the monster that he was. They called her Aunt Janet, a name in the household that no one was able to say without looking behind them. She was ruthless and evil in the cruelest way. Lisa didn’t like it and couldn’t wait to go back home when she heard that her brother and sister had been keeping in touch with her. But, a long-lost friend helped her cope with her reality and promised her that he would stay by her side, no matter what. In turn, it made Lisa think twice about leaving. She wanted to give him a chance, but knew that it was going to be difficult to let him in. Especially with a serial killer for a brother and an Aunt. Will Lisa be able to save her family from the woman that caused them so much pain, or will Aunt Janet have the last laugh?

Secret of Silver Springs

Louis L'Amour - 2014
    PERIL PRESS presents: Range Riders Western, November 1949 SECRET OF SILVER SPRINGS by Louis L’Amour as Jim Mayo Dud Shaffer and his pards know how to take the right turn at the right time! “Dud” and his pards know how to take the right turn at the right time 6300 Words PLUS BONUS!!! Texas Rangers, April 1951 TROUBLE SHOOTER by Sam Brant Hardcase McHugh earns two hundred dollars—with one shot! Hardcase McHugh, salty hombre, earns two hundred dollars with one shot 2900 Words Western Story, January 3 1931 BUYS OUTLAWS' GUNS Feature 80 Words Western Story, November 2 1929 THE BRANDING IRON PASSES Feature 150 Words This edition includes 12+ images between story/feature illustrations, ads, mastheads and pulp covers.

I Just Wanna Be Yours

Lucinda John - 2016
    With a promising future ahead of her, she has her life figured out, well everything except her love life. Jerecho is the father of Tyreema's child and boyfriend of seven years. He constantly struggles with being faithful and keeping his hands to himself, but still Tyreema choose to stand firmly by his side. Tyreema thinks what she has with Jetecho is as good love gets until she meets Saire. After losing his parents and girlfriend of three years to drugs Saire vows to never deal with them. Being the only kin to his baby brother Sage, Saire is forced to join forces with a Russian mob running a weapon trafficking business. Saire has it all except love, a feeling he's immune to due to the heartbreak he experienced when the love of his life chose drugs over him and the life of their unborn child. Saire is content with getting money and messing with plenty chicks until he meets Tyreema, a woman in a situation. Naria, Tyreema's best friend is sassy, beautiful, successful and heartless. Experiencing her first life changing heartbreak, she decides to treat men how they treat women. When she meets a younger man, she decides to play with his emotions until her plans backfires leaving her wanting more. This drama filled urban love story will take you on an emotional roller coaster. You'll meet broken people in need of restoration and lost souls searching to be found. Lies will be told, secrets will arise, and hearts will crumble; when love, a powerful emotion comes into play.

Mad Dog Down the Road (Coyote Run Book 2)

Marta Acosta - 2020

Maybe I Should Just Shut Up and Go Away!: The Last No-Holds-Barred Literary Gasp--Part Memoir and Part Commentary--Of a 42-Year Veteran Talk Radio (A)Right-Wing Nut Job or (B)Libertarian Icon

Neal Boortz - 2012
    In his memoir, Maybe I Should Just Shut Up And Go Away, he looks back across the decades and shares the often-hilarious reality of what happens behind the scenes when you re a talk radio icon. Longtime friend with national radio greats Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, he tells how those relationships began in the hot seat of competition. Tributes are included from Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Home Depot Founder Bernie Marcus and 2012 presidential nominee Herman Cain. Though early predictions by those who knew him in his youth cast Boortz as a sure prospect to become a preacher, he took a different route to educating the masses. Longtime listeners are certain to become enthusiastic readers as Boortz finally tips his hat to more than four decades of teeing up controversy, political education and general entertainment for audiences across the country to enjoy and tells all they ve been wanting to know but couldn t get anyone to share until now."

Dragon's Gap: Set Includes Stories 4-5 Plus Love's Impulse

L.M. Lacee - 2018
    Lacee's second omnibus edition in the popular fantasy-romance Dragon's Gap Saga. Ash & Olinda's Story To lose a whole life and not know why changes Olinda's perspective on who, and what she is. Discovering that myths and legends from the pages of fantasy are true, and you yourself are a myth, defies logic! For Olinda this is no story. - One day she was a grief stricken daughter coping with the loss of her beloved mother. - The next day she is running for her life, and keeps on running for three, long fraught with danger, months. - Until she finds Dragon's Gap, a place of safety and peace. Ace & Harper's Story Once upon a time a Fire Dragon was promised a shadow... It is now time for Ace Battle to go home to Dragon’s Gap after months of fighting and finally conquering his war against the darkness of despair and the betrayal of his father. He needs to rejoin his extended family, friends and to bath in their love and calmness of his home. Oh! And there is the little matter of winning his shadow's love. Seriously? What could go wrong! On returning home with only one look Ace knows he has met his shadow, artist Harper Easton. The trouble is Harper comes with baggage, lots and lots of baggage. Love's Impulse Fin Slorah has come home after hundreds of years to discover his family did not all perish in the house fire as he was lead to believe. His niece Ella is alive and bonded to Keeper Kingsley. Youngest brother of the Dragon Lord. Now he is home he has to find his place among his nieces new family and within Dragon’s Gap. Which is easier than courting his shadow, wily wolf June Bradly. June is in love. She wants dragon Finlay Slorah desperately. Her wolf pines to be mated to the cautious male but he has rules and conditions. It is enough to make a grown wolf scream or in June’s case run away, thankfully a retrieval is needed and she is available and willing. Sadly all does not go well and June once more finds trouble. What Amazon readers are saying: 5 stars.....Wonderful stories Love this whole series. Characters are fun and flawed which let them feel more real.\ 5 stars.....Great read I liked the story line and also the way it all came together. Characters in all books went great together 5 stars.....Great series! This is a great series! Looking forward to next book! Longer, please! Read in unlimited! 5 stars.....Wonderful story telling that makes you want to visit Dragon's Gap! The wonder of discovery, love of books and adventure all wrapped up in a tale of magic and love found. We have fairy queens and dragon warriors mixed up with damaged hearts and surprising loves. It's entertaining reading at it's best. 5 stars.....Dragon's Gap A Novella:: Love's Impulse This is another very entertaining read. I love this author, and have read all the books that are out in this series. I understand she is only planning one more story in this series, I am hoping she will change her mind.

The Billionaire's Assistant: An Alpha Billionaire Romance Box Set

Sarah J. Brooks - 2017
    Josh is just as blindsided as Candice at the emotions which rush through him when she walks in. He’s been jaded for so long that he’s pretty much decided he’s numb to everything except sleeping with women —but Candice makes him feel everything. In return, he turns her safe world inside out, showing her the limits of passion. When she hires on at his company, there’s no hope for Josh, even though he knows he should turn and walk away from Candice’s innocence. They begin a turbulent, passionate relationship. But when Josh’s fear of commitment rises to the fore, will Candice be able to make him see that there’s more to life than one night stands? This is a hot and sexy romance box set with a guaranteed HEA. I’ve also included several more exclusive bonus books for your pleasure, including an exclusive new novel yet to be published and only available through this box set. It’s book one from my new and upcoming series! FREE with Kindle Unlimited! Readers should be 18+ due to mature situations and language

F*ck Yes or No: A Counterintuitive Approach to Your Relationships and Maybe Your Life

Mark Manson - 2019

A Tassamara Box Set: A Gift of Ghosts, A Gift of Thought and A Gift of Time, with bonus short story, The Spirits of Christmas

Sarah Wynde - 2014
    Included in this ebook bundle are A Gift of Ghosts, A Gift of Thought, The Spirits of Christmas, and A Gift of Time. A Gift of Ghosts: Akira has secrets. But so does the town of Tassamara. A Gift of Thought: Sylvie Blair swore she’d never go back to Tassamara. She was wrong. The Spirits of Christmas: Akira's plans are simple: write wedding invitations, bake Christmas cookies, and eat red meat. (The last surprises her, too.) But when Rose, the ghost who haunts her house, asks for a favor, Akira can't say no. A Gift of Time: Natalya thought she could see everything. Time is proving her wrong.

How To Find Cheap Flights: Practical Tips The Airlines Don't Want You To Know

Scott Keyes - 2015
    The year before, I flew to Belgium for under $150.Airfares may be going up, but only for people willing to pay full price. I wrote How To Find Cheap Flights for the rest of us.This book is a step-by-step guide to finding cheap airfare. It’s a quick, easy read compiling dozens of tips and tricks for:- How to find mistake fares- How to avoid fees- Which flight search engine is best- How to save money on nearly every flightThe author is a travel expert who has earned millions of frequent flyer miles and travels tens of thousands of miles per year. He has flown around the earth 14.3 times since 2011, putting 30 different stamps in his passport along the way. He hates paying full price for flights, and won’t do it.

The Ragged Hatmaker

Faye Godwin - 2019
    1854. For years, Fern Hall has lived in an orphanage in the East End of London. It’s a brutal life of endless chores and punishments—for even the smallest infractions. She’s able to escape it for a time when she’s hired out as a temporary maid to the wealthy Hawk family, but a servant’s lot is little better. Gerard Hawk, the second son of the prosperous merchant, is drawn to Fern from their very first meeting when she comes to work for his parents. When Fern is falsely accused of a crime, Gerard is the only one who believes her innocence. She is forced to flee, leaving behind everything—and everyone—she has ever known. A year and a half later, Fern and Gerard meet again accidentally, but the gap between their circumstances is wider than ever. Now in love with Gerard, Fern despairs of anything ever changing in her life. Then something mysterious from Fern’s past surfaces. Can Fern gather the courage to see it through? Is change really a possibility at last?

The Letter (Isabel's Story, #2)

Michelle Vernal - 2020
    An unexpected letter. Do words have the power to heal? Veronica and Gabe met when they were children at ballet class and by the time they’d reached their teens they knew they’d be dancing together forever. Only Gabe’s mother had other ideas…Twenty-something years later, Veronica no longer dances and life hasn’t turned out how she thought it would. She’s a divorced woman in her forties with a needy ex-husband, monosyllabic teenage sons, a sister who fancies herself as a long in the tooth ‘it girl’ and a mother who’s recently moved into a care home. She’s tying herself in knots trying to be everything to everyone.Veronica also has a secret.Isabel was a lost soul until she moved to the Isle of Wight and found a place to call home, but there’s a part of her that’s missing. She knows she must reach out if she’s to find the missing piece she needs to feel whole.When Veronica receives a letter, she never thought she’d get her past collides with her present. The time’s come for her to share her secret with her family, but she’s not the only one keeping a secret… (This book was previously titled The Dancer) It can be read as a standalone novel or as part of the Isabel's story, series

The Miraculous Cure For and Prevention of All Diseases What Doctors Never Learned

Jeff T. Bowles - 2019
    This book has at least twice the life-saving information contained in his first book and describes in detail how all autoimmune diseases can now be easily cured without doctors or drugs. How you can virtually bullet proof your health by correcting the 5 deadly deficiencies of the modern age. And the shocking part about this is that doctors in general have no clue as to what is really making us all sick! This information in this book could literally wipe out 90% of the medical industry if everyone adopts its advice. Bold claims to be sure! Unbelievable? -Yes! But overwhelming proof is provided for all the claims! Once you read this book, the blindfold will be lifted and you might laugh and say...."So Simple! Why didn't I think of that!?". In this book, cures for every autoimmune disease known to man are described in detail, including a chapter that relates a number of case studies of people who have cured their Multiple Sclerosis with this protocol. And further describes how 100,000+ people all around the world have cured their MS using this simple information. But it doesn't stop there, cures for many more diseases are described and examples are provided for asthma, psoriasis, COPD, lupus, myasthenia gravis, eczema, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, chronic hives, depression, etc. etc. and even cancer! The bottom line premise is simple; virtually all diseases not caused by old age or genetic mutations are caused by an unfocused immune system. Lazy when it comes to bad actors such as viruses, infectious bacteria, fungi, and newly emergent cancer cells while being hyperactive when confronted with good tissues that should normally not be attacked. The solution? Simply fine tune your immune system to operate correctly, and all these diseases will be a thing of the past. And it is so easy to do. Why don't doctors know about this? Could it be that it is bad for business or were they just taught incorrectly in med school? Hard to tell. Most diseases are caused by incorrect advice from doctors concerning a hormone that we all make that the author calls the ultimate biologic. This hormone fine tunes 2,700+ genes that control your immune and tissue-remodeling systems. Incorrect advice from many doctors keeps us all from producing enough of this hormone to remain healthy. Another large segment of diseases is caused by modern farming practices that deplete soils of essential cofactors to this hormone that leave approximately 80%+ of us deficient. And doctors basically never test for these deficiencies and know very little about them! Simple neglect and ignorance on the part of health professionals? Impossible you say? Well you will just have to read the book and find out how possible it is!